A/N: An explanation as to why this must be written. Simply, because Rozie's out of the tournament as of 2. Cabba's Fury Unleashed: Beware the Nice Ones (read it if you want to find out how Rozie was knocked off, it's, honestly, a bit lame). So, I must redo the scene that Ribrianne and Rozie interact in between Episode 109 and Episode 112 (Episode 112 to 118 is re-done because of Cabba's Fury Unleashed by 3. Dragonball Super: Universe 6's Last Stand). And this drabble is the result.

As Ribrianne and Vegeta clash, Ribrianne's energy rays collide with an energy blast from Vegeta. After a brief beam struggle, the blast from Vegeta overwhelms Ribrianne's blast, and both blasts hit Ribrianne, causing her to yell out in pain.

Quickly recovering, Ribrianne charged at Vegeta with a Maiden's charge attack. Previously this had caused Vegeta to instinctively dodge the roll, but not this time. This time, Vegeta fired off a volley of energy blasts at Ribrianne, one of which not only hit her but stopped her charge.

"HOW?" Ribrianne asked, shocked that her charge attack had been stopped by one energy blast.

Ribrianne then engaged Vegeta with punches and kicks, and initially it looked like they were about even, however, with one powerful kick, Vegeta sent Ribrianne flying into a nearby rockface.

As Vegeta goes in for a finishing attack, Zirloin flies in and counters Vegeta's punch, pushing him back.

"With Rozie out, I shall protect Ribrianne" Zirloin said. Vegeta replied with "You little...!" and fired a massive series of blasts at them. Ribrianne and Zirloin quickly dodged the blasts, and went into hiding, knowing that, at this stage, they didn't stand much of a chance against him.

After firing off the energy blasts, Vegeta raced to where they were last, but they had fled. Vegeta said "They ran off. Where did they go?" as he continued to jump from rock to rock to find them.

Meanwhile, hiding away from the others, Zirloin asked "Are you alright, Ribrianne?" to which Ribrianne replied, disheartened by their continued struggles "Zirloin, can we really win this? Universe 2 is losing more than the other universes. Even Universe 6, one of their fighters went pyscho against our Universe, at this rate..."

"Shut up, please" Zirloin said, stamping his foot on the ground, surprising Ribrianne.

"Zirloin" Ribrianne said, shocked by Zirloin's actions. Zirloin then said "Is this really the extent of your love? Remember! Love is stronger, and bigger"

"Th-the power of love..." Ribrianne said. She then wiped her eyes, and said "You're right, Zirloin! If I can't believe in love, then who can? Thank you, Zirloin!"

Zirloin then concluded with "We've got to go and find Rabanra, I think at this point it's going to be best if we stuck together, provide each other with support and encouragement" to which Ribrianne nodded. The two of them then departed, though they stayed low to avoid any encounters with other fighters.

A/N 2: And that particular plothole is now closed.