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First and foremost, Skull had decided that it was Verde's fault.

Of course, it probably wouldn't have been a problem in the first place had he deigned to tell the Arcobaleno (who was practically family by then; being as close as they could be without being under the same Sky) of his past but still-!

It was Verde's fault.

What kind of person thought it was fit to test a prolonged reverse version of Ten Year Bazooka on a teammate?!

A deranged mad scientist.

Yeah, maybe Verde would never test a prototype on him without making sure it was safe by using another person (a.k.a a prisoner who had slighted the scientist in some kind of way). And yeah, maybe it was not Verde's fault for thinking that Skull had had the most ordinary and safest life Before Arcobaleno, being the only civilian and everything. Skull must also admit that he had a bit over than 33 years heads-up to actually tell the Arcobaleno something.


Things happen, damnit.

It was absolutely not his fault.

How would he tell them, anyway? Hey, my name was actually Harry Potter before this and I saved the Wizarding World but I had to run away because some idiots decided I was a threat and wanted to deal with me.

Yeah, right.

Never mind the more temperamental Arcobaleno, even Fon himself would have flipped out if he was told something like that…

Okay. Maybe some of it was his fault. 33 years was not a short time, after all.

He was just being petty.

Well, Skull thought, they deserve it.


Verde had came up with a safe way to accelerate their de-infatization. Instead of aging normally which would take at least another decade, they could acquire their former bodies in about a month. (Colonello was very much delighted by this discovery, seeing as the obvious age gap between him and Lal could finally be rectified.)

The downside was they needed to live together during the process until Verde determine their flames were stabilized enough.

(Not really a downside because well, they had been through this Before.)

It didn't really matter to him but he needed his old body to perform stunts and Skull missed the thrill more than he was willing to admit.

So they decided to live in the Arcobaleno Mansion -the one they lived in with Luce Before- for the period. (Reborn was the one who suggested this and the rest agreed because it seemed just right!) It was like a vacation of some sort, to be honest.

The Day (Everything-Went-to-Shit) started just fine. It was not very sunny which had admittedly got Skull's guard down because Potter Luck usually chose a sunny day to rear its ugly head.

(Sometimes, Skull wondered if Potter Luck and Fate were the same being. Both of them seemed to treat him as a personal chew toy.)

It was a lethargic morning, Skull supposed, the kind that he wouldn't mind sleeping in.

To prove it, the other Arcobaleno themselves were taking the day easy.

Fon was in his meditation pose, a completely serene expression on his face. Lal and Colonello were taking their assortment of firearms apart and putting them back together again, like a game. Mammon was settled down comfortably in the couch at the corner, scribbling in a notebook while murmuring something incomprehensible. Verde had been tinkering with God-know-what down in his lab, judging by the occasional explosions.

Skull was floored by Reborn in a game of poker.

"Gah!!" Skull's eye twitched when Reborn yet again pull out a royal flush. "You're cheating, Senpai!"

"Oh?" Smugness bled into the Italian hitman's voice. Reborn tugged on his fedora, letting it shadow his eyes menacingly. "Can you prove it, Lackey?"

This insufferable prat! "No one can possibly pull royal flush three times in a row!"

"Nothing's impossible." Reborn smirked. He pulled out a Leon-gun out of literally nowhere and aimed it at Skull in quick succession. "Now, make me an espresso."

Skull huffed. "You could have asked nicely, you know, like a norm- Hey!" He jumped out of the chair just as the hitman pulled the trigger.

"Fine." Skull scowled. "I'm going to make tea anyway."

Skull turned away to head for the kitchen, rolling his eyes inwardly. There was no way Reborn was going to request something nicely. Reborn wasn't really a nice person in the first place. Well, he could always play a good prank on the git later.

That was when Verde emerged out of his lab (for the first time since um three? four? days, he couldn't remember), looking as messy as a -well, mad scientist. He didn't come up empty-handed; on his shoulder was a bazooka.

'It could be a normal bazooka,' thought Skull optimistically, eyeing the weapon in dread.

Alas, that was not the case.

The others stared at the Lightning Arcobaleno or the bazooka in specific in wariness.

"I've modified the Ten Year Bazooka," announced Verde, smirking (a smirk that was more Mad Scientist Grin than comfortable). "It is capable of swapping a person with his or her past self for 15 minutes."

In hindsight, Skull could probably dodge.

He didn't.

And so the Great Skull de Mort-Sama disappeared with a poof!