The Past Returns

Chapter: 1?

DISCLAIMER: Yu-Gi-Oh and all of its components (characters, places, items, etc) are the property of Kazuki Takahashi (© 1996).

Synopsis: An AR of the Battle City Tournament arc seeing as I have only watched up to where Yami and Yugi defeated the Silent One for the God Card Isis (?).

As Yami and Téa admit their feelings and start their relationship down a new path, New Millennium items are disclosed to the gang, Seto, and Mokuba – the Manacles of Truth and Power. Each could only be welded by two distinct women – the younger sister and cousin of the Pharaoh! Two young women appear, each wearing one of the Manacles! Are they Yami's family? Moreover, do they come just in time to help against a dark foe that has been waiting for the right time to strike?

Rating: PG temporarily (for good measure)

Téa groaned as she tossed and turned in her sleep. Within her dream, she was running down a dark corridor and could hear a mob chasing her. It felt so real – more so than in any dream she had ever had in her life! Her muscles burned and her belly ached in pain from the running, but the shouts of the angry groans that were just behind her drove her to run faster. It was monsters chasing her! She barely took note of the corridor she was in as she accelerated her pace. The walls … there were some kind of writing on them … no symbols and pictures ... Hieroglyphs!

The place had a feeling of familiarity to it, as if she had been here before. The information was there in her mind, but Téa wasn't able to retrieve it from the depths of her psyche. All she was sure of was that safety lay at the end of the hall she was running through. She needed something ... no, it was someone. Téa knew then that she was searching for someone. It was someone she loved dear. Yet, whom could she love so deeply?

She knew that she had to get to the end of the hall in order to find him. It was just a little further. She would be safe in the far room. Téa just made it through the door and slammed it shut before the crowd of zombies could catch her. What was happening?

She hated feeling this way! She felt so very alone. Somehow, Téa knew that all of her friends were gone – killed. These Shadow Games had to end … the world was counting on the two of them … her and The Pharaoh. But, how did she know that? Why did this feel so familiar? Yes, she had grown to love him. Yet, Téa also accepted there was a chance that he loved another long before the two of them ever met ... meaning that his heart likely belonged to another.

After finally catching her breath, Téa turned around and saw him standing there next to the window. Was that the Pharaoh of the Millennium Puzzle? Yes, it was … but he was dressed very differently than the last time she had seen him. The young man looked like the image of him on the stone tablets the two of them saw in the museum! But, he looked so grief stricken and glad at the same time. Was he glad to see her? Did Téa really stand a chance for his heart?

Looking down at herself somewhat in the fogginess of the dream, Téa found that she too was dressed unusually herself. She looked like one of the women on those stone tablets that she and The Pharaoh saw at the museum when they discovered the truth of him being the legendary Pharaoh who gave his life to end the games. Yes, she looked like the one who was fancier than all but two of the woman in the tablet that had made The Pharaoh heartbroken. There was something else, but something in her mind simply ignored it as a natural part of herself when he drew her into his arms. It felt so comfortable to be wrapped in his embrace that Téa found herself wishing he felt this way for her alone.

"They are all gone but the four of us, Teana. I saw the bodies and feared I had lost you three as well. You are with me now, so they too must be safe. You, Kisara, Solina, and I are all who have made it this far. I do not think that we can succeed in ending these games forever, my love."

Téa gasped as she shot up in her bed at that. His love? What was going on? Something was about to happen, and she was terrified about it. Words came from her mouth, but she wasn't in control! "We will because I have full faith in you, my Pharaoh and beloved husband, and I have my faith in the Light of Hope."

Yugi and The Pharaoh together had successfully defeated Marik in his first bid for control of the Millennium Puzzle, and The Pharaoh's still hidden powers, only the day before. It had angered their new enemy, but he learned where the Pharaoh now gained his strength from – his friends – and planned to use it as the weakness to break The Pharaoh. Somewhere in Battle City, Marik was waiting to use one of the friends as a pawn against his foe again. This set all of them in grave danger.

Because of that, the group all decided to rest together in the same building – each room connecting to the next for added protection. Yugi's grandfather, Solomon Moto, was in the first room. Beside him was Yugi, who had made sure that everyone was locked in from intruders in the hallway before going to bed himself. Then it was Téa's room. On her other side, Tristan was sleeping – at least Téa hoped he still was after her racket. Beyond him were Joey, then Serenity, and finally Mia.

Téa tried to calm down, but she felt so alone again, as she had in her dream when she was running. When Yugi rushed into the room a heartbeat after she woke, it was as if the guy within her friend knew she needed them both that moment. "Are you alright, Téa?"

"Yeah, I just had a strange dream Yugi. I think it was about what happened near the end of the last Shadow Games. The Pharaoh called me Teana, and talked about someone named Kisara and Solina. The four of us were the last of some group. And then I woke up." She wasn't about to confess to Yugi what The Pharaoh said completely.

She shook her head in a desperate bid to shake off her growing fear. She was going to lose one of them – she just knew it. Téa and Yugi had been friends for so long, but she had these feelings for The Pharaoh she didn't know how or if she should express. How could she choose one or the other? Moreover … would the choice be hers to make?

A second later, Yugi let The Pharaoh take over. Téa couldn't help but smile when the one time Pharaoh sat beside her on the bed with a worried look on his face. "Téa, are you certain of those names – Teana, Kisara, and Solina? This is very important."

"Yes Pharaoh, I'm sure of it." It took all she had to keep from wrapping her arms around his neck and relaxing in his embrace as she did in her dream – the one she was certain would come if she ever did pull him towards herself.

If he hadn't shut his eyes so quickly, Téa was certain she would have seen tears in her Pharaoh's eyes. He sighed hard, and it worried her. "Téa, it has been a very long time since I have heard those names. In hearing them, I now can see the faces of the women connected to them clearly. You were right, I think that was the night I ended the games for what I had hoped would have been forever. Kisara was my younger sister, who I adored."

"And Solina?" Téa was a little afraid of what he might have to say about her name.

Seemingly sensing this, The Pharaoh smiled. "Solina was our cousin. All of the trouble those two used to get into! Yet, they were devoted to one another, Teana, and me. The four of us never questioned the loyalty of each other or the others … we simply trusted."

For the first time that night, Téa felt slightly at ease. Whenever he smiled or chuckled, she always felt safe and happy. But, before she could say anything else, he stood up and walked over to the door. She just had to know.

"Pharaoh? What about Teana?"

He looked almost lost and lonely at that question. A part of Téa felt so guilty for causing him such pain. After a beat, he sighed again. "She was my Queen … my only love. I remember that somehow she died in my arms that night … just before I ended it all. Goodnight Téa."

"Wait. Is Yugi listening to us?" Téa felt the need to tell him. However, this was not something for Yugi to hear. She wanted this to be between herself and the former Pharaoh.

"Not now. What is it, Téa?" The Pharaoh was visibly curious.

Téa took a breath and decided that no matter what happened, he had the right to know. "I didn't just see it as a dream. It was as if I was reliving it. I ran through a door and slammed it shut. You were there and called me Teana … your love."

That put The Pharaoh hard against the door in shock. Could it be that he was not on his own with new friends only? Could a piece of all that he lost still exist?

Téa got out of her bed, walked over to him, and answered that question soundly without hearing him ask it. "A part of your past is still alive inside of me, Pharaoh. So, the next time you feel alone and of little use, just remember that your Teana is still living and will never abandon you and that she is very proud of you."

Without a thought, The Pharaoh kissed Téa's forehead and pulled her into an embrace himself. Though it shocked her for a few moments, she quickly fulfilled her dreams and returned his hug with all of her might, leaving his kiss in turn on his tear stained cheek – her Pharaoh couldn't hold back his tears of hope and relief.

"Thank you Téa. You have no idea how much that meant to me. I have missed her … you … for so very long."

She smiled at that. To have made him happy made the strange dream worth it all. "Well, now I'm here. And I know that you will be there for me whenever I need you, just like I am there for you."

Téa tried and failed to hide her yawn from him. Yugi chuckled from within the mind he shared with The Pharaoh. 'We're all tired. Maybe we should stay with her tonight. After all the two of you haven't had any private time together in about five thousand years or so – unless you count that date I set you two up on.'

'You set us up? Téa had no idea of your plan either. You remind me of a younger me, my friend.' The Pharaoh held Téa tighter slightly. He hadn't been so happy – not since the early hours on the night that she died in his arms.

Yugi could sense what was going on in the Pharaoh's mind. 'All right, I think that is old news now. Time for some sleep, unless we want Marik to defeat us if we have to face him tomorrow?'

'First things first Yugi. I won't force Téa into our arms.' The Pharaoh ruled. "Téa, we should all get some sleep. But, I know that Yugi and I both will be too worried about you to rest. Would you mind if we just sat in that chair and watch over you?"

She smiled at him. "If you're not too uncomfortable about it, I have a better idea."

Téa pulled gently on his arm as she led him back to her bed. How she hoped she wasn't pushing things too quickly with him. "That chair would get intolerable after awhile, and I don't think that you two are going to let me out of your sights until it is time to split up tomorrow. So, you guys can share the bed with me. I mean we'll just be sleeping and this way I won't be afraid to close my eyes. That is unless …"

"I didn't want to move too quickly for you Téa, or else I would have mentioned it myself. Are you sure you won't mind?" The Pharaoh looked so happy and distant all at the same time. That mysterious distance was what attracted Téa to The Pharaoh. How was she supposed to act with her friend Yugi when his spirit friend was the guy of her dreams – and seemingly her husband in another life?

She blushed for a moment. This was a decision that would change the shape of their relationship. And once the relationship changed, she knew there would be nothing that could undo that alteration. Her heart told her that this was exactly what she wanted to do.

"I'm sure. Come on, it's late and we're all tired." Téa's heart raced as he slid under the covers and settled close to her body. That filled her with feelings of warmth, comfort, safety, and love.

For a moment, they laid there next to one another wordlessly absorbing those wonderful feelings in. Then The Pharaoh slid his nearest arm under her neck and around her shoulders, which made the feeling intensify. Taking that as a signal that the other was at ease with the new situation they were in, both of them relaxed and allowed their relationship move into deeper areas.

Téa rested her head on The Pharaoh's chest and sighed happily when he embraced her tightly a moment before rubbing her back almost absentmindedly. She knew that this was how their life together had been five thousand years before, and this was how she hoped their lives would one day be again. In each other's arms and at peace with the night.

When a cool wind blew through the open window and Téa shivered just slightly, The Pharaoh pulled the blankets up over her back and shoulders before again wrapping her in his arms. It strengthened the feeling of serenity and safety lying in his arms gave her. Téa knew that this was where she wanted to be for the rest of her life.

The Pharaoh too sighed with content as he held his reborn love in his arms for the first time knowing her place in his past. He was grateful for the companionship that he had with Yugi and his friends, and yet still felt so alone. In his faintest memories, Teana had been his one reason for living so long before. Such was a source of joy he thought had been lost for all time. Now he had her there in his friend Téa, laying on his chest as she had many a night – five thousand years before. He had his reason to go on back, and he would not lose her as he had long before. That The Pharaoh was determined to do.

Her weary voice drew him back to that moment. "Goodnight Pharaoh. Sleep well. And tell Yugi I said goodnight too."

'Tell Téa that I said goodnight.' Yugi whispered out.

The Pharaoh chuckled softly. "Yugi heard you and he wishes you a goodnight too, Téa. As do I. Sleep well, biaw mrwt m mawt."

"What does that mean?" Téa softly asked.

He knew that she wouldn't let it go until he explained the truth to her. The Pharaoh smiled how she was just what he called her. "My love anew."

Téa whimpered in awe of that as she looked up into his violet eyes. "Biaw mrwt m mawt. I like that. Goodnight, my Pharaoh and friend and now more?"

"More than friends yes, but how much more we will discover day by day Téa. I want us to build our relationship now, not force ourselves to continue the past. I want this to be because you wish it too. But, that is a talk for another time. Sleep well beloved."

"Sleep well my love." Téa smiled as she softly kissed his chest.

There … she had finally done it! She had told The Pharaoh how she felt, and was now in his arms! In moments, she dosed off to a better night's sleep.

The Pharaoh on the other hand simply closed his eyes to better focus. In a few heartbeats, he was within the mind and body that he shared. Standing there waiting on him was the young man who freed him, became his friend by trusting him to help though the last duels of the Duelist Kingdom, and had looked out for him by guarding the puzzle and moving him closer to Téa.

"Yugi, you are one sneaky young man." The Pharaoh grinned. He couldn't remember the last time he had felt so happy.

Yugi had a knowing smirk on his face. To him Téa had always been a sister, aunt, and sometimes mother too. He had never thought of her in any other terms than that. Nevertheless, Yugi knew that The Pharaoh had felt love of a deeper level towards their friend, and the young man wanted to see that love grow and bloom.

He trusted the lost Pharaoh. But, just in case, was ready to teach a lesson if he ever hurt Téa. "I know. But anyone could see that you two are meant to be."

The Pharaoh smiled as he shook his head. He knew the underlying promise of retribution that Yugi had in his young heart. It would have been the same in The Pharaoh's if any man took on his own lost family.

"What Téa and I will become is yet to be determined my friend. Teana and I had no choice in our relationship for our families arranged our marriage. We were lucky that we were childhood friends and found ourselves on the edge of actual love when the time of our marriage came. I want Téa to have more of a choice in this new life."

Yugi was in awe of that. "You must really love Téa to wait."

"She means the world to me, and not only because she is my Teana reborn. Téa is her own woman and in some ways is very different from my Teana. Still there are all of the similarities. Her courage, determination, faith, it is hard to look at her and not see my lost love." The Pharaoh admitted. Then he sighed and turned to Yugi. "Thank you for allowing us time together, my young friend."

Yugi gave his sneaky grin. "You two deserve it. After all, one never knows how much time one has to spend with those her or she cares about. Goodnight Pharaoh."

And with that, Yugi slipped into the room that he had within the puzzle, leaving a stunned Pharaoh looking at the retreating back of his young vessel in wonder. An entire night out of the puzzle and in control of their body both? The Pharaoh whispered as he retook control over the body he shared with the young man, "thank you, Yugi."

The Pharaoh looked down on the beautiful woman in his arms. Yes, he loved Téa with all of his heart. But he wanted her to have all of her dreams come true as well. Even if it meant losing her for a time, The Pharaoh was going to give Téa all of her dreams.

On the other side of Téa's room, the other door softly closed – successfully hiding the snickering fools from the couple. Tristan would have rushed straight into Téa's room after hearing her start, but he woke up Joey as a back up. By the time the two of them made it to the door, they heard Yugi and Téa's muffled voices calmly talking. Nothing was wrong, but both want to make sure.

They opened the door just enough to hear the conversation from where Téa asked if Yugi was listening. Obviously, The Pharaoh was out of the puzzle and in control. The two of them listened to the last of the conversation and saw the couple slip into bed together.

Tristan shut the door with a smirk on his face. The two in the other room deserved the privacy. Still he hoped that he would not find himself kept awaked half the night listening to the pair making out.

"Ah Tristan, I believe that you owe me twenty bucks!" Joey pointed out once they moved away from the door.

Only then did Tristan remember the bet he and Joey made during the Duelist Kingdom Tournament, before they all figured out about The Pharaoh. "Well, the bet was that Yugi and Téa got together … not The Pharaoh and Téa."

Joey growled in frustration. "Hey, they're the same guy … just different spirits that's all!"

"Here, you big baby. If it will give them some peace and quiet, here's your twenty!" Tristan slapped the money into Joey's hand.

"Yeah, now that's what I'm talking about! Night Tristan!" Joey crowed as he went back to bed.

Tristan shook his head as he settled back into bed for the night. He was happy for his friends. They really cared about one another, and made a great couple. He just hoped that everything would work out for them. Still there was that nagging feeling of doom looming near. Like something was about to break up all of their happiness.

I know that this was unexpected, but I did some research into the series seeing as all but one of my copies of the episodes were wiped out by Hurricane Charlie almost a year ago. I've fiddled with some of the story line I started with, and a few names have been changed. I think it might be a good idea to re-read the re-vamped chapters just to keep the facts straight.