Duh… Forgot a few things when I uploaded the first chapter.  See this poor college student in a 4 bedroom apartment, studying hard?  She makes no money off of this.  The nice British bird rolling in piles of money to take a break from working on Book 6 (I hope)?  All hers, except when they romp in my head.  Suing me will get you nothing but a couple of glares worthy of Severus Snape (who I don't own) and my textbooks… good for doorstopping if you want them.  Oh, and the food in my fridge if you're really desparate… :P

I wrote this primarily because I love Remus Lupin… and although you only see him in Book 3, he deserves his own story, don't you think?  A very Lupin-centric fic starting a few months before MWPP -1st year, taking us to late 1981, then skipping to Harry's 5th year.  

Summary:  We don't know much about Remus Lupin from the words of Book 3, but what if his past was less rosy than we imagined?  Abandoned on the streets of Wizarding London at age 5, left for dead, he survived… but at what cost?  And how?

Rated R for some bad language, pretty bad injuries and just because I felt like it.