Chapter Ten "Rewarding"

Shirou reclined in a chair to carefully inspected his Harem. It was times like these that reminded him how much had changed since they had been forcefully kidnapped into pokegirl world by Team Trauma. The very fact that he was 'inspecting his goods' was so wrong to him still, but he was getting more numbed to high moral and ethics standards of his home as he became more accustomed to this world's standards. Yet it was also awakening a part of him that he had only known in passing and suppressed. The dark urges and fantasies that he had, now being carried out since he had come to this world. He felt so confident and dominant after countless acts of restraining, ravishing and making his Harem submit to his whims.

If there was one positive effect of coming to this world for his pokegirls, it was how much more beautiful that they had become. Shirou had thought each one of the girls were beautiful. Now they matched his ideal portrayal of beautiful women. They had gain height and muscle tone to become the lithe and tall women he idolized. The effect of his taste of beauty influencing the evolution of his pokegirls.

Sakura had become even more similar in appearance to Medusa in both physical form and choice of attire that there was no denying anymore the idolization that Sakura had for her former Servant. She wore an upper thigh reaching strapless, black dress. Sakura's arms and legs clad in leather gloves that reached up to her upper biceps and leather boots that ended at her upper thigh, both leather gloves and boots were clinging to skin like a second skin and colored black.

Rin and Luvia was kneeled before Shirou with nothing but leather collar around their necks and leashes connected to the collars.

The Dominatrix smirked in arousal as she held the leashes to the two kneeling girls. "Aren't you happy, Black, Yellow, that you have such a kind Master who would allow the two of you to indulge in your disgraceful behavior?" Sakura asked, her voice dark with lust. "You should be ashamed of yourselves, making Master go out of the way to sate such disgraceful creatures such as yourselves."

Rin and Luvia both shuddered at their Alpha's words, their pussies leaking juices down their thighs and onto the floor. Looking down Sakura snarled at the sight of their juices covering the floor and lashed out with her whip, striking the two of them on their breasts.

"Disgraceful!" Sakura shouted at them angrily. "Black, Yellow, clean up your messes! How dare you disgrace Master by dirtying the room he occupies!"

Luvia and Rin immediately bowed their heads, their tongues sticking out to lap up their spilled juices obediently. Sakura sneered down at the two as they lapped at the floor, cleaning the juices off of it, even as more spilled from their pussies.

"Enough!" The Dominatrix barked out harshly at them, her whip cracking twice over their ass making them whimper at the pain and pleasure it produced. "Even when being punished you make a mess! Present your asses for punishment!" As the two lifted their asses into the air, Sakura stalked over to Rin and grabbed her ponytail and lifted her head up a bit to shove the ball gag back into her mouth before shoving her face back into the ground. "I am sorry you must witness such an unseemly display, Master." Sakura said apologetically to the watching Shirou. "I shall be punishing Black and Yellow for their transgressions," she turned back to the pair, who were both quivering in anticipation. "If either of you even think of cumming from your punishment, the consequences will be most dire."

With those words Sakura lashed out with her whip, skillfully manipulating it so that it lashed against both of the pokegirl's asses in a single strike. The two girls were moaning. The moans that increased in volume with every strike of the whip that Sakura made, something that annoyed the Dominatrix.

"You two are nothing but a pair of beasts!" Sakura yelled that them with another particularly harsh strike. "Getting off on your punishment like this!" she scowled at the as she stopped whipping them, earning disappointed whimpers from the pair. "Allowing your lustful urges to rule you like that! I suppose, I might as well put those urges to good use as method of control."

Rin and Luvia whimpered. Even before they were transformed into masochists that enjoyed pain that turned it into a unless method to punish them and make them obedient, pleasure had been the most effective enforcement tool that Sakura and the pokeballs had. The threat and actual use of pleasure as enforcement tool become even more potent after becoming addicted to sex to the point that not having sex was a foreign concept to them now.

"Master," said Sakura as she turned to Shirou. "May I use the potion?" Shirou nodded and tossed a sealed vial over to Sakura. Sakura smiled in an aroused manner. "Thank you, my Master."

The sealed vial's liquid caught Sakura's attention. She smiled at the gift that her master had procured for her as reward. Sakura would be able expand her arsenal of tools and enhance those she already had. Inside contained a blessing that would open an entire new world for her. It was something that she had wanted to get her hands on the moment she had learned about it. Another tool that would allow her to dominate and control pokegirls, and humans.

Here it goes, Sakura thought as she popped the seal open and drank the vial's contents. She let out a moan as she slipped her dress off, revealing her naked body to the room, and something formed that had both Rin and Luvia drooling at the sight of. "Yellow, suck, Black, put those tits of yours to good use."

The pair who eagerly moved to comply, Luvia eagerly shoving the hard cock into her forced open mouth while Rin wrapped her tits around it. Moaning Sakura roughly scratched at Luvia's head, 'forcing' the Witch to take more of her cock into her throat, heedless of the fact that upon doing so she was painfully squashing Rin's tits between her legs and Luvia's head, not that the Blade Witch minded, as she moaned around her gag that the sensation of pain, even as Luvia moaned around Sakura's cock.

"You may make horrible additions to this Harem, but at least you are good for using as fuck toys for Master and myself." Sakura commented as she thrusted her cock between Rin's tits and into Luvia's mouth, without regard for either of them. Letting out a pleased grunt she slammed her hips forward. "Don't spill a drop!" Luvia moaned loudly as cum spilled forth from Sakura's cock, eagerly swallowing every last spurt of the thick baby batter, feeling Rin's desperate gaze upon her as she greedily swallowed every last drop. "Yellow, since you are so much more obedient and loyal than Black, I suppose I will grace you with my cum inside of your vulgar pussy."

Sakura roughly grabbed Luvia's hair and yanked her over to a chair where she roughly threw her onto the arm of it before slamming into her pussy without warning, making Luvia howl in pleasure around her gag from both the pleasure of having a cock fill her pussy, and the pain of having it suddenly intrude and pound away at her without giving her time to adjust. Sakura grinned as she reached out and grabbed her hair, yanking back on it and using it at a hand hold to keep the girl still as she pounded into her.

"What a slut you are, howling away whenever a cock pierces you!" Sakura shouted at Luvia, her free hand smacking her rear harshly. "Tighten your pussy more! Sluts like you should do that right away!"

Shirou was starting to pant with lust that he couldn't resist anymore. He reached down and went underneath his pants to masturbate. Sakura was dominating them so well. He saw Rin whimpered as she watched her Alpha slam into her fellow slave's pussy roughly as she continued to smack her ass and pull her hair, much to the Witch's pleasure. Desperately wanting to pleasure herself, but unable knowing that it would displease her Master and Alpha, so she sat there, unable to do anything but watch jealously.

Sakura grunted as she came without warning, flooding the Witch's pussy with her cum, Luvia shuddering with a yet to be released orgasm that was driving her mad. The orgasm couldn't erupt as it was held back by the complete control that Sakura had over Luvia's mind, body and soul after submitting and swearing to become Sakura's slave. It was the very same reason that Rin and Luvia had been unable to speak despite their months not being gagged.

"You have pleased me slut," Sakura informed. "You may cum now."

Luvia screamed loudly as her body went rigid, every ounce of her body screaming out in pleasure as she came under her Alpha's order. It was not just one orgasm that wrecked her. It was several orgasms that had been locked away, which had been unblocked. She lovingly enjoyed the multi mindblowing orgasm as her eyes rolled into the back of her head with her tongue sticking out of her mouth as she panted for breath before finally collapsing, unconscious.

Sakura smirked as she turned to Rin, the Blade Witch's eyes pleading as her body shivered with desire. "And now we come to the us the disobedient and not loyal Black," Sakura sneered, making Rin shudder even more under her gaze. Whatever that Sakura had been about to say was blown away when Sakura screamed. "CUMMING~!"

Rin blinked in confusion as Sakura's exploded before her and painted her face and body with Sakura's cum. It became even more strange when Sakura, collapsed onto the ground and became to furiously masturbate while moaning. The aura of confidence, power and dominance that she had been displaying gone with the wild as masturbated.

"I give you free reign within a reason," said Shirou in a dominating tone that made Rin shiver in pleasure. "Don't forget that you answer to me, Purple."

"Yes~ Master! Please just~ release me~!" Sakura begged loudly and submissively as she was overcome with uncontrollable lust as she frantically try to elevate her itch.

"Who are you?" Shirou demanded.

"I am Purple, your slutty slave~! I am an obedient and loyal plaything~!" Sakura screamed as she was overcome with pleasure in submitting. "You own~ my body~ mind~ and soul~!"

"Good, don't forget that," said Shirou as he released the magic that made the normally dominant Sakura so submissive.

"THANK YOU~ MASTER~!" Sakura screamed as she exploded in a mindblowing orgasm and felt the magical influence disappear. She panted and shuddered as Sakura had felt firsthand that Shirou had absolute control over her as she did with Rin and Luvia.

Rin having watched the entire scene unfold nearly cum. It was only the previous command of Sakura refusing to allow her to cum that she hadn't orgasmed from the sheer display of power that Shirou had shown.

"Present your ass to me like the bitch you are Black!" Sakura shouted as she quickly recovered and made it seem that Shirou's display of dominance had never happened. Rin quickly followed Sakura's command as she bent over and raised her ass up to the ground as she pressed her face to the floor. "Such an eager Black aren't you?" Sakura sneered as she lifted up her foot and slowly pushed one of her heels into Rin's ass. "That is the only redeeming factor you have Black, is the eagerness to obey our orders you have."

Rin moaned as the heel scraped inside of her asshole, causing her pussy to gush more juices out and drip onto the floor. Her anus tightened around the hell, trying to milk it of baby-making batter doesn't there being no penis in her anus. Idly, Rin thought the pleasurable sensation would best complimented with liquid being pumped through her anus and filling her up to the brim. The orgasm she would have being to push out her the liquid from her digestive system would be glorious.

"I suppose I should reward that, but… hmm…" Sakura mused a bit as she pushed more of her heel into Rin's ass. "Ah, I think I know a good way for you to earn the honor of having my cock in your ass!" Sakura removed her heel from the Blade Witch' asshole, earning a disappointed moan from the pokegirl. "Face our Master," she commanded, yanking on her ponytail, forcing her to remain on her hands and feet before her Master, as Sakura lined her cock up with Rin's rosebud. "Now, as I fuck your ass I want you to thank Master for allowing your ass to be fucked, and I want you to keep thanking her, understood?" Sakura asked, getting an eager nod from Rin. "Start, Black!"

"Thank you Master!" Rin screamed out as Sakura roughly slammed into her and started to pound away into her. "That you for allowing this bitch of a Black to be fucked!"

"You're… you're welcome, Black…" Shirou moaned out, continuing to masturbate as he drew close to her own orgasm.

Sakura smirked as Rin continued to babble out her thanks as she pounded into the Black's ass unrelentingly, pulling back on her ponytail to ensure that she didn't slump down. She could feel from the spasming of Rin's ass muscles that the Blade Witch was on the verge of an extremely powerful orgasm that kept itself dammed up due to the fact she had yet to give permission. Just the knowledge of that alone made her nearly release her load with the heady sense of power it gave her. Rin Tohsaka, her older sister, a slave to her whims. Not many would be resistant to that temptation. Letting out a grunt she flooded Rin's ass, not stopping in her thrusts, even as she orgasmed, relishing the desperate moans of the slave.

"I allow you to cum, Black." she announced and watched with glee as Rin spasmed underneath her, the orgasm rocking her body on an almost painful level as Sakura pulled from Rin's ass. "Did that please you, my Master?"

"It… it did…" Shirou panted, having orgasmed while Rin was. "Thank you for the performance, Sakura."

"I live to serve Master," said Sakura happily as she withdrew from Rin.

"Mistress," said Rin in a doting tone as she looked at Sakura. "Please cum inside me more or let me swallow your seed."

Sakura smiled as she saw the purple love heart forming in Rin's eyes. It meant the potion that she had drank was working. Her enchanted semen was working to reshape Rin's personality to become loyal and obedient to her. It would also make her unable to live without her cum, thanks to its addictive properties. The potion might be unless after all her of training and the pokeball conditioning, but it was another layer of precaution to stop Rin from escaping her grasp. Her new penis would help in the future when she had to subtly make someone her slave without having to resort to the time-consuming personal training or pokeball conditioning.

"Oh, yes. Slave, I would love that," said Sakura with an evil grin.

- O -

A pokeball popped open and out of it came Cu Chulainn. Cu Chulainn was all too familiar with the sensation of coming out of a pokeball that he wasn't at all disorientated or alarmed founding himself somewhere that she didn't recognize. It had all become habit of him as a pokeboy for several years. What she was not familiar with was the lack of an important male equipment between his legs or the unfamiliar weight of her chest.

"Are you alright, Cu Chulainn?" A voice spoke up.

Cu Chulainn looked at the speaker and glared. "Do you think I feel alright when I found himself transformed into a female, my Tamer being turned into a pokeboy and becoming kidnapped?!" Cu Chulainn growled, but otherwise resisted the urge to attack the man before her after witnessing what he was capable of.

"It's pokegirl," Shirou corrected, and received a glare in response. "Anyway… I wasn't the one to kidnap you… It was my Alpha that captured you without my consent."

"Great excuse… A scapegoat." Cu Chulainn growled.

"If you must know, my Alpha has been punished," said Shirou. "Is there any way I can make it up to you."

"Maybe if you released my Tamer, and let us loose. That would be a start followed by reverting Bazett back to her former human self and reversing my gender transformation." Cu Chulainn replied in snark tone.

"I can release your Tamer and set you free. What I cannot do is restore Bazett's humanity. I don't know if it possible from the world you came from to reverse Thresholding, but this world doesn't have that ability. It's something of holy grail that is being sought after. The same about your status as a Pokeboy. Your kind doesn't exist in this world." Shirou replied apologetically.

Cu Chulainn sighed. She wanted to give Shirou a piece of her mind, but she detected no lies and only honesty coming from him. It seemed like this world, while different with pokegirls instead of pokeboys, seemed the same as her own. That there was no cure of reversing Thresholding after it had happened.

"I had been hoping that wasn't the case," said Cu Chulainn in pissed tone. "What can you do to help me and my Tamer?"

"I shall be honest. There is not a lot I can do to help you or Bazett," said Shirou bluntly. "The only thing I can honestly do is prevent other Tamers from capturing you and mistreating you."

"Bazett and I ended up in a different world that is familiar with our own," said Cu Chulainn. "Did we end up in another League or is this still the Dark League?" Cu Chulainn didn't like the look she got. "Damn, my luck is really bad…"

"Actually, there is a method I might be able to repay you, but I don't know if you will be suitable or satisfied with it," said Shirou as light pooled around his hand to form something.

"No fucking… way…!" Cu Chulainn shouted in disbelief at what she saw completely formed in Shirou's hands. "How do you have that?!" She pointed accusingly at Shirou. "The weapon of my ancestor, Cu Chulainn, the Hound of Ulster. It should be in the hands of my mentor, Scathach."

"Remember this is not your world," said Shirou. That caused Cu Chulainn to grudgingly agree as there was possibly this world's version of her ancestor's iconic weapon. "I also have the ability to replicate legendary weapons. Please look at this." Cu Chulaiin's eyes widened as she saw another copy of Gae Bolg. "This is another copy of the same weapon."

"Fuck… that is such an outrageous ability…" Cu Chulainn said in disbelief, awe and jealous at the power. She shivered thinking about the possibility that Shirou could replicate more than one legendary weapon. If that was not the case, creating multiple copies of Gae Bolg was in itself a powerful ability as Gae Bolg was a legendary weapon for a reason. It was incredible powerful and nearly indestructible.

"Here," said Shirou as he threw a copy of Gae Bolg to Cu Chulainn.

"What? Why give me this?" Cu Chulainn asked in confusion as she caught Gae Bolg.

"Think it as my reparation payment for my Alpha capturing you with a pokeball," said Shirou. "You also deserve it as it is part of your birthright. Gae Bolg belonged to your ancestor and as his descendant you have a claim to it. There is also the fact that you are the only one that will be able to bring out Gae Bolg's true potential."

Cu Chulainn tested the weapon and completed several complex movements with the crimson spear. It moved with her body like it was an extension of her body. A weapon that she had never used felt like she had used it all her life.

"Thanks, this is something I say more than repays me for what your Alpha did," said Cu Chulainn gratefully. "I hope you have something for Bazett too because she is going to be furious to be left out without a treasure of equal value."

"Oh, I have just the gift." Shirou nodded. "How are you adapting to your new condition?"

"I don't really want to talk about it…" Cu Chulainn growled as she tried to hide her embarrassment and shivered as she recalled the unbelievable amount of pleasure she had derived from her new genitalia. She blushed as she clenched her lower orifices as they had become very sensitive after being subjected to her pokeball's conditioning.

"Do you want it?" Shirou asked as he walked over to Cu Chulainn.

"Want what?" Cu Chulainn growled as she tried to hide her embarrassment.

"Do you want to submit to me?" Shirou prodded as he stood behind Cu Chulainn as he quickly took her hands and guided them to his back. Cu Chulainn was still caught confused to the foreign emotions that she was feeling when she felt something click around her wrists.

"What are you doing?!" Cu Chulainn shouted in alarm as she pulled on her wrists to find that they were trapped behind Shirou's back.

"Relax," Shirou replied as he massaged Cu Chulainn's breasts and nipples. She melted like putty under his ministrations and all resistance stopped as she moaned at the unused sensation of her breasts that had come with her gender change. "Embrace this feeling, this will be what you feel all the time if you submit yourself to me."

"What do I feel like this~!" Cu Chulainn moaned out. "This isn't how I~ should be reacting~!"

"That is because you're a slut. A dirty slut," said Shirou as he took massaging Cu Chulainn's breasts to another level. "You want to submit to me."

"No~! I was made into this~! The pokeball conditioned me~! It must have been a~ Level 4 Taming Cycle~!" Cu Chulainn moaned at despite the distracting pleasure that her sensitive body was feeling. "What pokeball~ did you use~? A regular pokeball~ wouldn't be able to achieve~ this kind of results on me~! It would've taken~ months! I had been~ in that captured by you~ for no more than several days~ and conditioned inside your pokeball~!"

"You have an incredible strong will to still be able to think so straight despite the sexual stimulation," Shirou said in impressed tone as he ceased stimulating Cu Chulaiin. She whimpered at the sudden loss of pleasure. "I will need to put commands into my pokedex to up your conditioning. Order that your body be more developed and made more sensitive."

"Yes, Master! I would love that Master…" Cu Chulainn said happily before she cut herself as she realized what had happened. She blushed in embarrassment at giving into the dominating power that Shirou had and the pokeball conditioning that had taken into effect from her weakened willpower at the pleasure she had felt.

"I hope you're still able to maintain your mind despite the more training you will get to further enhance your sensitivity," said Shirou as he hands went down to Cu Chulainn's clit and pussy. She moaned in response as he began to fondle her. "You will become my first and only SexBattler until I decide who else to add to my roster of SexBattlers."

Cu Chulainn whimpered at how humiliating and exciting it was to hear someone that didn't own her already making decisions about her life. Shirou wasn't even his Tamer. No, he is according to the law and traditions, she thought. Bazett, my former Tamer, has Thresholded. Shirou captured me and I am already registered into one of his pokeballs. I am most likely already registered in the League database.

"Do you submit?" Shirou asked as he brought Cu Chulainn to a brink of an orgasm, but kept her there as she whimpered and moaned.

I know I shouldn't submit, but what choices do I have. I have already been captured and likely registered as his pokegirl already. No matter where I escape, I will be hunted down and brought back to him. I even doubt I could escape him, not after seeing what he can do. He would easily be able to defeat me at my current state, Cu Chulainn thought. Shirou is also not a bad guy. What he has been doing is normal amongst Tamers…

"What do you say? If you don't respond soon than I might leave you like this for an entire night. Struck right at a brink of an orgasm for eight hours. Do you think you can handle that?" Shirou whispered as he pushed Cu Chulainn even closer to an verge of an orgasm.

Fuck~! I cannot handle being kept in this state for several hours! Cu Chulainn whimpered. "I submit! I, Cu Chulainn, submit to you, Shirou Emiya. Please let me, cum!"

"My pleasure," said Shirou with a sadistic grin as he pushed Cu Chulainn over the edge that she pleaded for. "Welcome to my Harem, Cu Chulainn."

"CUMMING!" Cu Chulainn screamed as she felt Taming Shock come into effect with her first Taming with her new Tamer. "WOLF QUEEN!"

The Wolf Queen collapsed with wide eyes as she dotingly looked at Shirou gratefully for finally giving her the orgasm that she had wanted. She was also grateful that she wouldn't have to worrying about going feral for several days as she had been tamed. There was also gratitude that she no longer had to worry about her own life as she belonged to a Tamer.

"Cu Chulainn, after you recover from your Taming Shock there is a task that I have for you," said Shirou as he ran his hands through Cu Chulainn's hair.

"Wolf Queen?" Cu Chulainn asked, but Shirou knew what she meant.

"Bazett's pokeball is reporting that she wasn't doing well. She has gone into denial about what has happened to her and she has a very severe case of depression. Her Masterball had been about to put her through a Level 5 Taming Cycle if I hadn't checked and stopped it from happening just in time." Shirou replied in a solemn tone.

Anything thoughts that Cu Chulainn was having stopped. She stared at Shirou in disbelief and horror. It seemed like a foreign concept for stoic Bazett, her Tamer, would be so affected by being turned into a pokeboy… Cu Chulainn shook her head. It was pokegirl, she corrected. That was until she recalled a statistic about the largest group that Leve 5 Taming Cycle were used upon. It was former Tamers that made up the largest group of pokegirls subjected to Level 5 Taming Cycles. They were the ones that knew firsthand what sort of life pokegirls lived through as their professions were all about training pokegirls into obedient and loyal slaves. She should have known Bazett would be in self-denial and depressed of her new status as a pokegirl.

Cu Chulainn opened her mouth and kept repeating "Wolf Queen" because of the Taming Shock, but Shirou understand what she meant. Release her, I will talk to Bazett. I will comfort her and mentor her. My gender might have changed, but pokeboys and pokegirls are the same. Only a difference in change. We are not humans and have a natural urge to submit. We also cannot remain sane without being Tamed. That is as soon as the Taming Shock is over.

"Okay," Shirou nodded as he handed Cu Chulainn the pokeball containing Bazett. "Take your time, we shall be staying in our current accommodation for several weeks as I will be training my Harem. I will be in the next room, on the other side of the corridor if you need me."

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