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Author's Notes: All right, I'm not a huge FFX fan… however, I like Seymour, so, seeing that not many people write stories about him, I decided to create this. It's a Seymour/Yuna fic that follows the main FFX plot to a certain extent. It obviously contains minor twists, such as conversations that never took place in the game. I've also changed Seymour's age - he's merely twenty years old in my story. First of all, I needed him to be Yuna's peer… well, kind of, she's still younger. Secondly, I wanted him to look even more attractive (I know I'm pathetic :))). Finally - and most importantly, may I add - I thought that it would make his personality easier to capture and play with.

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Additional info: "If people are talking like this, it means that they are using the Guado language." Other than that, characters' thoughts also appear in italics. Seymour-roushi is a Guado (read: Japanese :)) equivalent of Maester Seymour. Finally, 'on sphere' means 'on TV', at least in my fic.


Eternal Calm

Chapter One: Illusion of future

The ship was rocking gently, almost unnoticeably, and yet its movements were unnerving, at least in Seymour's opinion. The young priest could not swim very well and the sea had always made him feel uncomfortable, no matter how calm it might have been. Even though he would usually enjoy the sight of waves crushing against the shore, he disliked having water under his feet. Fortunately, the end of this journey was already drawing near.

Standing in front of a large mirror, he tried to adjust his new obi - a large, decorative belt usually worn by aristocracy in Spira. Made of silk and lined with gold, it must have cost fortune, but Seymour was used to such luxury. He smoothed out the sleeves of his robe, reaching for a somewhat simple necklace. Suddenly, there was a soft knock on the door and a polite female voice spoke;

"Seymour-roushi? We're almost there."

"Excellent," the man replied. He was more than glad to finally leave the traitorous sea behind.

Open air… everything looked so different from his cozy hometown… Seymour took a deep breath, enjoying a fresh, salty breeze. Though he was more than just attached to Guadosalam, he had to admit that he had sometimes experienced a strange sort of claustrophobia within its wooden structures. It must have been the human part of his personality, he assumed, which made him feel this way.

He walked up to the railing. The main deck was huge, but it was to be expected from Maester Mika's representative ship. Seymour sighed, absently wondering whether the wind wouldn't ruin his extravagant hairstyle.

A crossbreed between human and Guado, he was the only one of his kind. Those two similarly shaped races had different mentalities and different systems of moral values; they thought in a completely dissimilar way. It was so confusing, so frustrating… Seymour had often felt torn inside, never sure which path he should choose, as it seemed nearly impossible to follow them both. Granted, he was strongly connected to Guado, since he had been raised by them, moreover, he was currently their leader. However, there had also been his mother and a couple of years he had spent among humans, in Bevelle, where he had studied politics, ancient scripts and theology. Impatient and ambitious, Seymour was an intelligent person and a bright observer. He knew how hard it was to be something else than human in this human-dominated world.

He desperately yearned to be someone. Barely twenty years old, he was already a maester, but that was merely a title he had inherited… by killing his own father. He wanted to be famous because of his achievements, wanted to become Spira's savior, a hero, so that people would love and worship him. He realized that it sounded somewhat childish, and yet he couldn't help it. He was sure that he would eventually succeed… he had to.

Self-confident and determined from the outside, Seymour actually often felt lost and alone. The very basic question - who am I? - was constantly driving him insane.

Suddenly, somebody touched his elbow. Startled, he turned around and saw Mika van Dythen, the Grand Maester, standing right in front of him.

"How are you feeling today, your grace?" Seymour greeted his superior in a very polite fashion. Then, still bent in the usual gesture of prayer, he looked up, waiting calmly for a predictable answer. Mika had been the ruler of Spira for the last fifty years and Seymour knew well that the man was practically on the verge of death.

"Same as usual, same as usual…" the old maester sighed, raising a white handkerchief to his lips in a vain attempt to suppress a dry, unpleasant cough. "Enjoy your youth while you still can…"

"I am sorry to hear that, my lord." Seymour replied, straightening himself up. His brow furrowed in compassion, he wondered if the maester could somehow read his true feelings… which seemed possible, for Mika, half-dead as he appeared, was certainly no fool. Seymour truly respected the man, and yet he was impatient to take over the rule, the sooner it happened, the better. Well, he could only hope that his hypocrisy wouldn't become evident.

Mika's dark eyes were fixed on the horizon, as he could already see the huge Blitzball Stadium in the distance. Yevon had blessed the ship with a fair wind and Luca was no farther than a mile away.

"It's probably the last tournament I am going to open…"

"Please, refrain from such thoughts, Maester Mika," Seymour opposed softly. Quite remarkably, he spoke the common language without a Guado accent… yet another thing he owed to his mother.

"Hmph, perhaps you're right. How about changing the subject…" the ruler of Spira dried his lips again. "…Actually, do you like this sport?"

What kind of question is that? Due to the fact that Mika wasn't looking at him at the moment, Seymour frowned.

"I'm afraid I don't have the time to check the league results on a regular basis, but I enjoy the game just like everybody else does…" he replied in a less formal tone of voice.

"Let us hope that the Guado Glories win the cup this year." Mika's remark was drowned out by a sudden fit of cough.

Seymour resisted the urge to shrug, smiling politely at the man's words. Of course, that would be nice, he thought, but what does it really matter? Blitzball is the last thing on my mind right now… Granted, this tournament was very important… not because of its outcome, though. It was a crucial step in Seymour's career. The maester had already arranged a few things; it was going to be his spectacle. He would go to any lengths to achieve his goal, even if it meant using people. Even if it meant killing them.

Nevertheless… what had killed Lord Jyscal hadn't been merely his son's excessive ambition. The reasons behind the previous maester's death were more complex.

And, although nobody realized it, duringthe past two weeks Seymour had hardly ever slept at night.

Hundreds of people had come to welcome the beloved Grand Maester and Luca's main dock was crowded. For the unfortunate ones, who stood too far away to see anything, the momentous event was also available on sphere.

Joyous music filled the air when an orchestra started to play. Warrior monks stepped aside, letting Seymour pass. He walked down the gangway, aware of thousands of eyes staring at him at the very moment. Most of these people had never seen a Guado before. The young maester could hear their muffled remarks… some of them were quite unpleasant. Even though Seymour was a very handsome man with strikingly beautiful eyes and regular features, many things about him seemed odd, the shape and color of his hair, for instance, not to mention the length of his fingers.

Wishing for the hundredth time in his life that he was either human or Guado, not a hybrid, he stopped and turned around. Facing the ship, he knelt down, then lowered his head and made the Yevon gesture. The music faded and people started to cheer, due to Maester Mika's long-awaited appearance. Then, all of a sudden, everybody fell silent. Seymour's gaze was still fixed on the ground when his superior came to a halt right in front of him.

"People of Spira, I thank you for your generous welcome," Mika spoke, his voice loud and authoritative. "Rise, Maester Seymour," he ordered, "and all of you as well."

Seymour let a few seconds pass, then straightened himself up, ignoring the tiny specks of dust on his elegant robe.

"I present to you," Mika went on, "the son of Maester Jyscal van Doys, who departed for the Farplane a fortnight past. As some of you already know, he has been officially ordained a maester of Yevon."

Departed for the Farplane… the high priest didn't even flinch, trying hard not to think about his father's death at the moment. Instead, he nodded slightly; it was his turn to speak.

"My name is Seymour van Jyscal and I am honored to receive the title of maester," he kept his voice quiet, forcing the citizens of Luca to remain silent and focused. "In life, my father worked to foster friendship between man and Guado. I vow to carry on his legacy, and to fulfill my duties as maester to the best of my abilities."

Most people lowered their heads, while some remarkably religious ones fell to their knees again… except for one blond-haired boy who stood nearby, staring at Seymour with questioning eyes, defiance and skepticism written all over his face. Suddenly, a large, well-built man hit him on the head, forcing him to bend down. Seymour suppressed an amused smirk.

Meanwhile, behind his back, Mika was climbing a carriage. The young maester was about to follow when a certaindark-haired woman caught his attention. She raised her head for a second to see what was happening… and their eyes unconsciously met.

He knew that it was extremely impolite to stare at somebody… but he couldn't help it. There was something about her face that made her stood out from the colorful crowd. Despite spending most of his life among Guado, Seymour was more than just familiar with the human concept of beauty. He frowned, trying to calm down; finding out, much to his surprise, that it was impossible.

"Your grace?" one of his servants finally whispered, breaking his trance-like state. "You need to go. Mika-sama is waiting."

"Hey, Yuna! YUNA! I'm talking to you!"

Huh…? Yuna blinked several times, finally focusing on reality. Tidus, a bit irritated, was waving a hand in front of her eyes.

"Oh, I-I'm sorry…" she blushed again. Her heart was beating faster for no apparent reason.

"Are you all right?" the boy asked skeptically.

"Yes," she nodded. "I got lost in thought, that's all."

Why was he looking at me? she wondered. Did he recognize me as a summoner? No, it's impossible, I'm not a famous person… Was it because of my father? …Most probably… but how did the maester know?

He had been watching her so intently… What was he thinking? He appeared composed, very self-confident… but his eyes betrayed something else… Shetrembled. What kind of emotion was hidden there?

"Yuna!" Tidus moaned. "Daydreaming again?"

"N-no, I'm fine, really," she said quickly. "Come on, let's go."

"Yeah," Wakka scratched his head. "The game's starting in an hour… We'd better hurry, ya?"

End of Chapter One

Author's Notes: Phew, first chapter done; praise be to Yevon! To write more or not to write more… you decide! I need reviews to continue with this story, mostly 'cause I lack some essential motivation - I'm not a huge FFX fan, merely a Seymour worshipper, right? :) (…Personally, I prefer sci-fi settings to anything else and FFX is nowhere as trilling as, say, FFVIII.) If you have any suggestions, let me know! Oh, c'mon! The button won't eat you, I swear by Yevon! Please!?

Why have I changed Seymour's surname to van Jyscal, you ask? Well, the original one sounded a little bit odd to me… calling him Seymour Guado is, after all, similar to calling our blonde hero… Tidus Human. Horrible, isn't it? Anyway, because there are no surnames in FFX, I felt that I had to do something about it. (I'm weird, I know. ;)) From now on, I'll be calling the charas - if necessary - like this: Seymour van Jyscal, Tidus van Jecht, Yuna van Braska… You can see the idea behind this, right? Don't worry, it won't happen very often… if ever.

Oh, just one more thing: I learn English as a foreign language. Please, be tolerant when it comes to my grammar and vocabulary… past tenses and articles are so confusing! :(