This is a crossover between Ace Attorney, Pokémon and the visual novel, The Letter by Yangyang mobile. Unlike in May's Justice, where I put lots of fandoms in, I'm just going to limit it to just three. This fanfic takes place a year after the events of May's Justice, but this can be enjoyed as a stand-alone fic as well.

Gotta Defend Them All

May Maple: former pokémon coordinator, a single mother, married woman, lawyer, and Queen Consort of Hell. She knew on the day that she met Ash Ketchum, that her life would be changed forever, but she never expected her life to take such a dark turn. When she got Ash an acquittal, the last thing she expected was for him to rule over an army of demons.

It's been a year since May put on her lawyer pin for the first time. She never forgot the first time it shimmered like gold. It started to lose it's shine from the tear and wear, just like her. She sat in the corner of her bed and rocked the cradle. Her twins, Ruby and Sapphire slept better than she did. She'd love to show them to Ash, but she knew that Hell was no place to bring babies.

She knew it was one of Ash's many regrets.

May forced herself to smile in the mirror. She had been through some messed up stuff, but she had a feeling that the horror in her life was far from over. She laid back on her bed and rolled around the mattress. She tossed. She turned. She couldn't get comfortable.

Her children were beautiful. Her friends were amazing. Her colleagues felt like family. Her family couldn't have shown her any more kindness. Her salary was exceptional for a lady only twenty-two years old, but nothing could shake the fact that she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

She wasn't sure if she was in a fit enough state for the trial tomorrow. Her client was the former businessman, Luke Wright. He was also a multi-millionaire. He was Phoenix Wright's cousin, but Luke and Phoenix hardly spoke unless Luke needed somebody to get him out of legal issues. She was dreading the trial. Luke was one of the sleaziest slime balls she had ever met. May kept her disgusting thoughts of her client to herself. He was still her manager's cousin after all, and the last thing she needed was unemployment.

Luke was the complete opposite of Phoenix. Where Phoenix was kind and giving, Luke was a selfish womaniser and serial drinker. May knew about the times when Phoenix had been framed for murder, whilst Luke looked like someone who committed countless crimes but was able to walk away from punishment. Money talked. Still, she took the case. Something about the case was nothing like any of the cases she's worked on.

Luke Wright was suing Briar Realty Corporation for selling him a haunted mansion. Athena flat out said she didn't want it, and Phoenix claimed that defending his cousin would create a conflict of interest. Which basically meant that he didn't want to represent Luke either.

So May took the case and began to regret it seconds after taking it. But she couldn't turn her back on Luke. She could have said no. She should have said no. But there was something about the case that pipped her interest. She had heard about the gory tales of Ermengard mansion and the legendary tale of the Anslem Butcher. She wondered if Ash knew anything about it.