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Chapter Three: A New Mission, Sasuke's guilt

Sai drew his blade staring up at Naruto ready for attack as Naruto leaped through the air at him, Naruto suddenly smirked as he made the same one handed seal, he suddenly disappeared in a black flash of movement and then Sai felt his presence behind him.

Sai turned to block but to his surprise Naruto had yelped and stumbled looking winded. Sai smirked getting what was wrong with him and slammed a kick to Naruto's jaw sending him up in the air.

Naruto grunted and did a flip straightening himself out and landing on his feet across from Sai who had pulled out a scroll and started painting on it with a brush.

"You used the Body Flicker Technique." Sai observed. "But it appears you used it without completely mastering it resulting in body strain, trying to master a Jutsu on the fly in the middle of a battle is foolish and suicidal. It looks like you do have some balls, either that or just a lot of stupidity."

Naruto growled then smirked and made a cross seal watching as Sai held up a one handed sign of his own.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto shouted and ten clones appeared just as Sai announced his own Jutsu.

"Ninja Art." Sai said menacingly. "Super Beast Scrolls."

Suddenly pictures of dragon headed lions came out of the scrolls alive and Naruto's eyes widened as the beasts charged at him and his clones. The clones drew their swords and swiped at the drawing in one strike and it disappeared in a burst of Ink, however Sai was nowhere to be seen.

One of the Naruto's then noticed a shadow about their heads and looked up.

"He's above us!" The clone shouted causing them all to look up at Sai who was drawing another picture and then made his sign.

Suddenly a giant drawn bolder the size of a large house appeared in ink and fell towards the clones.

The clones grabbed the original Naruto's hands and tossed him out of the way just as they were smashed and the boulder dispersed in black ink.

"So whatever he draws he can make real and even dense." Naruto thought watching Sai as he landed across from him. "That's a dangerous Jutsu alright. However each drawing is fragile… That makes things a little easier at least."

Naruto smirked as he made twenty Shadow Clones who all made one handed seals and Body Flickered at Sai, only they stumbled in pain afterwards some even dispelling from the strain.

Sai snorted. "How are you a Ninja?" Sai asked with a frown. "This is just ridiculous."

Sai tossed down several explosive tags and jumped away the rest of the Clones were caught in an explosion and disappeared.

Sai looked around for the real Naruto but saw he was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly there was a cracking noise and Sai looked down just in time for Naruto to launch out of the ground and land a strong uppercut making Sai go up in the air.

Naruto grinned as he held Akuma Chokyoshi in his grip and closed his eyes.

"You're in range." Naruto muttered with a growl. "It's over."

Chakra flowed out of his body as Naruto's vision around him went dark except for his target Sai. Naruto poured a burst of Chakra into his legs and disappeared in a burst of speed as he willed his blade to grow to Seven Feet, Naruto pierced his blade into Sai's shoulder in a burst of speed, sending the blade down to the hilt and together they hit ground Sai on his back who groaned in pain as Naruto landed on top of him Naruto's blade keeping him pinned to the ground.

"Flash Peirce." Naruto muttered with a grin. "A Kenjutsu Technique taught to Kakashi-Sensei by his father. It's a technique that sends a burst of chakra into my legs that makes me move really fast and land a pinpointed strike on any point in the body. It's extremely accurate and fast, hard to dodge and counter."

"I see." Sai said but smirked blank ink flowing from his lip like blood. "Guess it's good it didn't hit me."

Sai erupted into ink, it spraying into Naruto's face, clothes, and eyes. Sai appeared and slammed a knee into Naruto's chin sending him flying back, Naruto hit a tree then three black ink snakes appeared and tied him to the tree and Sai smiled.

"Now it's over." Sai said with a smirk. "That technique of yours, after you used it you got slower, you didn't even react to my Ink Clone in time. I'm guessing it puts a huge strain on the body."

"Something like that." Naruto admitted casually with a shrug.

"You're not worried at all I see." Sai said with a frown and tossed a kunai at him suddenly it hit Naruto and he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"As I thought another Shadow Clone." Sai muttered. "Then where?"

Suddenly Sai was surrounded as thirty clones appeared in thin air surrounding him all with grins on their faces.

"I think it's about time I showed a trump card of mine Kakashi taught me." The Clones shouted as Sai began writing on his scorlls again, this time when Sai finished a giant troll appeared holding a club.

The clones were underturned however and charged forward making a Cross Seal and then forming their hands into a triangle.

"Explosive Clone Jutsu!" The Clones shouted as Sai's eyes widened before he pulled out another scroll seeing the clones smoking and knowing what was about to happen.

The troll took a massive swipe at the clones but the jumped onto his club and ran up to the troll's face before exploding in his face, point blank making the troll collapse in ink right on top of Sai.

Naruto walked out of the woods and approached the center of the field his sword on his shoulder staring at the wreckage left by the explosions.

"Think I overdid it." Naruto muttered. "But there's no way that killed him, this guy's too skilled for that."

Naruto then smirked as he felt to things wrap around his ankles just as he expected. The snakes pulled him off balance and Sai appeared with an Ink War Hammer in his hand, with a loud crack and a burst of Ink Naruto was sent flying skipping across the ground like a stone over water dropping his sword in the process, before he finally rolled to a stop.

Sai made another seal and a giant hand reached out of a scroll on the ground near Naruto and wrapped around him picking Naruto up.

"Admit defeat." Sai said coldly and moved his hand slightly just at that the hand tightened around Naruto painfully making him grunt and groan.

"If you don't you're ribs will be crushed."

"F-Fuck you." Naruto growled as the hand squeezed unbearable hard and he felt a few bones crack and blood spurted out of his mouth.

"If you give up the pain stops." Sai said with no emotion on his face. "You've lost admit it."

Naruto suddenly chuckled making Sai tense.

"Let me get something straight." Naruto growled looking at Sai. "Giving up isn't in my vocabulary, so you'll kill me before getting that out of me. Also you've underestimated me and given me all the time I needed."

There was a flash of movement before two clones making one handed seals appeared both kicked him straight up into the air making Sai lose his concentration and the Ink Fist collapsed in Ink releasing Naruto.

Naruto grinned and ignored the pain as he made the one handed seal of his own.

"You gave me all the time I needed to master this technique." Naruto growled and vanished and appeared by Sai with the other clones. "Body Flicker Barrage!" Naruto shouted as all clones landed a punishing kick to Sai's midsection sending him tumbling to the ground with a crash from the force of the blow.

Naruto landed painting with a proud smile on his face as his clones disappeared in two puffs of smoke.

"You mastered the Body Flicker Technique in the middle of battle?" Sai groaned in shock. "But when did you?"

"It's simple really." Naruto said with a smile. "With my amount of Chakra I can make so many clones it's not even funny, so the entire time I was hiding making one group of clones attack you and distract you while the others went off the master the technique."

"But how could you have known they would master it?" Sai asked surprised Naruto would take such a gamble.

"I didn't." Naruto admitted. "Just your comment about me being stupid pissed me off and made me want to make you eat your own words. It was foolish of me, but to be honest I came up with another plan to trap you if they couldn't master it in time, I have other Kenjutsu techniques Kakashi taught that I could've used to immobilize you without killing you or causing permanent damage, but at the very least ending this fight."

"I see." Sai muttered looking at Naruto with slight respect. "You're stronger than I thought you'd be, I guess that's good, that way you won't hold me back as a teammate."

Naruto's eyes widened in shock before he opened his mouth and said.


Sakura entered Orochimaru's main chamber nervously, she could see Sasuke up ahead talking to Orochimaru and Kabuto standing by his side.

Orochimaru saw her and gave her that sinister grin that sent cold shudders down her spine. Sakura had never been more terrified in her life before, and she wondered how long it'd take to get use to it.

"Sasuke." Orochimaru said suddenly making Sasuke look at him. "I hope you had a conversation with Sakura about her performances?"

"Sakura will do alright." Sasuke said with a shrug. "Just needs more time to practice."

"Practice you say?" Orochimaru said with a sudden grin. "You see Sasuke, Sakura has been a disappoint so far, and I must say if she continues like this, it won't be me that kills her."

Sasuke growled his onyx eyes seeming with rage and hatred for the snake.

"Don't touch her Orochimaru." Sasuke said with a growl.

"Kabuto." Orochimaru said suddenly with a smile, suddenly Sakura felt a whoosh and turned to see Kabuto grinning over her shoulder. Kabuto's hand touched her shoulder and then Sasuke was there, he grabbed Kabuto's arm and kneed Kabuto in the face his glasses snapping in half before Kabuto flew across the room.

"I said don't touch her!" Sasuke snarled making Sakura stare at him surprised, she knew Sasuke had gotten a power boost but didn't know he was that fast or strong.

"Sasuke I think it's about time you realize your situation." Orochimaru said with a grin as Kabuto disappeared in a puff of smoke. Another Kabuto appeared by Orochimaru's side with a grin.

"Orochimaru we have a deal." Sasuke said with his eyes analyzing Orochimaru.

"Indeed we do." Orochimaru agreed. "And I'm trying to honor that deal and make sure that girl doesn't get killed. So stand back and watch Sasuke."

Suddenly a snake popped out behind Sasuke its mouth opened and another Orochimaru appeared and grabbed Sasuke by the throat gripping his skull and pointing his head at Sakura.

"Let me go!" Sasuke shouted in rage trying to thrash free as the real Orochimaru approached Sakura.

"Now hold still and make this better on yourself." Orochimaru instructed with a grin, his neck suddenly stretched towards her and Sakura felt an intense pain on her neck then an even worse pain on her shoulder Sakura screamed in pain as she passed out instantly.

Kakashi stood in front of the new group scratching his head as Naruto glared at Sai and Sai looked up at Kakashi with that fake smile of his.

Shikamaru was laying down to the side watching clouds.

Kakashi decided it might be best to get their attention.

"Well the Hokage has briefed us with a new mission." Kakashi informed them making them all glance up at him.

"It's a C Rank mission." Kakashi said carefully watching Naruto to make sure he was paying attention. At that Naruto seemed to perk up and grinned at Kakashi.

"What will we be doing?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"A nearby town has been under attack by a gang bandits recently." Kakashi informed them all business. "They have paid for two teams to come and get rid of these bandits, then stay a week afterwards to make sure all bandits are dealt with."

"Who's the second team?" Shikamaru said curiously. "Is Choji and Ino?"

"No unfortunately." Kakashi said to Shikamaru who nodded not surprised. "There busy with some D rank missions. Team Eight will be accompanying us to guard this town."

"So Hinata, Kiba, Shino, and Kurenai-Sensei?" Naruto said with a grin. "No one's going to be able to stop us now."

"Easy Naruto." Shikamaru said with a frown. "These bandits? What do we know about them?"

"Well their skilled warriors but not Shinobi level." Kakashi informed them. "They're coordinated however and attack the town with stealth strategies or Gorilla Warfare."

"So it's most possible that they know the area." Shikamaru said with a nod. "Hinata's Byakugan, Kiba's nose, and Naruto's Shadow Clones will come in handy, Naruto can have several Clones keep look out over the village and Hinata's Byakugan could warn us of outside threats, and Kiba's nose can track the bandits if they manage to retreat."

"That's basically the plan yes." Kakashi said with an eye smile.

"Kakashi-Sensei?" Naruto asked looking at him. "Will this cut into our training?"

"No." Kakashi assured Naruto. "In fact I need to train all three of you to get you working as a team, fortunately Naruto and Shikamaru have worked together before, but you Sai are completely unfamiliar. SO we'll do a teamwork exercises to get us coordinated than when we get to the town we will be doing another with Team Eight to get you all familiar with each other. Does everyone understand?"

"Yes Sensei." They all said.

"Good now go pack, and meet back by the Gate in two hours." Kakashi informed them and left.

Naruto stood up and waved goodbye to Shikamaru heading to go pack, he'd need to be prepared for this mission…

As Naruto walked towards the gates he saw everyone staring at him in shock, Naruto hadn't had much chance to hang out with any of the Rookie Twelve lately so they didn't know about his new gear and sword, well except Hinata of course.

"Hey Naruto." Hinata said with a smile and at that everyone seemed to recover from their shock.

"Naruto where the hell did you get the new gear?" Kiba asked looking shocked. "I didn't ever think I'd see you in anything but orange."

"Well it has orange on it." Naruto said gesturing to the rings on his sleeves and then looked at Hinata. "Hey Hinata."

Hinata smiled at him gently but said nothing more, suddenly Ino stepped in front of Naruto looking him up and down, Naruto raised a brow at her confused as she walked a circle around looking at him closely.

"I gotta say Naruto." Ino said with a sudden flirty smile. "You look really, really good."

Hinata had noticed and glared at Ino at that comment wanting to for once smack Ino.

Naruto however while he had gotten a lot smarter over the last two days thanks to Kakashi's training, he still was naive to girls and aside from that he hadn't had that much time to really read behavior books, it had mostly been strategy, so as you could guess Naruto was clueless.

"Huh really?" Naruto asked looking down at his gear. "I thought it was cool myself. Thanks Ino."

"No problem Naruto." Ino said while batting her eyelashes, at that point Hinata looked ready to strangle her.

"So Naruto what's Kakashi's training been like." Choji asked looking curious.

"Well it's rough trust me." Naruto said with a frown. "He's a really tough teacher but the training regimine he has me under had me get a lot of training down, I've improved a lot already, and I've mastered a few techniques."

"Oh crap are you serious." Shikamaru said face palming. "I always thought Kakashi was laid back, but if he really trains his students that hard then that means I have a lot of work, man this is such a drag."

"Shikamaru." Shino said stepping forward pushing his glasses up. "This training will most likely benefit you greatly. Why? Because if Naruto is improving as much as he states then it can help you improve and reach newer rankings."

"Are you kidding?" Shikamaru said with a frown. "Another rank just means more work, count me out."

"Well Naruto." Kiba said with a grin. "Recently I've mastered a new technique as well so don't be surprised if I can mop the floor with you now."

"Heh." Naruto said with a smirk. "Be careful dog breath, I think really right now if I fought you I'd wipe the floor with you."

"What'd you say?!" Kiba shouted glaring at Naruto.

"Kiba Naruto's probably right." Hinata said suddenly making everyone stare at her in surprise which then she blushed. "I mean Naruto beat you and surpassed you in a few months when we became Chunin, if Kakashi's giving him more training, I'm sure he's a lot stronger now."

"Whatever I bet it's nothing!" Kiba said with a smirk.

Naruto decided to drop it as he saw Sai his other teammate making his way towards them everyone looked up in surprise as Sai approached them and he was reading a book a frown on his face.

Suddenly he looked up with a smile and cleared his throat.

"Hello I'm Sai, I hope we can enjoy working together to achieve our goal and dreams." Sai said with a creepy smile that made everyone look at him like crazy, well except Ino who was eyeing him with a blush.

"Goals and dreams?" Kiba asked looked confused. "The hell is this guy on about?!"

"I read in this book that first impressions are everything when making new friends." Sai explained. "It's good to have a good introduction to yourself to appear likeable or show similar interests, thus starting relationships."

"Ummmm right." Naruto muttered rubbing that back of his head before turning to look at the others to elaborate. "Sai hasn't had much interaction in his life, he's spent all of it in the ANBU Black Ops so he hasn't had much time to interact."

"ANBU BLACK OPS?!" Kiba shouted while everyone else looked at Sai with shock, Sai gave that creepy smile and Naruto simply shrugged at the groups reaction.

"Yes it's not a big deal really." Sai said with his fake smile. "It's just like being a normal ninja except we get our hands a little more dirty."

"ANBU's a rank only the most talented ninja reach." Hinata said quietly staring at Sai in awe, Naruto who noticed this felt a hot feeling enter his gut at Hinata's expression of awe, he was unsure why.

"Then maybe Naruto should be in ANBU then." Sai said suddenly with a smile.

"What the hell you talking about?!" Kiba asked with a disabeliveing expression. "That idiot?!"

"Well he did outsmart me and beat me in a one on one fight." Sai said with a shrug making everyone suddenly gap at Naruto making him feel a little uncomfortable. "It was really amazing. Was that good Naruto? I read giving compliments on accomplishments that other people have done can make them like you and apperciate you."

"Uhh…" Naruto said a little grateful and confused at the same time, plus he couldn't explain but the happy proud smile Hinata was giving him made his heart flutter. So at the moment he really was grateful Sai had said that.

"Thanks Sai." Naruto finally muttered.

Kiba on the other hand frowned, he couldn't believe how far the little idiot Naruto had come, he had beaten an ANBU?! That was insane. Just when Kiba thought he had caught up to him. Looks like he'd have to train even harder.

"Yo." A familiar voice called out and they turned to see Kakashi walking with Asuma and Kurenai towards them.

"Sensei!" The group choursed before walking to meet them.

"Asuma-Sensei?" Naruto asked confused. "What are you doing here?"

"Just came to see Shikamaru and Kurenai off." Asuma explained causing Kurenai to give a light blush. "And to wish the rest of you good luck."

"Let me guess." Shikamaru said with a knowing smirk. "Instead of doing the D rank mission with Choji and Ino you left to get out of it."

"Well that is part of it I'll admit it." Asuma said with a smirk.

"Thought so."

Kakashi gave an eye smile before shaking hands with Asuma and Kurenai gave Asuma a quick hug making him blush but return it. Then with goodbyes out of the way the two teams and Jonin left to begin their mission.

Sasuke panicked as Sakura let lose another scream, he held her in his arms as she clutched his shirt sweat soaking her skin and drenching her shirt. Sasuke having experienced the Curse Mark process himself knew just how painful it was and was trying his best to soothe her, but it wasn't working, he was rubbing her back and saying soothing things to her, and Sasuke knew this was completely unlike him.

Sasuke couldn't help it though, this girl had done so much for him and even after gaining this much power he wasn't able to protect her from Orochimaru. He felt weak and guilty, he had agreed to let her come, he was the reason she was in pain right now.

Sasuke stared up at her as her screams subsided and she began to pant wildly clutching him in pain. Sasuke slowly disentangled her from her death grip as gently as he could to grab a cold rag, he laid her on her back and placed the rag on her forehead, the second it touched her skin she began to breathe a little easier, and Sasuke sighed in relief.

Sasuke stared down at the mark on her neck, ironically enough Orochimaru had shaped it like a flower petal, close to Sakura's name. Sasuke looked up at the ceiling where he knew the world was above.

"When Naruto finds out I let this happen…" Sasuke trailed off with a frown, Naruto was very protective of Sakura and his other comrades once he found out Sasuke couldn't stop Orochimaru, well it wouldn't be pretty, Naruto would probably try to kill him, as if he could but still.

Sasuke sighed as he took Sakura's hand in his filling another swell of guilt, and for the first time in a long time, Sasuke wanted to cry.

"Don't you die on me Sakura." Sasuke whispered pleadingly. "I've lost everyone else, I can't lose you either."

Sakura however didn't respond still breathing heavily and twitching from the pain. Sasuke suddenly felt a swell of hatred and hot rage enter his belly, in a flash his Sharingan was activated and his hand enveloped in lightning, the furthest wall exploded on the Chidori's impact.

Sasuke painted staring at the very large hole in the wall as a dim flamed light entered from the collider.

Sasuke closed his eyes, he needed to calm down, throwing a fit wouldn't help Sakura. He was just so furious with himself and Orochimaru. He swore then and there when he had enough power he'd kill that Snake.

Suddenly he heard a groan and he snapped his attention back to Sakura appearing by her side seeing her green eyes open for a split second.

"S-Sasuke." Sakura croaked out and Sasuke clutched her hand making her look at him.

"I'm here Sakura." Sasuke said quietly worry evident in his tone.

Sakura nodded looking revlieved then passed out once more. Sasuke sighed in relief, it looked like the worse of the Curse process was over. Now all Sakura had to do was survive the nightmares, and from Sasuke's experience, that was the worse part.

Naruto suddenly stiffening feeling a clutch of dread fill his heart. Staring up in the sky from his sitting position next to a tree he felt another wretch of his heart. Something was wrong but he didn't know what. He could feel it though something was wrong, and his eyes glistened with worry and dread feeling worried about the two people he worried about the most Sasuke and Sakura.

"Naruto?" A soft familiar voice said and Naruto looked up to see Hinata looking down at him with worry.

"Hey Hinata." Naruto said putting on his fake smile which he noted made Hinata frown deepen.

"What's wrong?" Hinata asked looking worried.

"Nothing Hinata I feel great!" Naruto fined with a grin, he didn't want to sound crazy, after all it was just a feeling.

"You're lying." Hinata said quietly sitting next to him worry on her face. Suddenly her hand laid on top of his gently and he looked at Hinata to see her blushing but giving him an encouraging smile.

"D-Do you want to talk about it?" Hinata asked looking at him gently.

"No." Naruto said with a sigh. "Just worried about Sasuke and Sakura, it's stupid really, I'm sure the teme is keeping Sakura safe, and she's no doubt making sure he doesn't do anything to stupid."

"It's okay to worry about others Naruto." Hinata said gently. "It shows you love them and want them to be safe, it's just being human."

Naruto's eyes widened as he looked at her then slowly let a small smile take on his face.

"Thanks Hinata." Naruto said warmly making her blush.

Hinata nodded with a smile making Naruto frown thinking suddenly.

"Hey Hinata." Naruto said suddenly making her look at him curiously. "You know I just realized I don't know all that much about you. So tell me a little bit about yourself."

"Oh…" Hinata said nervously. "There isn't much to know."

"Oh come on." Naruto said with a grin. "I want to know more about you."

"Okay-y." Hinata agreed then looked up at the sky. "What do you want to know?"

"Well…." Naruto frowned looking up at the sky himself then smiled suddenly. "What's your favorite food?"

"Cinnamon rolls." Hinata answered smiling at him. "My mom when I was little, would wake me up in my bed with a tray of cinnamon roles, they were always so sticky, but sweet and the way my mom would smile at me and say "Good morning my little angel.". It always made me smile."

Naruto smiled at her, that sounded really nice, once again he wished he had known what it felt like to have a gentle touch of a mother and a stern but comforting pillar that was a father. It sounded wonderful to Naruto and made him hope he'd be a good dad one day, if he lived that long.

"That's wonderful Hinata." Naruto said with a smile. "You mom sounds like she was a kind woman."

"She was." Hinata said with a sad tone. "I miss her more and more each day."

"I'm sorry you lost her Hinata." Naruto said with a sigh. "It's terrible to lose someone like that."

"Thank you Naruto." Hinata whispered. "I'm sorry you never even knew your parents I'm sure they were great people."

"Yeah that's what Old Man Third Hokage told me." Naruto said with a smile. "And Old Man Mustache, they told me my father was a fierce warrior and my mother a beautiful and strong woman."

"They do sound amazing Naruto." Hinata agreed with a smile.

At that they fell into silence staring up at the sky and Naruto felt happy sitting here with Hinata it was a nice but peaceful feeling, and he didn't want this moment to end.

Unfouratenly it did cause at that moment Kakashi called them to get moving, the break was over, Naruto stood up dusting himself off before offering Hinata a hand, she blushed but allowed him to help pull her up. The two made their way back to the group to continue on their way to their mission. Little did they all know how dangerous this mission would turn out to be.

Chapter End

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