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Uh, this story takes place in Draco's seventh year. Professor Barnes is the DADA teacher since sixth year and after what happened in "Broomstick Polish" Draco is not very popular any more and prefers staying alone most of the time.


Draco let himself fall onto his bed, desperately trying not to think about what happened today. It had been one of those days you'd rather be ill then go to classes.

It had started in the morning, just when he went to the bathroom. Somebody had left a wet towel on the floor and Draco, still rather sleepy had stepped onto it and had landed with quite a noise on his butt. His dorm mates had had a good laugh and Draco had been pissed off ever since.

After breakfast he'd had Care For Magical Creatures with Gryffindor and that Half-Giant Hagrid; that didn't help to lighten his mood very much. To make things even worse he was bitten by a crazy flubber-cat, Hagrid's newest invention. He was send to the hospital wing and had Madam Pomfrey bind his hand. Of course, she still couldn't take her eyes off the spot between Draco's legs since sixth year. At least she didn't ask him if he had solved his little "problem".

To top it all he'd had Defence Against The Dark Arts in the afternoon. Surprisingly this hadn't been so bad after all, because they tried a new counter curse and everybody had to do it in front of the class. Draco had been one of very few to do it right at first try. Professor Barnes had even smiled at him. That meant that she had forgiven him for making fun of her.

After his last class he had been in a much better mood and decided to go for a walk on the school grounds. He enjoyed being alone. After his father disowned him out of pure embarrassment, the Slytherins had lost interest in Draco. They had only wanted to be friends with him because of his money and social status. But now. . . well, who wanted to be friends with a perverted ferret?

People from other houses had avoided him from the beginning. And for some strange reason Draco didn't have so much of a problem with this situation. He knew that he had been an asshole. And he had enjoyed it. But after what his father did to him, he decided that he didn't want to be an asshole anymore. He would make people like him by becoming a good guy. That didn't mean he wanted to become someone like Potter, but just show the people that he was human, that he had feelings, too, and that he wasn't all bad . . .

He would never admit it but he had secretly begun to watch Potter and his sidekicks. What was it that made them so popular? Ok, maybe they were because they didn't insult everybody who crossed their path, but there had to be something else.

Like always he couldn't find the reason, so he had gone back to the castle. He had missed dinner and had decided to pay the house elves in the kitchen a visit. On his way there he had passed by the DADA classroom. And on the floor just a few feet away from the door he had seen something.

A small puddle of a strangely gleaming white liquid had been on the floor, barely visible in the dim light of the hallway. He had bent down to examine it more closely when he suddenly had heard footsteps. He had looked up and seen Potter of all people (obviously on his way to the kitchen, too) walking towards him while studying him suspiciously through narrowed eyes.

Draco had forced himself up and had snarled: 'What are you looking at, Potter?' Scar-boy had narrowed his eyes a little more and opened his mouth to respond, but had closed it again when his eyes fell to the floor. And then he had grinned and had started laughing all of a sudden, terribly annoying Draco, because he couldn't understand what was so funny. But then again, there could only be one reason to laugh at Draco (since sixth year) and indeed . . .

'Oh, Malfoy! I thought you would have control of yourself by now! It has to be something about that classroom!'

Harry had laughed even more, but took his glasses off and tried to wipe the tears from his eyes. He had given Draco a last amused look before walking past him and continuing his way to the kitchen. Draco had glared at him the hole time and as soon as Potter was out of sight he had taken a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the white liquid from the floor. He wouldn't want people to see the substance on the floor next morning and start again poking fun at him about THAT!

Draco had quickly walked back to the dungeons, glad that he didn't meet anyone on his way.

And now he was lying on his bed, the curtains tightly shut around him. He had passed the common room without anyone paying attention to him and the dormitory was empty except for him. He kept on thinking about that liquid. What was it? He thought of Potter's annoying comment and got an idea. He pulled his wand and the handkerchief from his cloak and murmured 'Lumos'. In the light of his wand the white substance seemed to gleam even more.

It didn't look like sperm. In fact it didn't look like anything Draco had ever seen. He brought his wand closer to it until it touched the surface and suddenly something in there seemed to move. Draco held his head only a few inches above the substance but couldn't see anything clearly. He stood up and grabbed an empty picture frame out of his nightstand. With a simple charm he cleaned the handkerchief and put the substance on the frame.

On the dark wooden underground he could now see that there was a person. And that person was a woman. He used a magnifying charm and could identify the woman. It was Professor Barnes and she was talking soundlessly. Draco wondered if this was a vision or something. What had it to do with his DADA teacher? After a few moments the vision disappeared. Draco decided to leave it until tomorrow, because he could feel his eyelids get heavy. He put the picture frame into his drawer, undressed himself and climbed into bed, where he fell almost immediately into a deep sleep.


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