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Therefore I decided to post a quick summary about the things that were about to happen in the following chapters.

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If you are still interested in *White Liquid On The Floor* read on . . .

In chapter 11 Harry, Draco and Ginny would have to deal with the problem of finding their way back to Hogwarts, without the aid of their wands, because for some inexplicable reason they would not function properly. Later they would discover that they were trapped inside some kind of field inside the forest (like a magnet or something that wouldn't let them go).

Harry would also finally notice and accept his feelings for Ginny and they would eventually get closer to each other (at this point I had planned for Harry and Draco to get attacked by a group of nasty little creatures called beezies. It was going to be rather amusing to see how Ginny interpreted their noises from afar. . .)

In chapter 12 Severus and Remus would join Helen and Sirius in the forest, after going through the books and together they would search for the students and in the end find them and bring them back to Hogwarts (just imagine the rescue from the invisible field nobody could get out. . .Of course Sirius would be the one to get trapped with the kids.)

In chapter 13 Harry, Draco and Ginny would tell Dumbledore everything they had found out and McGonnagal and Snape would go after the poor Ravenclaw third year girl who happened to carry a demon inside her.

Helen would try to get Igor out of her (oh, by the way: I got he name from Frankenstein Junior, hilarious movie!) but the demon would take the chance and disappear before anyone could catch it (I am still not sure if I would give you any hints as to where it went . . . but a few paragraphs later you will find out anyway).

In chapter 14 we would find out that the only way for Voldemort to get into the castle now would be to open the doors from inside. And there is only one person who could possibly manage that: PETER!

Yay! And from this point all hell would break loose. Everybody would be trying to find the stinking rat or any evidence that there was someone evil inside the castle. Still no sign from the demon.

Chapter 15 would be a little chaotic. Because the damned demon would suddenly reappear inside Helen Barnes (Igor got inside her when she freed the girl. She was not prepared for that.)

The Ministry would come to action for the first time (well, because Helen was the only one from the staff with demon experience; yep, another DADA teacher who knows something!)

Ginny would sit outside and surprisingly lay eyes upon a dirty rat at the edge of the forbidden forest. Sirius would go crazy and chase after it, with Remus trying to hold him back.

Unfortunately, the Ministry officers who were to free Helen from the demon would notice Sirius and he and Lupin would be arrested (very dramatic, indeed). Dumbledore would only get an ultimatum of two days until they would be sent off to Azkaban. Remus: to spend the rest of his life rotting in a cell and Sirius: to receive the Dementor's kiss.

In chapter 16 Helen would be lying in the hospital wing, unconscious (well, the Ministry people got the demon out of her but he died; maybe this would be a final scene for Igor with Flashbacks or something about his past . . .), while Harry and the others would restlessly try to find Peter.

He would be the only chance for Sirius and Remus to get freedom. The bloody rat could not leave the grounds before opening the gates to Voldemort (Wormtail was not in very good terms with the Dark Lord anyway and failing on such an important mission would surely get him tortured and killed. *sobs mockingly*)

In the end the kids would get him (there was planned to be a funny scene where Peter would grab Ginny and threaten Harry with killing her, but she would stomp on his foot and give him a good kick to his balls *grins evilly*).

In chapter 17 we would witness the trial of Sirius and Remus. In the last minute Harry and Co. would arrive and hand out Peter, which would complicate matters greatly for the poor Ministry officers.

Of course after a few very unnerving hours of interrogation and retelling everything from the beginning numerous times Sirius and Remus would be declared innocent and two days later every wizarding newspaper in Britain and beyond would have published the hole story in all the details.

Chapter 18 would be the return to Hogwarts. Helen would have woken up and we would get our long awaited reunion scene between her and Sirius (I very much regret not doing this part, I had taken a liking to both of them T_T).

Harry and Ginny would start dating publicly and Draco would finally loose his really bad reputation and get another one; not much better though. What would you think of a Slytherin being best friends with two Gryffindors?

Somewhere after the return from the Forbidden Forest there would be an explanation for the odd behaviour of Hermione and Blaise in chapter 8.

Well . . . Hermione was pregnant (!) and did not want to tell anyone about it, except Ron who was the father. That is why she did not go out and why the two soon-to-be-parents were alone so often.

Blaise had taken a bravery potion so he could sneak into Professor Barnes office to steal a few answers for upcoming tests (the idiot was going to fail! ^-^).

There would probably be an epilogue, with Dumbledore throwing a party to make up for all the trubble. Draco would meet a very nice Ravenclaw girl and . . . err . . . give Harry and Ginny a sly grin before walking out of sight with her.

Helen and Sirius would be somewhere private and very romantic and Harry and Ginny would be dancing in a way that would make Ron turn rather red (even redder than usual) and Hermione would laugh her head off (after revealing her secret she felt really MUCH better).

Um, I think that should cover up the greatest part of the story. What do you think?

Oh, yes, there was also going to be a sequel, involving Voldemort and the final battle. Also a little bit of romance and stuff.

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