A/N. Season 5 altered scene fic. Season 5 Ep 7. Jacob and Sara's interaction after she gets the phone call from Lincoln about Michael. This is how it should have gone if I owned the show. Sigh but I don't!

Chp 1

Jacob overheard Sara's discussion on the phone. He suspected it was Lincoln but stayed quiet, pretending to sit out on the deck enjoying a quiet night with his glass of wine.

"He won't make it while you look…unless it comes to you "she slowly said while thinking. "I'll call you back." She said with a shaky voice.

She approached the deck already knowing what she had to do. No question in her mind. Not one.

"Hey what's going on?" Jacob asked as he turned in his chair to look at her. She came onto the deck and sat next to him.

"I've….. gotta go" (I'm leaving you, she thought)

"You gotta go?... go where?"Jacob questioned

"To Crete. Michael um… they found him. He's alive, he's poisoned."

"Michael! Your ex, Michael." Jacob said incredulously. "Wait hold on a second. He really is alive?"

"He's not my ex Jacob!"

Jacob looked at her….stunned for a moment. She stopped and took a deep breath, closing her eyes to keep her composure and stood up. She walked back into the house with Jacob chasing behind her. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sara! You don't owe him that! You don't know what you could be walking into! It's not safe!

"I'll be fine; I don't have a choice she said matter-of-factly as she kept walking away towards the bedroom. She was a woman on a mission. Then she stopped and slowly turned to face him.

"Besides…..you don't know the first thing about what I owe to Michael!"

It hit him hard, like a slap in the face.

She was right though. He didn't know. He couldn't know because she never talked about him. Every time he tried to bring the subject of Michael up with Sara, she would become an instant mess. It upset her…..rattled her. He had tried hard to make Michael a villain in her eyes. Tried to learn things about their past so that he could twist the truth to make her forget, to make her memories fade so he could implant altered memories….. not so great memories of their past. He had tried to remind her of the lies Michael had fed her, the wife he'd hid from her. It never seemed to work though.

"Th. I…This has been a hell of a week!" he said desperately.

"Ok look I know you've got a million questions just like I do okay, I can't look at myself in the mirror knowing that I didn't do everything to help him. I can't do that. God Jacob! You're gonna make me say this to you? This man is the love of my life. Mike's father. Do you understand that? He is not my ex. An ex is someone you leave, or they leave you! Michael died! Or…. we thought he died. That. Is. Not. An. Ex!" She was yelling now, trying to drown out her next thought.

And I still love him

"Now listen to me carefully." She continued. " I am leaving, I am taking Michael's son , and I am going to Crete to help save Michael's life!"

As she turned around to walk away from him, he said

"And if I told you not to go?!"

She turned around again. As if facing a head on collision without any fear.

"If's a big word in that sentence Jacob." She shot out. "Are you telling me not to go?"

He deflected.

"What about us Sara? Where does this leave us?"

"Us? There is no us! There never was an us! There was a you and there was a me. It has always been that way… with Mike caught in the middle."

She turned towards the bedroom and yanked her wedding ring off as she walked away, throwing it at him as she did so. The sound of it falling to the floor was like a jolt to his senses.

TBC…..I love me some MiSa but Jacob's place in this fascinates me too! He is such a snake! I wish Sara had spoken her mind and cut him out of her life!