written for the tgs '12 days of christmas' and the ilvermorny 'beaded bag: alphabet soup'



11. eleven pipers piping: write about Filius Flitwick trying to start the school choir.

school, house: hogwarts, slytherin

points: 5

word count: 567




(word) semblance


(setting) The Three Broomsticks


(color) amber


(character) Victoire Weasley

a/n: what is this even? don't know, don't care.

. . .

Filius has an overwhelming urge to listen.

It's quite an odd thing, and nothing like it has ever happened before — it's just the kind of thing that sneaks up on you and doesn't let go until you do something.

So Filius listens to the Weird Sisters and Celestina Warbeck and all the other musicians he knows, but it's not enough. Nothing is enough for him — he needs to listen.

So he tries his best to do something about it. He asks people what good songs are. He sings in the shower.

It's not enough. Nothing ever seems to be.

. . .

And one day in the shower it arrives to him, an idea — a show choir.

Filius can see it, the way it would satisfy that need, the one to listen. He imagines just listening every day.

So there is the plan: Filius needs someone to execute it.

He looks for some voices and he looks for some semblance of a performer, but it's kind of hard to do so, since Filius is a teacher and asking people to randomly sing would be downright creepy.

He decides on the next generation of the war heroes, because who can go wrong with them? Filius owls Victoire Weasley, her sister Dominique, Percy Weasley II, Molly Weasley II, the Potters, of course, and Rose and Hugo. He debates Scorpius Malfoy for a moment, and decides to owl him as well.

There it is — the epic show choir.

. . .

They meet in the Three Broomsticks during a Hogsmeade weekend, and Filius buys them all amber Butterbeers, then gets down to business.

"So," he addresses. "I assume you are all here because of my owl?"

"Yes, Professor," says Dominique, "but why exactly are we here?"

"I decided that Hogwarts is long overdue for some music and fun," he explains.

"So what does that mean?" asks Percy.

"It means," Filius says patiently, "that we're going to have a school choir, and I want you to join."

"What?" wonders Victoire again. "What d'you mean, a school choir?"

"He means exactly what he's saying." Albus scowls. "We're going to be in a choir."

"It's optional, of course," Filius consoles. "I am merely setting an offer upon the table."

"And why isn't anyone else here who's not a Weasley or Potter?" demands Hugo.

"I'm a Malfoy," Scorpius mutters, but no one pays him much mind.

"Well —" Filius tries to say, but gets cut off.

"We already know the answer to that, Professor," Rose says kindly but forcefully. "With all due respect, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we don't want to be singled out because of the actions of our parents."

"Well, I think I'd like to be in this choir; but if no one wants to even listen, that's fine too," James mumbles under his breath — no one pays him any heed either, and James seems to notice, trailing off as he continues.

"So you don't wish to do it?" asks Filius.

"Oh, no," says Molly. "We'd be glad to do it. We just don't want the entire choir to be just us."

. . .

And that's how half of Hogwarts ends up trying out for the choir.

It's how Filius manages to get that urge out of himself, too, and when it does he finds it's a little bit harder than he'd thought to manage a choir.