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SUMMARY: Family. Fast cars. Flirting. Secrets. Pranks. Romance. Illegal activities. Just another day at Cullen Auto Works, where chaos reigns supreme.


Emmett owns and operates an auto shop that hides some secrets. When a new client walks in, he's immediately attracted to her. As they grow close, will she run when he confesses a stupid mistake to her? Or was she a decoy to set him up for a huge fall?

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Emmett/Rose, Edward/Bella, Jacob/Angela. MA (mostly for language and suggestive themes). Romance/Humor/Adventure. AH.

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CHAPTER 1: The Dare

"Go ahead and do it," he kept insisting. "Stop being a chicken. Get your hands dirty."

I turned to him with a raised eyebrow. "Wait, you're calling me a chicken? My hands are always dirty."

He laughed in my face. "The evil eye doesn't work on me. I've known you all my life."

"I'm still your big brother," I said knowingly. "I can still smash your head in."

Edward sighed and glanced at the grocery store entrance. I could see a distinct smile forming on his lips in the semi-darkness. "You won't smash my head in because you love me 'cause I'm your little brother." He sang the last few words. "Come on, Emmett, you've been dared. You gotta do it."

"You fucktard."

We sat in the car and waited. Edward spotted her first. At least, I thought it was a girl. The build of the person was feminine, skinny, but not too much so. Kind of how I liked my girls—if I saw bones protruding out while she was naked I wanted to feed her, not have sex. I didn't mind a little meat, especially in the ass area. Too much in the chest and it was overkill. I believed that more than a handful was a waste. She had a hood pulled up over her head and as she walked into the small neighborhood grocery store, I could see what appeared to be blonde hair spilling out of it. I caught sight of a strap from a purse, but it was slung across her chest and the purse rested against her opposite hip.

"She's it," Edward said. "Easy target."

I tried not to laugh at his stupidity. He didn't know what a female would do to keep a purse they loved.

While we waited for her to exit the store, we formulated our plan. She hadn't parked in front of the store, but rather on the side of it. There would be less foot traffic in the area, not to mention it'd be much darker and this particular store had no outside security cameras. When she walked out, I would exit the car and Edward would drive to a safe location where I'd meet him on foot.

"Why the hell are we out here doing this again?" I asked.

"I'm bored because Bella had to have girl time with Alice," Edward sighed. "They were going on something about nails, and movies, and maybe shopping, but honestly, my eyes glazed over at the mention of nails. Unless a set of them are being dug into my back, the topic just doesn't interest me in the slightest."

"I'm buying you a blow up doll for the next time you're bored."


I shook my head. "Only you would think that."

"I was kidding, fucktard." Edward strummed his fingers against the steering wheel. He should've grown up to be a musician like he had wanted. He had the skills and knowledge, but unfortunately, he no longer had the ability, though that was through no fault of his own. I wasn't exactly living my life the way I should've been either. Years ago, both our lives had changed in seconds and we were powerless to change it. "I like my pussy pink, soft, and wet. Not rubbery and dry."

"Of course you do."

"Hey, which one of us here has a girl?" Edward glanced away from the front of the store and pointed at his chest. "I do and you don't. Maybe you should be buying yourself one of those blow up dolls."

"Nah, never been into something like that."

Edward's gaze traveled back to the front of the store. "Maybe one of those Fleshlight toys?"

"I do not need a Fleshlight toy." My hand worked just fine. For now, though, I'd much prefer being with a woman. I had been going through a dry spell lately. "You know what your problem is and why Bella is always in need of girl time? You talk too damn much."

"That problem must run in the family 'cause look who's talking!" Edward chuckled from his seat. "You are so lame, and that, my big bro, is why you don't have a girl."

"Oh, shut it."

"You need to get laid." Edward continued to strum the steering wheel. It was starting to get annoying. "I'm serious. It'd mellow you out."

Forcing my head back into the headrest, I sighed. The thing was, I knew the bastard was probably right. "She hasn't come out, right?"

"No." He knew I was tired of the direction our conversation had headed and finally decided to shut the hell up. It was about damn time. We sat in silence, waiting for her to exit. This was the last time I was doing anything this stupid again–dare or no dare. I didn't need to get caught and have a petty larceny charge on my record. I found it slightly amusing that I was so worried about a Class A misdemeanor while in actuality I could be charged with something much, much worse. "Oh, hey, wait. There she is. I'll see you in a few."

Looking up, I caught her figure moving through the darkness. And what a figure it was. I could now see her purse resting against her hip, and the hood was still pulled up over her head. It had been raining intermittently throughout the day, and it had added a chill to the autumn air. Exiting the car silently, I scanned the area for any bystanders. One man was entering the store, but otherwise, no one else was around. I closed the car door as quietly as possible, and Edward drove away at a normal speed so he wouldn't draw attention to himself. He'd better not play any games and his ass had better be at our meeting spot. The girl was carrying a single yellow plastic shopping bag and was walking along the front of the store toward her car. I trailed behind her, watching the mesmerizing sway of her ass as she walked.

Damn. I would totally tap that.

Shaking my head, I refocused on my goal. I carefully matched her strides and caught up to her as she rounded the corner of the building. Unfortunately, she sensed something amiss and started to turn and face me. Grabbing her around the waist, her body was tightly pressed against mine.

"Don't scream." I had deepened my voice to disguise it. "I'm not going to hurt you. I just want your bag."

"I don't have any more money." Her words came out nervously and rushed. "I spent everything I had on a few groceries."

"Gimme your bag," I repeated and tried my best to sound menacing.

The hood had dropped down past her forehead and would have obscured her vision, but I caught a quick glimpse of her face. I noticed that her eyes were tightly shut together in fear anyway. "Please don't take my purse. It's a bitch to replace your driver's license. I only have five dollars and it's in my back pocket. I'm broke. I swear."

"Which back pocket?"

"My left," she replied. "My left back pocket."

Her chest was heaving against mine. Shit. Maybe Edward was right about needing to get laid. I slid my right hand into her left pocket, felt the bill there, and gave her ass a gentle squeeze. "Nice." No, that wouldn't even begin to cover it. I wondered what it looked like without any barriers.

The wind picked up and I angled my head to the left, away from her face and inhaled deeply. Her scent was enticing and erotic. She smelled damned good, like vanilla. The scent had to have come from her—nothing smelled that damn good in this town. I gave her ass one more squeeze before pulling out the bill from her back pocket. Holding it up, I could barely see that it was indeed a five-dollar bill. She could have easily run at that moment, or I could have grabbed her purse, but I didn't. "You shouldn't have lied to me."

She had opened her eyes slightly, but had turned her head so she was looking off to my right. "I like to keep a five in my pocket for emergencies."

"I like your idea." She was getting to be too comfortable in my arms. I moved us slightly to the left toward the building. "I'm going to let you go. Don't move." I growled the words out and removed my arms from her waist. I stepped away from her and gently pushed her against the building. "Thanks for the fiver, honey."

I smacked her ass and turned without looking back even though I had wanted to. I ran like hell in the direction of the post office. Once I reached the housing development behind it, I walked regularly toward Edward's waiting car. Opening the door, I dropped down into the seat and caught my breath.

"Piss poor choice, bro." I said. "All I got was a five."

"Damn!" Edward slammed the steering wheel with an opened palm. "All that risk for nothing."

"I wouldn't necessarily say that."

"What the hell does that mean?" Edward turned and stared at me, confused by my words.

I remembered the feeling of her body against mine. The feel of my hand on her ass. Her scent still lingered in my nostrils. There was plenty of risk, but it wasn't for nothing. "Never mind, let's get the hell out of here."

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