Hello! Just a small Author's Note! Okay, italics either mean dreams or thoughts.


Severus Snape bent over his pupil's potion and sneered.

"Pink, Longbottom? It's supposed to be vivid green!" He hissed at Neville who was rooted at the spot shivering. Neville always had trouble with potions and today was no exception. He also had a terrible fear of Professor Snape and that never helped him. This was the third potion he had made off color. He just hoped it didn't explode, although with Snape that close to it, it would be funny to see it.


The potion exploded every where covering everything in the pink goop, but the only person it got was the unfortunate Professor Snape who not only got a face full, but a mouth full along with it. Snape coughed and sputtered, trying to mutter a cleaning spell while yelling at Neville.

"YOU.*cough* IDIOT ..BOY! EVERYONE .*cough*.. STAY HERE WHILE I.*gasp* GO TO THE HOSPITAL WING!" Snape bellowed and ran out the dungeon door.

Nobody moved. Most of the Gryffindors were silently saying their farewells to Neville. They never expected to see him again when Snape got through with him.


As Snape stumbled down the hall, everything began to spin in front of his eyes. He tried to get to the Hospital Wing, but he couldn't see. The hall spun faster and faster. Finally Sanpe went out cold on the stone floor.


Snape woke up to see the familiar white light of the Hospital Wing.

What had happened?

"Aw! Your awake, Severus," called the strict voice of Madam Promphry, "We were beginning to wonder when you would."

"How long have I been in here?" he asked groggily.

"For about three days," came the voice of Professor Dumbledoor.

Snape stared wide eyed. "How can it have been that long." Then he remembered what had happened. Longbottom! Snape growled. He would get that Longbottom. "What did that 'potion' do to me?"

"Well that is the curious thing. It seems that Mr. Longbottom has accidentally invented a youth potion." Snape gaped not wanting to believe what he was hearing. Dumbledoor continued, "so you are getting younger as we speak, but you swallowed only enough to return you to the age that you have now come to."

Snape couldn't speak. He opened his mouth, but couldn't get any words out. Finally he found his voice, "And tell me, Dumbledoor, just how old am I?"

Dumbledoor sighed, "Eighteen"