"You wouldn't understand!"

"Wouldn't I?"


"Well try me!"

Her yell left him silent. He stood, thinking how he could possibly begin to explain his choices, his decisions, his reasons.

They had unavoidably run into each other on their latest Wu hunt. Of course, he would be there. Chase Young had their Shoku Warrior as his minion, he'd feign interest in the Wu so long as it meant seeing the betrayal on his enemies faces.

"Please, just tell me why" her whisper was calm, but he couldn't take his eyes off of hers, the tears welling in her eyes, "It's me, Rai, you know you can tell me anything."

He looked around, scared. Although they had gotten separated from the rest of the battle, he knew he had to be watching. Seeing his every action.

"It's not safe-"

"Yes, it is,"

"You're not safe"

She paused. "From you, or something else?"

"Kimi, why would I join Chase, without a reason?"

Taking a step forward, she closed the short gap between them. With no one else around, being so close was definitely awkward, given they had broken up almost a month prior.

"Why do I get the feeling, I'm involved in this somehow?"

A small smile pulled at the corner of his lips. She was always clever, she could always understand his subtlety.

"What can I do?"

"Stay alive. Please, just stay alive and this'll be worth it"

The tears in her eyes finally made their escape. Rolling down to her lips before she could even react.

"Hey girl, I got you," bringing his hands to her face, he cupped her cheeks, using his thumbs to wipe away the tears. He smiled as she held his wrists, resting his forehead against hers he looked down, waiting for her eyes to open.

"I don't want to lose you," she confessed. Her cheeks blushing from embarrassment.

"You won't, girl," her eyes shot up to meet his, concern and disbelief filled the deep blue, "You won't"

Taking a risk, he leaned down, his lips meeting hers in a chaste kiss. He'd missed that. Not being able to hold her, to kiss her, to just look at her for a little longer.

They were both the reason for their breaking up, but he couldn't help but regret his part. They weren't as close anymore, and anytime they were even remotely alone, was just awkward. For everybody.

Pulling away, he smiled as she pushed her head forward, refusing to let the kiss end. Evidently, she'd missed that too.

They both pulled away, the feeling of the ground shaking beneath them brought their attention back to the world around them. They'd briefly escaped the battle against the jungle cats, but that was quickly making its way to them.

"He's watching"


"I'm probably going to have to fight you three"

"I'm sure that won't be an issue," she smirked, "Won't be the first time I've kicked your ass"

"If the circumstances were different, I'd definitely take that as a challenge"

The two watched the battle before them. Clay and Omi tackling more jungle cats than any ordinary human could handle. The Wu still not in sight. Looking at the scene, Kimiko noted the small green dragon missing.

"You should go"

She nodded, "I'll find the Wu, then get the others out of here"

"Please, stay alive"

"For you" she whispered, running towards the battle

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