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Harry disappears over the summer, but when he return he wields three swords


Harry Potter sat on his bed doing home work late at night, not that it would be abnormal, had it been late August. But Harry was not a normal teen, not even by wizard standards. Yes, that's right, Wizard standard's, you see Harry had spent the last four school years at the Wizarding School of Hogwarts. But what made him even more abnormal, was that at the age of one, a dark wizard named Voldemort had attacked his home. Voldemort dueled with his father and won, reluctantly slaughtered his mother, and then he rounded his wand on little one year old Harry. The One Hundred percent fatal course he cast at Harry rebounded, as if it were a rubber ball, tossed against a wall. Now, fourteen years later Voldemort had risen again, killing another Hogwarts student, and was gaining followers quickly. He slept mostly in the day since the late part of last year to escape the nightmare's.

There's an owl at the window, a new part of Harry's mind that had popped up recently and seemed to be precognitive; said just before there was a tapping at the window. This letter will be the key to getting rid of Voldie, Open it and get away from here for the summer. Don't, stay here and let Tom rule the world. Harry trusted this voice, it had helped get as close to the Dursley's good side as he could get.

Might as well, it's not like any things worse than this. he mumbled to himself, and let the owl in. As soon as he broke the seal on the letter, he felt a pull, not like a portkey, no, this was deeper. More like his soul it's self was being pulled at

September second, 1995

The Wizarding World was in an uproar, their precious Boy-Who-Lived had not shown up on the train, nor at the sorting feast. His friends had alerted Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster practically sounded an alarm. Only Voldemort, the dark lord himself had any idea of where the boy was, and the prospect scared him

What do you think, that I would just disappear, show up and tell you every thing that happened to me? was the question that rang though the headmasters ear's. I'm allowed to have my own secrets professor, and I promise I'll tell you before I do anything drastic, or if I deem it necessary, make you the first to know afterwards.

Albus was amazed at how much the boy, no, young man in front of him had matured in only two months, albeit that he was only five foot three, just his view on life had changed so drastically.

And will respect your choice Harry, but I some how have a very strong feeling that it has a lot to do with the sword in your hilt? Harry nodded and exited the office.

If that was Durandal at his hip, than my god have mercy on Tom. he said sadly to Fawkes


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