Chapter 42: Research

The city of Lescatie, despite which side owned it, looked spectacular from a distance. But once you take a closer look you see a much different city, a city of depravity and . Lescatie may have changed hands but that doesn't mean things suddenly improved into a paradise. While the hundreds of new couples had each other, poverty still had it's cold grip on most of the city.

Under its new king, Elt, conditions had improved somewhat, streets were cleaned and derelict buildings demolished, but most still struggled to get by on a daily basis. It didn't help that it was painfully obvious that Elt had little power or authority beyond the typical royal duties and speeches. It was truly up to his mistress, Druella, to decide where funding and other programs would be directed within the city.

Druella had just returned to Lescatie after her father had begun making plans to negotiate with the Earth humans. The didn't sit well with the warlady and as such began to draw up plans of her own. She wanted to finish off the Order and then go after Earth, but first she needed to know her enemies more. Martha provided much in the way of knowledge of Earth, especially on how mamono and their perceived enemies were treated by the humans there.

But more importantly was how to deal with the humans, she had returned to Lescatie to scold not only the failures that were the kunoichi but Primera as well for ordering the attack without Druella's consent. She risked retaliation that Druella knew that Lescatie and the Demon Lord could not afford at this phase in the situation.

Still it was not without a modicum of new knowledge. The disaster that unfolded revealed how secure the city of Senshire was and just how dangerous it's new defenders were. And from what was reported these humans were also immune to Demonic Energy just as Miller was. That was a problem, for if all the soldiers were immune it would make turning them practically impossible.

But this helped bring a dangerous thought to the forefront of the lilim's mind. If these seemingly immune men were, well, immune. Was there another way to turn them? Mother had tried to turn Miller with her magic but nearly killed the man. However, just because her mother failed didn't mean I will.

Druella walked along one of the many corridors of Lescatie's royal castle. The building hosted many rooms that housed not only quarters, kitchens, dining rooms and lounges but places to practice magic. She travelled to the top of one of the spires of the castle, when she took over Lescatie she had reserved one of the spires for herself. She had it decorated and furnished with all that was necessary for a magical tower, cauldrons, spellbooks, enchantment tables. But also within was her chambers, all in shades of black and purple along with hints of red.

She entered her personal lab within the castle, before her was another practitioner of magic, Mimil Miltie. The pink-haired girl turned towards her mistress with glee, her red eyes full of excitement. When Druella had corrupted the small girl she had found a fellow magic user that, while still not near her own skill level, could be a useful and very powerful assistant and confidant. And so that's what the girl became, when she wasn't loving her husband she was here with Druella; formulating new spells to corrupt and destroy the Order, as well as the neutral kingdoms and lands.

"Good evening Druella," Mimil curtsied, "I'm glad you arrived safely. So what's on the agenda tonight?" The girl asked as the lilim pulled off her travelling cloak, revealing her utterly perfect body to the witch.

"I would be doing a lot better if that fool Primera hadn't gone and done what she did." Druella grumbled as she walked over to one of the many bookshelves around the room. She was searching for one book in particular, to which she did find with a gasp of delight. She pulled it off the shelf as Mimil watched and spotted the cover. Physiology of the Human Male one of this world's few medical journals. Originally written by the famed mamono doctor Liang Baihe, a Hakutaku, the book went on to go over all of a human man's body. This was mostly for the sake of showing mamono wives how to best pleasure their husbands, but the book also contained knowledge on things like blood and how men could absorb demonic energy through the blood.

This type of blood the humans of Earth came with was different from the other types that had been documented in the book. The book explained that demonic energy was absorbed into the blood and wasn't considered a pathogen. So the human's body didn't attempt to fight back against demonic energy on it's own. For a human to purge themselves of demonic energy they had to employ holy magic.

But what was perplexing was the fact that these Earth humans could naturally reject demonic energy. If it was forced upon them potentially fatal results could occur, something that nobody, not even Druella wished. The lilim reveled in conflict and conquest but she hated to see potential husbands die, especially if it's caused by mamono.

She called Mimil over from where she was sitting and began reading some of the material on blood and demonic energy. Mimil remembered some of the material from her days as a mage for the Order. What the Order taught was how to purge demonic energy from the blood, now how it got there in the first place.

"I remember parts of this from my days with the Order. But how are we to assimilate these immune humans to demonic energy?" Mimil asked as Druella handed the book to her to look over herself.

Druella tisked. In truth, the woman didn't know how to, but that didn't mean she couldn't find out. To start off with they needed blood, specifically immune human blood to experiment on. But trying to go to Miller wasn't possible anymore; for his lover, Martha the lich, had made it perfectly clear that if anyone tried anything on him after the previously horrifying incident she wouldn't hesitate in trying to kill them.

The humans residing within Senshire were a no go as well. There were simply too many Order heroes, soldiers and mages to deal with. Druella was extremely powerful but she wasn't invincible. Senshire was suicide.

So that left Druella with one other option, not as hazardous to her health for sure. But if her mother found out she'd tear Druella a new one. But this would give the lilim a chance to see what all the fuss her sister had created was about. She'd have to stow away with her father's delegation, but that wouldn't be a problem. What would however, was how she was to navigate around wherever the group lands.

Druella smiled before shooing Mimil away, the lilim needed her beauty sleep for this new mission of hers. She was curious however, on just what would Earth be like.