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Now like the description said, this is a Reversal AU for Minecraft: Story Mode, but...what it didn't say is that I've also added my own twist to things. Here is the prologue, I hope you all enjoy!

On to the fic!

It was finally time.

The five members of the Order of the Stone stood in the cracked stone room, watching silently as their leader placed the final eye of ender in the last empty portal. As the black portal flared to life, covering the lava, the five members all exchanged glances, before jumping in, one by one.

Emerging onto a platform made of obsidian, the five heroes readied their weapons. "Remember the plan!" their leader, a blond man with blue eyes called. He was wearing black and gray armor, with thick goggles pushed up on his forehead to keep his hair out of his face. "Olivia, you and Axel make the traps, Petra, you help me take out the towers. Jesse?" he turned his attention to a man with chin length brown hair, and feisty dark green eyes "You remember your job?" his voice was hard as he waited for the brunette to respond.

Jesse rolled his eyes, and shifted his weight. He was wearing midnight blue and royal gold armor, with no helmet. A glowing diamond sword hung from his waist, and various potions hung from his belt. "I'm not an idiot Lukas" the brunette snapped "I'm the distraction while you and the others do your jobs" crossing his arms he muttered under his breath "you better keep your promise" just loud enough for Lukas to hear.

Before the blonde could respond however, one of the other three coughed, and they turned their heads in near unison to see Petra standing near a Cobblestone pathway she had built down to the main island. "Whenever you're ready" the redhead said with a near purr. Her arms were crossed but they could easily see the glint of her enchanted golden sword as it rested on her back, within arms reach.

"Let's just go" Lukas muttered, a hint of annoyance in his voice. Leading the way, Lukas led the other four down the path that Petra had built, and inched their way carefully towards the center of the ring of obsidian towers. A shrieking noise, a lot like the noise of an angered enderman, but louder and deeper, shook the world. The Ender dragon knew of their existence in its realm, and it was angry.

"Split up!" Lukas shouted, running towards one of the towers and pulling out his bow, customized with Infinity, Power III, Flame IV, and Unbreaking I. "Stick to the plan" he added, taking aim and releasing his bow, racing towards the next tower as the Ender Crystal exploded.

Olivia and Axel took two different sides of the island. Olivia set up arrow dispensers, using redstone to connect them to a button so she could fire if the Ender Dragon swooped down near her. Axel ran around like a maniac randomly putting down TNT and placing levers on top of the explosive block.

Petra had a bow as well, however hers was only enchanted with Infinity and Punch II. Using Sand to build up high the redhead took aim and fired. Using an Unbreaking II iron shovel to break the sand and get back down to the ground, Petra ran for another pillar and began the process again.

While all of this was going on, Jesse was racing across the island. Taking care to avoid Axel's TNT traps, Jesse had downed both a Speed Potion and a Potion of Regeneration. He had also eaten one of the better variants of Golden Apples, to protect him incase the beast managed to hit him with fire, and the particles were swarming around him as he dodged the dragon. But he wasn't doing nothing while he ran, the brunette was fumbling through his inventory bag and pulling out his stack of glass bottles. This was the main reason he had agreed to be the distraction...that and Lukas had promised that if he did, then the blonde wouldn't use it.

Opening the first bottle, Jesse skidded to a stop, and held up the open bottle. As the dragon sucked in air for it's attack, Jesse took a quick look around the island. Petra was whooping as she dug her way down her sand tower, and Olivia was crouched near her contraption, hand at the ready. Axel was still placing TNT everywhere, though now he was making a shape out of it, a creeper perhaps. Or a pig gone wrong. And Lukas...

Jesse's dark green eyes narrowed. Lukas was no where to be found, and considering what Jesse knew the man had in his inventory, that was a dangerous thing. Jumping out of the way at the last moment, Jesse corked the bottle of Dragon's Breath, and grabbed another. As he opened the bottle however, holding it to the sky while the dragon shot out another attack, the world seemed to ripple, and all at once the remaining Ender Crystal's shattered. At the exact moment that the Dragon's Breath entered Jesse's bottle, the dragon flashed blood red about ten times, before letting out one last agonized roar, and poofing out of existence.

As the experience orbs rained down from the sky, Jesse corked his bottle, shoved it in his bag, and stalked over to Lukas. As he suspected, the blond was hastily putting something in his inventory, and Jesse didn't need to see the flashing lights to know what it was "WHAT DID YOU DO?" he practically roared, punching Lukas in the gut. Petra rushed forwards, unsheathing her sword, and Jesse took a step back. He had been there when Lukas and Petra had used the damn block they had found to summon enchanting books. He knew better than anyone that her sword was lethal. Enchanted with Fire Aspect V, Unbreaking V,Sharpness III, and Smite IV, Petra had named her sword 'Dragon's Bane' and could 1-hit kill just about any mob. She hadn't tried it on humans or villagers though, and Jesse didn't want to give her an excuse.

Lukas straightened, and glared at Jesse "We all agreed to use the Command Block Jesse, you know that" Jesse snarled "I never used that cursed block, everything I've done I've done the same way as real adventurers, by gathering the items myself. I agreed to use the block to find this place, since all of you were too cowardly to hunt down Endermen and Blazemen"

Olivia crossed her arms "I seem to remember you being wary of fighting those mobs too Jesse" the brunette shot her a fierce glare, and the raven haired woman took a step backwards, shocked by the fury in his eyes. "But at least I was willing to try, you all just wanted to cheat your way through life." he turned his glare to Lukas "You promised not to use it in the battle" Jesse snarled "You said that if I would distract the beast while you all did your own things, then you wouldn't use it!"

Lukas returned the glare and snapped "It was about to get you, you were just standing there like an idiot" Jesse chuckled darkly and shook his head "We both know the amount of time it would take to set up whatever command you did would take a lot longer than the time it took me to collect TWO bottles of Dragon's Breath. You've been planning this since the beginning!" he turned a confused gaze to Axel, Olivia, and Petra "Why are you three not upset about this, you were there when he promised not to-" he cut himself off with a sharp intake of air. "You planned this" he whispered softly.

"Jesse" Petra said calmly "You have to know this was our only way of completing what we told the world we would do, this was the only way to ensure we would become heroes" Jesse stared at the warrior in shock, his mouth falling open slightly "You all went behind my back, just so history would remember you as something you're not?"

"They'll remember you as a hero as well Jesse" Lukas said, his voice laced with a strange tone "Just forget that this ever happened, and tell the world we did it with our own hands, and this will all be in the past. We will all be heroes, together. Just like we wanted" Jesse glared at him "When we first banded together, without that damn block, we wanted to be adventurers. Then you found that...that thing and got it in your head, and theirs too that we could use it to be famous" he snapped.

Jesse was so blinded by the particles still flying around him as he spoke, he didn't see the look Lukas was giving to Petra "Well no more. I'm not playing along any longer. New rules Lukas, you give me the block, and I'll stay quiet. Or, you can keep it, and I'll tell the whole world" his green gaze narrowed as he hissed "make your choice" Lukas looked at him with a blank expression, and then said "You're right Jesse" Petra's head whipped around and she gaped at Lukas "WHAT?" she practically shrieked. She would have said more, but Lukas silenced her by raising his hand "I'll give you the block..." then he nodded at Petra's sword with his head "But you're never leaving the End again."

Before Jesse could say anything, do anything, or even blink, Petra gave him a pained look...before lashing out with her sword, and slicing it neatly across his throat. The brown haired man flashed red, and fell to the ground. His body caught on fire for a few seconds, causing him to flash red as it lashed out at his body, then the Golden Apples took effect and though the fire continued to blaze brightly, it no longer caused him pain. But the blood dripping down his neck was definitely causing pain, and the man's body flashed red multiple times while the four watched.

Lukas's face was emotionless, revealing nothing, Petra refused to look at the cut she had inflicted, and Olivia was covering her hands with her eyes. Axel looked quite like he wanted to hug the dark skinned woman, but he refrained, settling for rubbing his hand on the back of his neck while he looked down at the body of his friend.

"Let's go guys" Lukas said softly "There's...there's nothing left for us here." Reaching into his inventory bag, he took out the command block and pressed it into Jesse's bag "I wasn't lying, Jesse was right. We've come to depend on this thing. But now that we are now heroes, we don't need it anymore."

Petra turned to look at him, confusion in her gaze "Then why didn't you just give it to him? There was no need for...for this" she waved her hand at the still form of Jesse. Lukas turned to look at her sadly "I couldn't risk him telling everyone about the Command Block will be emptied from his inventory when he dies, and by nightfall it will be gone for good" Petra nodded slowly "I guess...I guess you're right. But we can't tell anyone about him, they might try retrieve his body, and then the Command Block would go into their hands, and they might give it to the wrong person and-" she cut herself off, shaking her head. "Let's just get out of here before he..." Olivia began, trailing off as she found herself unable to say the words.

One by one the Order of the Stone jumped through the bedrock portal, until only Lukas was left. Taking a deep breath, Lukas walked over to Jesse's still form, and crouched down. "I really am sorry" he whispered to the man who was still flashing red, though a lot slower than just a few seconds before "But I didn't have another choice" sighing, Lukas sat there for a few more moments, before he said "I'll come back in a week, once your inventory has despawned. I'll see to it that you get a proper memorial. And if your body is still here, I'll make you the biggest, most beautiful grave. I promise Jesse. And this time, I'll keep my promise. "

Rising to his feet, Lukas ran a hand through his hair and then whispered softly "Goodbye Jesse" before turning around and lifting himself up to the bedrock blocks surrounding the bedrock. Just before he jumped through, he added, in a voice so quiet that not even an elephant could have heard "Why must I keep losing my friends? First Maya, Gill, Aiden, and the others, and now Jesse?" sighing, Lukas made an oath to himself "no more...I will not lose any other friends. If that means I just can't make friends, well be it. But I will not lose anyone else" Jumping through the portal, the End once again became silent. No noise other than the teleporting of Endermen.

And then, a groan echoed throughout the world, and the brown haired man that the Endermen had begun to investigate sat up. As the black monsters teleported away from the apparently alive man, Jesse muttered "Potion of Regeneration, I shall never complain about you again" coughing, Jesse raised his hand, and then pulled it away at the feeling of wetness.

Peering at it through blurry eyes, Jesse saw the red now staining his hand. Sighing, and then wincing at the pain that caused, Jesse fumbled around in his bag for a few seconds, before pulling out a pale pink/purple potion. Shuddering as he downed it, Jesse muttered "Nothing like the taste of nether wart and glistering melons to make one feel better" raising a hand to his throat, Jesse could feel the line that had apparently scarred thanks to the health potion. "A constant reminder" he whispered sadly "But then, how could I ever forget that"

Jesse wasn't sure how long he sat there, with there being no way to tell time in the End, but finally he got to his feet "So my so-called friends think I'm dead" he muttered, a dark look entering his green eyes "I can use that to my advantage. They will regret betraying me like that, but not yet...I need time to heal, and to come up with the perfect plan" Opening his inventory bag, Jesse nearly fell into the Void. "Well what do you know" he whispered, pulling out the Command Block "I think this will be able to help out quite wonderfully"

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