Lala,Ali,Pep and Rosa ran up the stairs into the room.

"Come on ,April, wake up!" shouted Lala.

"Yeah,wake up!" said Pep. The female puppies started to squeak and giggle.

"Girls,girls, leave April in peace." said Papi softly when he walked into the room. "But it is time for her to wake up." said Lala. The pups and Papi heard April yawn. April got up she had blonde hair just like her mother, Rachel ,and hazel nut eyes just like her father. She was so beautiful. April looked around. She could see Lala, Ali,Pep ,Rosa and Papi.

"Hey." said April. Rosa gave her a good morning bark,"Your right Rosa ,time to start another day." said April as she gave Rosa a big hug.