Chapter 1: Bright Future?

I'd like to address this right here, right now. This story is based on fanart made by (シルヴァー ) with the originals on Pixiv and reposted in English on Tumblr. I considered asking permission to use their info & art from this AU, but its in another language so I'm giving them credit here, hope they are okay with me doing this, overall winging it, and putting my spin on possible plot-holes.

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(10 years ago – in the park)

Two small figures reached a chain linked fence separating the wooded park from the rest of the forest.

"Listen up Deku", a boy with spiky blond hair, red eyes, and a satchel said with his hands at his hips. "If you want to officially join the Bakugo Hero Squad, you have to be able to survive the rest of the afternoon in the forest. If you can't keep up with me then you can't join my squad. Got that?"

"Right." The other boy with unruly green hair, green eyes, and a large yellow backpack gave a determined smile. "I'll do my best, Kacchan!"

"Well, let's hope your best is good enough." the blond boy, Katsuki Bakugo, slipped through a gap in the fence line. "Forward march!"

The green haired boy, Izuku Midoriya, scurried through the gap as well and hurried after his friend. The rest of their evening carried on with them going deeper into the forest. They mostly kept to a straight path to easily find their way back. Bakugo had no trouble throughout the walk since he could blast through obstacles with his quirk. Izuku wasn't as lucky. He was tripping over his own feet to the point that he was covered in a thin layer of dust and dirt. While Bakugo used his quirk to easily hop over logs and over large puddles, Izuku had to squirmed over and around them and jog to keep up. Soon he started to notice a few pipelines crossing through the areas that they were going through.

"Kacchan, have you been through this part of the forest before?" Izuku said as they passed by another pipe.

"Of course, I have. My cousins used to hang out here. But they're too big now, so I'm the only one that comes out here. I actually thought of making it the base for my Squad."

"Well, do you know what's in these pipes?" looking at one of the brightly colored labels on the pipe.

"Can't you read, Deku?"

"No." He said with a slightly mopey face.

"Well" Bakugo said with a smug look of superiority. "It's obvious a water pipe."

"Oh, okay."

They continued onward until they came across a network of pipes in various sizes that towered over them.

"Alright, Deku. You're kept up so far, but this is the real test. You have to climb to the top of these pipes and climb back down in 5 minutes." He said as he pulled a stopwatch from his bag.

"But… But it's really high Kacchan." Izuku said as he looked at the pipe with fear.

"You want to be part of the Hero Squad, don't you?"

"Yeah." He said looking at the pipes again before shaking his head and looking more determined.

"Then let's get started. Ready. Set. Go!"

Bakugo started the watch and Izuku started climbing the pipes. He started climbing on the smaller pipes to use as foot holds. He was halfway up the pipes by the one & half minute mark, and was doing pretty well for someone quirkless. But…

"Kacchan, I don't think that I should be up here. There's water on the pipes and it smells a little funny."

"It's fine, keep going."

When Izuku was taking another step up, he didn't see that it was slick from the pipes. He slipped and there was beat of silence before he started to scream in fear.

"DEKU!" Bakugo instantly going off of reflexes, started using his quirk to fly up to catch Izuku. However, he wasn't paying attention to where he was blasting and couldn't avoid blasting at one of the pipes.

There was an instant blast of light and a loud bang.


(hours later – at the hospital)

Izuku and Bakugo laid in separate hospital beds after just being rolled into the room from the emergency room. Along with them were their parents: Mitsuki Bakugo (mother), Masaru Bakugo (father), and Inko Midoriya (mother). The nurse couldn't give them the details, so the two mothers had resorted to comforting one another while Mr. Bakugo paced the floor until the doctor came it.

"Doctor! Are our sons going to be okay?" Mr. Bakugo said with desperation as he gripped the doctor's shoulders.

"Please calm down sir. I can assure you, all of you," the doctor said glancing at the concerned mothers. "the boys will be fine. But there are a few things that I would like to go over."

The parents all sat in front of the doctor to here his report.

"Based on the reports from the Medics and Police, The boys were seemed to have been playing on pipes to a water treatment plant about a mile from where they were found. The explosive discharge from Katsuki's quirk triggered an explosion from a minuscule leak in a couple of the sewage pipes. Due to Katsuki's body being used to explosions, he wasn't affected by the explosions besides minor burns and bruises." the Bakugos sighed in relieved. "However I can't say the exact same for Izuku."

Inko leaned forward practically being the embodiment of concern. "How bad is it?"

"Let's say the results were... surprising. I looked through his past records and found that he was quirkless. Someone without a quirk and being so close to the blast would have received severe burns all over his body, but look at him." He gestures to the still unconscious boys. "He only has minor burns. I consulted some of the other doctors and we hypothesize that he might have developed a quirk."

"What?" Inko was frozen in place. "How?"

The doctor continued explaining while glancing at his papers. "We'll have to consult with a few quirk specialist before we can confirm it, but there are only a few possibilities that could explain what happened. Even if someone or something was blocking him, he would have been more injured than when the medics found him. We can't do that much until he wakes up, but we took a couple of brain scans found the sight region of the brain decreased, while the hearing region increased. Ma'am?"

The doctor glanced up from his papers to find Inko tearing up as she tightly clenched her chest. The Bakugos were supporting her by her shoulders. "Inko?" they questioned as the looked on with concern.

"It might actually happen." Inko glanced at her son lying peacefully on the hospital bed. "My little Izuku might really have a quirk?"

"It's possible."

Inko couldn't help cry tears of joy.


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