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++++ = Flashback
-------- = Change in Time
***** = Another place

************ Angelic Ranma *************

It was an usual morning routine for Ranma. Wake up, eat breakfast, and get bashed by Akane's mallet. This has been a routine for Ranma ever since he first arrived at the Tendou household. Of course, not everyone had it out for Ranma. Kasumi was actually nice to him everytime she saw him. Although she seemed obvlivious to everything that happens to him, he noticed that quite often her lip quirks into a smile when he does something to Akane. This made him happy, that he wasn't the only one that enjoyed seeing Akane get teased, and get angry. Today was the day to be Ranma however, today was the day that he was going to see his long lost sister. She was sent to Tokyo to experience the life with the humans. Yes, his sister was an angel, and so was he. This shouldn't surprise anyone, afterall everything that he has faced before he has always came out unscathed. Look at the battle with Saffron, since everyone was in danger, Ranma had called upon his holy powers and wings to give him leverage. Of course, no one had seen this since they had been unconcious of just not paying attention. However, the day was to come where Ranma would be leaving the Tendou and Saotomes so he could visit his sister and her friends. In truth Ranma was over four hundred years old, and one of the most powerful angels next to god himself. However, his recent trek across the earth realm proved to be his undoing since his power and skill sky rocketed since his arrival. He was now the hands down most powerful being in this universe, and no one knew it. Ranma closed his eyes and propped his hands against his chin, as he leaned down to think. Akane chose this time to come around the side of the house and see what he was doing.

Akane : What are you doing Ranma?

Ranma : None of your business.

Akane : Ranma! I am trying to be nice to you!

Ranma : Go do it somewhere else, I'm not in the mood Akane.

A flicker of a smile crossed Ranma's face accidently and Akane took it the wrong way.

Akane : What are you smiling for Ranma!?! Thinking about that chinese hussie!?

Ranma : What's wrong Akane.... Jealous?

Akane took a step back, this wasn't like the Ranma she knew and it was kind of scaring her. What ever happened to her personal punching bag. She was angry and needed something to take it out on and Ranma seemed like the closest thing that could take a beating and not hold it against her. Akane took a step back and stared at Ranma as his face seemed to hold and insane gleeful light to it. His eyes shining against the light like twin burning fire. Kasumi came around the corner with a basket and looked over at Akane and Ranma, not noticing Ranma's current look.

Kasumi : Good evening, Ranma-kun

Ranma : Ah, Good evening Kasumi-chan. Your looking quite beautiful today.

Kasumi (blushing) : Muaa, Ranma-kun. Thank you.

Akane (Aura blazing) : Ranma! Quit hitting on my sister!

Akane took out her mallet and slammed it against Ranma's head, sending him into lower earth orbit. Ranma soared through the sky, heading toward the normal lake in which he was cursed to change with. He gave a once over around the area where the lake rested, and nodded once he saw nobody there. He gave a slight smile.

Ranma (Thinking) : Good, today might just be a good day then!

As his decension arced toward the lake, wings of pure crimson burst from his backside and started flapping. He slowly lowered himself to the water and walked across the surface, to the side of the bank. Once his feet was on solid ground, he dismissed the wings as they glowed white before disappearing into his back. Ranma looked up and then over toward where he heard a clapping noise.

Ryoga : Well done Raho.... I take it this was Akane's doing?

Ranma (sigh) : Yea,... I'm sick of her always hitting me. How can you put up with sleeping with her?

Ryoga (Shrugging) : I'm a war demon, it's what I do. Anyways, how come your here. Normally on the day of 'calling' your always so tempermental.

Ranma (chuckling) : Because, this calling is the one where I get to spend time with my sister. I'm too happy to kill someone.

Ryoga (Grinning) : The great Anarchy angel Raho too happy to kill something? I must say, I'm shocked!

Ranma : Ha Ha, laugh it up demon breath. We both know, if I wanted to. I would destroy this world. Besides, what fun would it be if the prey didn't have a chance to fight back. You remember our work in the dimension 54152, right?

Ryoga : Yup! That was a fun world. How did those people create those 'eva' things?

Ranma : I 'donated' a little bit of blood to them.

Ryoga (laughing) : Man, if your Kami knew we had a hand in that world, you would be suspended, and I would be dead..... again.

Ranma (shrugging) : I've been here longer than the new Kami himself, I'm not afraid of dying.

Ryoga (nodding) : I know what you mean. It's quite good that we've been alive since the first angel wars. However, don't you get a bit bored?

Ranma : Not really. Besides, if anything doesn't happen soon, I might wage war against heaven again.

Ryoga : Come on Raho! This would be the third time!

Ranma : Yes, but what you don't realize, is that I've been toying with them.

Ryoga : I know that, I'm just wondering when your going to open the portal for the demons to have their turn in heaven.

Ranma (shrugging) : I don't know, if Kami is going to do what I think he will. Then it won't be too long.

Ryoga (narrowing eyes) : What do you mean.... What is he planning?

Ranma : Well, my sister is kind of a clutz. If he thinks about failing her angel exam the final time. Let's just say I will take matters into my own hands.

Ryoga (Laughing) : Brother Anarchy to the rescue?

Ranma (lightning trailing his arm) : Not quite, I don't take kindly when someone threatens or dismisses my family or friends. You of all people should know that!

Ryoga (sweating) : Raho! Calm down man! I know what your talking about.

Ryoga nervously tugged at his collar, and adjusted his shoulder. He sighed and walked over to where Ranma was currently ranting about his vengence to god and slapped him.

Ranma : You better have a good reason for that P-chan.

Ryoga : Don't call me that Raho, you know I hate that stupid name. Besides, what good is it to get angry at nothing yet. Go to your sister and help her in the angel Exam. Remember, your the only angel who can't be seen by other angels.

Ranma : I know that, but I don't feel like fighting at the moment. I get enough of this shit with you, Kunou, Ukyo, Xian Pu, and of course Mu Tsu.

Ryoga : I know how you feel. I'm quite sick of it myself. But we have to hold those false images so that we can keep our place on earth.

Ranma : Not anymore, I'm sick of. I'm going to Misha's home.

Ryoga : R-Raho.... what are you thinking of doing.... your going against Kami's orders you know.

Ranma : This wouldn't be the first time. Besides, when did you start fearing Kami?

Ryoga (Sweat drop) : Ever since his initial attack in the angel wars.

Ranma (dismissing him) : Blah, that was nothing. You should see my purge blast.

Ranma got a maniac type glee in his eyes once again before returning to normal and walking toward the school. Ryoga gave a slight shrug of the shoulders before following him.

Ryoga : So how are you going to leave Nerima without the others following you.

Ranma : Well, by human standards I'm twenty something, in my female form I can pass as a kindegardener. So I'm going to go to Kobayashi(1) and see what my sister is up to. Besides, I think it will be fun to teach instead of fight for a living.

Ryoga : Man Raho, you sure changed. Just a century ago you wouldn't touch school. Now you wanna be a teacher?

Ranma : People change

Ranma gave Ryoga a smirk before jumping into the air, the wings of blood bursting from his back, and carrying him toward a school district. Ryoga watched Ranma dissappear through the horizon and smirked, melding into the shadows of a nearby tree. Cologne looked on with interest as both boys went their seperate ways. Her old eyes seemed to sting with disbelief and a slight twinge of anger.

Cologne : If son-in-law thinks he can run from us that easy, he has another thing coming.


Higuchi Kotaru was a elementary student who, due to an accident that scared him for life, could see that of which others could not. His neighbor, Misha, is a angel sent from heaven to study human behaviors in order to pass her exam and become a full fledged angel. However, somewhere along the line she lost track of her goal, and tried to spend every waking moment with 'her' Kotaru. This morning was different, their school had recieved word that there was to be a new elementary teacher, and he would be placed in Kotaru's class. To say the least, he was worried. They had the same teacher for around three years now, why change what worked so well? Kotaru sighed as he shut the door, walking out of his apartment building.

Misha : 'Morning Kotaru!

Misha ran and wrapped her arms around his backside, pulling him against her in a tight hold. Kotaru blushed slightly before clearing his throat and sighing.

Kotaru : Misha, can you please get off me.

Misha : NOPE!

Kotaru : Well we're going to be late if we don't hurry.

Misha smiled and nodded, picking him up slightly and sprouting wings from her backside, taking off toward their school. Kotaru screamed in surprise before he looked up and noticed the blissful look on Misha's face. In a matter of minutes they arrived at the school and Misha placed him down on the roof. She giggled at the look on his face and turned to head into the classrooms.

Ranma : Well now,... seems you haven't learned to hide yourself from human eyes.

Misha : Raho!!!

Kotaru : Raho?

Ranma : The name is Ranma now squirt.

Misha : Ranma? Why Ranma?

Ranma : Because, that is the name that this world bestowed upon me. Besides, I kind of like it.

Misha : Wha?

Ranma chuckled a bit before turning to look at the student behind her, who was watching them with interest.

Ranma : You can see me?

Kotaru (sweatdrop) : Uh... yes.

Ranma : Oh,... okay. Usually not even some angels can see me, just a bit surprised.

Kotaru : Okay, if you say so.

Ranma chuckled a bit before pulling Misha into the school building and stopping time for a few precious moments

Ranma : I stopped time for everyone but us, so please use this time to get to class on time. Since it was my fault you were late.

Kotaru and Misha nodded their heads, and ran down the stairwell that was conveniently right beside where Raho was standing. Chuckling a bit to himself, Ranma wasted no time in following the two toward their classes.

Kotaru : So.... who are you exactly?

Ranma (smirking) : Angel of Anarchy, most powerful of the angelic warriors. Is that what you wanna know?

Kotaru (visibly shaken) : m..most powerful? Miash, your brother is the most powerful?!?

Misha : Yes,... but he is also the nicest one.

Ranma : There's only a few demons and Angels that I am not nice to. In fact, you will see one of my best friends, who is a war demon, today in class.

Kotaru : T-There's going to be a demon in our class!?!?

Misha : Is it who I think it is Onee-chan?

Ranma : You guessed it squirt, it's Drago. Rather, he likes to be called Ryoga now though. That is the name he took when he got to the surface world.

Misha : Wow,... you two have changed. Last time Kami wanted to change your name for a mission, you destroyed him.

Kotaru : D-Destroyed kami?

Ranma waved it off as nothing of interest, as he opened the door to their classroom. Smiling gently to them, he let his hold on time go and watched as they took their seats. Ranma cleared his throat and walked up to the podium.

Ranma : Good evening Class. I am your new teacher, and my name is Ranma Saotome.

guy1 : R-Ranma Saotome?

guy2 : THE Ranma Saotome?!?

Ranma : Uh... yes,.... why do you ask?

The girls in the classroom nearly swooned when he blinked curiously, as their squeels of joy filled the room.

girl1 : Do you hear that?!?! Ranma Saotome is our teacher!

Girl2 : He is so hot!

Ranma : Uh..... hello?

Ryoga : heh, I see you still have it Ranma.

Ranma turned toward the doorway and smirked at Ryoga, who was in the student uniform and carrying a backpack with a large umbrella in the straps.

Ranma : Ah,... good morning Ryoga Hibiki. (smirking) Do you have an excuse for being late?

Girl3 : R-Ryoga Hibiki?!?

Guy5 : Ryoga Hibiki, the dreaded destroyer?!?

Ryoga sweat dropped as the girls in the class glared at him, and the boys were shaking in fear from his name.

Kotaru (leaning over and whispering to Misha) : R-Ranma Saotome, and Ryoga Hibiki?!? These are your brother and friends?!?

Misha (whispering back) : Yup, Onee-chan and Ryoga always fight. They never get serious though, and I can only assume they don't use their fatal powers in the mortal realm. However, how do you know their mortal names?

Kotaru : You would have to be stupid to not hear of the battles that Nerima Japan has. Ranma and Ryoga are the center of the storm, their battles make the Nerima news every time!

Ranma turned toward Ryoga, who in turn, dropped his pack and got into a stance. Sneering at Ranma, Ryoga jumped forward in a burst of speed. Ranma responded to a loose stance as he danced around Ryoga's punch, and snapping his foot back into Ryoga's head, throwing him forward and into the empty desk.

Ranma : Good, now that everyone is seated. We'll begin. The old teacher said you guys left off with the history of America.

The classroom was in a hushed silence as Ryoga just got up and sat in his seat, taking a peaceful rest as he learned. They couldn't believe what had happened. Ranma and Ryoga, Nerima's wrecking crew, was here in their school. Who was going to save them?

Cologne : My, My. Seems like Ranma and Ryoga are trying to settle outside of Nerima. Did you really think you could get away from us?

Akane : Ranma No Baka! How dare you run away from me!

Shampoo : Airen be good and take Shampoo as wife?

Ukyo : Ran-chan you jackass! How dare you try to leave me behind.

Kodachi : Ranma-Sama, come back with me to the mansion and make me your love slave!

Ranma looked at the group as his sweat drop grew with every phrase they threw at him. Raising a hand, and effectively stopping all motion directed toward him, he smiled a rather evil smile.

Ryoga : Oh damn.... take cover!

The people who didn't know what was going on, dove under their desks in an effort to shield themselves from what would happen.

Cologne : Don't give us that crap Ryoga. Ranma would never hit a girl!

Ranma : Hit a girl... no... Hit a nuisance... yes.

Ranma's hand glowed with a fiery light as a wave of energy blasted outward, throwing the group outside of the room with ease. Cologne slammed against the wall, trying to stabilize herself with her staff, much to no avail.

Ranma : Baka Old ghoul. Did you really think I would be taken to such a place, where I have no say in anything I do? And you Akane, did you think I would marry a girl who's ideal of cooking is a toxic dump? Don't even get me started on Shampoo and Kodachi, however you Ukyo... I expected more from you.

Seeing their ashamed looks, and angered ones at the thought of defying the 'prideful' amazons, he smiled.

Ranma : Now... I'm trying to teach a class, SHOO!

Ranma made a shooing motion, which made everyone who knew him, sweat drop in surprise.

TO BE CONTINUED_______________

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