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-------- Change in Time
Another place

Angelic Ranma

Ranma chuckled at Kazuki as they walked through the halls, all the girls staring at him lovingly "Hey playboy, they love ya"

Blushing a deep red, Kazuki shot Ranma a glare before sighing "Damnit old man, I wish you would have told me about how I changed!" Ranma looked at him for a moment, seeing he indeed changed. He grew a good foot and a half, gained red tinted hair, and his muscles were becoming more and more defined as time passed "God, I feel like i'm beeing undressed"

Laughing hard, Ranma caught up with his son as the women passed by, sending blushing glances at the two "Come on. Live it up while you can. Your going to hear a lot of flak today once I tell the class what happened."

Stopping in the hall, Kazuki turned and blinked "Flak? What do you mean?"

Blinking for a second, Ranma leaned against the wall and put his arms behind his back "Well think about it. Up to last night you were only able to use your magic eight times. Now you have a undefined number. Then there's your appearance, you used to be a meak boy right?" Seeing Kazuki nod, Ranma closed his eyes "Well, it's going to give you a lot of attention, and the men will hate that."

Seeing his father's 'aura' change, Kazuki sighed and looked down "I guess you would know, huh." Kazuki heard Ranma chuckle, before he started laughing himself "All well, it's bound to happen anyways"

Ranma pushed off of the wall, and walked over to his son, putting his hand on his shoulder "Come on. Cheer up, besides, it's not like it won't be fun for the days to come!" Seeing his sons confused glance, Ranma grinned like the bird that ate the cannery "I'm gonna accept engagement offers for you. I'm gonna parade you around and make the women want you more and more" Kazuki's eyes went wide with every word, as he started to blush a deep dark red "Or not" Ranma laughed and walked ahead of his son, leaving him to blink before falling to the ground in confusion.

Pulling himself up, Kazuki ran over to Ranma and frowned "Gee thanks old man, your gonna love this aren't you?" He didn't have to be looking at Ranma to know that he was grinning and nodding. He sighed as he stopped "We're here dad." Ranma stopped and looked at him, standing in front of a door that seemed to be glowing with wards.

Raising an eyebrow, Ranma walked to the door and touched it gingerly as he felt the magic flow "Hmm,.... seems to be a pressure gate" Seeing Kazuki blink, Ranma pointed at the door "Do your friends play jokes on you?" Kazuki sighed again and nodded once more "Hmm,... here, open this for me would ya?" Ranma took a step back and smiled innocently at Kazuki, causing him to become suspicious. About to say something Ranma frowned "Hurry up already, we're going to be late" Kazuki shook his head before walking over and sliding it open with ease, causing Ranma to start laughing out loud.

Inside the classroom, Nakamura was snickering with his friends as he put the wards up "Hurry up, hurry hurry" Once finished, they ran from the door and sat in their seats "Kazuki's going to try to open that door and fail miserably. Then Yuuna won't love him anymore"

Inside Nakamura's head

Kazuki is standing there at the door, pulling at it with all of his might, and not budging it a inch "I don't get it, is it locked?"

Yuuna smiled at Kazuki before walking over and opening it with ease "Jeez Kazuki, so weak. This gate only weighed ten tons. I HATE YOU!" She slammed the door on Kazuki as it glowed a sickly purple, locking again.


He laughed to himself as he heard Kazuki's voice "He's here! He's here!" Everyone gathered around Nakamura's desk in anticipation of the big show, but their eyes went wide when the door slammed open and two tall men walked into the room "W-W-W-WHAT THE HELL!?!" Getting up and running to the door, Nakamura tried to shut it, lacking the strength to do it.

Ranma, seeing this, smirked to himself and patted the boy on the shoulder before leaning down to his ear "Nice try, but my son is now more powerful in magic and physical art than you can even dream of" Shocked by the words, Ranma laughed when he stumbled away from the two "Good morning everyone. My name is Ranma Saotome. I'm Kazuki Shikimori's father. thank you all for looking after him" Seeing them nod dumbly, Ranma turned toward them "Hey, thank them too Kazuki"

Their eyes shifted to the other tall stranger as they all let out a simultaneous gasp "KAZUKI!?"

Shocked by the outburst, Kazuki stumbled back and shifted his head to everyone in the class "W-What!" Hearing no answer, He stood up and sighed "Whatever" He walked through the aisle and sat in one of the chairs, motioning his father to do the same.

Enjoying this thoroughly, Ranma shut the door behind him and dispelled the wards before grinning and sitting next to his son "That was easy, wasn't it?" Seeing his son ignore him, he brought his hand back and hit him upside the head "I SAID! That was easy, wasn't it?"

Rubbing his head gently, Kazuki glared at Ranma "YES! ALRIGHT!" He sighed and looked away, looking out the window Jeez, it was just a damn door. Lazy old man He glanced at him from the corner of his eye, and noticed him staring around the room like an idiot God,... what's so special about this place? He turned toward his shocked father and raised an eyebrow "Hey dad..... why did you decide to stay for a week?"

Tearing his glance from the classroom, Ranma looked at Kazuki and smiled sadly "I never really had a good experience with school. So when I heard you talking about this place, I wanted to see if it was what I was missing back at home" Seeing Kazuki stunned, Ranma grinned forcidly "Hey hey, today's a good day though. Aren't you telling your choice that you love her?"

Flinching at that last statement, Kazuki looked around the classroom at all the glares he was getting "W-What do you mean?"

Tilting his head, Ranma blinked "What are you talking about 'what do I mean'..... I mean, last night you said you would tell whoever you loved at school. Didn't you?"

Shrinking from all the glares he was getting, He slammed his hands on the desk, causing it to break into pieces "CUT IT OUT!" Shocked at the strength of both his words and his hands, Kazuki fell into his seat and stared at his hands "W-What,... have I become?"

Grinning, Ranma patted him on the shoulder "Don't worry. It's just one of your trademarks from the past. You got angry quite easily, especially when nervous" seeing his glare, Ranma sighed "What,... do you wanna blame it all on me? Would you rather be dead, having Yuuna crying everyday because she feels responsible for your death?" Kazuki gasped slightly before sighing "I know you don't like it. I don't like taking you from your life either,.... that's why I was saving this for when you picked your girlfriend. But, I was gonna invite both you and your girlfriend back with me."

Before Kazuki could answer, the door flew open as Rin ran in "Kazuki, there's trouble outside! The group from the sister school have come, and they've taken Yuuna hostage!"

Standing from their seats, Ranma was the first one to leave the school "I got this one Kazuki, you make sure to protect the students" With that said, Ranma opened the window and jumped out, running across the field in a matter of seconds. Coming to a stop at the gates, Ranma was treated with a large group of men and women alike, all of which had large aura's "What business do you have here?"

One of the women, probably the leader Ranma thought, stepped forward and pointed a bat at him "Step aside. We don't want you. We want the one who has the most potent Gene's in this school"

Tilting his head and thinking for a second, Ranma grinned "You want Kazuki?" Seeing them nod, he shook his head "not going to happen."

Blinking, She grabbed the girl away from her friend and pressed the bat against her swollen jaw "Do you want this girl to die?"

Narrowing his eyes in anger, Ranma grit his teeth and took a step foward, clenching his hands into tight fists "If you want to live, I suggest you let her go. You have NO idea who your fucking with" Seeing them start laughing Ranma snarled as his aura started to burn around him "Last warning"

Pulling the bat back, the girl went to strike Yuuna with it "What warning. Maybe you don't understand the position your in BOY!"

That was the final straw as the aura Ranma was putting out, grew and grew by the second "No,.... if you want Kazuki. Then why not take the one that is his father" Ranma put his hands up and stepped forward.

Pointing the bat at Ranma as it glowed "I don't think so, your too young to be his father " The bat suddenly burst out in energy as it sent a pulse toward Ranma. Seeing him not moving, the leader started laughing "DIE FOR YOUR STUPIDITY BOY!" the pulse connected with Ranma, and created a large explosion, rocking the ground for miles in every direction "Did you see that one boys? That guy must've had strong magic, since the shock was that large. Man, it's a shame though" Her sentence dropped as the dust settle and a unscathed Ranma stepped out of the crater, a look of utter hatred in his eyes "H-Hey,... I HAVE A HOSTAGE!"

Ranma shrugged as he walked toward the group of people "Kill her, I don't care" Shocked by the words, the leader charged her bat again and prepared to fire on her "I can ressurect her if I want. It's gonna be like it never happened, so, once you kill her." His eyes started glowing red as his muscles bulged and his aura burned brightly around him "I'll kill you" he waved a hand toward the group "And anyone associated with you" Seeing them shaking with fear, Ranma grabbed his stomach as it erupted in pain from the last blow.

Laughing slightly, the girl gave Yuuna to another member of her group as she stepped forward "Very well, I'll fight you then"

Snarling, Ranma continued to walk toward the girl and spoke with such a cold voice, that even the arctic would be jealous "That isn't an option anymore. Give the girl, or die"

Startled by the tone of his voice, and the wild look his eyes have in them, she put out a hand "D-Do you have a death wish or something? Or are you just afraid"

Ranma stopped short and looked at the woman in front "You want a fight? Fine. You get one hit, then you die" Seeing the girl grin, he narrowed his eyes "Better make it count, because your life is on the line here"

Nodding to him, she started running toward Ranma I'll show him! I'll use the forbidden magic, passed down from my ancestors "Day Boom Stain! Spirits of Earth and Air!" Recognizing the spell, Ranma's eyes went wide and he launched himself toward the woman "Honor the ancient pact and fulfill your duty to me!" Realizing he couldn't make it in time, Ranma quickly started to stock pile shields as the sky turned pitch black, lightning crawling across the clouds "MEGA D'SU!" Everyone in the surrounding area had to shield their eyes from the brilliance as the lightning struck with extreme furocity. It came crashing down on one unfortunate being, Ranma. Once contact was made, a large crated was created at the blast zone, as dust was kicked high into the sky "How did you like that, BOY!" The leader screamed as the pet a griffin, that wasn't there before "That will teach you to respect your elders! HOW DARE YOU THI-" Her words were cut short as the dust settled, and she saw a battered for of Ranma standing in the center, grinning "W-What!? HOW!"

Looking up with blood tinted eyes, Ranma smirked "What, you think your the only one with magic?" He grinned, but soon lost it as the woman jumped on her griffin and jumped high in the air "What, you think you have the advantage up there?" Putting his fingers together, sparks collected and spread along his body "Wa-Quo!" They got larger after the incantation as the wind cycloned around his body "RAVEN!" The wind died, before burst from underneath Ranma's body, sending him high into the sky "Well? Are we going to fight again?" Ranma slowed his acension and smirked idioticaly at the woman with the griffin.

Blinking at the power Ranma had, the leader started laughing "What, you think that's all I know?" Pulling the bat from her shirt, she split it down the center, revealing a sword "Prepare to die, boy" electricity and magic gathered in the blade as she pulled it back "Ji Elio Phil Are! I call forth the mysterious symbol which has been passed down from ancient times!" energy crackled along the blade as she pulled it back "DAF RAY-BURN!" Ranma narrowed his eyes at the woman, once he heard the unknown incantation. Swinging the sword out, the energy clashed through the clouds and exploded between the two warriors "Hope you have wings,... BOY" The ball collected as it's tendrils crawled along the skies.

Finding himself slightly weakened, Ranma's eyes widened as he started to fall "NO! A Magic absorption spell?!" he turned around in the air and saw the ground coming up fast "No,... NO!!!" He could feel the woman smirking at him as he pleaded for his life, but in turn, he started laughing maniacaly "Hey,.. bitch,... you said 'Hope you have wings' right?"

Narrowing her eyes, she decided to humor him "yea, what of it?" Her words fell on deaf ears as large crimson wings burst from Ranma's backside, and started flapping, slowing his descent to nothing "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU!"

Flapping his wings more powerfully, Ranma was now at the same height as the woman as his body glew with a powerful white aura "What am I?" He grinned maliciously before his aura burst around him, creating a pillar from his body that skyrocketed high into the sky "SOMETHING YOU HAVE NOTHING ON!" The aura died down as Ranma's hands went out, and the lightning crawled from the sky to his palms "REDEMTPION!" Thrusting his hands out, the pall of pure energy and lightning burst from it's confine before streaking across the sky at incredible speeds. The leader, and the griffin, didn't have time to dodge out of the way as the blast slammed into them and exploded in a electrical storm that lit the sky with dark bolts of energy.Watching all of this with a smirk, Ranma dropped to the ground and cracked his neck gently "Now,... who's next?"

Pushing the girl toward Ranma, the man who held her stepped forward "W-We're very sorry about this!" Bowing as low as he could, the man whimpered for his life as Ranma's glare pierced his soul "W-We'll leave now!"

Stepping forward, Ranma grabbed the man's shoulder and smirked "Take this with you" Energy collected at his fingertips before it burst out with a white light, revealing the woman he just killed in the man's arms "I don't want to make a habbit out of this. Please tell her, never to show her face here again" Seeing the man nod, Ranma turned toward Yuuna and smiled nervously "H-Hey,... you alright?" Seeing her nod, Ranma could feel the relief flow through his body, but was rejoined when he saw tears running down her cheeks "HEY! What's wrong? Did they hurt you!?" Glowing with power, Ranma felt like he wanted to turn around and dust the entire crowd, but was stopped when Yuuna's arms wrapped around Ranma's waist as her tears soaked into his shirt. Frozen in place at the warmth, and the concern he felt for the smaller girl, Ranma smiled "Hey, it's okay now. Kazuki's waiting for us, let's go" Seeing her nod timidly, Ranma led her by the shoulder back toward the school. Energy was still crackling in the air where Ranma had used his second most powerful spell, as a figure grinned.

Tearing her eyes from the power of the man, a woman smirked before dissappearing into the night sky Seems like a new player in this world. I must inform the master!



SSJ Guyver : hmmm, I wonder what Kazuki is doing

Kazuki : Nothing, I was bored. So I started flipping through the channels on TV

SSJ Guyver : Find anything good?

Kazuki : No, just a bunch of lies spouted by the presidents.

SSJ Guyver : you mean the presidential debates? What, you don't like them?

Kazuki : Not at all, I mean,.... how many have actually KEPT anything they've said

SSJ Guyver : Well, Bill Clinton promised to lower things

Kazuki : and what, pray tell, did he lower?

SSJ Guyver : His chances of getting re-elected.

Kazuki just stares at SSJ Guyver before laughing out loud, and turning off the TV