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Bizarre Alien Adventures (One-shots)

Stardust Crusaders

A young man with brown hair, green eyes, wearing black sneakers, jeans, a black t-shirt, and a green jacket with a white stripes and a big number 10 on the right side, walked down the street, happily slurping a smoothie. This boy was sixteen year old Ben Tennyson, better known to many as Ben 10, wielder of the powerful alien device called the Ultimatrix, and Hero of the Universe many times over.

"Mmm," Ben said blissfully. "Still don't get why Gwen and Kevin can't stand smoothies. They're the best thing ever, with chili fries being a close second. Oh well." He slurped in contentment. Perhaps he could have taken his car to Mr. Smoothy's, but it wasn't that far and sometimes he enjoyed taking walks. Besides, now that he had brought up chili fries, he thought about picking some up before heading home.

As Ben made his way towards the Burger Shack, he paused. Perhaps he was just being jumpy, but he had the strangest feeling that he was being watched, and given his line of work it was highly possible. Ben briefly scanned the area but he couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. With that, Ben continued on his way, though still remaining alert.

But the feeling just wouldn't go away. If anything, it was getting stronger. Ben decided not to bother beating around the bush. "Alright." He said, gently putting his smoothie on the ground and turning back around. Ben found himself facing a vacant sidewalk. "Come out. There's no point in hiding." A light breeze brushed against his face in response. Ben knew that if Gwen and Kevin were here, Gwen would look at him in concern and ask if everything was alright while Kevin snarked about him finally losing it. But he just couldn't shake the feeling that he wasn't alone. "Alright. Have it your way." He raised his left hand, revealing the Ultimatrix, a green and black device shaped similar to a gauntlet, with an interface that resembled a green hourglass. Ben touched the interface, causing it to pop up; a hologram of one of Ben's many aliens appearing above the screen.

What happened next, Ben wasn't quite sure. For a brief moment he felt as if something, a hand maybe, had just come in contact with the Ultimatrix despite him not seeing anything, and his entire world abruptly changed.

For one thing, he was definitely not on the same street. In fact, he was definitely sure he wasn't even in Bellwood. He was now in some alleyway that he had never seen before in his life, it was broad daylight compared to the nighttime back in Bellwood, and all of this had happened in a split-second.

"Where…where am I?" Ben asked himself. He made his way out of the alley, holding up a hand to shield his eyes from the glaring sunlight as he took a look around. It appeared like he was in some city that he didn't recognize. But what really caught Ben's interest was the writing on the various signs and boards. It took Ben a moment studying the words, which were obviously not English, to realize where he was.

"I'm in Japan?!" Ben's eyes were the size of dinner plates and his knees wobbled. He staggered back into the alleyway and collapsed against a wall, his mind trying to make sense of what had just happened to him. He paused. Now he was more certain than ever that something had touched his Ultimatrix, and whatever that something was had to be responsible for sending him here. But, why send him to Japan? And how was it able to do something like that in the first place? And also, what exactly was it that had sent him here?

Ben shook his head. He hoped to find those answers soon but right now he needed a little help. He prepared to activate the Ultimatrix's communication function but paused when he saw that the interface was sporting a blue light instead of its usual green. "Recalibration mode? But why? This is getting weirder by the minute." Ben pinched the bridge of his nose. "Okay, let me think. Some invisible…thing managed to send me all the way to the Japan and, as far as I know, just by touching me. I can't use the Ultimatrix right now, which means I can't contact anybody or just fly home. Not only that, but since the Ultimatrix is offline right now, I can't even use the translator function. Which basically means…I'm stuck." Ben grumbled to himself as he looked down at the Ultimatrix, which was still in recalibration mode. He sighed. "Well, I guess the best I can do is wait for this to come back online again. Hopefully I can run into someone who speaks English." He snorted as he started walking out of the alley. "Gwen always said that I should probably learn different languages on my own but would I listen? Oh no." Ben shoved his hands into his jean pockets. "I hate karma sometimes."

As Ben stepped back out the alley, he looked around, cringing as he realized that he couldn't make heads or tails of any of the signs that lay before him. And he was hesitant to ask directions because he didn't want to run up to someone and find out that they didn't speak English. He kept his eyes peeled for any American tourists but there were so many people hustling and bustling down the streets, he couldn't make any such individuals out. "Maybe I should just wait back in the alley."

Then Ben spotted something that looked promising. He spotted two men wearing uniforms and caps talking to each other as they went inside a building. Ben was sure they were police officers and that the building they had entered was a police station. Maybe he could get some help there.

. . .

The moment Ben stepped inside he made a beeline straight for the bathroom, both as a means of checking to see if he was in the right building and so that he could plan out his story to the officers. There were plenty of officers standing around, talking to each other, though some were starting to notice the foreign teen present in their building. Ben picked up his pace towards the bathroom. Luckily for him, one officer stepped out of a room and Ben recognized the interior as that of a bathroom. In a flash Ben was inside and striding towards an open stall. Sitting on the toilet, Ben rubbed his forehead. "All I wanted to do was enjoy a nice smoothie and some chili fries. Is that too much to ask?" He whispered to himself. He looked at the Ultimatrix, annoyed that it was still recalibrating. "Come on, Ultimatrix. Hurry up!" Nothing but silence. Taking a breath, Ben planned out his story. He was a tourist who got separated from his friends so he went to the police but also really needed to go to the bathroom first. Ben winced as he mulled it over. Would they really believe that?

Just then the Ultimatrix started beeping, the blue light of the interface changing back into green. The Ultimatrix was finally online. Ben glared at his device. "You have the worst timing, you know that?" he muttered. Well, at least now he could get home easier. But first… "Activate Translator Code 10. Language: Japanese."

The Ultimatrix beeped again. "Translator Activated!" The device released a pulse of green light. Satisfied, Ben got out of the stall and headed towards the bathroom door.

. . .

"Hey, kid!" A stern voice called the moment Ben stepped out of the bathroom. He turned and saw an officer approaching him. "What are you doing here? This isn't a public restroom."

"Sorry, officer," Ben said and the officer was put off by his Japanese, no doubt surprised that a teen could, in his mind, speak it so flawlessly. "I got sep…sep," Ben's excuse fell flat when he noticed something floating out of the corner of his eye. It looked like an arm covered in some sort of green cloth. And yet, it looked slightly transparent, like a hologram or something. Slowly his eyes trailed down the arm to figure out who it belonged to. But as he reached the end, he realized that the arm was coming from…his own shoulder. "Aaaaah!" Ben staggered back, tripping over his feet and falling flat on his butt.

"Kid!" The officer was at his side. "Are you alright? What happened?"

"It's…it's…" Ben was about to point out the holographic arm when he saw that it had suddenly disappeared.

"Oi, you!" A sudden, gruff voice startled Ben. When he looked at who had called out to him, he saw it wasn't an officer. Next to a pair of officers was a very tall, very muscular guy wearing a trench coat with a long, stiff collar pierced by a large golden chain, a pair of slim pants with two different colored belts, sock-less shoes, and a cap perched upon his head. The cap had a golden button near the center and a pin that resembled a golden hand on the left side. He was facing Ben out of the corner of his eye so Ben could see the back of his hat. Ben shook his head to make sure he wasn't seeing things, but it looked like the back of his hat seemed to merge with the back of his head. He couldn't tell where the hat ended and the hair began. He was looking at Ben with such a piercing glare with his bright green eyes that Ben instinctively froze up. He didn't know who this guy was, but something was telling Ben that he was someone to watch out for.

"You have one too," The man said and there was a hint of interest in his tone.

"Too?" Ben asked, wondering what he meant. Suddenly something emerged from the man's shoulder. It was a muscular, purple arm with a fingerless glove sporting golden studs on the back. It also looked transparent, just like Ben's had.

"Hey, kid," The officer asked again. "What's the matter? You look pretty shaken up."

Ben stammered. He had no idea what was going on. First he found himself in Japan, and now there were some weird arm things that only he and one other person could see. What was going on here?

Then Ben's eyes landed on something posted on the wall. It was a calendar. Ben couldn't tell what month it was due to it being in Japanese but he wasn't paying attention to that. His eyes were solely fixed on four particular numbers on the calendar: 1989.

1989. The year 1989.

Ben wasn't just in Japan, he was in Japan's past.

Eventually all these sudden events were too much to bear. His legs gave out from under him and it felt like his brain had shut down as the last things he noticed were the incoming floor and the shouts of surprise/concern from the police officers. Ben happily welcomed oblivion.

. . .

Ben slowly stirred. He brushed a hand across his forehead as he tried to remember what had exactly happened. Then it came to him in a flash: getting a smoothie, finding himself in Japan, and discovering that he was all the way back in the year 1989. Out of all his crazy adventures, Ben was pretty sure this was the craziest of them all.

"You're up," a familiar gruff voice said. Ben turned his head and saw the guy with the cap from before standing beside him, the cap slightly obscuring his face. Ben realized two things. One, he and the cap guy were in a jail cell and two, Ben was lying on a bed. With a groan, he sat up.

"How long was I out?" He asked.

"Half an hour," the guy replied. A whimpering sound drew Ben's attention to his left. Huddled against the far side of the cell were three other inmates, trembling and shaking with fear. "Don't mind them. They won't do anything." The man narrowed his eyes, causing the cellmates to press themselves as close to the far wall as possible. Whatever this guy had done certainly made an impression on them.

"The police put me in here?" Ben inquired.

"I brought you in here with me," The man answered. "I wasn't expecting to meet someone else like me."

"Like you?" Ben asked before comprehension dawned on him. "Right. So, you really could see that arm?"

"Could you see mine?"

Ben nodded. "What are they?"

"I don't know," The man said. "But I think they're evil spirits."

Ben raised a brow at that. "Evil spirits?"

The guy noticed his skepticism. "It's the only thing I can think of. We're possessed by evil spirits. That's why I let myself get locked up. And it's why I brought you in here with me. I need to figure out exactly what these are and maybe between the two of us, we can do it a little faster." He narrowed his eyes at Ben. "The way you reacted back there, you didn't know about your spirit until now. So what you were doing in the police station in the first place?"

"I got lost," Ben said, which was technically true. "I thought maybe the police could help me out but I don't think they can. Were you turning yourself in because of that spirit thing?"

"Some assholes picked a fight with me," The guy said plainly. "They had knives, nunchucks, and I think one of them used to be a boxer or something. When they attacked, the spirit fought back. Sent them all to the hospital. Fifteen bones broken. And their balls crushed."

"Whoa," Ben muttered. He wasn't sure if these things were evil spirits but this guy's was dangerous at any rate.

"The police were prepared to let me go, ruling the whole thing out as self-defense, but I can't risk this spirit hurting anyone else."

Ben studied the guy, trying to see if he was being completely honest. He didn't see any reason for the guy to lie about it. Besides, if he was up to no good, Ben was certain he would have done something by now. The fact that he was willing to let himself be put in jail to protect others indicated he was a good person.

"Well, I'll help out in any way I can." And then, once Ben figured out what those spirit things were, he would focus on finding a way back to his own time (somehow) and then track down who or what had sent him here in the first place.

The man said nothing; he simply stared at Ben with a scrutinizing gaze. Ben wondered if that was the guy's natural look. "Kujo Jotaro."

Ben nodded. He remembered how in Japan, people introduced themselves by their family name first. "Tennyson Ben. So, why do you think only we can see these things?"

Jotaro crossed his arms and stared off to the side. "Guess you have to actually be possessed to see them."

Ben scratched his chin. "Do you think there might be others out there?"

"Probably." Jotaro replied.

Ben said nothing, mulling over his own thoughts. Why hadn't he ever heard of these…since he couldn't think of anything else to call them he decided to stick with spirits, before? Did the Plumbers know about them? How many people out there were possessed? Where did these spirits come from? What did they want?

Ben got off the bed to clear his head. "I don't really think these spirits are evil though, Jotaro. You did say those guys attacked you first, right? Maybe it's just overprotective. Really overprotective."

Jotaro sat down on a bed laying in front of Ben's, resting his back against the wall. Though he remained quiet, Ben thought that maybe Jotaro was considering his words. "By the way, do you think these spirit things have full bodies or are they just arms?"

Jotaro opened his mouth to respond.


Ben turned around to see a woman running towards the cell, a pair of police officers following behind her. She looked like she might have been roughly about the same age as Ben's mother Sandra, possibly a little bit older, with blonde hair. Ben had a strong hunch that she was Jotaro's mother. "Jotaro!" She was right in front of the cell now. "Jotaro!"

"Shut up!" Jotaro exploded, causing Ben to jump at his outburst. "You're so fucking annoying!"

Ben gawked at his new…acquaintance. The guy's mother had just come to see him and he shouted at her, cursed at her, and called her annoying?

"Okay!" His mother replied with a bright smile on her face. Ben suddenly felt a strange urge to face-plant. Not that he would ever say something like that to his mom but if for some reason he did, she would not respond kindly to that at all. To put it mildly.

Jotaro's mother turned to face the officers. "Officers, he's actually a sweet child. He would never do something so awful."

Ben wondered if she was talking about the fight Jotaro got in or what he had just said to her. Either way, Jotaro looked the furthest thing away from sweet.

"Excuse me ma'am, but do you know this kid?" One of the officers said, pointing directly at Ben now. "He came into the station and went straight to the bathroom. When one of the officers asked what he was doing, the kid suddenly freaked out, like he saw a ghost or something." Ben resisted the urge to snort. If only the officer knew how true that probably was. "Then all of a sudden he collapsed. We were about to check on him when Kujo got in the way, picked the kid up and brought him into the cell."

"Um…" Jotaro's mother, Ben was guessing she was Mrs. Kujo, looked him over. After a minute she shook her head. "No, I don't recognize him. Is he a friend of yours, Jotaro?"

"This is Ben," Jotaro explained. "Mom, go home. We're possessed by spirits. We have no idea what they might make us do."

One of the officers sighed. "Good grief, that's all he's been going on about. We told him he could leave but he refuses to listen. Forgive me for asking this, but is your son alright in the head?"

"This isn't some hotel!" snapped the other officer, kicking the cell bars. "Get out!"

Suddenly the other three inmates ran to the bars, their arms reaching out. "Please! He's telling the truth!"

"They're possessed by evil spirits! Well, I know that big guy is but if he says the kid's got one, I believe it!"

"Let us change cells! We'll never do anything bad again!"

"Shut up!" The officer slammed his baton against the bars but it didn't dissuade the three from begging to be let out of the cell.

"Hey, Ben, want a drink?" Jotaro offered, pulling a can from seemingly out of nowhere.

"What kind of soda is that?" Ben asked.

"It's beer," Jotaro said plainly.

"Sorry, I'm only sixteen," Ben politely refused.

"And I'm seventeen," Jotaro said as he reached into his pocket for something.

At first Ben thought he was being sarcastic but as Jotaro fumbled around in his pocket before pulling out a fountain pen, Ben stared. "You're seventeen?"

"That's right!" Mrs. Kujo beamed brightly, earning a grunt of annoyance from her son.

Well, Jotaro was definitely the tallest and most buff teenager Ben had ever met. And that included a teenager that was part Tetramand.

Not phased at all by Ben's reaction to his age, Jotaro stabbed the bottom of the can with the pen. Once he removed the pen he pulled the can's ring and quickly lifted the can to his mouth. Ben thought he had heard of something like this before. What was it called again?

"He's drinking beer in his cell," One of the officers muttered. "How did he get a beer in there?"

"The spirit did it," Jotaro said, holding up a book. When he opened it, Ben saw it was like a comic book. "It brings things to me." Music started playing and Ben noticed there was a radio next to Jotaro.

"He's listening to the radio while reading Shonen Jump?!" One of the officers exclaimed. "How did he…?"

"You know," Ben said with slight amusement. "For an evil spirit, it sure is a generous one." Jotaro turned his head, eyeing Ben, who held his hands up. "Just saying."

Jotaro got up from his bed. "Do you still want to release me after seeing all this? How about I show you just how dangerous it would be to let me out." He walked towards the bars, the ghostly arm materializing from his right shoulder. The hand reached out of the cell and plucked one of the officer's revolvers out of its holster. Ben stared as the hand placed the gun in Jotaro's.

"My-my gun?!" The officer cried. "How did he get it?!"

"So you can't see it?" Jotaro asked before facing his mother. "Did you see it, mom?"

Mrs. Kujo stared at her son, though her reaction was far calmer than the prisoners or the policemen. Ben wondered if she might have a spirit too. His thoughts were cut short when Jotaro suddenly pointed the revolver at his own temple. "What are you doing?!"

"How about we try this," Jotaro said, cocking the hammer back.

"Jotaro!" His mother cried. Ben moved to try and stop him but the room boomed with the explosion of gunfire, freezing him to the spot, his heart hammering.

Jotaro, however, was completely unharmed. The ghost arm was back again, the revolver's bullet nestled between its forefinger and its thumb. That spirit had caught a bullet fired at point-blank range. Not block, not deflect, caught. The officers, the inmates, and Mrs. Kujo all stared.

"Did…did you really need to do that?" Ben asked, his heart still pounding.

"They wouldn't listen to me," Jotaro said flatly, the ghost arm dropping the bullet, making it clink when it hit the ground.

"So you thought shooting yourself was a good idea?!" Ben yelled.

"Would you rather I shot you instead?" Jotaro asked. "Make your spirit appear?"

"No!" Ben shouted.

With a grunt, Jotaro handed the gun back to the officer, who took with a shaky hand.

Ben sat back down on his bed. This day was getting crazier and crazier.

. . .

Ben grunted as he sat against the wall. "I've got nothing,"

"How come you're so good at speaking Japanese but not reading it?" Jotaro asked, sitting up against the wall.

"I only know how to speak it," Ben answered. He looked around the cell, which was now littered with all sorts of objects that Jotaro had managed to obtain with the help of his spirit. Every time Ben turned his head or even so much as blinked, more stuff appeared. There were several books that Ben found himself unable to read since they were all written in Japanese, a table complete with a lamp, mugs, and a blender, some jackets, some remote-control cars, exercise weights, and even an exercise bike. This supported Ben's theory that the spirits were not evil, but Jotaro wanted to wait until they found out more.

"The spirit could be trying to make me drop my guard by giving me all these things," Jotaro had theorized.

"You sure don't mind them though," Ben said, remembering seeing Jotaro play a little with one of the toy cars.

"If the spirit wishes to get me this stuff, I'll use it," Jotaro retorted. "But that doesn't mean I'll give in to it."

Ben's spirit hadn't shown up since the first time. Jotaro was convinced it was still there, probably just waiting to appear.

Aside from trying to figure out exactly what this so-called spirit was, Ben had also been trying to think of a way out of his temporal predicament, which, in all honesty, had been a higher priority for him. Eventually he narrowed it down to four options. One: Hope Professor Paradox would appear to take him home. Two: Unlock an alien with time powers. Three: Get back to America and leave hidden messages for Kevin and Gwen to find and hope they could find a way to bring him home. Four: Try to locate any Plumbers that might still be around. Sadly, each option had its flaws. For the first idea, Paradox always showed up at significant, but random times. He didn't think it would do much good to wait for him. Second, there was no guarantee that Ben would be able to specifically unlock an alien that could travel through time. Plus, he might damage the Ultimatrix and that was the last thing he needed. As for the third option, a lot of things could happen in the time between here and the present. Finally, he remembered his Grandpa Max saying that the Plumbers had been formally disbanded for years until later back in his original time. It looked to Ben like he was indefinitely stuck here for the time being.

The two heard the sound of footsteps walking towards them. One of the officers from before was peeking around the corner. "Good grief," the officer muttered. "There's even more stuff in there than before. Where did he get it all?"

"I'm still trying to figure that out," Ben called to him.

"And he's got that violent…thing in there with him. Said the American had one too. If word of all this gets out, I'll be fired!" The officer fretted.

"Don't worry," A tall figure wearing a long trenchcoat and fedora who was standing behind the officer said. "I'll get my grandson and his friend out."

Both Ben and Jotaro sat up at this. "Grandson?" Jotaro repeated.

"Alright, step aside," Jotaro's grandfather said, grabbing the officer by the back of his uniform and hoisting him into the air.

"Hey!" The officer shouted as he was moved to the side. "I told you it was too dangerous to get close to the cell, talk to them from here! It's dangerous! I can't be held responsible for what will happen!"

From behind the large figure, Jotaro's mother stepped into view. "Jotaro, it's your grandpa! He can help you two. Just come out with him!"

Instead of replying to her, Jotaro simply got up from his bed and made his way to the cell bars, his grandfather matching his pace step by step until the two of them stood before each other.

Much like Jotaro, his grandfather was indeed a tall, muscular figure. His hair was short and grey, and he sported a thick but well-trimmed beard. Aside from his trenchoat and fedora, he wore a turtleneck sweater, khaki pants, dress shoes, and brown gloves with dark wristbands. He and Jotaro stared each other down.

"Get out," Jotar's grandfather ordered. "You're both coming with me."

"Go away," Jotaro told him abruptly. "I didn't call for you. So you want to help us? What could you do? I'm sorry you came all the way from New York but you cannot help me, grandpa." He then held out his right hand, revealing that he was holding something. Ben focused on the object. It looked like part of a metal finger. He looked back at Jotaro's grandfather and noticed that his left hand was suddenly missing its pinkie. He spotted wires and pieces of metal showing through the glove.

"What?!" The grandfather exclaimed, taking in the speed of Jotaro's spirit.

"Did you see it?" Jotaro asked him. "Did you notice it? That is the evil spirit." He flicked the metal finger onto the ground before walking away from the bars. "Don't get near me. You'll only shorten what's left of your life."

"Wait, Jotaro," Ben said. "Maybe, if your grandpa can see it, maybe he has a spirit too." He faced Jotaro's grandfather. "Excuse me, Mr…"

"Oh, a fellow American," The elderly man smiled, a sudden shift in mood from what had just transpired. He didn't seem all that fazed at losing his finger either. "At least you seem to have better manners than my grandson. My name is Joseph Joestar. Now, from what I understand, you have one of these evil spirits too, eh?"

"My name is Ben Tennyson. Yeah, it looks like I have one but I don't really know how to make it appear like Jotaro can."

"Is Jotaro forcing you to stay in there?" Joseph asked.

Ben shook his head. "No, but since we both have these spirit things, I wanted to stay behind and help figure out what they are. So, Mr. Joestar, do you have a spirit?"

Jotaro looked over his shoulder at Joseph, curious about his reaction.

Joseph silently looked back and forth between Ben and Jotaro, who waited for his answer. Then he shouted. "Avdol! You're up!"

At first Ben thought that Avdol was the name of Joseph's possible spirit but instead someone else stepped into view. It was another muscular man, with dark skin, a large overcoat with long sleeves, and a scarf. He wore a headband and his hair was tied upwards. A necklace made of several medallions sporting symbols that Ben did not recognize was also present, though he slightly cringed when he realized that instead of wearing it around his neck, the man wore the necklace from ear to ear. The man didn't seem bothered by it but Ben could never imagine himself getting any sort of accessory like that. He also wore two large bracelets on both of his wrists. Joseph introduced him.

"This is Avdol, a friend of mine that I met three years ago in Egypt. Avdol, make my grandson Jotaro get out of his cell."

"What about young Mr. Tennyson?" Avdol asked in a deep voice.

"Eh, he's only in there because Jotaro is. I'm sure once we get my grandson out, Ben here will come along. Right, Ben?"

"Uh," was the best answer Ben could think of, having a bad feeling of what was possibly going to go down.

"Forget it," Jotaro said, sitting back down on his bed. "He looks pretty strong but you're dealing with me here. Besides, do you really believe I'm the kind of person to let an ugly guy like him do whatever he wants with me? Don't count on it. Now I'm even more pissed off and I won't ever come out."

Ben groaned but in the short time he had met Jotaro, he realized that once the guy was set on something, he stuck to it. That and it seemed that he had issues with authority. Ben wondered if he would get along with Kevin.

"Mr. Joestar," Avdol said tensely, never taking his eyes off of Jotaro. "It's going to be a little violent. I think he's going to be screaming in pain and ask us to let him out."

"Hey, hold on!" Ben interjected. "Can't we talk about this first?" He wasn't sure what was going to actually happen but he had a feeling that the situation was getting out of hand. If there was going to be a fight, there was a chance that a lot of people might get hurt, especially if Jotaro's spirit attacked anything even remotely like a threat. Jotaro's mother, the police officer, even those three inmates who were still cowering at the farthest side of the cell could get caught in the crossfire.

"Please step back, Ben," Joseph said cordially to him. "It seems that my grandson is the kind of person who can only be reasoned with through force."

"Dad, what are you…" Mrs. Kujo started to ask.

"Hey," the officer spoke up weakly. "Hey! Don't make any trouble!"

"Shut up!" Joseph barked at him.

The officer flinched. "Yes sir!"

Suddenly a red aura like flames began emitting from Avdol's body. As the aura began building up, something seemed to burst out and appear within the cell; a creature with a red, heavily built, humanoid body but with the head of some sort of bird. Flames were being emitted from the being's wrists and completely engulfed the lower half of its body.

"What the…" Jotaro muttered, staring at the figure before him.

"So he's got…" Ben started to say.

Joseph smirked at their reactions. "That's right. Avdol also possesses what you call an evil spirit. One that he can control at will! Its name is…Magician's Red!"

Magician's Red opened its mouth, unleashing tendrils of fire that shot towards Jotaro, actually picking him up and slamming him against the wall, pinning his hands and feet.

Jotaro winced from the impact and the heat of the flames. "It's hot," he hissed through gritted teeth. "I'm burning! My arms are burning!"

"Kujo's thrown himself against the wall!" The officer cried. "And he won't budge."

"This doesn't make any sense," said his partner, who must have been behind everyone else the whole time. "Also, isn't it getting a bit hot?" He looked over at the thermometer on the wall and gawked when it started rising rapidly. "No way! How can it be this hot?"

Ben took note of what they were saying. Not only was Magician's Red invisible to these guys but so were the flames.

Magican's Red released the tendrils from Jotaro's body, causing him to fall back down onto the bed. It grabbed him by his shoulders and started lifting him up.


Ben finally saw what Jotaro's entire spirit looked like. If he had to give a brief description of what it looked like, he would have settled for saying it looked like a big, buff, purple Aztec warrior. It had long hair, a cap on its chin, a metallic-looking headband, waving lines that ran down its arms to its torso and then further down to its legs, a short scarf, armored shoulder pads with a spiral design on each, elbow guards, knee guards, a loincloth, and short boots.

"Oh!" Joseph looked impressed. "It's finally appeared! And since it appeared so clearly, that means it's a strong one!"

Ben had to admit, Jotaro's spirit did look pretty cool. And intimidating; no wonder Jotaro might have thought it was an evil spirit. It knocked Magician's Red's hands off of Jotaro before grabbing the other spirit by the neck. Suddenly Avdol cringed, tilting his head back as if he was the one being choked. In fact, Ben could see that it did look like there was something grabbing Avdol's throat. Attacking the spirit affected the one it was possessing?

"I cannot believe he can materialize it so vividly," Avdol wheezed, though he remained standing.

"I wasn't expecting you to have an evil spirit too," Jotaro said to him before looking at Joseph. "And you, gramps, the identity of the evil spirit…"

"I know of it," Joseph said as he crossed his arms, completely nonchalant to the fight happening in front of him.

"Mr. Joestar," Avdol said. "You said you just wanted me to get your grandson out of his cell. I was planning on holding back but we are in danger because of how strong it is. Should I stop? If this continues, I may have to use enough force that will put him in the hospital."

"So be it," Joseph told him. "Give it a shot."

"Yes sir!" Avdol replied. "Red Bind!" Magician's Red shot another tendril of fire at Jotaro. This one wrapped up his body before pulling him forward, slamming him against the bars.

"Jotaro!" Ben shouted. He knew that Jotaro was being incredibly stubborn but he couldn't sit by and allow him to get burnt. Ben wished there was somewhere he could duck away to in order to change, but there was no other option. He wasn't sure what would happen if people in the past saw his aliens but that was a chance he would have to take. He reached for the Ultimatrix. "It's Hero Time!"

Suddenly something shot out of his body. It was the arm of his so-called spirit! It was back. But something else was happening. The arm was moving upward and it was soon followed by a shoulder, side of a torso, before an entire figure appeared. Ben's spirit had fully revealed itself. It was muscular, though slightly less than Jotaro's spirit, and it was donned in an emerald green armor that slightly resembled the Plumber uniform. Its face was obscured with a visor helmet sporting antennae-like features on the sides that reminded Ben a little of his fantasies as Ultra Ben.

"Oh ho!" Joseph chuckled. "Both of them have appeared now."

"And this one also looks strong," Avdol commented. "So, do you plan on fighting me too?"

"Only if you still plan on forcing Jotaro out," Ben told him.

"There's so much heat!" One officer said.

"I don't know what's going on," The other admitted in confusion. Ben decided to ignore them.

"Papa, what are you doing to Jotaro?" Mrs. Kujo asked her father.

Joseph just smiled at his daughter. "Holly, be a good girl and keep quiet, okay?"

The rope of flames tightened around Jotaro, cutting off his breathing.

"The spirit's disappearing?" Ben noticed that indeed, the spirit beside Jotaro was starting to slowly fade away.

"That's right," Joseph said. "When your breathing is restricted, your evil spirit will weaken."

"They disappear if you can't breathe?" Ben wondered. He filed that away for later.

"Listen to me, boys," Joseph said firmly. "Despite their appearances, they are not evil spirits."

Ben smiled, satisfied that his hunch had been right after all. "Well if they're not evil spirits, what are they?"

"What they are, are powerful visions formed from your own life energy! And because they stand beside you, we have a special name for these visions," Joseph replied. "They're Stands!"

"Stands?" Ben looked at his spiri…Stand. The Stand looked back at him but as before, said nothing. At least now he knew what they were. "Not my first choice for a name."

Joseph threw back his head and laughed. "I'm starting to like this kid. Avdol, let me get Ben out of this cell first. Then you can get my grandson out."

Avdol grinned. "Understood, Mr. Joestar. Magician's Red will hold Jotaro in place." He looked back at Jotaro. "Just like in Aesop's fable, the traveler only needed a coat against the icy wind, but the heat from the sun was too much. Want to leave your cell now, JoJo?"

Ben blinked. "JoJo?"

"Oh, Jotaro's friends take the Jo from his first and last name and combine them to make JoJo!" Holly explained, briefly forgetting about the standoff happening in front of her.

Ben looked over at Jotaro, who was still glaring at Avdol. JoJo did not seem like a fitting nickname unless they wanted to get on Jotaro's bad side.

"Screw you," Jotaro told Avdol. "I won't get out so I don't hurt anybody by mistake."

"What about Ben?" Joseph shot back. "You haven't hurt him, have you?"

"I don't know why my spirit, no, my Stand, hasn't attacked him but for all I know it's a one-time thing. I might have just been lucky with him and I didn't want to press it." He looked back at Avdol. "I respect you since you have the same kind of power that Ben and I have, but if this continues, you will die."

Ben decided it was absolutely time for him to step him. He prepared to activate the Ultimatrix again when his Stand raised his arm. Ben found it odd, it was posing just like he did whenever he…then something popped up from the Stand's left wrist, a hologram appearing. Ben stared. His Stand had an Ultimatrix too?!

His Stand slammed its right hand down and in a green flash it had changed. The Stand now looked like a tall humanoid composed of magma with large hands, two-toed feet, and a flaming head.

"Heatblast?!" Ben exclaimed.

Jotaro, Avdol, Joseph, and Holly all stared at the flaming alien. "His Stand can transform?!"

The Stand, Ben decided to just call him Heatblast, raised his hands at Jotaro. The fire rope flew off of Jotaro and into Heatblast's arms. Jotaro threw out his hands to catch himself as he began falling.

"It absorbed the flames of Magician's Red!" Avdol cried out in shock.

Jotaro rubbed his neck as he stood up. "Thanks." He said with a nod to Ben.

"No problem," Ben said, still amazed at his Stand using his aliens.

Jotaro looked back over at Avdol. "Too bad for you." He said confidently. Avdol narrowed his eyes and a small bit of sweat dripped down his forehead.

"I was not expecting your Stand to have such abilities," He said to Ben. "It seems I may have to use even more force!"

"We'll see about that," Ben retorted. In response, Heatblast raised his arms and fired two jets of fire at Magician's Red. The other Stand responded by raising its hands. The flames danced around Magician's Red and shot directly at Jotaro. In response, Jotaro shot his foot back and kicked the toilet at the back of the cell. The force separated the toilet from the pipes in the wall, releasing a stream of water at the incoming flames, quickly dosing them. Ben was impressed by Jotaro's quick thinking.

"It seems Magician's Red and this Heatblast as you called it, are evenly matched in terms of their powers. But Jotaro is still vulnerable to the flames," Avdol said. "Perhaps I will focus my fire on him while engaging Heatblast physically."

"You're really gonna take us both on?" Jotaro asked. As such, his Stand grabbed two of the cell bars and began bending them, creating a large opening.

"The bars are bending on their own," One of the officers muttered, staring dumbfounded at the sight.

With a tug, the Stand snapped the bars, wielding them like spears. Pulling his right arm back, the Stand shot forward, prepared to run Magician's Red though. Ben reached for the Ultimatrix again when Avdol suddenly turned around, Magician's Red disappearing as he did. Jotaro's Stand stopped its assault, Jotaro and Ben both staring at Avdol's actions.

"Why are you walking away from me?" Jotaro demanded testily. Avdol ignored him, walking over to the other wall and sitting down against it.

"Mr. Joestar," Avdol said confidently. "As you can see, I got him out of his cell."

"Huh?" Ben looked at Jotaro's feet and saw that he was in fact standing outside of the cell. He had gone through the opening his Stand had made without realizing it. Jotaro stared at his feet upon realizing the same thing.

He put his hands into his pockets as his Stand disappeared. Ben looked at his own Stand. With the danger seemingly over, it disappeared as well.

"So you let us win?" Jotaro asked Avdol.

"No, I had planned on sending you, and Ben if necessary, to the hospital," Avdol confessed. "I wasn't expecting your Stands to have so much power."

"What would you have done if I had launched that steel bar at you?" Jotaro questioned.

"My Stand is Magican's Red," Avdol answered. "Melting a bar like that in midair would have been simple."

Ben believed it, especially since this guy obviously had experience with his Stand compared to Jotaro and him. Who knew what this guy was really capable of?

"Since Avdol has the same ability as you two, you don't have to stay in that cell to do research on your evil spirits anymore," Joseph said.

Ben relaxed, glad that the tense situation was over with. With a sigh, Jotaro adjusted the brim of his hat. "Good grief."

. . .

Ben found himself sitting with Jotaro, his mother Holly, Joseph, and Avdol inside a café. Out of the entire group, Holly was the only one in a cheerful mood.

"Oh, thank goodness!" She beamed, hugging her son's arm. "Jotaro finally left his cell!"

Jotaro scowled. "You're such a pain, woman."

"Okay!" His mother replied.

"Hey, you punk!" Joseph snapped at his grandson. "Don't talk to your mother that way! And Holly! Don't smile after he insults you like that!"

"Okay!" Holly said to him.

Ben put his hands in the pockets of his jacket, still getting used to this family's dynamic. "So, Mr. Joestar. I was hoping you could tell me more about these Stands."

"Of course," Joseph said amicably. "What do you want to know first?"

"Well…" Ben started to say until Jotaro held a finger up.

"Hold on, Ben, I have a question for Gramps first."

"Oh, uh, sure Jotaro. What's up?"

"How exactly do you know about these Stands in the first place?" Jotaro asked his grandfather. "That's what I don't understand."

Ben blinked when he realized he hadn't thought of that.

"Ah," Joseph's face became serious. "That. That's actually why I came all the way from New York in the first place. But to properly explain everything, I would have to start at the beginning." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a few pictures. "See these?" He tossed them onto the table one at a time. The first was the picture of some ship. The next one appeared to be a long, open coffin. The last picture had an inscription, probably from the coffin, in gold letters: D I O.

"Dio?" Ben read aloud.

Joseph nodded. "That is a hundred year old coffin pulled from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa four years ago."

Jotaro picked up the pictures and began looking through them. "A coffin?"

"I did some research after it came into my possession," Joseph went on. "I found out that four generations ago before you; my grandfather, Jonathan Joestar, died on the ship where this coffin was hidden."

Holly gasped. Jotaro looked at his grandfather sharply.

"I don't think I'm gonna like where this is going," Ben said, the hair on the back of his neck starting to stand on end.

"Apparently it was empty by the time they discovered it," Joseph went on. "But I know exactly what was inside!"

"And what was inside?" Ben asked him.

"Abdul and I are trying to track him down," Joseph explained.

"'Him'? Hold on!" Jotaro said. "You sound like you're talking about a living person. How could something lost at sea for a hundred years still be alive?"

"You'd be surprised," Ben muttered under his breath.

Joseph slammed his hand down on the table. "Because he is evil incarnate!"

"Who?" Ben asked. Then it came to him. "Dio?"

"That's right!" Joseph shouted. "Dio! He's awakened from his hundred year sleep! It is our fate to do battle with him!"

Ben rubbed his forehead. Now he was dealing with a hundred year old guy with some kind of grudge against the Joestar family? Just what he gotten himself into?

Jotaro on the other hand just scoffed and looked away.

"What the hell was that, Jotaro?" Joseph demanded. "Don't give me the kind of face that says "this has nothing to do with me"!"

Jotaro looked back at Joseph. "This face means "That's stupid, I don't know what to say" old geezer."

"Old geezer?!" Joseph fumed, clenching a fist.

Ben would have laughed if the situation wasn't so serious. "Excuse me, Mr. Joestar. But who exactly is this Dio guy anyway?"

His attention diverted away from Jotaro for the moment, Joseph coughed into his hand. "Well, Ben. Long ago, the Joestar family welcomed a boy by the name of Dio Brando into their home. But like I said, Dio was evil incarnate. From what Granny Erina told me, he originally wanted the entire Joestar fortune all to himself, so he planned on killing my great grandfather, George Joestar, and tormented my grandfather Jonathan."

"What?!" Ben exclaimed.

"When Grandpa Jonathan found out that Dio was secretly poisoning Great Grandpa George, he tried to have him arrested. But with his back to the wall and no way out, Dio decided to use a special artifact the Joestar family possessed: The Stone Mask. With it, Dio turned himself into a vampire!"

"Wait! There's a mask that can turn people into vampires?"

"The process is a little long to explain but essentially yes," Joseph clarified.

Ben really hoped none of his enemies, especially collectors of artifacts, like the Forever Knights, got their hands on that Stone Mask.

"With his newfound power, Dio wasn't interested in taking the Joestar fortune anymore. Instead, he wanted to take over the entire world. Luckily my grandfather, along with his friends William Zeppeli and Robert Speedwagon, confronted and defeated Dio. But as Dio was dying, he separated his head from his body to ensure his survival."

"He could survive just being a head?" Ben asked.

"He was essentially immortal aside from a few methods," Joseph explained. "Anyway, the ship that Grandfather Jonathan was on was the boat he and Granny Erina were using for their honeymoon. With the help of one of his minions, Dio managed to sneak aboard and attack my grandfather. Caught off guard by this attack, Jonathan was too weak to defeat Dio, but he used the last of his strength to make sure Granny Erina got to escape safely."

Ben's sympathy for the Joestar family grew. Ben felt Jonathan deserved better than that after all he had been through. He looked over at Jotaro, who, while a little more intrigued by the story, still seemed doubtful.

"Oh, you still doubt me, Jotaro?" Joseph asked his grandson.

"I believe it, Jotaro," Ben reassured him. "Trust me I've actually had my share of strange things happening in my life."

"What do you mean by that?" Jotaro asked him sharply.

"I'll explain later," Ben said. After everything that had been happening so far, he believed it was fair to tell Jotaro and his family about the Ultimatrix and how he was from the future. Besides, he didn't have any other plan right now so he could use all the help he could get. That and he wanted to know more about this Dio guy.

"Well, Jotaro," Joseph said. "How about I give you some proof?" He held out his hand and Avdol pulled out a flash camera from his sleeve, placing it in the palm of Joseph's hand. What was he going to do with that? Ben, Jotaro, and Holly watched as Joseph placed it on the table. "Ben, you asked me if I too had an evil spirit, a Stand. As a matter of fact, I developed mine about a year ago."

Avdol simply smirked while Ben, Jotaro, and Holly watched Joseph intently. So he was about to display his own Stand. But what did it have to do with a camera?

"Grandpa, what did you just say?" Jotaro asked.

"Watch," Joseph said as he raised his right hand above the camera. "This is my special power!" He brought his hand down in a chopping motion, smashing the camera. Despite its damaged state, it managed to produce a picture. "Did you see them?"

"I did," Ben said. "It was short but it looked like there were purple vines coming out of your hand."

"That's right!" Joseph boasted as he picked up the photo from the camera. "That is my Stand! It allows me to create ideographs; spirit photos containing visions from even distant places. Although, I do have to smash a thirty thousand yen camera every time I use it!"

"Spirit photographs," Ben mused as he looked at the destroyed camera. He looked over at Avdol. "Does he really need to smash a camera every time he uses his Stand?"

"Probably not," Avdol admitted with a chuckle. "But in the time I've known Mr. Joestar, he has proven to be a very…eccentric person."

"I wonder how many more photographs he could make if he tried not smashing the camera," Ben wondered aloud. The idea made Avdol grin and Joseph to flush.

Just then a waiter, drawn to the commotion of their table, appeared. "Good sir," The man said politely. "Is something wrong?"

"It's fine," Avdol reassured him. "Please leave."

"O-of course," The waiter said, somewhat doubtful at Avdol's words. As he left, Joseph focused on his grandson.

"Jotaro," he said. "The vision this photo is about to reveal, is the one that will seal your fate!"

"What did you just say?" Jotaro said, eyeing the photo.

"Holly, Jotaro," Joseph went on. "Have you ever looked at the back of your shoulder?"

"What do you mean?" Jotaro questioned.

"You probably haven't had the opportunity to do so," Joseph reached behind his neck and pulled his coat and sweater back, revealing a small mark that looked like a red star. "I have a star-shaped birthmark on the back of my left shoulder."

Holly leaned her neck forward and pulled her shirt back. She gasped when she found a similar star on her left shoulder. Jotaro immediately checked his own shoulder and froze when he also saw a star there. Though this revelation made him even more on edge as he rounded on Joseph.

"Just what are you getting at?" He asked.

"I had also asked my mother and she told me that my father also had one," Joseph explained. "It seems that people of the Joestar bloodline all have star-shaped birthmarks."

Ben felt a great sense of foreboding in Joseph's words. A strange tension was starting to fill the air and it was making him on edge now.

"What the hell is on that photo?" Jotaro demanded.

"The mark that we've never paid attention to is our undisclosed destiny," Joseph said, though his cryptic answer only aggravated Jotaro.

"Just tell what's the hell's on it already!" Jotaro snatched the photo from Joseph. Ben got up out of his seat to take a look.

In the photograph was a man with wild, blonde hair, his back to the camera. Similar to Jotaro and Joseph, he was heavily built, shirtless but sporting brown pants with a long green belt. Just like with Jotaro's family, this man had a star mark on the back of his left shoulder. Only the side of the man's face was visible but his eye was what creeped Ben out the most. It was a piercing red eye that seemed to be looking straight at them, almost as if the man knew that his picture had been taken.

"So is that…" Ben started to ask.

"Dio!" Joseph confirmed. "He's appeared in all my photographs!"

"But I thought you said he was just a head," Ben pointed out. "How did he get his body back?"

"He didn't," Joseph said coldly. "Look at the back of his neck."

Ben took a closer look. He realized that there was some sort of jagged line around the man's neck, like it had been cut. "Wait. You mean…"

"That's right!" Joseph shouted, his body trembling in anger. "Everything below that asshole's neck is the body he stole from my grandfather, Jonathan Joestar!"

Jotaro, Holly, and Ben stared.

"That's how Dio was able to survive despite my grandfather's attempt to end him!" Joseph went on. "And now that son of a bitch is hiding somewhere in the world, plotting something. It's been four years since he's returned. My spirit photos and your evil spirit appearing this past year is related to Dio, I'm certain of it!"

Avdol stood up now. "In the wider world, our abilities would be seen as physic powers. I had mine since birth. But it seems that Jotaro and Mr. Joestar's Stands are linked to Dio's body. All we can say for certain is that it's thanks to Dio's existence that you have awakened your dormant powers."

Joseph handed the photo to his friend. "Avdol, can you find out anything from where Dio is?"

Avdol took a quick glance at the photograph but shook his head. "The background is too indistinct. I don't know where he is."

Ben really wished Gwen was here. She might have had a spell or something for tracking this Dio guy down.

"As I thought," Joseph sighed as he picked up his hat.

"I'll give it a closer look later," Avdol reassured him as he put the photo in his sleeve.

Joseph looked over at his daughter now. "Holly, we're gonna stay in Japan for a little while. Let's stay at your place."

Holly, looking quite rattled after everything she had just learned, managed to give a light smile. "Okay, papa."

Jotaro and Ben got up as Avdol, Joseph, and Holly headed towards the door. Jotaro watched them leave for a moment before following after them. With nowhere else to go, Ben quickly joined them. As he did, he went over everything that had occurred to him today: traveling back in time, gaining a power apart from the Ultimatrix, learning about a hundred year old, body-snatching vampire and his grudge against the family of the one who had defeated him. Ben had plenty of experience under his belt but he felt that this unplanned adventure was rather bizarre.

"Oh!" Joseph came to a halt. "That reminds me!" He turned around. "Ben! We've been so busy talking about history that we completely ignored you. Tell us more about yourself. When did you realize you had a Stand?"

"Uh, when I first got to the police station, actually," Ben said truthfully. "I had no idea what that thing was and I freaked out. At first all I could see was my Stand's arm. Then Jotaro called to me and showed me he had one too."

Joseph scratched his chin. "Your Stand just suddenly appeared to you like that?"

"That's right," Ben answered. Holly listened out of curiosity, Jotaro ignored him since he already knew this part, but Avdol was listening with rapt attention.

"Do you have a place to stay?" Holly suddenly asked him, throwing Ben off guard.

"Um…not yet," He admitted.

"Really?" Holly seemed surprised by this.

"The police kept asking Ben if he had friends or family they could contact but I kept them off," Jotaro said.

"You're in Japan by yourself?" Joseph asked. When Ben nodded, Holly's smile widened.

"You can stay with us!" She offered happily.

"R-really?" Ben held his hands up. "I don't want to impose."

"Nonsense!" Joseph said kindly. "We wouldn't think of leaving you out on the streets by yourself! Besides, we can help you learn more about your Stand."

"Thank you," Ben said appreciatively.

"Do you have any luggage?" Holly inquired.

"Ben only had the clothes on his back when he went into the station," Jotaro answered for him.

Joseph raised a brow. "Is that right?"

Ben knew he was in a corner. It was now or never. "I can explain everything. But first, I would like to do it where we're not in public."

Holly was confused by Ben's request but Jotaro, Joseph, and Avdol were on guard.

"What shall we do, Mr. Joestar?" Avdol asked his friend.

"We'll go to Holly's house," Joseph said, keeping his eyes on Ben. "Then we'll hear Ben out."

Ben nodded. "Thank you."

. . .

The trip to the Kujo house was tense, everyone now wary around Ben, which he didn't blame them for. Once they arrived, the young hero took in the sights. Although architecture never really peaked his interest, he had to admit, the scenery was pretty cool. It looked like the Kujo family owned a small village. Ben was a little envious.

"Now, Ben," Joseph said evenly as they stood in front of the Kujo household. He, Jotaro, and Avdol all faced Ben while Holly stood behind them, uncertain and uneasy about what might happen.

Ben took a deep breath to calm himself before looking Joseph square in the eye. "I have something to tell you and I know it's going to be hard to believe, even with all the stuff that you have been through."

Joseph smirked at that. "You don't know half the things I've been through. But go ahead. Try me."

"I told Jotaro that I ran into the police station was because I was lost and hoped they could help me. What Jotaro didn't tell you is that I also fainted. I never told him why, course he didn't ask me either. This might sound crazy but I fainted when I saw a calendar and saw it was 1989. I'm from the future."

Holly gasped, while Joseph, Jotaro, and Avdol all narrowed their eyes.

"From the future?" Jotaro said disdainfully. "You expect us to believe that?"

"I will admit that I find this quite hard to believe," Avdol said. "However, I cannot say the notion is impossible."

"How exactly did you get here?" Joseph asked Ben, though he gave no hint as to whether or not he believed Ben.

"I'm still trying to figure that out," Ben admitted. "All I can say for certain is that something touched me and I found myself here. But, after what's happened today, I have a theory."

"Oh? And what would that be?" Joseph asked.

"I couldn't see whatever did it but I could feel something touch me, like a hand. It could have been someone invisible but…now I'm starting to wonder…if I was sent back in time by someone's Stand."

Avdol tensed. "A Stand with power over time…"

"Could such a thing exist?" Jotaro asked him.

"Stands all have unique powers, so one actually possessing that kind of power is possible," Joseph admitted. "But that's scary to think about."

"Like I said, it's just a theory," Ben said. "But since Stands can only be seen by other people with who have them that might explain why I didn't see it."

"But you have a Stand," Jotaro pointed out. "If it was the work of a Stand, you should have been able to."

"Not necessarily," Avdol interjected. "Just because you have the potential to use a Stand will not allow you to see them. Your Stand must manifest first before that is possible. Now I wonder, if this is the work of a Stand, did it somehow cause yours to manifest?"

"A Stand that can not only send people back in time but cause them to develop their own Stands?" A skeptical Jotaro crossed his arms.

"We have to take that into consideration," Joseph asked.

Jotaro stared at his grandfather. "You believe him?"

"If Ben wanted to lie, he would have used something more convincing than getting sent back in time," Joseph told him. "But, I'm sorry to hear that, Ben. I wish there was something we could do to help but this is beyond me."

"I understand, Mr. Joestar," Ben said. "But thank you for believing me. And, I know it's not any of my business, but I would like to help you stop Dio."

This took Joseph by surprise. "Oh, really?"

"Yes. This Dio guy is a monster and he needs to be stopped. Besides, in my time, I'm a hero. There's no way I could let a guy like him just do whatever he wants."

"A hero you say?" Avdol asked.

Ben grinned. "Let's just say my Stand isn't the only one who can transform!" He pulled back his sleeve to reveal the Ultimatrix in all its glory. The other four stared at it.

"I wondered what that thing was," Jotaro said. "I knew it wasn't a watch but I couldn't tell what it was."

"It's called the Ultimatrix. As for what it can do," Ben popped up the interface, the others taking a step back as a hologram popped up. He slammed the dial down. Everyone closed their eyes at the blinding flash of green light. Once it faded, they found themselves staring at a tall, red, muscular creature with four arms and four eyes. "Four Arms!"

"OH! MY! GOOOOOOOOOOOD!" Joseph screamed, gaping in open-mouthed shock at Ben's transformation.

Jotaro took a step back. "What the hell is this?!" Suddenly his Stand appeared beside him, its fists raised at Four Arms.

"This would explain what his Stand did earlier!" Avdol said, though he did not call forth Magician's Red. "So, Heatblast was not the name of your Stand but instead a transformation like this one!"

"That's right," Four Arms grinned, flexing his muscles. "The Ultimatrix is a special device that lets me turn into different aliens!"

"A-Aliens now?!" Joseph brought a hand to his forehead. "Well, this is a first for me."

Four Arms laughed as he touched the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest, turning back into his regular human self as Ben.

"It seems that Mr. Joestar wasn't the only one with a story to tell," Avdol commented. "It would be best if you enlightened us, Ben."

"That's pretty fair to me," Ben said.

And so, Ben told Avdol and Jotaro's family about the fateful summer when he was ten years old and found the device known as the Omnitrix. He told them about his adventures over the summer, how he temporarily gave up the Omnitrix after a few years, only to put it back on to save the entire universe, sacrificed the Omnitrix to defeat his nemesis, the intergalactic warlord Vilgax, and took the Ultimatrix from an alien called Albedo who, thanks to his own copy of the Omntirix, was stuck in a clone body of Ben's.

His audience listened with rapt attention.

"Incredible," Avdol said in awe.

"You've had quite the exciting life," Joseph told him. "You not only saved the world but the entire universe?"

"I don't brag about it as much as I used to, but yeah." Ben said.

"Mr. Joestar," Avdol said, a large smile on his face. "I think it's obvious that Ben's help would be more than welcome. A hero who has saved the entire universe, combined with his own abilities alongside those of his Stand? He would make a valuable ally against Dio."

"I agree, Avdol," Joseph walked over to Ben and held his hand out. "Thank you, Ben."

Ben shook it firmly. "Happy to help, Mr. Joestar."

"I don't know how we'll do it but I promise that we'll do whatever we can to help you find a way back to your time," Joseph reassured him. "If there exists a Stand that sends people back in time, there should be one that can send people forward in time too."

"Thank you, Mr. Joestar."

"Welcome to our home, Ben," Holly said sweetly. "You are more than welcome to stay with us. It's the least we can do."

. . .

The next morning, Ben woke up early. At first he thought that yesterday's events had been a weird dream but nope, he found himself waking up in the same room Holly had picked out for him. Putting on his pants and jacket, Ben left the room. As he walked down the hallway, he stumbled upon Holly, sweeping the floors, an apron tied around her waist.

"Oh! Good morning, Ben." She greeted him.

"Good morning, Mrs. Kujo," Ben greeted her back warmly.

"Please, Ben, call me Seiko!" She said cheerfully.


"Holly comes from the word Holy, which is Seinaru in Japanese," Holly informed him. "So my friends call me Seiko."

"Uh, okay, uh, Seiko." Holly's face brightened even more.

"Did you sleep well?" She asked him.

"Very much, thank you."

"Papa complained so much about sleeping on his futon last night," Holly said with a huff.

"It's a lot like a sleeping bag really," Ben said. "Is everyone else up?"

Holly tapped her chin. "Well, Papa and Mr. Avdol were in the tea room last time I saw them and Jotaro is at school right now. He'll be back home later."

"Okay," Ben said. "Is it okay if I walk around a bit? Your place is amazing!"

"Of course you can, Ben! You're our guest here!"

"Thank you," Ben said appreciatively as he walked outside, taking in the sights. The other day, he had learned that Joseph worked in real estate and that Jotaro's dad was a popular musician currently on tour. No wonder their family looked like they were loaded, they were!

Just then one of the doors of the house opened up. Joseph popped his head out. "Oh, Ben!" He waved to the young hero. "Over here!"

Ben made his way over, seeing Joseph and Avdol kneeling in a room. Joseph had a cup in his hands and looking a little disgruntled. Avdol seemed to be grinding something in another cup. Ben figured this was the tea room.

"Hello, Ben," Avdol welcomed the hero. "Sleep well?"

"Very much," Ben said as he entered the room. "I'm honestly surprised that I got any sleep at all, with everything that happened yesterday."

"That's for sure," Joseph said. "An actual time-traveler. So, Ben. What's the future like?"

"Eh, not all that impressive really," Ben said. "Pretty much the same, except for some new technology. Aliens get all the good stuff."

"I'm still astonished to know that aliens actually exist," Avdol spoke up.

"I'm amazed that Ben can turn into more than one," Joseph said. He eyed the Ultimatrix. "How many can you turn into again?"

"Well, I've only unlocked some of them but I was told that the Ultimatrix has access to over a million samples of alien DNA."

Joseph dropped his cup, spilling coffee over the floor. Avdol froze, turning his head to look at Ben more clearly.

"A…a million?" He repeated.

"They come in groups of ten to make it easier to manage," Ben explained. He activated the interface. "Now let's see. How many do I have again?" He was greeted by the holographic image of Four Arms. "There's Four Arms. Heatblast. Diamondhead. Ripjaws. XLR8? Huh, I don't remember unlocking him. Upgrade? Wildmutt? Stinkfly? Grey Matter? Ghostfreak?!" When he turned the dial again, it brought up Four Arms again. "Huh?" He scrolled around but only kept getting the same ten aliens. "I got my original ten guys back but I can't get any of my other ones. I had a lot more than this. Wait. The recalibration mode! It gave me my original guys again?"

"So these were the first aliens you ever became?" Joseph said, studying each image. "And your Ultimatrix can recalibrate? I wonder why it did that."

At first Ben couldn't make sense of what had happened but the more he thought about it, the sooner it came to him. "Primus."

Joseph tilted his head. "Primus?"

"The DNA isn't inside the Ultimatrix. It's contained on an artificial planet called Primus, collected in this thing called the Codon Stream. The Ultimatrix is like a wireless receiver for the DNA. I'm guessing that since the guys I unlocked in the future are still locked in the past, the Ultimatrix had to recalibrate and give me my old guys again."

"An entire planet holding the DNA of a million aliens," Joseph held his head.

"So, if the DNA itself is on Primus," Avdol rationalized. "And you were taken into a time period where Primus had not been created yet…"

"The Ultimatrix would be useless," Ben finished as he deactivated the interface. "And I'd probably be in a lot of trouble."

"Not entirely," Joseph said, shaking his head to collect himself. "You still have your Stand now."

"That's true," Ben admitted. "But it seems his powers are the same as mine. I don't know how he has an Ultimatrix or if he has any special powers aside from that."

Joseph stroked his beard as he contemplated Ben's words. But then the door was suddenly flung open, revealing none other than Jotaro. He looked somewhat disheveled, his left cheek had been cut, and he was carrying someone over his shoulder. All Ben could make out about this person was that they were male, compared to Jotaro, he was slender but still decently muscular; wearing a green uniform, had red hair with a long, wavy bang, and wore reddish earrings that resembled cherries. Joseph, Avdol, and Ben immediately got to their feet.

"Jotaro! What is this?!" Joseph demanded as Jotaro entered.

"His name is Kakyoin Noriaki," Jotaro explained. Everyone backed away as he gently set Kakyoin on the floor. "He's a Stand User sent by Dio."

"What? Dio knows you guys are onto him?" Ben asked.

"I'm not surprised," Avdol said coldly while Joseph inspected Kakyoin. "He's been active for four years. He has probably built himself quite the following."

"This is bad though," Ben said. "He knows where you live. He might send others if he finds out this Kakyoin guy failed. That's what most villains do anyway."

"Then we shall have to be on guard," Avdol remarked. "Though it seems Jotaro handled himself pretty well for just his second fight with a Stand User. Dio will have to try harder if he wishes to take down the Joestar bloodline."

"Did you bring him here to get some information out of him, Jotaro?" Ben asked the other teen, who nodded as he placed his hands into his pockets.

"He probably won't tell us anything," Joseph said grimly, sitting on his knees. "This poor boy will be dead within a few days."

Ben turned to Joseph. "What?!" Jotaro's body slightly stiffened at this news.

"Jotaro," Joseph said immediately. "It is not your fault. The reason why this man swore loyalty to Dio and tried to kill you…is this!" He swept the front of Kakyoin's hair back, revealing a strange, bulbous growth sticking out of the teen's forehead.

Ben made a face at it. "What is that?"

"It's some kind of flesh bud," Jotaro observed. "Looks like a spider."

"It is a flesh bud," Avdol told them. "Made of Dio's own cells. It goes all the way to the poor boy's brain, controlling his thoughts."

"In other words," Joseph spoke up. "That flesh bud exhibits Dio's special talent: Charisma! It's a gift that allowed Hitler to be followed by his soldiers! A gift that allows cult leaders to be loved by their followers! That boy swore loyalty to Dio because he admires him! Through this flesh bud, Dio is using his charisma, his strong and attractive personality, to control this poor boy, ordering him to kill us."

Ben looked at Kakyoin, immediately feeling bad for him. Ben had met plenty of charismatic enemies but few of them stooped as low as to what Dio was doing. "Is there any way to remove the bud?"

"I'm afraid not," Joseph said sadly. "The brain is a fragile organ. If the flesh bud moved during an operation, it could damage it."

Ben clenched his jaw. He felt there had to be something they could do. Could any of his current aliens somehow remove the flesh bud without hurting Kakyoin?

"Boys," Avdol spoke up. "I want to tell you something that happened four months ago: When I was in Cairo, Egypt…I met Dio." Jotaro and Ben both stared at Avdol as he continued his story. "I am a fortune teller by trade; my shop was in a bazaar named Khan el-Khalili. It was a full moon that night. He was standing there quietly, watching me from the stairs leading up to the first floor to my shop. He eyed me with an icy gaze that that felt like he was piercing right through me; golden hair, translucent, alabaster skin, and a presence so overwhelming that it could not belong to that of a normal man. I had already known Mr. Joestar by then so I immediately knew who it was. It could only be Dio! And when he spoke to me, I realized how truly terrifying he was! His words brought such wonderful peace to my very soul, they were filled with so much sweetness in them. And that's what made him so terrifying!" Avdol took a breath to steady himself. "I ran for my life. I didn't even think about fighting him. I was remarkably fortunate. Because I knew it was Dio, I was able to escape, jumping out the closest window. I knew the bazaar like the back of my hand, and so I was able to get away." Avdol was lightly sweating, still disturbed by his encounter with Dio four months ago. "I might have ended up like this poor boy," He addressed Kakyoin. "Forced to be one of his followers through a flesh bud."

"And then after a few years you would have died," Joseph concluded. "Your brain completely devoured."

Ben sat down as he took all this in, his body shivering from Avdol's account. How was Dio able to affect him like this even though they had never met? How could just hearing about him make Ben so nervous? Was Dio's presence that impressive?

"'Died'?" Jotaro suddenly said, walking over to Kakyoin. "Wait just a minute. Kakyoin isn't dead yet!" His Stand appeared next to him. Before Ben could ask what he was doing, Jotaro knelt next to Kakyoin, holding his hands on either side of the other boy's face while his Stand started reaching for the flesh bud. "I'll remove the flesh bud with my Stand."

Avdol and Joseph shot to their feet. "Wait, Jotaro!" Joseph shouted.

"I can remove it without causing any damage," Jotaro assured him. "My Stand is precise enough to catch a moving bullet."

"Stop!" Joseph pleaded. "The flesh bud is alive! There's a reason why part of the bud is on the outside! It's why not even the best surgeons can remove them!"

The moment the Stand came in contact with the flesh bud, one of the tentacles shot out of Kakyoin's head and struck itself into Jotaro's hand.

"Shit!" Joseph cursed.

"The flesh bud grabbed him with his tentacle!" Avdol cried. "This is bad! Let it go, JoJo!"

Immediately, Ben activated the Ultimatrix, turned the dial, and slammed the interface down. In a flash of green light, he transformed into a small creature that resembled a small, grey, bipedal frog. "Hang on, Jotaro!" He leaped onto Jotaro's hand where he could see the tentacle digging it's way through his friend's arm, a long, bulging vein. Grey Matter slammed his hands on the tentacle and pinched, holding the tentacle in place. "Grrr!" Grey Matter grit his teeth as he felt it squirming. "Hurry, Jotaro! I don't think I can hold it for too long!"

"Understood," Jotaro said. "Thank you, Ben!" His Stand began to slowly pull at the flesh bud. At that moment, Kakyoin opened his eyes. He saw Jotaro holding him, his Stand removing the flesh bud, and the fleshy appendage itself digging into the other Stand User's hand. "Why…are you…"

"Stand still, Kakyoin," Jotaro told him. "Your brain is done for if you move."

Grey Matter groaned as the tentacle squirmed even harder to escape his grasp. Suddenly his Stand appeared beside him, placing its hands alongside its user.

"Ben, be careful!" Avdol warned him. "The flesh bud may try to target you through JoJo!"

Grey Matter's naturally wide eyes got even wider. "What?" He felt the tentacle starting to poke against his hand. "Uh oh."

His Stand reached for Grey Matter's Ultimatrix symbol on his chest. The moment his hands came in contact with it, Grey Matter was engulfed in another green light. When the light cleared, everyone saw that Grey Matter had changed. His body was now completely crystalline, spikes jutting out of the back of his shoulders.

"W-what did he do now?" Joseph stared.

The altered alien looked himself over. "Diamond Matter? But…" He had a big grin on his face when he realized what had happened. "Sweet! My Stand can fuse with me!"

"This can work!" Avdol realized. "The flesh bud cannot pierce…Diamond Matter's crystal. It's trapped!"

Jotaro did not comment, instead he focused solely on removing the bud from Kakyoin's head. After a few more excruciating seconds, his Stand managed to pull the flesh bud completely out of Kakyoin's head.

"He did it!" Joseph cheered.

With a tug, the Stand pulled on the flesh bud. Diamond Matter removed his hands as he watched the tentacle being yanked out of Jotaro's arm. Clutching the abomination, Jotar's Stand ripped the longest tentacle from it, sending it flying. Joseph karate-chopped the bud, something resembling yellow electricity surged from his hand as it made contact. "Overdrive!" The bud promptly crumpled into dust.

In a flash of light, Diamond Matter turned back into Grey Matter. And in a second flash of light, Grey Matter reverted to Ben. "Phew. Glad that's over with." He noticed that his Stand was floating beside him. He smiled at it. "So I can use my mixed aliens again. That's pretty cool. And thanks." He gasped when the Stand nodded at him before disappearing.

Kakyoin sat up as Jotaro began walking out of the room. Rubbing his forehead for a moment, Kakyoin turned his head at Jotaro. "Wh…" He weakly stammered. As Jotaro turned around, Kakyoin tried again. "Why? Why did you risk your life to save me?"

At first Jotaro said nothing. He simply looked at Kakyoin who looked back, hoping for an answer.

"Who knows," Jotaro said as he turned back around and resumed walking. "If there even is a reason, I couldn't say."

Kakyoin looked down at the ground and Ben noticed his eyes were glistening. He walked over to the other teen. "Hey. You alright?"

Kakyoin flinched, startled by Ben's sudden presence beside him. "Oh, I think so."

Holly walked in, carrying a first aid kit. Ben stepped to the side as she began working, cleaning up and dressing Kakyoin's wounds. "There we go," She said after bandaging his head.

"Thank you," Kakyoin said gratefully.

"Kakyoin was it?" Holly asked him. "You should rest for a while. You can stay the night." She looked at her father. "Papa, get the futon ready!"

"What? Why me?" Joseph whined. He slammed his hand on the ground. "I never liked sleeping on the floor anyway. Holly, get me a real bed!"

"Papa," Holly said sternly. "When in Japan, do as the Japanese do. Ben didn't mind."

"What?" Joseph turned to Ben. "How can you like sleeping on the floor?"

"It's not that bad, Mr. Joestar," Ben said, though he was amused at how childish Joseph was acting. "I thought it was like a sleeping bag." Joseph pouted in annoyance that nobody was taking his side.

"Also," Holly added. "My name is Seiko from now on."


Holly told Joseph the same thing she had told Ben earlier. Joseph was not amused by this at all. "What kind of name is that?! 'Holly' is the name I gave my beautiful dau-"

"If you don't call me Seiko, I won't answer you," Holly told him.

"Holly!" Joseph shouted.

Holly promptly ignored him and instead turned her attention back to Kakyoin. "Does it still hurt?"

"I-it's fine," Kakyoin answered shyly.

"Holly!" Joseph shouted again.

Ben lifted a hand over his mouth as Holly continued talking to Kakyoin while Joseph kept shouting her name.

. . .

Later that night, Ben stood outside, looking up at the starry night sky. Even more astonishing things had happened today, the largest of which was learning more about his Stand's power. Even though this was all happening so suddenly, he thought it was pretty cool. Man, he had some surprises in store for everyone when he got home. That brought Ben's mood down. He was starting to wonder if he would get home. He had to though, he had met that future self of his, Ben 10,000, so that had to meant he got back to his own timeline somehow. Then again, Ben had enough time travel experience to know that nothing was set in stone. What awaited him at the end of this adventure?

Hearing footsteps, Ben turned his head and saw Kakyoin walking around. When the teens saw each other, Kakyoin lurched back in surprise. "Oh, hello." He said politely. "I didn't see you there."

"Hey, Kakyoin," Ben said friendly. "Couldn't sleep?"

"A little," Kakyoin admitted. He walked towards the other boy. "I don't think we were properly introduced. My name is Kakyoin Noriaki."
"Tennyson Ben," Ben said, holding his hand out. Kakyoin was surprised by this action before he smiled and took Ben's hand. After the two shook, Kakyoin sat down. "Thank you for your help in removing that flesh bud."

"Jotaro's the one who did it," Ben said. "I just kept it from getting to him."

"Perhaps he would have pulled it out of me in time but you certainly made things easier for him," Kakyoin pointed out. "By the way, from what I saw as Jotaro was taking out the bud, you have a Stand and something else. That gauntlet-like thing on your wrist."

Ben nodded as he rolled his sleeve up, revealing the Ultimatrix. "It was this thing. It lets me turn into aliens."

Kakyoin stood up. "Aliens?!"

"That's right. And that's not all. I'm from the future. We think someone with a Stand sent me back in time. Why this year and this place, I don't know, but that's what we've got so far." Ben knew it was a risk telling Kakyoin about this, but he felt the guy deserved to have Ben be completely straight with him.

Kakyoin stared at Ben, stunned. After a moment, he relaxed. "I want to find what you just told me to be ridiculous but, somehow I can tell you're not lying to me."

Ben laughed. "That's what the others said when I told them."

"But how did you acquire a device like that?" Kakyoin inquired.

And so Ben told him, though he gave a much shorter version than the one he told the others. Kakyoin was still captivated by his story.

"Amazing," Kakyoin said. "A device like that and a Stand? That's incredible."

"I know, right?" Ben looked at the Ultimatrix again. "At first I thought my Stand could only turn into my aliens too. I mean, that's helpful and all but a little, I don't know, disappointing. But now I know we can fuse aliens together, I can't wait to see the combos and moves I could try with this thing."

"Hmm. Why don't we try?" Kakyoin suggested.

Ben looked at him. "Huh?"

"Why don't we have a spar?" Kakyoin offered.

"Are you sure?" Ben asked hesitantly. "After everything that's happened so far?"

"My Stand did take some damage during my fight with Jotaro. I want to make sure it's alright," Kakyoin told him. "Besides, I find myself intrigued by your Ultimatrix and Stand. Also, this well help me get tired faster."

Ben was still reluctant. "Uh, alright. But we'll stop the moment things go too far."

"I agree," Kakyoin said. "Let's go somewhere we cannot do any damage to this house."

The two boys walked around the wooded areas surrounding the house. Once they found a clearing, the two faced each other.

"Ready?" Kakyoin asked.

Ben grinned. "Ready!"

"Hierophant Green!" At Kakyoin's command, his Stand appeared. It looked like a humanoid robot with a green armored texture that made Ben think somewhat of a watermelon.

"It's Hero Time!" He announced, activating the Ultimatrix. He slammed the dial down. He transformed into a creature that looked like a large, white, black, and green dragonfly, with four eye stalks. "Stinkfly!" He cried in a raspy voice. His Stand materialized beside him, raising its fists.

"How interesting," Kakyoin said, studying the alien. He took a quick sniff of the air and grimaced. "I can see why you call him Stinkfly."

Stinkfly chuckled sheepishly. "Yeah. Sorry."

"What about your Stand?"

"I uh, haven't come up with a name for him yet."

"Ah," Kakyoin rubbed his chin. "Well then. Shall we begin?"

Stinkfly readied himself. "Let's!"

Kakyoin grinned. Hierophant Green brought his hands together as a green liquid shot out of his palms.

"What the…"

"Emerald Splash!" Kakyoin shouted. Hierophant Green thrusts its hands out, the liquid hardening into multiple gemlike stones that were propelled at Stinkfly with the force of a shotgun blast.

Stinkfly yelped as he launched himself into the air, just barely dodging the emerald projectiles, which slammed into the spot where he had been standing. Stinkfly looked over the damage. "Whoa."

"My Stand may not have the same strength as Jotaro's," Kakyoin admitted. "But it makes up for it with its range! Now show me what you can really do!" Hierophant Green launched another Emerald Splash, Stinkfly dodging again before dive-bombing at Kakyoin and Hierophant Green. He fired a green goop out of his eyes at Kakyoin, whose own eyes widened as the gunk blasted him, knocking him back into a tree behind him. Kakyoin grunted as he struggled against the goop. Hierophant Green fired another blast of Emerald Splash but Stinkfly swerved out of the way in time.

"Interesting," Kakyoin said. "Quite the useful ability you have there, Ben. Or rather, Stinkfly. But like I said, my Stand specializes in long range combat!" Hierophant Green launched itself at Ben, soaring through the air. Stinkfly was so caught off guard by this that he wasn't able to protect himself as the Stand slammed into him, sending him crashing to the ground. Ben's own Stand sprung into action, curling its fist back to punch Hierophant Green. But as it started lashing out, Hierophant Green held out one of its hands, its fingers extending like tentacles and wrapping around the other Stand, who struggled against its bindings.

"Huh?" Stinkfly weakly picked himself, trying to figure out what had happened. Then he saw. Hierophant Green's lower body had changed from a pair of legs into a long tentacle, winding all the way to the ground, like a snake.

"My Stand's body is composed of wound-up coils," Kakyoin explained. "It can unwind those coils to not only attack from long distance but from multiple angles."

"That's handy," Stinkfly muttered as he picked himself up. His Stand then activated its own Ultimatrix. It slammed the dial down and in a flash of green light, it transformed into a creature that looked like a bipedal raptor wearing a black helmet, with ball-like structures on the bottoms of its feet. "XLR8. Nice!"

Kakyoin frowned. "So your Stand has transformed now. I thought it could only do that when you fuse. So this shall be a two on one fight?" He smiled now. "Sounds fun."

XLR8 began shaking at a rapid speed, the vibrations loosening up Hierophant Green's elongated fingers. Once free, XLR8 dashed at Hierophant Green at blinding speed, repeatedly kicking the Stand in the face. Hierophant Green staggered back, Kakyoin grunting as he felt the blows delivered to his Stand. Hierophant Green tried to punch XLR8 who swiftly dodged once again.

"Fast," Kakyoin said, marveling at the sight in front of him.

Stinkfly took advantage of XLR8's distraction and flew at Hierophant Green, slamming him back. XLR8 joined in the attack, ramming into Hierophant Green at high speed. Kakyoin grunted from the double bodyslams.

Stinkfly noticed this and quickly backed off. "Sorry. I got carried away."

Kakyoin took deep breaths. "It's…alright, Ben. I guess I haven't recovered as much as I wanted. But I can still fight."

"Are you sure?" Stinkfly asked him in concern.

Kayoin suddenly chuckled. "Why don't you see for yourself?"

"Huh?" Stinkfly felt something tug on him before he was launched into the air. The whole world spun before something else slammed into him, knocking him back down onto the ground. Groaning, Stinkfly sat up, rubbing his head. He looked down and saw that XLR8 was what collided with him. He then spotted something attached to his tail. One of Hierophant Green's coils! He saw there was one wrapped around XLR8's leg too. Kakyoin must've done it while Stinkfly was distracted talking to him. He quickly slashed through the tendrils with one of his pincers. "Cheap shot."

Kakyoin chuckled. "Considering I'm outnumbered, I must use whatever methods I can."

"Eh, I can respect that," Stinkfly admitted, remembering all the times he had been outnumbered in his own adventures. Besides, that was pretty clever of Kakyoin. Stinkfly saw that he would really have to be careful against this guy.

Stinkfly looked over at XLR8, deciding to try something out. "Ready to fuse again?"

XLR8 nodded, reaching out and grabbing the Ultimatrix symbol. In a flash of green light, XLR8 and Stinkfly were gone. In their place was a new alien. He had Stinkfly's body, eyes and wings, along with XRL8's head and bluish skin. "XLRFly!" He cried.

"Hmm. Another fused alien. Time to see what he can do." Hierophant Green fired another blast of Emerald Splash at the mix-matched alien, who flew out of the way at blinding speed before slamming into Hierophant Green again. The other Stand fired its coils but XLRFly dodged again. "I see," he said to himself. "XLR8's speed combined with Stinkfly's flight will make for a formidable opponent indeed. My best bet is to catch him by surprise."

Hierophant Green fired another Emerald Splash, which XLRFly dodged again. So far, this match had consisted of Hierophant Green constantly firing Emerald Splashes while XLRFly kept flying out of the way. XLRFly then fired more globs of slime at Hierophant Green's hands. The Stand shook its hands but the slime would not come off.

"Ha!" XLRFly cheered. "Now it can't use Emerald Splash anymore! I'm going in!" He dove down at Hierophant Green.

Kakyoin chuckled. "Going in? Yes, you are."

"What?" XLRFly asked. Multiple tentacle appendages shot out of the trees. "Uh oh." He quickly pulled back, causing the tendrils to collide with each other. Kakyoin curled his lip at his trap failing. "Close but not close enough, Kakyoin."

But then Kakyoin's look of annoyance changed back to one of confidence. "Oh? Not close enough, you say?"

"Oh no," XLRFly felt the pull on him immediately. Hierophant Green had a backup plan. One lone coil had snuck up on him while he was focused on the ones in front of him. As XLRFly was flung backward, he grabbed onto Hierophant Green's coil and pulled.

"What?!" Kakyoin cried as Hierophant Green was yanked into the air after XLRFly. The Stand barely had time to retaliate as XLRFly fired even more slime at it, completely coating the Stand from its neck downward. XLRFly grinned in satisfaction as he felt himself slam into a nearby tree, the sheer force causing the tree to topple over.

Kakyoin chuckled. "Even when I had gained the upper hand, you found a way to turn the tables on me."

"That was pretty clever though," XLRFly said as he stood up and brushed himself off. "No offense but I can see why Dio was interested in you."

"Perhaps, though I am grateful Jotaro defeated me and removed the flesh bud," Kakyoin said. "So, Ben? Shall we call this a draw?"

XLRFly nodded. "A draw." He flew over to Hierophant Green and started scrapping off the slime from its body. Once he was finished, he flew over to Kakyoin and scrapped the slime off of him too. Once Kakyoin was free, XLRFly was engulfed in another flash of green light, revealing Stinkfly and XLR8. Another burst of green light and Ben was standing beside his Stand.

"That was kinda fun," Ben said.

"It was," Kakyoin admitted. He let out a grunt before falling on one knee. Ben rushed to his side. Kakyoin chuckled weakly. "Guess that match took more out of me than I thought." A yawn escaped his lips.

"No kidding," Ben laughed as he helped Kakyoin to his feet. "Guess it's time for you to get some sleep."

"I guess it is," Kakyoin said as Ben helped him back to the Kujo estate.

"Well that was impressive."

Kakyoin and Ben looked up to see Jotaro, Joseph, and Avdol standing in front of them, smiles on the latter two's faces.

"You both displayed incredible skill with your Stands," Avdol praised. "That was quite the fight. It not only shows the powers of your Stands but also both of your own ingenuity. Even a Stand with an impressive power is useless if the User lacks the proper mindset to wield that power to its fullest. You both did very well."

"Come on," Joseph said jovially, helped Kakyoin. "Holly will fret if she realizes you're out of bed while still recovering."

"Oh, yes," Kakyoin said. "Sorry about that, Mr. Joestar."

"Eh, it's alright. Shows how resilient you are after everything you've been through. Heh. But I must say, you two put on quite the show, eh, Jotaro?"

"…Not bad," Jotaro conceded, touching the brim of his hat.

Ben just shook his head. "Eh, I'll take it."

Joseph and Kakyoin both chuckled as the group returned to the Kujo household.

. . .

"Holly! Oi, Holly!"

Ben was roused from his sleep by the sudden shouting. Sitting up, he could light peeking through the room. So it was morning and Mr. Joestar was shouting about something. Was he still annoyed about sleeping on a futon?"

"You gave me Jotaro's pants!" Joseph shouted. "I mean, they fit me, but I can't wear them!"

Ben snorted as he got out of bed. It was funny how Mr. Joestar could go from a serious man to an overdramatic goofball. To be fair, it would be weird for him to wear his grandson's pants instead of his own.

Once he was fully dressed, Ben left his guest room. Walking around, Ben wondered what everyone else was up to. Jotaro had likely gone to school, Kakyoin was probably still recovering, Holly was probably off doing some cleaning, Avdol was the only one whose pastime Ben didn't know. They hadn't gotten much opportunity to hang out yet.

"Ms. Holly!" That was Avdol's voice and he sounded worried. Ben dashed to where he had heard Avdol and found an open door. He looked inside and froze. Avdol was holding an unconscious Holly in his arms, the refrigerator door hanging open.

"What happened?" Ben asked.

"She seems to have collapsed," Avdol said worriedly. He put a hand to her head. "She's burning with a high fever." Then Avdol spotted something that made him nervous. "It can't be."

"What is it? What's wrong?" Ben asked.

Avdol gently placed Holly on the floor and turned her over. "I'm sorry," he told her before pulling her shirt down, revealing her back. Ben was about to ask what he was doing when what appeared to be raspberries and thorns appeared on Holly's back. "Is that…"

Avdol reached out to touch the thorns but his hands passed through them. "It is. Holly has developed a Stand!"

Ben shook his head. "Wait, the Stand isdoing this to her? But why?"

"A Stand is controlled by the user's mental strength and fighting spirit," Avdol explained. "But Ms. Holly is a very gentle and peaceful person. She lacks the strength to control her Stand, that's why it's harming her."
Ben's jaw dropped. Stands could possibly kill their Users just for being pacifistic. As much as he thought his Stand was cool, hearing this did affect his opinion on them in general. Noticing that the room had gotten darker, Ben turned around to see Joseph and Jotaro standing in the doorway, staring at Holly.

"A Stand," Joseph murmured. His body quivered. "Holly…"

Jotaro's lip curled. Despite regarding his mother as annoying, it showed how much he truly did care about his mother.

Joseph then grabbed Jotaro by the collar of his jacket and slammed his grandson against the wall, screaming in anger and anguish. After his outburst, Joseph lowered his head, his grip on his grandson loosening. "This," he said weakly, his voice breaking. "This is the thing I feared the most. My daughter has developed a Stand. I knew she wouldn't have the power to control it. I even knew she wouldn't have the power to deny the curse from Dio's soul." He whimpered, close to breaking into tears when Jotaro grabbed him by his left arm, and if Ben remembered correctly, that was his artificial arm, and slowly pried his grandfather off of him.

"Now," Jotaro said evenly. "What do we do?"

Joseph stepped away from his grandson as the rest drew their attention to him.

"There is only thing we can do," Joseph said before looking his grandson square in the eye. "We must find Dio! We need to kill Dio and lift the curse. It's all we can do."

Ben looked back over at Holly, who was breathing weakly and her face was flushed. He wondered if Dio even knew that he had affected her in such a way. Of course, he had a strong feeling that Dio didn't care if he did know. Or, he would actually enjoy it since he hated the Joestar family so much.

Ben's jaw was set. This Dio was a monster and he needed to go down. He turned back around. "How do we find him?"

. . .

Ben, Jotaro, Joseph, and Avdol were all in the living room, Joseph making sure his daughter was gently placed in a futon with a damp cloth on her forehead. Right now the group was standing over various pictures that Joseph had taken with his Stand. They were all different pictures of Dio.

"It's no use," Joseph said. "The background is too dark in all of these spirit photos. It's impossible to tell where he is with these."

"Vampires are weak to sunlight, right?" Ben said as he picked up one of the photos, namely the one he had first seen Joseph create. He glared at the vampire in it. "Guess it makes sense that Dio would be in a dark place away from the sun. Wish he would have bothered using candles or something."

"I don't suppose you have an alien that could help us out here, Ben?" Joseph said, though his tone implied he wasn't very hopeful.

Ben sadly shook his head. "No, I'm afraid I don't. My cousin Gwen could've probably helped us but…"

"I thought as much but it didn't hurt to ask," Joseph said as he put down one of the photos he had been looking at. "We've tried so many different ways to analyze them but the darkness has caused them all to fail."

Ben was certain that if he had access to Plumber technology, then they would make some headway.

"Why didn't you say something sooner?" Jotaro, who had standing off to the side, asked. He reached out his hand towards the photo Ben was holding. Ben placed it in his hand. "Maybe I can find something." His Stand appeared. "Hiding in that darkness!" He gave the photograph to his Stand, who looked over it carefully. Jotaro followed his Stand's line of sight. "What do you see behind Dio?"

"It found something?" Ben asked, eager to have a lead.

Jotaro walked over to a drawer and pulled out a memo book and pencil. "My Stand has enough accuracy to remove a flesh bud from someone's brain and enough precision to catch a bullet. He can make a sketch." He handed the pencil over to his Stand while he held the memo book out. The Stand began to draw. Everyone gathered around Jotaro and his Stand as it rapidly drew. The group waited with baited breath as an image quickly started to form on the paper. In less than a minute, the Stand was finished. It had drawn the picture of a…

"A fly!" Ben looked back and forth between the sketch of the fly and the picture of Dio. He couldn't make out a single thing in the darkness. Ben knew Jotaro had already said his Stand was accurate and precise but this was beyond what the hero had expected.

Joseph was not as impressed. "A fly's not going to help us…"

"Wait!" Avdol interjected. "I've seen this kind of fly before."


"JoJo, do you have an encyclopedia?" Avdol asked.

"We have a library," Jotaro replied.

"Give me the memo." When Jotaro gave it to him, Avdol left the room. "I will investigate at once."

Ben followed after him. "I'll help!"

Avdol nodded appreciatively. "Very well. Come, Ben!"

. . .

"Jotaro wasn't kidding when he said they have a library," Ben said as he flipped through the pages of the book he was holding. Luckily a lot of these had English writing, which made things easier for him. Avdol, who was using fire from Magician's Red to illuminate what he was reading, closed the book he had skimmed. As he opened another one and scanned through the pages, he spoke once again. "You're doing well."

Ben looked over his shoulder, wondering what Avdol was talking about before turning his head towards the doorway. Kakyoin was standing there, a little anxious after being noticed.

"Hey, Kakyoin," Ben waved at him.

"Hello, Ben," Kakyoin said before turning his attention back to Avdol. "Is it really possible for your Stand to kill you?"

"Yes," Avdol said grimly. "I've seen it happen many times before."

Ben stopped his reading to look back over at Avdol. "What…what's going to happen to Jotaro's mom if we don't stop Dio?"

"The Stand may have appeared on her back but soon it will spread throughout her entire body, like a fern," Avdol said as he continued reading. "She will suffer from a high fever, various illnesses, and then eventually fall into coma. And then…she will die. To most people, if it will appear as if she is dying from an unknown illness," Avdol continued. "And not even the best doctors will be able to cure her. No one, not you, not Ben, nor I will be able to do anything about it." He closed the book and placed it among the small stacks of others he had already read.

Ben grit his teeth before starting to read at a quicker speed. He was about ready to turn into XLR8. Ben grit his teeth and started shooting through the pages at a frantic pace, prepared to dash through the entire library if he had to. Kakyoin himself was saddened by this news.

"But there is still hope," Avdol told them as he pulled out another book off the shelf. "It will take about fifty days for her to reach that point. We must find and defeat Dio by then. If we can destroy the connection between Ms. Holly and Dio's Stand, we can save her."

"We will," Ben declared, causing the other two Stand Users to look at him. He looked back at them, his face set. "I won't let Dio get away with this! He's tormented everyone, especially the Joestars, long enough. It's time for him to pay!"

"Well said, Ben," Avdol told him as he went back to reading.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Kakyoin offered.

"We could use an extra set of eyes," Ben told him. "We're trying to identify a fly that Jotaro's Stand saw in a photo of Dio."

"Understood," Kakyoin entered the room, plucked a book from a shelf and started reading.

"So Dio has a Stand too," Ben said as he put up his book. "I wonder what his can do."

"I couldn't say," Avdol replied as he put his book down. "I managed to escape before he could use his Stand. But I can imagine it is something terrifying."

"The really messed up part is the fact that he's a vampire with a Stand," Ben said, slamming another book shut. "That seems a little unfair."

Kakyoin snorted. "Considering you have a Stand and turn into aliens, isn't it hypocritical of you to say Dio's unfair?"

"Hey, I use my powers for good!" Ben retorted.

"Oh, so it's okay to be unfair as long as you use your powers for good?" Kakyoin turned it around on Ben.

"That's not what I…" Ben stared to argue when Avdol walked out of the room. Ben and Kakyoin looked at each other briefly before running after him.

. . .

"Mr. Joestar," Avdol said at the doorway to the living room, Ben and Kakyoin right behind him. "I found it. The fly in the photo…"

Joseph, who had been kneeling beside his daughter, got to his feet and Avdol held the book he was carrying out. "It's here!" He pointed to a page as he put the book on the table. The group bunched around the book, seeing the fly he was pointing too. "This is the Nile Ue Ue Fly! It's only location is the Egyptian Nile River Basin! The flies with stripes on their legs are known as Aswan Ue Ue Flies."

"Egypt!" Joseph exclaimed.

"We have narrowed it down to the city of Aswan," Avdol informed him. "That is where we will find Dio."

"Egypt, huh?" Ben crossed his arms. "I didn't think he'd stick around there after you escaped him, Avdol."

"It's possible he had never settled in Cairo, simply passed through there to find me," Avdol reasoned. "Though I too am surprised that he chose to stay in Egypt."

"So, you will be going to Egypt huh?" Kakyoin asked.

The others looked up at him. "What do you mean?" Joseph asked him.

"The flesh bud was planted in my brain three months ago," Kakyoin answered. "My family and I were on vacation in Egypt. While we were at the Nile River, I met Dio."

"You were also in Egypt?" Avdol asked.

"Are your parents alright?" Ben asked, fearing the worst.
"They're fine," Kakyoin told him. "When do you leave? I want to join you!"

"You do?" Ben asked. Avdol and Joseph looked pleased to hear this.

"Go with us?" Jotaro asked. "Why would you?"

Kakyoin smiled. "'Why?' To tell you the truth, why I want to suddenly go with you…I don't know."

It took Ben a moment to realize that Kakyoin was using the same answer Jotaro had given him the other day. Jotaro scoffed and looked to the side, also getting what Kakyoin was saying.

"I guess it's because you brought me to my senses," Kakyoin tapped his forehead for emphasis. "That's all."

Content with that answer, Joseph walked over to Holly and knelt beside her. "Holly," He said to her quietly. "We'll save you, no matter what." He smiled. "Don't worry. We'll make you better." He lightly caressed his daughter's face. "Just take it easy."

"Jojo's mother, Ms. Holly, is a woman who can calm the hearts of others," Kakyoin said softly. "People feel easier around her. This may sound awkward but if I were to fall in love, I'd like it to be with someone like her. I would give my all to protect her. And I would want to always see her warm, happy smile."

Ben couldn't help smiling at Kakyoin's words. He did have a point; Ms. Holly was such a sweet and caring woman. She didn't deserve what Dio was forcing onto her.

Joseph looked over at the others. "We're wasting time! We leave now!"

. . .

After Joseph made a call, several cars arrived at the Kujo house. Ben watched with Jotaro and Kakyoin from outside as several men in suits got out and went into the house to retrieve Holly.

"These men are trustworthy doctors from the Speedwagon Foundation," Joseph explained, stepped outside with Avdol, wearing his coat and holding his fedora with a suitcase. "They'll watch Holly around the clock."

Avdol approached them. "Jojo, Ben. Before we leave, I shall name your Stands for you."

"Name it?" Jotaro asked.

"You want to name ours?" Ben scratched the back of his head. "I don't know. I usually name my own guys."

"Go for it, Ben," Joseph encouraged. "It was thanks to Avdol that I learned my Stand's name: Hermit Purple!"

"How are you going to name them?" Jotaro asked. In response, Avdol produced a deck of cards from his sleeve. "Using the cards of fate, the Tarot." Oh, Ben was definitely certain Gwen would love this. "Blindly chose a card and it shall be decided!" He started shuffling the cards. "This will suggest your fate, as well as your Stand's power." He held the deck out.

Jotaro went first, picking a card at the top of the deck. Avdol looked at it. "The Star card!" Jotaro turned it over to reveal the image of a smokey figure underneath a large star. So I shall name your Stand…Star Platinum!" He held the deck out to Ben next. "Your turn."

Ben was still a little uncertain about all of this but part of him actually wanted to give this a try. He wondered what it would be like for someone else to name one of his guys instead. He drew a card from the deck and held it out to Avdol.

"Ooooh. How interesting. The Ace of Wands from the Minor Arcana."

"Ace of Wands?" Ben turned the card over. It had the image of a hand holding a large stick.

"The Ace of Wands represents creativity, enthusiasm, confidence, and courage," Avdol elaborated. "All these things I have seen in you despite the brief time I have known you. And so, I shall call your Stand…Emerald Ace!"

"Emerald Ace," Ben mulled the name over. It was different compared to the names he normally used but, he had to admit, Emerald Ace was a pretty sweet sounding name on its own.

Jotaro Kujo

Stand name: Star Platinum!

Power: Superhuman strength and precision!

Joseph Joestar

Stand name Hermit Purple!

Power: Spirit Photographs!

Mohammed Avdol

Stand name: Magician's Red!

Power: Flame and heat!

Noriaki Kakyoin

Stand name: Hierophant Green!

Power: Long distance and Emerald Splash!

Ben Tennyson

Stand name: Emerald Ace!

Power: Ultimatrix and fusions!

"Alright!" Joseph said. "We're off!" All five Stand Users stood together, ready to head to Egypt, defeat Dio, and end his curse once and for all.

"Let's go!"


Good day, everybody! I hope you all enjoyed this one-shot and might I say, what a one-shot it is! I'll be honest everyone, I was not expecting it to be as long as it turned out. But, there were a lot of things I wanted to cover. So there you have, the first one-shot of my ideas for Ben 10/JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I would also like to thank Vandenbz for his editing and proofreading.

These stories are going to cover Ben as he travels from Part 3 all the way to Part 6, with my own twists on things.

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So watch as Ben joins the Stardust Crusaders, learns that Diamond is Unbreakble, feels the Vento Aureo, and travels through the Stone Ocean.

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"A tokyo ghoul one piece animorphs crossover

Here is the setting

It is the world of one piece with ghouls from tokyo ghoul living in it

And this world exist in the animorphs universe, in other words instead of the animorphs earth existing, this version of the one piece world where ghouls exist

Takes up the spot where the animorphs earth should

So to sum it up animorphs space with animorphs aliens, one piece earth with ghouls

The plot

The plot begins at the return to saboady arc when the straw hats reunite after the timeskip

And there is one OC straw hat the writer has to make up, this OC straw hat must be a ghoul (a ghoul with an ukaku kagune to be exact)

The oc straw hat ghoul's name and gender are up to the writer but said character must have an ukaku kagune and have a devil fruit (the writer can come up with any kind of original devil fruit they want to give the OC)

Now the OC can either have been part of the crew pre timeskip or luffy meets him/ her when he (Luffy) returns to Saboady and asks him/her to join his crew (that sounds like luffy)

Anyways the straw hat crew reunite with the OC ghoul straw hat member and they set sail to Fishman island

Once they arrive on Fishman island under the sea they meet Aximili in the remains of his andalite domeship

They learn about the yeerks and how the yeerks are planning on infesting devil fruit users

Aximili gets a human morph by aquiring the DNA of Franky, Sanji and Brook (ending up looking like a combination between Brook when he was alive, Franky and Sanji in his human morph) and his morph being as strong as the three combined

Aximili can not aquire devil fruit powers by morphing, I put this rule in place so that visser 3 can't do it either

However that doesn't stop the yeerks from infesting devil fruit users and experimenting on them in an attempt to find out how they work

Now only creatures native to earth can use haki, there are no aliens that can use haki

So Aximili will only gain haki when he aquires his human morph from Brook, Franky and Sanji

So anyways the story is suppossed to show how ghouls are treated by the world government (which I'm betting is NOT good considering how harsh the world government can be)

And to show the straw hats with Aximili as a new crew member jouneying through the new world while fighting the yeerks

And of course to show what Aximili, the other andalites and the yeerks think of devil fruits and of earth and all its strangeness."

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