Lucy's pov (child)

"mummy what is happening where am i going" i sobed in my mum's lap, " away from this house honey hear is 2,000,000 jeawls please use this money wisely baby i love you so much" mummy cried as well " i love you to but what is happening i dont want to leave" i cried louder unknowingly makeing it harder for my mom,"you will meet a dragon in in the forest and she will be your new mummy" mummy sobbed "but mummy aren't you comming with me please say yes" i sobed into her skirt ,"no darling now hurry while your fafther is not home" she cried "okay mummy" i said as i realised that she wanted me away from my father i sniffeled trying not to cry i did what my mum had said i maneged to make a quick shelter in the forest as i was unrolling my sleeping bag i saw my mums golden keys of the zodiac i could not believe my eyes i put them in my powch with my over key and thought i would Go into town to get food since i was hungry so i went to go but i heard a huge rumbling sound coming from the bushes i was terrified till i saw it was a dragon and mummy had told me i was going to meet a dragon then the dragon started to speak to me, "why are you in the woods little one this late at night", she asked with such a careng voice i didn't know what to say " my mum said i will meet a dragon in the forist do you know my mummy she said you will be my new mummy just" as i finished what i was saying the dragon spoke "is your name Lucy heatfillea sweetie" i just noded "well lucy my name is Celeste and i will train to to be a dragon slayer"she spoke her voice filled with kindness, then i thought wasn't Celeste a dragon .

2 years later

"good morning mum" i said still half asleep "morning darling did you sleep okay" mum said "yes mummy i slept fine"i repled good now sweetheart show me your roar lets see how powerful it is" Celeste asked me "okay but mum are we going to leran a new skill today " i asked hopefully, "yes now show me your roar then i can teach you something new" Celeste told me "alright mum celestial dragons roar"i yelled "that was excellent Lucy now time for breakfast then the new skill"Celeste said, "alright i can't wait for the new skill wait what is for breakfast i am hungry"i asked "silly child we have to catch it first" she chuckled "yeah" that was all i said.

after breakfast

"okay lucy let you magic flow through your body shut your eyes and imagine dragon like scales all over your body now consentrate open your eyes" mum instracted "hay mum i have scales like you all over my body this is so cool" i said 'isn't it baby they are stronger then steel and even igneel's roar cant brake through them haha"Mum chucled "mum who is igneel"i asked in a cureossaty "he is the fire dragon of the devine dragon council"mum added "oh cool I want to be strong like you" i yelled "you will one day child and your strength will rivle your father's you just cant use his magic unless you are in a huge emergency got it" mum said with a slightly serious look "yes Mummy can we practice some more i want to practice my star dress" i said to lighten the mood "okay then let's get cracking" mum awnsed "yes ma'am open gate of the grab cancer now cancer star dress okay cancer lets train.

4 Hours later

"well done lucy you really have a strong bond with your spirits they really love you" she said happy "really mum you think well i love them to" i said as i was smiling "i know you can really tell now lucy lets train your senses to be as good as possible now shut your eyes and try and hear my thoughts" mum comanded "yes mum you are thinking about how powerful i am and that you are going to miss me when i train with dad for a year" i saidhalf heatedly "that is right darling and Don't let dad find out you can't use his magic out of training unless it is life or death matter" she warned me "yes mum i will"i awnsed

2 mouths later

"morning daddy how are you" i said half asleep "fine sweet heart what about you are you hungry" he replied "i am starving i don't remember eating dinner because of training last night" i said "let's not tell your mother that" he said slightly nervous "good idea what are we learning today" i asked "we will be learning how to do apocalypse dragon roar and practice your dragon transformation" he replied "which will be celestial i get on better with that Magic ther is no kick back" i said "do not let your mother know this but i know she told you not to use the magic i teach you out side of training unless its a life or death battle " how did you know"I asked shocked "i hyjacked your telepathic conversion you had with your mum before you left to train" he added "that explains so much as why you are okay with me using celestial dragon slayer magic when hunting"i said " yeah pretty much i know my magic is Dangerous to use so don't worry about it to much " dad said "now do as i say it is very similar to your celestial dragon roar but with apocalypse dragon magic" dad said " okay apocalypse dragon roar" that was esay "that was great darling" he said 'i am going to go train with my spirits before lunch is that okay"i said pleases say yes " yes you can you don't have to ask me Lucy you know that" dad reminded me"i always forget see you at lunch daddy wait daddy are ther other slayers like me" i asked "yes sweetheart i dont know much you should asked your mum about it when she comes and lives with us so we can both teach you" he answered me " really i can't wait"i yelled

5 years later

As i woke up i could not smell mum or dad it was like they was never hear which is strange at first I thought they had went out hunting but soon dismissed the idea so i woke up Stella (she is my best friend and a exceed) in a panic and told her i can't find Celeste i was in such such a panic stella of course brought me down to earthland and monand at me to calm down "i will help you look for her" thanks Stella we look for two days straight and could not find them "what happened to never leaving me you two made Stella cry"i yelled at the sky with a sobing exceed behind me. what me and Stella didn't know was that was the start of our Adventure.

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