phantom lord robot guild random room Gajeel's P.O.V

"gajeel stop master said that you can't kill her" someone yelled at me "i dont give a shit and i can just blame you anyway she is still alive see" i yelled back to them and i kick her stomach and she screamed "god i cant believe that you are said to be some powerful mage you are not you are just a patheticly weak mage "i yelled down at her "t-tsk take the restants of and i will show you power you are so lucky that my boyfriend is not here ,oh never mind i am wong he is here and he is mad and i am in restants as i really want to pond your face into the groud and revenge levy and her team you phantom scrum" she coughed "i don't believe that you have a boyfriend why would anyone want to date someone so pathetic as you an you will not avenge any one as you are a weak little girl" i mocked her "big mistake natsu i am in here help me" she yells "gajeel what are we going to do salmander is coming" someone said scarerd "Lucy we are coming" i heard salamander yell "great one more dragon is added to the party who will win" i said mockingly "stella can you and happy find a way to take of lucys magic restants" he yells ignoring me " looking for this" i laughed holding the key this is going to be fun "Stella you know what to do" salamander said to the golden haired girl (stella is still in her human form) "of course i do natsu max speed" the girl yelled as she flew past me at lighting speed and grabed the key "stella" was all that the heartfilia girl said " you hurt my girlfriend you are going to pay" salamander said with a dark arura surrounding him "oh really now i think you are the one who will pay for destroying part of the guild" i sneered at him "stella is lucy alright he yelled to the two girls an blue exeed "i am fine natsu and thanks stella for taking of these restraints i need to put this iron dragon in his place and show him that if you harm a dragons family you will not go unpunished " she said really angry " oh i love it when she talks like that" salamander added "you two make me sick now lets fight "i said fake puking

natsus P.O.V

"you two make me sick now lets fight " gajeel said fake puking "fire dragons wing attack" i yelled attacking him "celestial dragons shooting star"lucy yelled and out of her hand came stars that worked like ninja stars "wow i under estermated you girly but you will still lose "gajeel added smerking "iron dragons club" iron face yelled "celestial, fire dragons wing attack" me and Lucy both chanted in unison and are magic merged together and created a usion raid the most important thing is that it hit gajeel "okay blondie i know see that you are not weak and i might actually have to try to beat you" piercings said in a mocking tone " ahh but it looks like i might not i can see you are already panting after just one attack but no now the smoke has cleared is you iron scales oh well two can play that game" Lucy said as golden scals begain to appear all over her body "what how"gajeel asked shocked "you see my punches will hurt more then yours as my dragon trained me wearing these scales they are the strength of titanium but it weighs nothing" lucy said smugly.

Lucy's P.O.V

"you see my punches will hurt more then yours as my dragon trained me wearing these scales they are the strength of titanium but it weighs nothing" I said smugly Gajeel was now officially pissed of i heard him mumble something about his master lying about me "how are you so powerful i was told you were a weak celestial spirit mage"Gajeel yelled pissed off "you intell is wrong Lucy is one of the most powerful wizards i know" natsu smirked "oh thanks babe now lets so him the power of fairy tail"i thanked natsu "you fairys will never beat me" gajeel sneed " why is it that our enamy alwas says that yet we all was beat them" i said to natsu " i don't know luce i guss they ate delusional" he replied "celestial dragon wing attack" i yelled running at Gajeel "fire dragon wing attack" Natsu yelled and ran after me then it struck me i have a plan ('natsu it is me Lucy i have a plan as soon as i go to attack you attack straight after dont give him a chance to regain magic or attack got it' i told him via a telapathic link 'sure luce your stageas are always great' he awnsered 'geat Now let beat this jerk' i said ending the link) "iron dragon.." Gajeel started to say "celestial dragons cosmic impact" i yellled interupting and shoting a ray of puple, blue and gold light at him "fire dragons roar" natsu yelled straight after and we made a giant hole in the wall and i couls tell that we were all a bit tires now then Gajeel strated to eat iron then i remembered a new zodiac key that was sagittarius the acher "opene cate of the acher Sagittarius" i yelled swinging his key in the air "yes you called" Sagittarius said as he appeared "Sagittarius can you shoot a fire arrow oh and can we do the contract later" i asked panting "neigh i can not shoot fire arrows and i have heard of you kindness from you spirts and i have bought you some celestial roocks as you seem low on energy" he said while handing me the roocks and i poped a few in my mouth"thanks Sagittarius"i thanked him and bowed "lucy i will protect you" natsu yelled "natsu i will fight by you Side i am not letting you fight on your own" i yelled back at him "fire dragon's wing attack" Natsu yelled "iron dragons iron fist" Gajeel attacked back "celestial dragons roar" i attacked Gajeel "i see the has been some kind of misunderstanding when you asked i could produce fire i said no" Sagittarius said out of nowere in honesty i forgot he was hear "okay Sagittarius go on" i awnsered "However i can obtain it now watch" Sagittarius said as he shot an arrow at a machine and the arrow went though steel and set the machine on fire "thanks Sagittarius you can go back now" i said to him in a thankful tone "thanks for the meal luce i needed it " Natsu thanked me "so natsu a usion raid to finish this barsted of" i said ready to go " i am all fired up" was al that natsu replied "celestial,fire dragons unison raid cosmic fire " me snd natsu both yelled and held hands i felt a small blush apper on my face and once all the dust disappeared Gajeel was on the floor not getting up and me and natsu felt weak "natsu we did it" i said to natsu "yeah we did luce now reast" natsu replied "oh hey gajeel did your dragon disappear on 7/7/777"i asked " yes now piss off "Gajeel awnsered me "Stella, happy can you come get us" i asked them noticing that stella truned back into a cat "sure lu" Stella replied "don't talk to my girlfriend like that" natsu yelled as we were leaving.

Erza's P.O.V

"erza don't tell me you fought in your condition" mira yelled "sorry guys i didn't want you to see me in this pitifull state" i laughed weakly "i dread what lucy will think when she finds out"gray said and shivered i too was a bit worried "guys this sensation it ia so un-manly" elfman yelled as we all felt an evil magic fill tge room this magic i hope lucy is not on this floor "you have been very entertaining who whoud have thought "phantoms guild master said "master jose" i added my voice laced with venom "how is his magic so evil it is making me fill physically sick" mira said to elfman covering her mouth "guys get away now" i yelled as jose was about to attack "tittana you would be an interesting opponent if you all ready wasn't so injured from the Jupiter cannon" jose mocked me "hevans wheel armour" i changed and my armour appeared (A couple pf attacks later) "jose you foolish man you have hurt inercent people and force some to relive there personal hells and that is not acceptable" master said furious "master you shouldn't be here in you condition" i yelled to him but he did not listen " as fairy tail law states i have to give you to the count of three" master yelled transforming in his giant form "you think you sacre me old man you are dead Wrong" jose snered at master " now kneel one" master bellowed "what is this light it is warm and comforting" gray asked elfman "two" master yelled " the light is from master" mira awnsed "three" master bellowed " this light is so loving " i said out loud "fairy law"master yelled slaming both of his hands together and soon an explosion engulfed jose and when the smoke cleared jose had fainted "we won weneat phantom " gray yelled " now master,erza why are you not resting" i heard lucys voice ' oh shit was all i thought " sorry lucy but i couldn't not fight after all i am a fairy tail mage" i said macking up an excuse "yeah sure as soon as we get a temporary guild hall set up you and all the others are resting an healing" lucy said shivering slightly at the amount of healing she is going to have to do but that is for another day

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