hello this is an SI based off my other story called 'I woke up a faunas' and this is basically a reply to one of my reviewers who said that the story would do better is it was a reincarnation fic so well here it is

WARNING: first chapter is dark but for plot reasons this was done on purpose, so don't expect all future chapters to be this dark, some of them yes others no

disclaimer: I don't RWBY that is the property of rooster teeth and Monty Oum RIP

Chapter 1 the birth of the faunas….kid person thing

I stared blankly at the screen of my ipad as I had slight flashbacks to when jaune was well losing his shit when pyrrha pushed him into a locker and sent him away and well just watching him in volume 4 as he practice his swings while he watched a digitized video of his partner.

Honestly laying here I couldn't help but sigh out of annoyance of this action seeing as jaune was well coping well it was annoying as ruby could have no sorry she should have out right helped him well cope you know like how yang decide to help blake with her problems showing yang to be more than just a one dimensional character that was only in beacon for the heck of it as she had a very interesting goal to find her mother.

Honestly it was one of the most interesting and heart pounding moments of character development I well have seen in a while

But then again I didn't exactly have the same mind set when the actual episode came out

None the less watching jaune well suffer as ruby think she shouldnt interfere was something Id like to call a mistake as jaune was essentially isolating himself away from his friends, his teammates as he thought that he was the only one that missed his beloved friend and teammate

"sigh fuck this" I muttered to myself seeing the time as it was around about 11:38pm I decided it was time for me to just go to sleep

So with putting my ipad on charge I pulled my blanket over myself and just decided to think how would I well react or deal with jaunes sadness and or well help him get through his depression and by doing that I had to for a minute or so see jaune as not a 2 dimensional character but an actual person

Which wasn't hard if you had the imagination to do and well I had an extensive imagination to think about jaunes reactions as I thought about him more and more as a human

And well even as I did I just couldn't see myself as person for him to well lean on, which was strange considering I usually did it quite a bit during the day

But turned out tonight just wasn't my night

"sigh screw it I'm going to bed" I muttered as I gave up trying to imagine myself helping jaune or anyone no matter how much I didn't like it I had to try if I wanted my sleep.

But suddenly I kinda felt my blanket starting to shrink

'ah what the hell?' I questioned as it my blanket got smaller and smaller and suddenly everything felt slimy

'What the hell!?' I questioned louder as the slime seemed to get everywhere and everything started to get gross

I tried opening my eyes but for some reason I just couldn't, I felt like my eyes were clenched tight and I didn't like it

Hell I fucking hated it, I tried moving the blanket off but some reason it just wouldnt move

And this is when I started to actually freak the hell out as I tried to move my arms and legs around trying to find some kind of grip so I could pull myself out of this literally hell hole!

Suddenly I felt some grab onto my legs and I well I didn't like it as that thing started to pull me backwards

'stop it let go of me!' I yelled in my head as I continued to be pulled further and further as I felt something cold hit me at my legs and I couldn't help but let out wail of suddenness

'JESUS FUCKING CHRIST ITS FUCKING COLD! AM I IN THE ARTIC CIRCLE OR SOME SHIT!?' I screamed as I was continued to be pulled further and further until suddenly the sudden darkness turn into light as i no longer felt my blanket squeezing around me, but fucking hell it was still cold so I couldn't help but just yell as it was so damn cold

Fuck sakes its cold

Suddenly I felt that thing that was pulling me hold me suddenly shift me around as I suddenly found myself being dragged up and down from side to side as it seemed to make me even colder

'the hell is going on!?' I yelled in my head as the dragging seemed to lesson as I felt that thing hand me off to another thing and then suddenly I felt myself being wrapped up

Wait hold on why would that thing wrap me up unless…oh no

No no no no no no no no no t-this m-must be a dream

This must be a dream, no this has to be a fucking dream

I did not just-I better not have…oh my god I did, I just fucking did didn't I?

Suddenly thats when my eyes actually started to adjust to the light and suddenly I found myself staring, staring directly into the face of a beautiful woman, with long brown hair as she had bright blue eyes and had the face that instantly just reminded me of my mother if it wasn't for th fact she had fox ears on her head I mean.

Oh fuck me side ways and call me an Australian cunt I did!

I just went through child birth!


And I remembered ever second of it!



5 years later

Its official I hate being 5

I remembered loving being the naive child when I was well a kid but thanks to a certain ahem physical aspect or should I say "aspects" everything was well harder

As being a 5 year old you would expect me not to understand certain underhanded comments that would confuse kids my age I on the other hand found them both degrading annoying and at times well hurtful

Yep thats right I found being called an animal multiple times hurtful and it wasn't because I had 1 animal feature

But 2 of them

Thats right I have 2 animalistic features that include a fox tail and fox ears, a real fucking how do you do if I say so myself

I mean back in my previous world I was bullied allot there but here well it appeared that this type of bulling was turned up to 10 and up as I was basically shunned by my fellow 5 year olds, tripped up by some of the adults who seemed to hate me more than your average faunas and again I found a stone hitting me in the back of the head

If it wasn't for my well more mature mental mentality I would have lost it

I would have found the darkest hole in the area and just dump myself there for eternity, never to see the light again not if I could ever help it

But thankfully I didn't because it looked like to my dear mother she needed the moral support to keep going as it looked like I wasn't the only one getting the worst of it

And I couldn't do anything but watch as the bullying and haressing got worse and in the end…..I ran away from it all

Thats right at the age of 5 I decided I had enough with it all and I decided out of being a selfish little kid that I'd just runaway

Some how everything blake said in rwby made more sense about how faunas was treated badly and I finally understood what it meant, before I would watch and feel almost nothing as she recited back and forth about how oppressed faunas were and how badly it was getting.

And when that happened I kinda just stopped running away and remembered that there wasn't just me in this life that was having it hard, but also my mother

So I ran back home and well turned out the neighborhood had enough of the dirty animals living across the street and well when I came home

I came home to fire everything on fire

And inside was my mother

My own flesh and blood mother who was having it just as worse as me and she was inside that burning home

That night I ran away again from that neighborhood and hid in an alley way hiding behind a dumpster and when I was sure I was 100% alone I finally let it out, everything I felt every single ounce of sadness and regret I had ever had in my life as it appeared my life was really falling apart around from me

And that was why I hated being 5


2 weeks later

I stumbled along the sidewalk tired, hungry, filthy and just done with living

I felt my tail drag along the cold concrete footpath as I was once again to tired to pick it up, my body slumped forwards as I carried on walking and walking through the dark streets wondering what was next?

If I joined the white fang I'd be taken care of but then I'd have to go through the bullshit of being trained to kill people and no matter how much I hated how my mother died I refused to even harm a single person unless they deserved it

As I've already learnt not everyone in the world is evil or bad.

Then there was the orphanages…yeah no not with my animal parts, they'd just throw me out for being even more of a freak or the kids would decided to bully the shit out of me

"sigh looks like I'm being homeless forever" I muttered as I suddenly heard and felt my stomach gurgle as I groaned in pain

"aaaaaah shut up and leave me alone already" I groaned as it just continued to gurgle

Even though I was too tired to punch my stomach right I wasn't dumb enough not to know I needed something to eat and by the way I'm going I wasn't going to last until I got something to eat

And during the night finding something to eat was easy if you looked in the right place


"elgh this damn thing smells so bad" I said in disgust as I dug my way through the large pile of garbage searching for substance

Yep thats right I have now resorted to dumpster diving

Literally the lowest point of my life

And it could only get worse from here

Sighing in disappointment and finally having enough of smelling the trash I threw myself out of the dumpster and sighed

"not even a cheese burger, god damn it" I said slightly punching the dumpster

"hmmmm what do I have here?" I suddenly heard as I froze uh oh

Turning around my eyes widened as I found myself looking an obviously taller man as he seemed to have the look of a serial killer/pedophille

"my my my whats this a little faunas is out and about ey, hmmm why arent you home in your nice cozy bed with your mommy and daddy protecting you?" the man said as the shadow's seemed to wrap around the mans entire body hiding him completely which was weird since I was a faunas and I can see in the dark.

"unless oh my did you run away oh no no no that cant be good" the man said in a very fake and obvious sweet toned voice

"no of course not your too….filthy" the man said as his tone turned very creepy

"no you're an orphan on the run hmmmm well now thats interesting how about you come with me child and maybe I could clean you up a little" the man said as he took a step forwards and I instinctively stepped back

"oh now no need to be scared let papa help you" the man said as he leaned forwards as I quickly turn and ran fuck that fuck that fuck that fuck that!

Suddenly before I even managed to make it out alley way I felt my tail was grabbed and pulled tripping me up onto the ground

"oh and where do you think your going?" the man said as I was suddenly pulled up by my tail making yelp in pain as his grip around on my tail tightened while I dangle there in pain

It was like someone was hold you by hair and ten times worse

"aaaaaargh!" I yelled in pain as the man laughed in glee

"yes yes scream and squirm its not fun unless theres a bit of Resistance!" the man yelled as I couldn't help but yell more in pain

'Damn it damn it damn it not this again why the hell did this have to happen to me!?' I shouted in my head as I wanted to know why did everything had to no needed to hate me!

What the hell have I ever don't to deserve all this fucking bullshit god damn it

And once again I couldn't do anything to stop it, nothing at all fuck sakes

"alright thats enough" I heard a voice said as the man stopped laughing

"huh and who are you to be stopping me from having my-GUH!" suddenly I found myself falling and hitting the ground with a thud

"shut up you piece of shit" I heard the voice said as there was crack that made me flinch and the man yelled in pain

"aaaaah the hell is your fucking problem!?" the man shouted as I heard another crack and yell and then suddenly silence

Feeling scared I slowly rolled myself around and watched as another man stand over me but then slowly crouched down

"sh sh its alright the bad man is not going to hurt you anymore" I heard the man said as I slowly flinched as his hand came down and touched my arm

Nothing happened or nothing was going to happen, that much I knew but the image of nearly being raped was really really fresh to the mind

But slowly I I stopped flinching and let the man slowly pick me up and hold me as he said soothing comments to calm me down, somethings that instantly remind me about times when I used to do the same thing with my little baby nephew, fuck I miss me and everyone else

Slowly my eyes closed as I felt my self get more comfortable in the mans arms and I was lulled to sleep

I still hated being 5 but I think life is going to get better from now on

I hope

Chapter 1 end

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