Overlord: The Exile

When the player that Touch Me ran off from Nines Own Goal finds himself in the new world; he goes off to learn of the New World he finds himself in. Friendships and alliances will flourish, but will old animosities cause a potentially world ending clash of powers? What of the kingdoms that inhabit the continent?

Prologue: Separated in a New World

"Artorias! You know we could've met at the Castle of Pendragon one last time instead of in front of my personal dungeon right?"

The man talking with a beautiful dragoness teased with a smile. The humanoid female dragon laughed right along side him. She had soft brunette hair that was held in a pony tail that began at the nape of her neck and flowed down to her lower back. A slender tail began at the small of her back and ended with symmetrical fin-like prongs at its tip. Her wrists and ankles as well as her face and neck bore scales instead of skin and were a stark black. So too was her tail covered in them. Her eyes glowed around the irises in bright blue though the irises themselves were emerald green like jewels in a box.

Eschewing her armor and weapons, she wore a regal set of clothes that were the sign of her status as guild leader, deemed Queen by all the members. It was simple, yet elegant and courtly, yet functional. She tapped her closest friend and confidant on the nose with an index finger, though she had to stand on her tip toes to do so. A mischievous smile crossed her face.

"Hahah! Yes we could have, but those that could make it today on the last day of the servers said that we wanted to make it a two part moment. First half of the day here and then the final part at the castle. Though can I help it if I want to share a bit of the final day of YGGDRASIL with my IRL husband in game?"

Now it was his turn to laugh as he shot her an amused emoji. He had gotten her into the DMMO-RPG YGGDRASIL shortly after they had married IRL. She had loved the world's environments and freedom of creation. Hilariously, she had turned into a great player too and soon with many friends that joined them, formed her own guild. He had not joined due to already belonging to one. Though it hadn't been a guild officially at the time, but a clan. Nine's Own Goal; that had been led by Touch Me. Though after several more players had joined the clan, the wear had begun to show and during one disagreement, it had become so heated that he and Touch Me had nearly come to blows in a serious argument.

Not wanting to be the one who would shatter the peace of the clan, he had patched things over with Touch Me in private and them formally withdrew from the clan. He hadn't immediately joined her guild either, preferring to solo play for a while and find himself a new home, which came to be his personal dungeon. It hadn't been easy to clear even as a level 100, but he'd managed and been richly rewarded in return.

His private home in the world of YGGDRASIL was a dragon lair meant for a level 85 Wyrm and its brood. Clearing it had taken him three weeks, one really brutal death, and finally calling his wife to assist in the last boss, but now he had a dungeon home that had registered as a Grand Fortress.

Honestly, I never thought that this lair would be that big and give me such a huge place, but it's been great.

He'd gained a Six Floor layout and 1000 Levels to distribute among custom NPCs and he'd broken down and spent cash on improving it further to 1500 NPC levels. Knowing that he couldn't possibly manage it all on his own, he registered the officers of Artorias's guild and the Queen herself as permanent guests with privileges except for administrative ones and extravagant guest rooms for each of them as compensation.

"It's the perfect picnic getaway for the guild! You can see our castle from the entrance. It's like you're a guardian dragon for your wife!"

He laughed heartily at the memory of Mordred's comment about his dungeon's location. From the mountain side entrance you could see the Crystal Castle of Pendragon for the guild: Avalon. Ever since then the guild had used his proverbial front door as a meeting point for raids and other guild activities if he was participating.

"Thanks Artorias. This has been a great run for us I'm sad to see it end, but I'll never forget this game and all it's experiences good and bad."

Artorias nodded.

"You're right my love. Though, Mordred, Gareth, and Lancelot should be here by now . . ."

He frowned.

"Only three of them? I know that we all had that therapy session back at the Veteran's Association meeting, but only three of the twelve?"

They had all loved mythology, especially the Arthurian legends. As a result, when twelve of their associates and comrades from their real world lives had gotten into the game, it had spiraled from there. When he had finally joined, they declared him the Whispered Thirteenth Knight of the Round and the "Shadow of the Queen".

The other thing was that most of them were military veterans from various nations.

Sure enough, three voices met their ears and they turned to see their friends jogging in their direction. Two men and one woman joined them at the entrance of his lair. They all wore their guild's ceremonial dress uniform. Styled to appear like swallowtail coats with knee high greaves and dress gloves with vest and dress shirt and tie. Each of them carried a sword on them, though this was not their personalized gear.

"Hey, you three made it!" Artorias called out to them as she began to jog to meet them halfway.

They had all not only become a good guild, but a known group that role played the legends of King Arthur and other fantasy legends as well.

Guess it's time to wind down to the end of the servers . . . He smirked as he remembered all the time he'd invested into the game. Time to end the legacy so to speak . . .

He was proud to have been a part of Avalon, even as a pseudo-member and not official. They were famous for being one of the smallest guilds member numbers-wise, but utterly powerful - ranking 15th out of thousands. They had assembled and managed to defeat two World Class Enemies by themselves, though not without taking a beating, a lot of catch up leveling had happened for many of them as a result but the satisfaction of the achievements had been far more than worth it. Due to the events of the second World Enemy they had triumphed over; he had gained a secret class due to his Racial and Class selections and levels. It was something that he had guarded with his friends ever since given the ultra aggressive information war that happened over that kind of in game unlocks over the net and forums.

Why wasn't he a member of Avalon? The Game Rules. A guild could only ever possess a single dungeon HQ and if they wanted another one that they had found, then they were required to relinquish the rights to the one they currently owned. Due to his race, he felt that he should have a lair. As such, he remained his own, single man guild. Some of his friends called him selfish, but then again, when the role play topic came up, it made more sense to them.

He was an elite race: Dragon Ascendant. A True Blooded dragon that could switch between a human form and a devastating dragon form. Granted there were some crazy penalties to go with it, but the pros far outstripped the cons if you were smart. Fortunately for the majority of YGGDRASIL, not many wanted to play the powerful - some would say overpowered - race due to those cons.

"All dragons should have a lair and a treasure horde right? I can't do that with joining another guild that has a Headquarters already. You guys just make me a permanent guest and I'll do the same for you guys in the lair. Rooms and everything!"

They had all had different responses, from amused laughter to frustration, but they had all agreed with him in the end. And having the extra benefits of guesting with a guild HQ was nice for extra storage and other perks.

They had all taken the time to leisurely walk the halls of the Crystal Castle Pendragon, taking in the scenery and sharing fond memories. Lancelot had gained victory in the PvP arenas and had become the 9th and final World Champion Class Warrior. He personally hadn't entered that last tournament mainly because Lancelot knew his class and race and held a distinct advantage with his equipment and their equal levels. Mordred had garnered a reputation as a PvP monster rivaling Lancelot. Gareth, the only other woman of the guild was known for being the generous and beautiful Knight of the Round who helped new players adjust to the game and got them on their way to enjoying everything YGGDRASIL had to offer.

They'd held a last grand feast for the people (their NPCs).

It was a heck of a time for their last day online. They'd thanked their NPCs for their service, used about a quarter of their collective wealth to do one last upgrade to Avalon and his own dungeon lair and NPCs.

With the last five minutes left before the servers shut down forever, they all agreed to return to their private chambers for one last moment to reflect. This meant that he returned to his lair and rallied his NPC guardians. With all of them before him, he remembered one that he hadn't tended to for some time. He had a mixture of NPCs race and class wise, but everyone has their favorites. The sister assassins were a favorite of his and his wife had teased him about treating them more like daughters than NPCs. Not that her teasing had been malicious. They were in a way like children to them. Yet the one he had forgotten weighed heavily on his mind and he sought to see to it one last time.

[Message] Hey Artorias, I'm going to go back to the Tomb and check in on my first NPC. See you back home IRL.

He got a smiley emoji as an answer message.

"Akame, Kurome, follow me. Party up." He gave the command and they appeared in the edge of his vision as party members. The two bowed in sync and fell into a guard formation, two on either side of him.

"Now to see . . . oh crap, the time!"

The clock display read: 11:59:56 . . . 57 . . . 58 . . . 59 . . . 00:00:00 . . .

01 . . . 02 . . . 03 . . .

What? . . . What? Wait . . . did they change something?

"Lord Draconis? Is something troubling you?"

He looked back and to his right in surprise to see Kurome tilting her head to the side in confusion and concern.

"Indeed my lord, something has you troubled. If you could share it, we would do what we can to help you."

Continuing to turn around to look at Akame, who held a sincere expression that showed her own concern for his well being.

They're . . . they're talking?! Showing expressions . . . that isn't part of YGGDRASIL.

Akame and Kurome glanced at each other at his silence. Realizing that they were actually waiting for him to respond to them, he shook his head.

"Yes, but I want to confirm some things before I make any drastic conclusions. Follow me outside."

The two nodded and fell back into step with him as he proceeded to the exit. His mind started racing at a rapid pace as they closed the distance to the entrance.

I can feel the ground beneath my feet even better than before. I can feel the cool air of the cave tunnel entrance. I can smell . . .smell! That wasn't part of YGGDRASIL. Akame and Kurome are talking and making expressions, answering oblique orders even! If I assume the other NPCs in my dungeon are now the same, then . . .

He quickened his pace and notice that he wasn't breathing hard at all. He hadn't been in this good a condition since he'd been discharged on medical grounds from his service. Exiting his lair's entrance, he gaped as he saw a brilliant sun filled sky. Yet the Crystal Castle was now gone, replaced by a huge lake and miles of lush forest. He also noted that he was on a mountain side and that the forest itself was actually surrounded on all sides by an expansive mountain range. Not a road was in sight. The air was purer than anything he'd inhaled before. A plethora of others scents also filled his sinuses and he was amazed to find himself picking out each one and identifying them.

He tried cycling through his system calls and GM service network options but got nothing positive back. Swallowing in apprehension, he tried to [Message] Artorias and the others. She responded almost immediately and though she was controlling herself, he could hear her underlying panic.

Draconis?! Oh thank god. Where are you? Your cavern, no, the whole mountain overlooking Pendragon Castle is gone. We're somewhere completely different, the NPCs are talking and praising us and in a panic over the sudden changes in scenery! Lancelot and Mordred are out calming the NPCs down and Gareth is working on figuring out what happened, but we're just as panicked and confused!

"Easy Artorias! I'm alright. I'm going through the same kind of shock here. Akame and Kurome are talking to me and I'm getting my bearings. Now stay calm and listen to me. I think we've been . . . well . . . y'know those world transporting shows we watched when we were younger?"

There was silence on the other end for a moment.

I see . . . oh dear . . . gods Draconis, what are we going to do? If the NPCs are alive now then that means that I'm . . . I'm their Queen . . .

He could hear the disbelief in her words. Not that he could blame his wife.

"Listen. See to the protection of Avalon and all those within her walls. If people come to the gates and aren't hostile, trade and barter information but don't compromise Avalon and its people to do so. Go about gleaning as much as you can. Get farming and harvesting going and prepare to dig in for the long haul. You know how those world swapping shows went. Gareth watched them with us, she'll help too. Explain what you can to Lancelot and Mordred. Don't worry about me. I'll make my way around the world and put out feelers for you guys. Play it cautious here. I'll keep in touch as I learn things. We don't know how powerful we are compared to whatever is here. We might be weaker here, though I hope that isn't the case."

When she responded she sounded better grounded, but still slightly shaken.

Okay. I understand. Just be careful for god's sake! Gareth's coming back. I'll talk to you later.

"I got you. Take care of yourself. I love you."

I love you too.

He sighed as he ended the spell. Turning to enter his lair again, he motioned for the sisters to join him. A heavy frown creased his brow as he trudged back toward the first antechamber of the First Floor. As they passed the first set of floor sentries that he'd been granted by the system for dungeon HQ, he motioned for them to stand cautious for intruders. They saluted him with their spears of mythril as they're armor clanked to attention. Golem soldiers much like the Chinese terracotta army of legend with mythril weaponry, mainly spears and swords and no need of armor due to their construct nature. They were level 30 mobs, but he hoped that whatever the power level here was that it couldn't just run them other with ease.

"Akame, please go on ahead and gather the guardians of the lair in the audience chamber. Kurome, please gather my primary gear set."

The two sisters nodded and melded into the shadows. [Shadow Walker], an ability that was a potent passive that allowed them to disappear into shadows - including their own - and reappear out of another set of shadows as set distance away. At the levels that they were, they had a range of 100 meters in all directions.

Unlike the other NPCs of his lair, he had leveled Akame and Kurome via the NPC party up function, allowing NPCs to join in dungeons, pvp, and other activities to earn exp and treasure. It had the penalty of their gains being at a steep 50% gain compared to the player, which when combined with the massive penalty for his person as a Dragon was utterly brutal. Especially considering that he suffered a 65% Exp penalty when earning experience from killing mobs, quest completions, and other events. Yet he'd found it oddly satisfying, fulfilling even. He'd also found that by doing their leveling in this manner, they could gain access to classes normally non selectable if made from allotted levels provided by a dungeon.

In truth, with the exception of their full cloaks, the gear they had was all from treasure hunting and dungeon grinding. By finding most of their gear and gifting it to them, he'd saved a massive amount of revenue rather than relying on his craftsman dwarf NPCs in the lair. Not that he didn't use the dwarves he created, but the costs were exponentially high compared to doing it yourself. Draconis didn't have any creation classes so he didn't really have too much of a choice if one of his friends that did have them wasn't online.

Arriving at his audience chamber, he was happy to see Akame with all of the guardians. Seven in total, each of them level 100. At a glance, he could remember every detail of each of them. From right to left he mentally tallied their attendance.

Luserina: Elven Trailblazer and Sniper

Schwarzer Tod: Human Archmage

Chronos Timetable: Seraph Star Sage and Grandseer

Cecilia von Houten: Human Troubadour and Grandmaster

The Bunny: The Killer No One Suspects

Hazuki: Kitsune Blatt Meister and Master of Arms

Samael: Dragon Blooded Reaver and Commander of the Guardians

Now he knew that all of them were ready to answer his requests and orders, but he saw them as a valued comrades. They all acknowledged his presence in various forms, bows, salutes, curtsies, etc. He smiled openly to all of them. He truly was happy to know that despite the circumstances, he had reliable people with him, not just players, but those they had created as well.

"Thank you all for coming. I know that it is late, but we have an emergency on our hands."

The group nodded and the Seraphim among them stepped forward with a furrowed brow. His voice was soft and melodic, yet firm and masculine.

"Lord Brightblade. I have sensed a change in the stars and even the firmament. The Crystal Castle of your beloved is also been moved. I fear that the world as we knew it is changed . . . nay . . . no more. We've been ripped to another star."

The other guardians looked to Chronos in shock. Akame took her place at Draconis's left as he stood in front of everyone. Luserina nodded despite her surprise. Off to the edge of the chambers a wolf the size of a war horse lounged. His silver fur was armored at certain points and it seemed agitated, but stayed reasonably mannered. Her companion as a her classes allowed was her stalwart partner.

"I thought the air had shifted too suddenly. It's different, yet not necessarily unwelcoming. I should get the hang of the new surroundings relatively quick. You need only ask and I would have our new environment fully plotted out."

Draconis nodded in understanding but held a hand up to forestall her departure.

"When we are done here please do so out to a five mile radius, but wait a moment. There are things to discuss. As Chronos has stated, we are no longer at the same location, nay the same world possibly. Castle Pendragon of our beloved neighbors and allies is no longer near our home. However, Queen Artorias along with three of her Knights of Round have also found themselves along with the castle and its denizens transported here. Where they are exactly is not yet known to them, but the Queen and I have been in contact."

Sighs of what he thought were relief went through all of them but The Bunny. Of course, The Bunny flicked his ears. He was the most frightening of all the guardians because he was too dang cute to be a threat. Then again he had made The Bunny at the - admittedly at the time hilarious - idea to mimic the Monty Python flick that they'd seen as a spoof of Arthurian Legends.

The actual result was a cute murder machine that had sent player raiders of his home fleeing in abject terror. Now that the world was real, at least as far as he could feel and tell, it was a bit bone chilling to know that someone unfortunate would die by the buck teeth of cuteness . . . Draconis shuddered a bit inside.

At least I made sure that it never went after allies, recognized friends, and guests. Unless you count it charming the pants off someone to get petted . . .

The human female politely raised her hand, seeking permission to address everyone. At his nod, she gestured to everyone present. Her emerald green locks swayed gently as she looked around.

"It is a blessing to have any of our allies with us here regardless of the distance. Though it is probably wise to seek out their exact whereabouts to reinforce each other."

Draconis smiled with pride. Data inscribed into custom NPCs dramatically improved many things, including stats and behavior patterns in combat. He had created Cecilia as a mounted mage and healer on horseback who was also a military strategist and tactician. The background for her had been some of the longest written and she was made out to be of noble birth and standing from Avalon's Pendragon Castle. To see them actually speak and give advice that fit their backgrounds filled him with a euphoric sense of accomplishment.

The others made sounds of agreement and her fellow human in the group - Schwarzer Tod spoke up.

"Indeed Cecilia. I don't fault you the suggestion. But who shall we send?" He looked to Draconis as he asked all present. "You have a personal stake as your home is the Queen's Castle, but we all swore our oaths to Master Brightblade first, Avalon second due to his status as the Queen's beloved."

Draconis found himself chuckling good naturedly as he nodded with Tod's assessment.

Now I'm really, REALLY glad we decided to make NPCs with matching stories in Avalon and my Lair. With this situation, having them actually have personal stakes and concerns with each other will make coordinating so much easier.

Cecilia realized her error in planning and bowed slightly to him.

"I apologize my liege. I was over eager to reunite The Lair with Avalon."

"No, no. It's fine Cecilia. Though Tod does raise a valid point. We know little to nothing about this New World and going about blind could be disastrous. After Luserina returns from reconnoitering the surrounding area and reporting, we will decide on how to set about this area. Until then I want the Lair as a whole on their guard, but do not strike anything or anyone unless they enter the Lair and begin their own aggression. Prioritize capture over killing if the assailants are sentient. Knowledge is going to be our prized weapon and greatest weakness for a while."

All the guardians nodded their understanding. Satisfied, Draconis began giving out instructions as Kurome arrived with a pair of dwarves carrying a set of equipment like they were the finest of treasures. In truth, they were. God Tier equipment that was his primary gear set. One of which was actually stronger than all the rest as a World Item.

"Tod and Cecilia, double check The Lair's magic defenses as well as the other denizens here. Hazuki, please check in with the armory and guards to ensure they understand orders. Luserina, you have your orders already. Chronos and Samael, come with me once I gear up. Akame, Kurome, assist Hazuki . . . and thank you Kurome. You as well Biggs and Wedge."

The two dwarves smiled widely. It was their jobs as blacksmiths and masters of the forges to make sure everything was well maintained in The Lair. They pounded their stout chests with fists.

"Think nothing of it Dragon Lord. We are happy to have such stable workshops! We'll be at the forges ready for anything!"

Both of them gave him a thumbs up and laughed as they departed. Luserina rolled her eyes, they were so loud to her it made her cringe, but she knew better than to pick a fight with allies and fellow vassals of the Dragon Lord. Draconis waved his hand at the equipment before him and it flowed to him, fitting to him in a bright flash of light.

Now outfitted in his regalia, the group bowed on one knee. They were all blessed that when he wasn't in his regalia, they didn't have to stand on strictest ceremony, but this was the first time he'd worn his strongest gear in some time, having one other set that he also liked to use dependent on the situation.

"Our Liege Lord Draconis Brightblade! We are yours to command!"

Wow that's actually a bit humbling to be addressed like that. Definitely going to take some getting used too . . . I can't imagine what Artorias is going through with the others . . . hoo boy.

"My thanks, all of you. You have your orders. Let's reconvene here in an hour. Dismissed!"

Meanwhile . . . In The Great Tomb of Nazarick . . .

Within the 5th Floor of Nazarick's Glaciers, Cocytus had returned to his floor after swearing fidelity to Lord Ainz Ooal Gown. In the largest ice formation on the floor, frozen in its center was a beautiful woman with ice blue hair that flowed down to her knees. A single rapier lay before the ice. It was not Cocytus's, so he had no place touching it. Not that he would. He was too honorable to touch another's rightful weapon. Even if the weapon was a gift from the Supreme One that had been banished due to a falling out with Lord Touch Me and several others of the 41 Supreme Beings.

His warrior spirit and pride couldn't understand it.


The woman in the ice was thought by the Floor Guardians to have been frozen as punishment for her master's misconduct, but he had heard differently during that conversation between Touch Me and Momonga.

[Some time ago . . . 2128, March 12]

"What do you mean Touch-san? You met with Draconis-san?" Momonga gave the World Champion of Ainz Ooal Gown a confused emoji to further stress his lack of understanding.

Touch Me and Momonga had come to the Glacier floor to talk since a lot of the other members didn't like the cold arena too much.

"I met with Draconis-san yesterday over lunch."

"Really?! You two know each other IRL?"

A surprised and shocked emoji appeared beside Momonga's face. Touch Me nodded.

"We do. He is a war veteran from the European conflicts ten years ago. He has survived . . . quite a lot. He has seen groups of men and women splinter and shatter under pressure and knows when the kettle is boiling over so to speak. He felt like his morals and honor were straining things too much and my own ideals had begun to fall. That I was too remiss in my responsibility and had lost my good sense."

The Arcology War, which had sparked a crazy fad of Neo Nazi uniform trends as a side result had lasted around five years and was mainly kept to the European theater. The fighting had been grisly and brutal.


"Hrmph. Yes. Do you remember when you all PK'ed that group of PK'ers that ganged up on that one new player a so long ago?"

Momonga did indeed. A new player that had decided on making a Grotesque had been getting PK'ed by a group of significantly higher leveled players. He, Ulbert, Tabula, and Draconis had shown up and stopped it by PK'ing the PK'ers. Draconis had done the bare minimum to beat them and began helping the new player. When Ulbert and Tabula began essentially torturing the final PK'er, Draconis had stepped in and admonished them both for "taking it too far."

Ulbert, with his unhealthy fixation on 'Evil', went on a rant calling out Draconis on not knowing how it felt to be picked on and worthless. The utter rage that had erupted from Draconis at the slander had shocked them. He'd always been fair, helpful, and strangely understanding of many of their fellows. Blue Planet, White Lace, and HeroHero had gotten along with him famously for his desire for RP and background stories with detailed characters. He'd taken lessons in AI programming from HeroHero and graphics design with White Lace and Blue Planet.

They all knew that he was well spoken, obviously well educated. It was also known that he was happily married, his wife even played the game with him! Even if she wasn't a part of the clan Draconis still made time to play with the rest of them and his wife had actually respected that. Ulbert had later confessed that he was really jealous of Draconis because he "got the girl" and "had a good life".

Momonga had not known that he was a veteran of the Arcology War.

Suddenly, his outrage made a lot more sense as Touch Me explained Draconis's condition to him. Draconis in real life was a cripple. Permanently confined to a wheel chair when he had taken a grenade for civilians caught in the crossfire and lost his legs at the knees. He'd also lost an eye the same day in addition to all the shrapnel. The recovery and therapy had been horrid and he had been scarred emotionally from all the atrocities of that conflict. Yet despite it all he pressed on and now headed up a therapy and recovery organization for veterans of the Arcology War. He had even used YGGDRASIL's Dive tech as a way of therapy and cooping. Draconis never talked about it, but always mentioned that he loved the sensation of simply being able to walk, much less run and jump.

Everyone had always asked what he meant by that, but he had always just chuckled and waved it off. Now Momonga knew.

Touch Me began talking again.

"When I confronted him about the incident later I told him that he had gotten too worked up and needed to apologize. He told me that he felt the clan was going in the wrong direction with some of the newest members taking after Ulbert's 'Evil' theme. That I'd lost sight of what I had originally started the clan Nine's Own Goal as. A clan to help those in need and nurture their growth in the game we all love to play."

Touch Me's voice was heavier than he had ever heard the man.

"I told him that it was him just being paranoid. Do you know what he told me? 'You are a fantastic player of this game. I love YGGDRASIL and play this game whenever I can, but still can't seem to beat you reliably. One day I will beat you on a consistent basis, but I think you'll defeat yourself faster than I can rise above you because in your desire to help people you've lost the ability to judge their character. Stopping PK'ers is fine, but becoming the bully? Rationalizing actions that other PK'ers wouldn't dare do for fear of account lock down and suspension? I get theming and RP, but a line needs to be drawn. You've lost track of that line'."

Momonga was stunned. Then he remembered when Touch Me had saved him long ago. Draconis wasn't part of the First Nine, but he had been a powerful asset. His initial levels had been brutally slow going as a Dragon racial member. Dragons only earned a fraction of the normal exp due to their ridiculous advantages despite their few, but glaring weaknesses. However the exp hit was harsh enough that very, very few players willingly went down that race when you were only ever allowed one avatar.

"I think that Draconis sees too much of the atrocities and corruption that he witnessed on the battlefields in that last incident and I was insensitive to his past experiences. To a man of Draconis's caliber, Ulbert's a ranting child. He didn't have a posh life or lives easy like he thinks Draconis does. But I only realize that now and it's too late, I ran him off. A friend I have back in our real world has left us in game. Perhaps . . . perhaps it's time to re-evaluate."

Determined to at least get him back into the game of YGGDRASIL; Draconis would be contacted by Momonga with an offer to come join the guild. He would not accept the guild invite, but returned to the game at Momonga's persistent e-mails and arrived at Nazarick as a guest by Momonga and majority vote.

During his visits, he would end up creating the woman encased in ice before Cocytus now with HeroHero, White Lace and Blue Planet's help. However, Ulbert and a few others more like him had created more tension and Draconis finally stopped showing up to visit, instead gaming with his friends from the VA and his wife. A year and a half later, Touch Me would leave the game for good after another heated argument with a disgruntled Ulbert over the same topics yet again.

It was something that Cocytus had never understood, though he could not doubt the similarities between Touch Me and Ulbert's creations of his comrades Sebas Tian and Demiurge. He looked up to the woman in crystalline ice left by the Supreme One Exile Draconis Brightblade. What was her name again? It came back to him and he released a mist of frost in respect to a fellow ice wielder.


Little did the Floor Guardian realize, but the woman in the ice never lost her sense of awareness. She had sensed her creator preparing to return to visit her again, but suddenly was ripped farther away. Cocytus could not know of it, but she found his warrior presence and steadfast loyalty admirable. It was this factor that sated her desire to break free of her resting place and join her Supreme One. A kindred bond of warriors and wielders of ice was what she felt toward the Floor Guardian who unconsciously acted as a taciturn guardsman as she rested in addition to his regular duties. If she could talk to him, she would explain to him why her master had done such a thing as he had talked to her about many of his concerns like a aide-de-camp when she was resting.

Thank you Cocytus . . . for not just condemning my creator blindly . . . what?!

Cocytus also tensed as a figure teleported into existence before them. He was accompanied by Ainz, but Cocytus remained alert. Draconis Brightblade . . . the Exile had returned.

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