I stared down at the tiny girl in my arms. My first born. The granddaughter of Athena and Poseidon. I smiled, and held her close. I had tears in my eyes, and looked up to Annabeth, sitting in the hospital bed. She was smiling at me, at us. I gazed down at the tiny baby again. She slowly opened her eyes, and took me in for a second. Her eyes were the same sea-green mine were, and she had curly blonde hair, like her mom.

I rocked the baby, my baby, in my arms. "What are we going to name her?" I asked, staring in wonder at her.

Annabeth smiled, thinking. "Alyssa?" She asked. Alyssa Jackson. I smiled, and nodded.

"Alyssa sounds perfect." I replied. Annabeth laughed, and shook her head. Her eyes were a light, pretty grey, like a raincloud after it already rained.

A nurse came in, not much longer after, and said she needed to run some tests on Alyssa. Annabeth and I glanced at each other. I scooted my chair closer. I looked out a window, New Rome spread out below us. We'd moved here and now we were starting a family. Annabeth took my hand, bringing my attention back to her.

"What are you thinking?" She asked, her eyes dancing.

"How lucky I am, how lucky we are, to be here, and how we have a little miracle that we need to take care of." I replied. Annabeth smiled.

"Nicely put." She said, squeezing my hand.

I smiled, and squeezed back. After a few minutes, I heard voices outside. The nurse came back in, and I caught a glimpse of a crowd outside our door. I chuckled, and looked to Annabeth. "I think our friends know."

Annabeth laughed, and took Alyssa from the nurse's arms. "Friends, or family?" She asked. In camp-halfblood, one was pretty much the same.

"Both." I said, a small smirk on my lips.

Not five minutes later, seven demigods, several kids, and Calypso wandered into our room. I stood, and greeted my old friends. Nico, Will, and their little girl. Piper and Jason with their twin boys. Hazel and Frank. Leo and Calypso with their baby boy. He was born only five months ago. We were the last, besides Frank and Hazel, to have kids.

After a small talk, each person made their way over to Annabeth, the girls "aweing" and the boys grinning. Piper was holding Alyssa gently, while Hazel and Calypso huddled around them. I talked to the other boys.

"Congratulations Percy." Jason said, clapping a hand on my shoulder. I grinned at him.

"It was hard work, all those sleepless nights, the appetite, the vomiting. You should have seen Annabeth, she held my hair back and everything." I joked. Everyone laughed, and the boys moved on, taking turns looking at Alyssa.

I looked over at Leo's little boy, Calypso holding him now. I moved over to her, and looked down at him. His name was Mason, and he was a miniature version of Leo. He had the same skin tone, with the same curly dark hair, and mischievous eyes. Calypso smiled at me.

"I know, he looks just like Leo." She said. I smiled, and nodded.

Annabeth called me to the bed, and handed Alyssa to me. I smiled down at Alyssa, and kissed her forehead. Afterwards, I bent over, and kissed Annabeth. Everyone sighed, and smiled. The multiple kids in the room actually stayed quiet, observing. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a nurse bow outside of the door. I scrunched my brows, and stood, holding Alyssa away from the door. Instincts told me to.

Annabeth watched me, and her stormy eyes darted to the door as well. 7 demigods noticed, and whipped around, watching the doorway. Two figures appeared, a male, and a female. I noticed the man's eyes, and grinned.

"Dad." I said, looking into eyes like my own. Poseidon smiled back at me. The other demigods stared as he made his way over to me. I handed Alyssa back to Annabeth, as Poseidon enfolded me in a hug.

"Percy." He laughed, hugging me tight. He pulled back, and stared at me, smirking. "You did good."

"Everyone tells me that, but Annabeth did all the work." I pointed out. Annabeth snorted behind me, and chuckled. Poseidon only smiled, and looked to Annabeth as the second figure approached.

Annabeth handed Alyssa to Poseidon, but froze when she saw the woman. "Mom!" She breathed, her face total shock. Athena gave Annabeth a faint smile, and nodded.

"Annabeth." Was all she said. Everyone's eyes darted between the women.

"What are you doing here?" Annabeth asked, her face growing suspicious.

Athena frowned. "To see my daughter and granddaughter, and to bestow wisdom upon the child, naturally."

"And to see me?" I asked sarcastically.

Annabeth and Athena both gave me the same storm-cloud glare. I took a step back, but neither said anything to me, only took each other in.

"May I see the child?" Athena asked. Annabeth searched her mother's face, but looked to my dad, and nodded. My father stood, and handed Alyssa to Athena. Athena actually smiled down at Alyssa. "Oh, you're already brilliant, thanks to your mother, but I shall give more wisdom, and war strategy as a gift." She said softly, Athena closed her eyes, and a faint silver owl appeared above Alyssa's head. Annabeth gave a small smile, and Poseidon frowned.

"Well now I have to give a gift too." He said. Athena raised a brow, looking smug. Poseidon gently took Alyssa back. He looked down on her. "I can't give you all the powers your father has, but-" He thought for a moment. "The ability the breathe underwater, create air bubbles in water, and control whether or not you get wet in water." He said. A faint blue trident above Alyssa. Athena made to take Alyssa back, but I grabbed her first.

"I think, she and her mom should get some rest." I said, a nurse ushered everyone out of the room, and turned off the main light. Only a side table light was on.

Alyssa was still in my arms, and fell asleep quickly. Annabeth and I talked quietly, before she closed her eyes, and her breathing became even. I looked down at the little girl in my arms. She was almost as long as my forearm. I smiled, and kissed her forehead, holding her close.

"I promise. I will never, ever, hurt you like my step-father hurt me." I whispered to her, and soon, I set her back in her "crib". I moved back to the chair, Annabeth's breath seemed to hitch, but it was back to normal in a split second. I sat down, and fell asleep, my life changing forever.