Spring 2017 Castle Frankenstein

The heaviness of winter's of air had finally lifted and spring was greeted with

a warm welcome from the Transylvanian folk. Construction projects were well

underway including the demolition of castle Frankenstein. The crumbling

infrastructure was beyond repair and the looting/vandelism made the castle

unrecognizable to it's once grand state. The demolition crew arrived early on

site with several explosives on hand. Crew gathered around the table under a

make shift tent to go over the plan. Alright! I need everyone's attention

shouted Henry. Henry was the project manager of the group and the safety of

his fellow men and the surrounding area was in his control. Here is the map of

the castle Henry said as he rolled the map across the table. I want Paul, Ryan,

and Seth to lay explosives in the East wing of the castle. Jordan, John, and Mac

are in charge of the West wing. We have a total of 100 explosives that we need

to setup around the castle. Henry handed them each copies of the map to the

castle. Now , these explosives are time sensitive explained Henry. This place is

gonna light up like the 4th of July in 2 hours, so I need everyone to work fast at

installing the explosives. The men nodded and unloaded the trucks with the


The crew pushed open the massive doors to the grand entrance. The hall

was infested with Cobb webs and the air smelled of decay. Paul and Seth

walked down the hall towards the kitchen. Look! Seth said as pulled out a

bottle from one of the cabinets. It was a bottle of absinthe. Seth took a sip and

passed it to Paul. Wow! What a find, Too bad we don't have more time to do

more scoping out said Paul. So what do they plan on building here once we tear

this down asked Paul ? From what I heard said Seth before taking another sip of

his rare find. I think they are building a hotel and shopping plaza. Meanwhile,

Mac in the West wing was laying the dynomite along the base of the walls. His

walkie-talkie went off. Hey Mac ! , it is Henry how is everything coming? Mac

replied so far so good sir. You have an hour left just so you know. Loud and

clear dude. Mac got up from the floor and heard a loud bang coming from down

the hall. Hey John is that you? shouted Mac. Mac turned on his flashlight and

walked towards a door at the end of the hall. The door was spooky in a way for

it was decorated with bones and skulls of human remains. Mac pushed the

door open. Jordan are you in here? Mac shined the light on a coffin laying in the

middle of the room. Mac looked at the stone coffin. I gotta take picture of this

for the guys at home Mac said to himself. Little did Mac know he was being

watched from above. The count watched intently as he watched the man crawl

into his coffin. Very rare occasions did dinner just show up at his home. Mac

pulled out his cellphone trying to take a picture of himself in the coffin. The

count jumped from the ceiling behind his coffin. The human didn't even notice

him for the count's reflection couldn't be seen on mac's phone. The count could

see fresh blood running through in prey's vain and his eyes lite up an electric

blue due to the excitement. Mac crawled out of the coffin and turned to face

the count unexpectedly. Mac fell backwards and his flashlight landed on the

opposite side of the room. How nice of you to stop by I usually don't get visitors

the count said with a grin. Who are you studderd Mac as he backed away from

the count. The count picked up Mac by the throat with one hand. I am count

vladislaus dragulia and you are dead. With lightening speed the count attacked

the man's throat. The sweet metallic blood rushed down his throat. Mac's

blood coursed through his body and once the count was finished, he felt

awfully better now since his return. Dracula threw the limp body to the side

and watched the remaining crew from below his window.

All the crew had finished laying out the explosives and met back at the tent.

Everyone was accounted for besides Mac. John, Jordan have you guys seen

Mac? Asked Henry. The two men shook their head. Henry tried reaching out to

Mac on the walkie-talkie, but there was no reply. This place is gonna blow up in

under 5 minutes we need to get a miles distance from here. Wait a minute

what about Mac? Exclaimed Paul. We can't just leave him! We don't have time

shouted Henry. The rest of the crew drove off in their trucks to safety. Paul ran

back to castle to see if he could find Mac. Mac! Mac! Screamed Paul as he ran

up the stairs of the main hall. The count could hear the man's screams

downstairs and teleported out of the room. Paul began walking towards the

West wing when he saw a man at the end of the hallway. The shadows covered

the man's face and Paul thought it was Mac. Thank God I found you Mac! Come

on this place is gonna blow up any sec… Paul couldn't finish his sentence when

he realized the man at the end of the hallway wasn't Mac. What are you doing

here ? said Paul walking up to the stranger. This place will be demolished soon

exclaimed Paul. The count laughed for the human was making this too easy for

him to feed. This is my property I've lived here for hundreds of years chuckled

the count. Look! Said the count. I see you friend now . Paul turned around and

the count had twisted Paul's head till he heard his neck snap. Paul collapsed at

the count's feet. The count kneeled down next to fall and found Paul's wallet as

he searched though his jacket. Well, well I best be off to castle Dracula. The

count turned into his demonic form and burst through the window shattering it

into a million pieces. Moments after the count took off the castle erupted in

flames from the explosion. One bomb went off right after another till nothing

but rubble was left behind.

***This is my first fanfiction, so please don't eat me alive ! Lol New chapters will uploaded soon****