The last of winter's snow had finally melted allowing life to flourish around the grounds of castle Frankenstein. Though the cold crisp winter air didn't bother Dracula anyway to begin with , anything was better than the burning fires of hell from which he recently returned from. He stood on the balcony out looking the landscape of castle Frankenstein, as the wind began whipping back the loose black stands of his hair. It had been two weeks since his return and life wasn't the same as he had left it all those years ago. Life seemed to have evolved as he watched vehicles drive up the dirt path approaching the castle. Men in hard Hats and neon shirts could be seen exiting the trucks, at least fifteen men Dracula observed. Such a rare occasion dinner just showed up on his door step thought Dracula as he could feel his mouth water.

" Alright boys gather around my truck, we have much to discuss before we enter the castle." Henry motioned everyone to gather around his company truck, before unrolling a hug map on the hood of the truck. " As you can see this castle is massive and we have a lot of ground to cover. Mike and George will cover the West wing of the castle, while Sam and Justin cover the east wing." Some of the men were grumbling under their breathes for they knew they wouldn't have much time to spare before the explosives set off. " Enough complaining, the rest of you I need you setting explosives along the grounds of the castle and in the cellars as well." Henry walked away from the group of men towards the trunk to his white truck. He began to unload crates upon crates of explosives from the back of his truck. " Hey Henry!" shouted George as he went over to assist Henry from unloading the truck. " So you have any idea what they plan on doing with the land once we demolish this castle?" Henry unloaded the final crate from truck and then went to wipe the sweat from his brow. " No clue George, my guess would be a shopping plaza of some sort." The two chuckled as the remaining crew sorted through the explosives and began to prep for they needed for the job.

Thirty minutes had gone by before the group of men began making their way inside the castle. The castle was in rough shape for graffiti covered almost every inch of the castle walls. It looked like it had been empty for some time and at one point in time it could have been home to one of nobility the crew thought. Little did the crew know that someone was watching their every step among the many shadows of the castle. Mike and George split off towards the west of the castle as instructed. The hall ways were infested with Cobb Webbs along with some sort of gooey sacks that littered the floor. " What do you suppose is this?" Mike bent down and touched the green goo with his two fingers. He lifted his fingers up to George's face so they could examine it. " Eww! Get that shit out of my face!" yelled George. Mike began to chuckle and bent down towards the base of the stone wall. Mike was setting the timer on the explosive before mounting it to the wall. Mike's walkie talkie all the sudden went off and it made him jump for loud screams could be heard emitting from the device. " What the hell!" Mike immediately reached out towards his walkie talkies and tried making contact with the others. " Sam , Justin nice try, you'll have to do better than that." No response came from the other crews men and the walkie talkies went silent. George finished mounting the rest of his explosives and walked over to Mike. " Dude don't worry they are just trying to scare us. I've heard rumors that this place is haunted , but I don't believe in that shit." " George come on we need to at least check." George rolled his eyes as he snatched the walkie talkie out of Mike's hand. " Alright lets go and entertain their prank shall we?" .

The two retraced their steps back to main hall and began approaching the east wing. " Sam! Justin ! Pick up this isn't funny." Said George into the walkie talkie. Mike and George stopped as they could hear themselves on the other walkie talkies Justin and Sam had. They rushed down the end of the corridor to find Justin and Sam's bodies piled up on top of each other lifeless . " Henry pickup we have an emergency here Justin and Sam are dead!" George was shaking as he couldn't take his eyes away from the dismembered bodies in front of him. " George we need to go NOW!" Mike grabbed George shirt trying to drag him away from the scene when Mike felt him back into something. Mike turned around to see a man he did not recognize standing behind him. He clearly wasn't apart of the demolition crew from what he knew of. Something seemed unearthly about the stranger standing before him. His clothing seemed to be from another time for he was all clad in Black almost military like with his leather boots. His Raven hair was pulled back in a ponytail with a few stray locks that framed his face. " Sir you need to leave , this castle is going to blow up soon." Said George. The stranger didn't budge ,but they noticed his irises began to change color to an electric blue hue. Dracula could hear their hearts beats hum and began to clap to the beats of them.

Henry awaited by his truck as 11 out of 14 crewsman arrived back. " Where is Justin, George and Sam and Mike?" The men shrugged and said they hadn't seen them since they first entered the castle. Henry began to panic for the explosives would be detonating any time now. All of the sudden a loud shriek could be heard and the men turned around to see what looked like a large bat break through one of the windows. " What the hell is that?" screamed Henry. They continued to watch the monster fly off into the far distance before collapsing on the ground. The explosives set across the castle were now going off one by one causing the ground to shake underneath them. Henry watched in horror as the castle began to collapse causing a huge plume of smoke to rise into the air. " Hey did anyone capture a picture of that creature flying from the castle?" One of the crewsman took photos earlier ,but when he went to check the photos the creature was missing. " Nosferatu!" One man yelled from the group. They all couldn't be certain of what they just had seen ,but with no proof who would believe them.