The moment the explosion from the explosive placed by Rat, everything was white, but then it went pitch black in a second. Perhaps I will she Tora again, finally happy from the tough battles, assuming if this next life is real. At least I saved her from becoming a tortured corpse by Rabbit.

"Tora, I hope you're resting peacefully."

I open my eyes to see a brown wooden door, right in front of me. There was a note on the door. I have no choice but to read it.

"Find her. Her name is Kanae Aira, also known as 'Tora'."

Tora!? It wants me to find Tora? But I don't understand, how can I find her? I continued reading the note.

"Go through this door and search for her. Only she will recognize you, no one else will. You must find her."

Through this door? Where will it take me? Tora will be there? I don't know why, but I must find her. I will find her. I twisted the doorknob and open the door. A ray of light, hits me in the face, blinding me, with nothing to do but sheild my eyes.

All of a sudden, I see myself in a city. I see Japanese text, so I must be in Japan. I see people walk around me. Adults walking to work or such, children and teenagers walking to school, everyone looks so peaceful. I haven't something like this in years back in my days in the battlefield. I grabbed the attention of random man to ask him something.

"Excuse me, where am I?" I asked.

"Tokyo dude, come on."

Tokyo huh? So Tora's here, I mean this Kanae woman. Only she will recognize me. I saw my reflection in a glass window. My whole appearance has changed completely. My skin was more tan, my eyes are now brown, my now black hair was cut shorter with a ponytail, and my horns were gone. I was wearing a gray trench coat, a white dress shirt, black slacks, black shoes, and a long white scarf. So while everyone around me will see me as this, Kanae will see as what I really am.

From person to person, I've been asking people if they know or have met Kanae.

"Do you know a woman named "Kanae Aira?"

"No, sorry."

"Do you know this woman?"

"Afraid not."

"You sir?"


I've been searching all over, no luck. I don't know why, but I want to find this woman. I want to know more about her. Her likes, dislikes, her interests, I want to know everything about her.

"Kanae, when I find you, I want to get know you."

I must her.