As the cubs grew, they each grew in their own ways. Mufasa grew large and thick with a tick of agressiveness. Taka grew long and slick and was thew calmer of the two.

Mufasa's coat was developing into a shining shade of yellowish gold, while takas was more of a copperish color. Still, he was very beautiful.

Since the days of Mufasa's baptism, and since they had past. The cubs had grown to the point where their manes were beginning to establish.

Ahadi was proud of his first son. He could see Mufasa was beginning to take after his own blood. The reddish hair that coverd his neck and front was almost a trademark to him. It was rumored among the pridelands that you could see his mane from the opposite side of the Pridelands that he was standing from. It was so red the animals would say that many of them would think there a small fire in the distance.

While Mufasa's establishing man wasn't as red and big as his fathers, it was still red, and thats what made Ahadi happy.

Taka's on the other hand was another story.

While he had already disapointed his father with his developed copper colored pelt, it made Ahafi angry to see that his second's so adolesnce had come with a a black mane.

This was purely a disgrace to his bloodline, his thought one day when we was watching Taka get a drink of water from the water hole. A big disgrace indeed.
Ahadi had no idea how Taka's black mane had been inherited. He knew that neither his father or any of his forfather's had a black mane before, nor a copper colored pelt. He was supicous of Taka.

The cubs had grown to their adolence stage and that had brought on new and interesting things about them.
Mufasa, oh Mufasa with his golden pelt and his red hair. Oh Mufasa with his largeness and strength. The favorite of the two sons, the heir to the thrown.
Ahadi never did try to hide the fact that Mufasa was the heir from Taka. He flat out told him when Taka had asked, "Dad, which one of us, My brother or I will rule when you are gone?" "Mufasa will, you will not." Ahadi had said sternly, and shoved his way pass Taka nearly trampling him.

Taka accepted this.
He was more preoccupaid with other things in life then kinghood. He loved to explore his land, and he loved to play with his brother and the little lionesses that had been born right along beside him. He loved to wake up early in the morning and see the sunsets, and smell the dew on the grass after a fresh rain. He loved life. But most of all, he loved his mother.

Uru was dying. Not quickly, but she was dying. Uru was very old for a lioness. She had been past her cub bearing years when she had given birth to Taka and his brother. It was a miracle alone that she had been able to bear them.
She, was older then her mate.

And thats why she was dying, she was very old. Her gorgeous coat color had dimmed, the fur on her face had partialy turned white. Her ears were dropping and she was thin. But to Taka, she was very beautiful.

One day when Taka went into the corner of the cave, where Uru spent most of her time she looked up and said "Hello Taka,"

Taka simply smiled and walked up to her. Uru licked his face affectionelty and nuzzled him. Taka was glad to recieve love from someone. He was quite aware that his father had none for him.

"Mother, are you alright?" he asked.

"I'm fine Taka, just fine" she replied. "In fact, I feel well enough to step outside. Why don't you join me?"

And he did.

Taka and his mother walked down the giant rock and onto the soft grass. When they were close together, you could easily see that Taka had inherted so much from her that she could almost be her twin brother. But of course, he was her son.

Uru layed down in the twinkling, dewy grass. Taka layed next to her and they both watched the kingdom together. It was a peaceful moment.

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