The 2nd War of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and the Silver Serpent. Page 323 of "A Brief History of Dark Lords." Copyright 2001.

            The greatest Dark Wizard of the 20th century referred to himself as an anagram of his own name; however, editing will not allow the print of this name.  Instead, the euphemisms "You-Know-Who" and "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" are employed. 

            He amassed a large following of people, referred to as "Death Eaters", who were wizards, usually pure-blooded or half-blooded, and marked them with a spell called "Morsmordre," or the Dark Mark.  The sign rested on the follower's left arm, the shape of a skull with a snake through its mouth.  It was used to summon and identify Death Eaters.

            During his first reign of terror from the late 1960's to 1981, You Know Who amassed a followership bordering on the thousands.  During this time, nearly 20,000 lost their lives in confirmed kills in both the Muggle and Wizarding Worlds.  He was stopped for nearly 13 years by a boy named Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived.  The only known survivor of the Killing Curse (Avada Kedavra), he survived even when both his parents were killed by the Dark Lord.  Because the Killing Curse rebounded, it expelled You Know Who from his body and caused him to revert to a non-corporeal entity until 1995, when he used the blood of Harry Potter to resurrect himself.

            The Minister of Magic adopted a policy of ignorance, as even though people began to die as a result of the newly resurrected Dark Lord, he refused to acknowledge the wizard's return.  In this vein, he ended up taking the Boy Who Lived into protective custody, but in actuality, held a secret tribunal, framing him for the deaths of two Aurors he actually had killed to stop them from spreading rumors about the Dark Lord's return.  Potter is believed to have died in Azkaban, as his extreme reaction to Dementors is well documented in his medical file.  With him, some hope for the Wizarding world died as well.

            The next reign of terror was short by comparison.  Less than a year after Potter disappeared, Voldemort attacked Azkaban, and freed his followers.  Shortly after this, the Silver Serpent, his proclaimed heir was brought into the Death Eaters and began making a name for himself as a cold and careless killer, eventually killing the Minister of Magic.

            You-Know-Who was killed on the 12th of May, 1997, by Albus Dumbledore on the grounds of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He was felled by a Light Curse, and his Death Eaters were subsequently arrested by the Ministry of Magic. Their trials took nearly 18 months to complete, and over 20 Death Eaters lost their lives in the assault on Hogwarts. No student casualties were reported.

            12 Ministry officials were killed or died as a result of their wounds in the wake of the battle; nearly 34 more were forced to seek treatment at St. Mungos.

            The Silver Serpent was reportedly seen during the battle, but he was not arrested with the living, nor counted among the dead on the Hogwarts grounds. Some theorize that the Silver Serpent managed to elude Aurors and has remained one step ahead of his pursuers in the time since then. Others theorize that he was a ghost of some sort, and hence disappeared, as his identity remains a mystery. Still others say that he died with the Dark Lord, and was carried away by a faithful Death Eater for a fitting ceremony.

            As of the time of publication, no sightings of the Silver Serpent have been confirmed by the British Ministry of Magic or the International Confederation of Wizards.

            It has been proven that the Dark Mark fades when its Master is gone, therefore, even faint markings have been used to convict suspected Death Eaters, and even light association with them can garner the Dementor's Kiss.

            Any sighting of a Death Eater or the Silver Serpent in particular should be reported immediately.  Do not try to apprehend them, as they are considered dangerous, either armed or unarmed.

            Little is known about the Silver Serpent except that he was approximately 16 at the time You-Know-Who fell, and he would be 21 at the time or printing.  He has black hair, with silver highlights; silver eyes and is approximately 6'1" in height.  He also is reported to be a Parselmouth, although this is unconfirmed by Ministry officials.

            With no trail, no leads, this case has been moved to the Ministry's classified files, and little is known about what the Ministry is doing to apprehend the Silver Serpent at this time.

-- Written by Hermione Granger 


            The teen stood at the base of a mountain, looking up its height.  His skin was darker now, having spent a month or two in Italy while trying to mentally recover from the death of his surrogate father.  The bags under his eyes were long gone, and the sparkle of life that had been missing from his eyes found its place once more.  He was dressed in a green t-shirt, blue jeans, and hiking boots, clothes that hung off his wiry frame as he gazed at the mountain.  "We should climb it," he announced, solemnly.

            His two guardians flanked him.  "You're joking!" the dark-haired one replied.  "There's no possible way that we can climb that."

            The light-haired one sighed.  "Siri, it's doable.  Manageable.  Remember, a journey is like the future, Harry.  Take it one step at a time, and you'll reach your destination, someday," he explained, rubbing the teen's shoulder gently.  "Unless Siri's too old to climb a little old mountain…"

            With a quick pop, a gigantic black dog was in his place and after nipping at the other's heels, he took off up the path at a run.

            "Oh no you don't!" the teen replied, shifting mid-stride into a green-eyed jaguar and taking off as well.

            Remus sighed.  "Well, at least that got rid of them.  A beautiful day for a walk," he muttered, looking up to the summit of the mountain.  A wistful smile graced his face.  "A beautiful day indeed."


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            Blood flows in the same patterns as water; it's just more visible, more viscous and ultimately, more permanent.  It coats your skin, fills your nostrils with its scent and drowns your vision in its crimson color.

            He looked down at his hands.  A wicked silver dagger lay in his bloodied right hand and in his left lay a beating human heart. 

            Vernon had died, lying immobile, but now, a hand grabbed each of his forearms and Harry dropped each of the objects: one landing with a clatter, the other with a squelch. 

            The hands were slender, rather than portly.  The bulk was taller than it was fat.

            It wasn't Vernon, and Voldemort wasn't behind him, he saw, looking over his shoulder, nor were the other two Death Eaters.  The cell was the exact same though.

            The eyes that glared back at him beneath black fringe were crimson, with snake slit pupils.  The hands that gripped Harry's arms were coated in blood, and excess blood flowed from his neck.  He glared accusingly at Harry.

            "Father," the teen breathed, his voice failing.

            Voldemort's face tightened.  "You were never my son," he rasped.  "You let that foolish old bastard kill me unavenged."

            Harry's heart froze.  "Father, I…"

            "I died for our cause."

            Harry tried to back up.  "No."

            "I rescued you from Azkaban.  You would have died there.  You should have died there, Potter," Voldemort added.

            "No, I…" Harry stammered, pushing his vice-like grip away.  "Let go of me.  It's not my fault."

            Voldemort yanked Harry closer.  "Why should I let you go, little snake?  I've marked you as my own."  He stroked Harry's cheek with bloodied fingers.

            Harry pulled back again.  "You don't own me, Voldemort.  You never have.  You always let me be my own person."  He glared at Voldemort.  "You're dead now.  You're not really here."

            Voldemort smiled.  "I'm dead because you leaked my plans.  And I'm as real as you want this to be, and you want this to be real.  You've tasted both evil and good in your lifetime.  You don't want to forget me, because you liked the power, Potter."

            No spell was spoken, but Harry was bound at both the wrists and ankles, hanging from the wall.

            The rough stone bit into his back as Harry was slammed against it.  His breath was knocked from him and he gasped as the dagger was picked up and brought to his throat.  "My snakelet.  I'll do you this one favor.  You wanted to kill yourself?  Let me do you the favor of helping you to know how it feels."

            The knife bit into Harry's wrists, causing blood to flow down his arms.

            The dagger then moved to Harry's shirtfront, cutting it away.  The cold of the air and the knife forced a sharp gasp from Harry, and he tensed.

            "You destroyed me.  Isn't it fitting that I take my revenge on you as you took revenge on your kin?" Voldemort spat.

            With that, the dagger slid across Harry's neck, and he drowned in blood.

            The Dark Lord had a cruel smile on his face.  "Just keep telling yourself that it's only a dream.  Maybe someday, it will be true, Potter."

            With that, the dagger plunged into Harry's chest, and only the absence of further pain marked the fact that his heart was now in Voldemort's hands.

            "Goodbye, Harry…" he hissed.

            Harry!  Harry! Another voice seemed to echo…