Authors note: Ok, this is a sequel to my stories 'Face the Music' and 'Intolerance'. If you've not read them (and why not?), I suggest you do so before reading this one, as it will make more sense that way.

I have absolutely no idea if this plot is even feasible in the Andromeda universe, but this is as much a comedy as anything else.

Declaration: If I owned Andromeda, I'd be writing episodes, not fan- fiction.

Unexpected News

Dylan walked into the mass, and found Harper, Trance, Beka and Tyr sitting at a table, eating lunch. He stood before them, scratching his head, "Has anyone seen Rommie? She left our quarters this morning saying she had something important to do, and I've not seen her since." Harper raised an eyebrow; "She came by the machine shop earlier, and asked for the planes I used to build her. She looked at them for a few minuets and walked off."

Trance put her hand up shyly, "She did come into medical." Dylan looked confused, "Why?" Trance shrugged, "She didn't say, just took something from one of the cabinets and walked off." Tyr rubbed his chin, "She asked me about Nietzschean nano-bots." Bake was confused, "What did you tell her?" Tyr shrugged, "I just gave her a book about them. I asked her why she didn't ask the main AI, and she said it was personal."

Dylan sat down at the end of the table, "That makes no sense what so ever." Beka turned to him, "Didn't they set out some rules concerning her relationship with you?" Dylan nodded, "Yes, but they still share information. Andromeda." The ship's hologram appeared as if she was seated across the table from him, "Yes?" Dylan looked her in the eyes, "What's going on with Rommie?" the hologram looked at him blankly, "I don't know. She hasn't spoken to me all day."

Dylan was getting worried, "Where is she?"

"I'm right here." Came a voice from the door. Every one turned to face her, and Beka's mouth fell open when she saw what in Rommie's hand, "Is that what I think it is?" Rommie nodded, "And it's pink." Dylan looked at what she was holding: a small piece of plastic, "What is it?" Rommie smiled, "A pregnancy test: we're going to have a baby."

Dylan passed-out.