Unexpected News, part 14

Dylan was, for the first time since being pulled from the Black Hole, truly happy.

He stood in the doorway to the nursery and just watched Rommie sleep, Paul held safely in her arms. The real-wood rocking chair had cost him a small fortune, but it was worth it: Rommie loved it, and the smooth motion never failed to ease Paul off to sleep, even when he was crying. He was kind of surprised as to how well Rommie had taken to motherhood: despite her being mainly artificial, she seemed to find it perfectly natural.

Slowly, so not to wake ether of them, he backed up into the main part of their quarters, "Andromeda." The hologram appeared, a finger pressed to her lips, "Keep it down, you'll wake the baby!" Dylan smiled and lowered his voice, "When are we due to make the next slipstream jump?" Andromeda smiled, "Not until he's woken up again. We don't want a repeat of the last time we went into slipstream when he was asleep!" Dylan smiled, memories of his son's reaction, and of having to clean it up afterwards, still fresh in his mind, "Ok, thank you. Keep an eye on them will you, I need to get some sleep myself." Andromeda nodded and blinked out.

Dylan woke the next morning to find Rommie had joined him in bad during the night. He put his arms around her and kissed her hair, "Morning." She rolled over to face him, "Good morning to you to." Dylan kissed her, "Now, was I right in hearing you back in medical when you said that next time we'd try for a daughter?" Rommie smiled, "Easy tiger: I'm still getting over this one. But yes, I want to have more children." Dylan smiled, "Me too. I just hope they take after their mother more than their farther." Rommie laughed, "I don't know: there are at lest a few admirable traits they could stand to inherit from you."

Dylan smiled, "And having them grow up with your temper would be interesting to say the lest." Rommie giggled, "What do you expect: I was a warship." She suddenly looked serious, "Are you as scared about this as I am?" Dylan nodded, "I don't think anyone is ever truly ready for parenthood: you just have to cope with it in your own way. I think we'll do ok."

Rommie smiled again, "What do you think about Tyr and Beka?" Dylan thought for a second, "Well, they seem to be happy together, and knowing Tyr, they'll probably end up having kids of their own." Rommie rested her head on Dylan's shoulder, "It'll be nice to have children around: it can be far to quite around here sometimes." As if by command, Paul started crying. Dylan laughed, "You and your big mouth! I'll get this one, you rest." Rommie smiled and drifted back to sleep.

The End

(The forth and final part of this story-ark will get started as soon as I've finished the other story's I'm writing.)