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Rosalie firmly grasped the tiny dimpled hand. The human child's smile was contagious. This small girl was only 4, but she had so easily become Rosalie's entire world. Chocolate brown eyes lit up the moment the blonde looked at her. The orphanage was bright and the people were kind, but Rose could tell this girl lived in a dark place. The other children ignored her completely and the staff seemed to forget she existed on many occasions. The moment their skin touched, the sadness in the girl disappeared and she latched to the blonde. Esme, Carlisle, and Rosalie visited the small girl every weekend until they received their approval to adopt her.

"Rosie?" She loved that nickname, it was bittersweet when her husband used it, but it was pure bliss to hear it from her mate. Her little human, her little angel.

"Yes, my sunshine?" Rosalie couldn't remember the last time she smiled this much. The child was her sunshine, her light in the darkness that was her eternity. She felt so lonely for so long even with Emmett by her side, but being with her little angel brought made her whole. The ache in her chest disappeared the moment she laid eyes on her.

"Are you taking me home?" The adoption papers were nearly finished. There was a stack listing her allergies, likes, dislikes, and small quirks that needed special attention. Esme and Carlisle would become her new parents and she would grow up at Rose's side.

"Yes, my angel." Rose kissed the little girl's forehead as she picked her up. The girl was quite light for her age, her body was a bit too thin, Carlisle had already deduced that she was quite a bit underweight. Rose would nurse her sweet angel back to health.

"Mommy?" After their first year of weekly visits, the young girl took to calling Esme her mother and Carlisle her father. She said they were nice like mommies and daddies and they didn't make her sit by herself like Ms. Patty, the head caretaker. Rosalie nearly killed the frog looking human for treating her mate so poorly, but Carlisle promised the girl would never see Ms. Patty again.

"Yes, Isabella?" The girl reached for Esme, she didn't want to be taken from Rosalie's arms, but she seemed to like physical contact when she spoke to someone. Esme slipped her hand into the young girl's and smiled.

"Can we go to McDonald's?" Rosalie growled lowly, she remembered when her angel told her about Ms. Patty bringing McDonald's for all the kids except for her. She had never eaten the greasy fast food before. Rose didn't like the idea of her little human ingesting the filth at that restaurant, but like every child she deserved to experience it at least once in her life.

"Of course we can, my dear." Bella smiled brightly before releasing Esme's hand.

When they brought the girl home, she took quickly to hiding behind Rose at all times. Emmett refused to miss out on his new baby sister though, he watched her when she played and he even bought her a customised controller for his PlayStation. After Rose, Emmett became her favourite person and she quickly took to calling him her big bear. Anywhere Emmett went, Bella would follow with Rose's hand clutched tightly in hers.

"Big Bear!" They were playing hide n' seek, but Bella couldn't find her big brother anywhere. Rosalie had class today, as she was attending a private university here in New York, so Bella was left with Emmett for the evening. She sat on the porch and her face scrunched then she burst into tears. She hated being alone, she knew hide n' seek was a bad idea. All the kids at the bad place use to play with her and they would hide from her all day and leave her all by herself. She sobbed loudly, her arms wrapping around herself. She dug her nails into her arms and cried harder.

"Baby Bell, what's wrong?" Emmett tried to pick her up, but she screamed and kicked. He nearly dropped her as she squirmed out of his arms.

"No!" She shouted at him. "I want Rosie!" Her body shook as she sobbed. She was alone, she hated being alone. She just wanted Rosie, she wanted her Rosie! A quick phone call and a twenty minute drive later, Bella was asleep in Rose's arms as she sat through the rest of an exam. Carlisle was her professor for this course so he easily accepted the child into the testing room.

Her classmate's grades on the exam were far below the average that Carlisle expected, but that's because they spent majority of their test time staring at Rose. She was always so standoffish, but here she was cradling a child in her arms with so much love and adoration that no one could complete their exam.

"Is she yours?" Some annoying guy, Chester, asked as they left. Chester was a redhead with an odd obsession with Rosalie, his personality reminded her of Royce so much she nearly strangled him.

"Yes." She replied curtly, her pace increased as she walked back to her car. She didn't lie, Bella was hers, her mate, her angel, her sunshine. She strapped Bella into her car seat and placed her teddy in her arms. The day they met Rosalie went out and bought her something to remember her by, just a small violet teddy bear to keep herself on the child's mind during the weekdays. The toy was meant to remind the girl that Rose was always going to come back to her.

"You know a child needs a father." Chester followed her back to her car. Rosalie rolled her eyes before softly shutting the door. Chester played this "a woman needs a man" card everyday, but it pissed her off when he attempted to include himself in Bella's life too.

"She has a father, I'm married and I would like to go home to my husband if you don't mind." He knew she was married, but the next card in his deck was "if you were mine you wouldn't have to go to university. A woman shouldn't have a career, she should be at home with the children." He received another eye roll as she got into her car.

The moment Rosalie made it home, she passed Bella off to Jasper and dragged her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Emmett, outside.

"How dare you!" She screeched. "You know how much she hates being left alone, all the stories she tells us from the orphanage!" She threw a nearby boulder at him. He easily caught it, but he wasn't fast enough to catch the tree she pushed over onto him. "You know she hates hide n' seek!" He groaned as he pushed the tree off, it was more of a mental pain than physical. His wife had never been this angry with him.

"I'm so sorry, Rosie, I just thought-" she swiftly cut him off.

"No Emmett, of all the things you did, thinking wasn't one!" Her angel was brought to her in tears, trembling and sobbing like her world was crumbling. Seeing her mate that way tore her to pieces.

Inside the house, Bella was beginning to wake. Jasper didn't scare her, but he wasn't her fun big brother like Emmett, he was her quiet brother that made her feel sleepy. Jasper was hopeless with children, so anytime he was left with Bella was spent either feeding her or putting her to sleep. He couldn't deal with the questions because he didn't know how to filter his answers and he couldn't play because Bella had a hard time understanding the rules of chess. Even with their few interactions she still nicknamed him Jazzy and anytime Rosalie wasn't around and she was ready for a nap she would go looking for him.

"Jazzy, I'm not sleepy." Bella played with his golden hair. It was just a shade darker than Rose's honey blonde, but she still liked it. He gave an uncomfortable smile before whisking her off to the kitchen where Esme was already preparing dinner. As the macaroni was placed in front of her Jasper began to feed her, she stopped him. She smiled and pulled the spoon from his hand and scooped up a large mound of noodle and cheese before offering it to Jasper. "You eat too, Jazzy." Much to Jasper's chagrin and Esme's amusement he opened his mouth and ate. His face contorted and Bella laughed as his eyes watered. Food tasted like acid and ashes.

"Yum." He finally said as he swallowed. He nearly gagged as the slop fell into his stomach.

"Mommy makes good food!" Bella giggled and tried to feed Jasper more.

"Honey, Jazzy already ate." Alice laughed as she walked into the kitchen. She swiped the spoon from Bella and made an airplane noise as she fed the small girl the rest of her macaroni.

Alice was Bella's silly sister. The petite woman played peekaboo with her and took her to the park when Rosalie was busy. Rose was enrolled in 21 credit hours this semester so she spent a lot of time away from her angel. The others were good substitutes, but they could tell how much Bella missed her Rosie when she was away.

"Thank you." Rosalie scooped Bella up and nodded at the three for taking care of her angel while she spoke to Emmett.

"Where's Big Bear?" Bella wrapped her arms around Rose's neck and rested her head on the blonde's collar. She was ready for their nightly routine. It was time to sit in the lounge with the family and talk about their day.

"He went to buy you a gift, sweetheart."

The evening ended that way. Everyone laughed and talked until Bella slowly fell asleep for the night. Rosalie had a bedroom set put in just for her angel. She couldn't bear to have the girl sleep down the hall in her own room.

"Goodnight, my sunshine." She pressed a kiss to the girl's forehead. Edward blacked her path as she closed the door behind her.

"I'll have her one day, Rosalie." The blonde wanted to growled, she wanted to attack, but she knew that anything that made Bella happy made her happy. One day the child would grow up and Rosalie would either be her lover or her best friend. The blonde felt blessed to be either, if she chose Edward, then there would be no fight or protest. He read her thoughts and frowned. "You'd give up so easily?"

"I'm not giving up. If she's happy, then there's nothing for me to be upset or angry about. I love Bella more than anything in this world and I would be just her best friend forever if it made her smile." She saw the victorious smile on Edward's face and she knew his arrogance would lead him down a dark path. He believed his "charms" could break any bond, but Rosalie knew better.


Edward stayed far away from Bella as she grew. He didn't want to be seen as one of her brothers by giving her gifts and playing with her. What he didn't know was that by the age of 7, Bella had already dubbed him "grumpy big brother."

Her grumpy big brother was the one to reveal the family's dark secret to their little human. She played so happily with Rose, she was so peaceful lying in Rose's arms. Even at 10, she was content to be held by Rosalie at all times of the day. The girl loved the blonde with all her heart. He was jealous, so jealous that the first time he got to babysit the girl ever in the 6 years she was with them, he did his best to make Rose seem like a monster. He wasn't jealous that Bella was with Rose, but jealous that he lacked someone to pamper in the same fashion.

"Do you know what I am?" His eyes were dark and his stance was predatory. She would have to tell Rose not to leave her with Edward again, brother or not he was an extreme creep.

"You are Edward Anthony Cullen..." she trailed off, her eyebrow quirking.

"Not who I am, what I am." He stepped close enough that she could smell the rot on his breath. He didn't brush between meals like the rest of the family and she could always tell.

"A creep?" His eyes widened with disbelief. He was appalled, this oblivious child just called a dangerous beast a creep. If Rosalie were here she would have laughed herself hoarse before whisking the human off to the skating rink or the bowling alley. He didn't know how to continue from here, so he just chose to be blunt.

"We're vampires." He watched the confusion flash in her eyes before it was tossed out by pure excitement.

"What, I'm a vampire! That's amazing, why don't I drink blood? Is that why Mom makes my steaks rare?" He was once again befuddled by this human. He knew nothing of her because he spent so little time around her and he was starting to see he had missed a lot. Her questions kept coming and he knew if he was still mortal he would have a headache like no other.

"Isabella." She stopped and glared at him.

"Only Rosie can call me that, to you I'm Bella." He was taken for a loop once again, how had he missed so much of this girl's life? His room was next door to Rose and Bella's, but for some reason it's like he's meeting the human for the first time. He had no idea there was a rule about who could and couldn't call her by her full name, but he probably would if he spent more time with her.

"Let's get back on topic." He sighed, this situation was taxing. "You aren't a vampire, the family and myself are." She frowned with disappointment. She wanted to be like Rosalie, if her Rosie was going to life forever, she wanted immortality too.

"So mom just makes my steaks rare because..." she trailed off waiting for an answer. This news would be exciting if she was apart of the club, but she's just a fan.

"It's healthier, I suppose." He didn't know the real answer, but that's the only thing he could think of.

"I'm a going to be a vampire one day?" Edward looked scandalised. He wouldn't allow her to become a vampire. Her soul was too precious, and if she were turned he would lose the opportunity to steal her away from his sister. Deep down he knew that he was a terrible person for trying to take his favourite -though he'd never tell her that- sister's mate, but a mating between two females felt wrong to him. He wouldn't allow Rosalie or his Bella to be corrupted by this sapphic bond, they weren't lemons and he would show them. Rose belonged with Emmett and Bella belonged with himself. He had only the best intentions, or at least it seemed that way in his head.

"Absolutely not. Vampires are soulless monsters." He tried to place his hand on her shoulder, but she side stepped him. Her face was contorted with anger. They couldn't be monsters, her mother and father were angels, her siblings had hearts of gold, and her Rosie was her very own goddess. What angered her most was that his comment implied that her Rose wasn't perfect and she knew that was far from correct. Rosalie was the only perfect thing in this entire world.

"That's not true!" Her voice rose so sharply that Edward nearly fell to his knees. Her heart rate spiked and his eyes widened again as her face grew red. He could smell the blood rushing rapidly under her skin and almost lost his focus.

"It is! We kill to survive." He bared his teeth at her and squared his shoulders to appear more intimidating. "We are beasts that hunt your kind in the night," He growled at her and her face scrunched further. "but Rose is the worse. She mutilated a group of men for her own sick pleasure." Bella didn't know just how true that statement was and neither did Edward, though he had a slight clue.

"Stop lying!" She screeched. Her voice reaching an octave that only a child could. Tears welled in her eyes and her arms wrapped firmly around her torso. Her nails dug into the flesh of her arms as she often did when she was uncomfortable and Rose wasn't near her.

Edward's phone began ringing and something told him not to answer. He wished that he would have listened to that feeling because the moment he answered the phone...

"I don't know where the fuck you are with my mate, but you better bring her home." Rosalie's voice was a deadly calm and Edward knew that his life was forfeit the moment he stepped through the door. He made the girl cry and she never stopped until she was in Rose's arms. Shit. He never cursed, but he wanted to swear up a storm. Dammit. Fuck. "Do you hear me Edward, if I have to track you down, I'm going to pull your dick off and feed it to you." He was well and truly frightened now. He heard a shift and Jasper was speaking quickly to him.

"Look, Eddy, Rose is furious n' if you value that peter of yours, you'll drag your pussy-footin' ass back home with that girl in tow." Jasper drawled, he was giving some good advice, but it didn't help that he laughed at the end. Rosalie was pacing the living room like a madwoman and Jasper's empathy could do nothing to calm her.

The moment he stepped past the threshold he was being thrown back over it. Emmett growled angrily as he beat Edward to a pulp. Rosalie was inside trying to stay calm while she comforted her mate, it was Bella's 10th birthday and they were all working to prepare her party, but that brooding scumbag had to ruin everything.

"I'm here, my sunshine. I won't leave you with him again." Bella threw her arms around Rose's waist and held tightly to the blonde. She wasn't afraid like Edward was hoping for her to be, she was just angry and sad.

"You aren't a monster, Rosie. You aren't a soulless monster." Bella looked up into honey eyes and gave a teary smile. "You're perfect, Rosie. My Rosie is perfect." Bella sounded so small and so sad, it broke her heart. She didn't know if she wanted to kill Edward or torture him for eternity. She could lock him in the basement to starve for the rest of forever, or she could give him to Emmett as a chew toy. It seemed Emmett was already ruining the bronze haired boy anyway. "Rosie?"

"Yes, my angel?" Bella's face scrunched in that way she knew so well. She looked so insecure, which was so rare, Rose had built the human up so high, but one day with Edward tore her all the way down.

"Are you going to make me a vampire? You want me to be with you forever right?" Rosalie wished she could cry, she wished she could scream and destroy the world for doing this to her mate. One hour with Edward had ripped open every wound Rose had spent the last 6 years closing. The abandonment issues and the fears were back, they mocked Rosalie from the warm chocolate eyes that they spilled from.

"My angel, there is nothing in this world that would stop me from changing you. I want to be with you for all of eternity." Bella's arms tightened around her waist and her tears slowed to a stop.

"Edward is such a creep." Bella laughed softly and Rose joined in. The humor that her little girl always held was back. When Bella was joking around, Rose knew things were back to normal.

"Did I tell you about the time he snuck into that girl's room and watched her sleep?" Every vampire in the house laughed at that one, Edward really was an extreme creep.


Issues didn't arise between Rosalie and Bella until the human turned 13. They were living in Cleveland, Ohio now. Bella was slowly transitioning into puberty and all the boys at her junior high school were noticing. It wasn't until the day Patrick walked into their lives that Rose began to think that they should have kept homeschooling the girl.

"This is Patrick McMillan, he's my new boyfriend." They held hands and Rosalie nearly got sick. Patrick, or Ricky, was a scrawny boy with thick dark brown hair that was dyed blond at the tips. He was impossibly pale, even to vampires, and his face was being ravaged by acne. All and all the boy was incredibly unimpressive, but everything he said made Bella smile or giggle.

Suddenly Bella stopped seeing Rose as often, the blonde was spending her time in the garage maintaining the cars. Her words were curt and her attention was divided. Rosalie wanted Bella to be happy, but their bond made her jealous and possessive. Their pull would distance Bella from anybody she tried to date, so Rose cut ties and suddenly Ricky was all Bella could see.

"Rose do you want to watch a movie with me." It was the weekend and Ricky was out fishing with his dad. Rose was so tempted to sit on the couch and pull Bella into her arms, but she didn't.

"I'm busy." She clipped and went back to the garage. The cars were all that took her mind off her mate. Rose could hear Bella's sobs, she could almost smell the blood as her human tore through the skin on her upper arms with her nails. She wouldn't come though, Bella didn't need Rosalie hovering over her and the blonde wouldn't.

It was Esme that found the poor girl, tearing at her flesh and sobbing like she had lost her everything. Esme tried to pull the girl into her arms, but she kicked and screamed, as she usually did. Bella's episodes had become rare, but the matriarch knew they would be seeing them a bit more. Rose was cutting ties completely because of this human boy that walked into their lives. Esme was tempted to tell Emmett to scare the boy away. Ricky was ruining their family and he didn't even know it.

Carlisle made the executive decision to move the family again. Their next home was Madrid, Spain and Rose's behaviour didn't improve. 14 year old Bella found another beau here, Rosario. The family wasn't shocked at all that she went out and found a new Rose, since hers was acting up. Rosario was a young god, he was a bronze skinned Latin with dark green eyes, long light brown curls, and plump pink lips. He was 16 so he was already mid swing with puberty, but his face was perfectly clear and his body was fit. He was their school's dream boy and Bella had snagged him with little effort. She decided that if Rose wanted to act so standoffish, she would find someone new to spend time with.

"You know you can't keep treating her this way." Carlisle knew well what it was like to push a mate away. When Esme was first changed he was so absorbed with teaching her his way of life that he ignored her affections and almost drove her away with his rules. He didn't want to see Rose make the same mistake, eventually she would have no choice but to accept the bond. By then so much damage would be done to their bond that she would have to spend decades repairing it. If their cousin Eleazar had not found Carmen when he did, Esme would be the matriarch of the Denali coven. "I've made many mistakes in regard to my mating and marriage. If I could go back in time, I would change it all. Please don't allow yourself to regret. These moments with her are precious, Rosalie."

"She deserves better than me, Carlisle. She's my angel and I can't be her goddess." He knew that, Rose had so many secrets, some that even he didn't know. They were darker than anyone could imagine, but he knew Bella would accept every one of them

"I won't argue this matter with you, Rose. I know there's nothing I can say to change your mind, but please do something for me." He knew she would do anything for him. She may not have wanted this life, but she appreciated him for giving her an actual family. Her human family weren't much of one.

"Anything." And she meant absolutely anything.

"Give her to Edward." She spent the next 4 years doing just that. Every time her -well Edward's now- human came to her she sent her away. The older Bella got she began to rebel against this new Rose. As her 17th birthday rolled around, she was finally fed up.

"Stop acting like this!" Tears rolled down Bella's cheeks and it physically pained Rose to keep from pulling the girl into her arms.

"I don't know what you mean." She spoke nonchalantly, her eyes watching the paint on her nails dry. She nearly smudged it when she saved the girl from tripping. She was mildly irritated with Edward for leaving the girl alone with her, but she could easily send her to her room. The room down the hall from her own.

"You're being a bitch!" Rosalie rolled her eyes and reached for the remote. She flicked through the channels before settling on an old black and white soap opera.

"I hardly speak to you." Bella's faced scrunched in that way Rose knows so well. She was going to have another episode. The crying and screaming began and Rose quickly excused herself to the garage. She was still the only one that could calm the girl, she could tell it frustrated Edward that the human didn't respond the same way to him. Rose became even more distant, spending all her time in Seattle feeding her darkest desire. Without Bella she had returned to the darkness that consumed the entirety of her first 3 decades of vampiric life. Emmett saved her the first time, but she still had that itch like an addict. Bella made it all go away. The need was gone when the human was with her.

Bella curled in her bed and cried herself to sleep, her arms were once again torn open, but she didn't worry, Carlisle would patch her up. She closed her eyes and dreamt of her Rose, not the blonde in the garage, but her Rose.

"Goodnight, my sunshine." Rosalie whispered from her place below her BMW.


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