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Under the light of the shining and full moon, the snow-covered, eastern portions of the Kingdom of Vale sat, illuminated by the not-yet-shattered celestial body. Far, far outside of the capital city, where Beacon lay ready to protect it, lied the Jupiter District, the Duchy of Vale that lay under the protection of a certain noble family. The youngest son of the very Duke and Duchess that led that family could be found traversing the hilly landscape of the Jupiter District.

Marcus Triodia was tall, measuring a little over six feet with short black hair and a pair of bright green eyes. As if to challenge the surrounding snow for its color, his skin was a pale ivory which contrasted greatly against not only his hair, but also his clothing. Atop his head sat a conical black hat with a white band around the base and around his body was a similarly black cloak. Beneath that he wore a long-sleeved shirt and pants, both of which contrasted against the surrounding snow. Large boots crunched against the snow with each step as well, somehow never sinking into the ground no matter how he walked. Hanging from the boy's belt was a pair of seax knives and several pouches that swung heavily with each step. In the teen's right hand, he held a long staff that vibrated with some sort of power every time he moved, each step insisting that the stave continued to scout the path ahead by a single pace.

Sharply cutting through the silence, Marcus reached into his pocket to pull out his ringing Scroll and answered it. On the other end of the screen, a woman who looked very similar to Marcus could be seen. Long, wavy hair colored obsidian framed an ivory-toned face with those same green eyes and a pair of red and full lips were pursed in worry. "Hello, Auntie Nyx." Marcus greeted cheerfully without missing a step. "I'm almost to Ambracia. It took a little longer than I thought, mostly because I ended up miscalculating my jump. It's no big deal though, just a twenty minute walk and I've already been going for at least fifteen." The woman on the other end seemed even more worried after his statement.

"Oh, I told Rex and Regina you should hold off on taking a mission."

"Auntie Nyx, you worry too much." Marcus scolded. "I've gone on missions before with other people, and this one won't be that bad. It's not even a nest or anything, it's just a tribal raid. I can handle some barbarians no problem." Nyx pressed her lips together before sighing.

"I know. I know how strong you are, what you're capable of. I just worry about you, Marcus." The boy waved it off.

"You're even more worried than the two of them most of the time. Don't worry, I've got this. I need to go, though. The welcoming party is here." Nyx widened her eyes a bit when he said that, but Marcus hung up before she could say anything. Putting his Scroll away, Marcus stopped in his tracks as he was surrounded on all sides by a dozen or so humans and Faunus. "Hello there. I will be assuming that you are the raiding party sent by whichever tribe in the area thinks that they can take what they please from my people. I am Marcus Triodia, youngest son of the Duke Rex Olympia. I have been sent to give you an official warning to stand down and halt your attacks on lands under the protection of House Olympia."

One of the men spat in the snow and took a single pace forward. His long horns marked him as a Faunus and his confidence marked him as the leader, of this party at least. "You think the Helvetii tribe is going to give into the demands of some kid? I don't care who you are, we take what we like because it's ours. If you think you can protect that village from us taking our due, then go right ahead. I dare you."

The entire time, Marcus never lost his cheerful smile, like some sort of cashier that was being verbally abused but really needed the job. As the man finished with his challenge, Marcus nodded in an understanding way. "If that is the way that you feel, then I will, of course, accept." Moving his hand slightly, Marcus' left seax jumped into his hand and he immediately fired it as it shifted into a revolver, sending the leader to his back as the man's Aura absorbed the impact. "Hm... I was really hoping that would be more effective." Taking the staff and placing it across his back, he moved the other seax into his right hand, also in the form of a revolver.

The rest of the so-called Helvetii tribesmen saw the nonchalance that he spoke with even as he aimed a revolver at their leader and – as one – rushed forward. There were no words at this point, only guttural war cries from savages who only understood those most primal aspects of humanity; who had long forgone society in favor of the anarchy of the Wastes. As the first spear jabbed at his form, Marcus' shimmered and appeared behind the offending tribal. Muzzle pressed to the back of his head, the teen pulled the trigger and no amount of Aura would save him from the Fire Dust-infused bullet that opened up the tribal's cranium. Kicking the body forward, it didn't fall the way the barbarians thought it would. Instead of moving towards the ground, it shimmered out of existence just like Marcus had and appeared to the left, slamming into another of the tribesmen, who lost grip on his sword and shield as he stumbled.

The others seemed to be a bit more hesitant to rush at him this time, watching him more carefully now. "What happened to that bravado? I thought that the great Helvetii tribe would put up more of a fight than that! If you won't come at me... then I guess I have no choice." Shifting his revolvers back into seax, he put them back on his belt and grabbed the staff from his back. The top third of the staff glowed a dangerously bright orange as Marcus manipulated his Aura. With a swing of the weapon, an arc of fire left it and hurtled towards the corpse-covered barbarian from before, setting both bodies alight.

Seeing the ruthlessness of Marcus caused the barbarians to find themselves somewhere in between anger and fear. They decided to allow their anger to control their actions. Most of them rushing forward once more, a pair of them dropped down to their knees, drew rifles, and fired at Marcus. The same top section of the staff glowed, but changed color to a deep purplish-black as he jabbed it forward. Some invisible force stopped the bullets and turned them back the opposite direction, peppering the tribals with their own ammunition. Two went down permanently while the Aura of the others kept them more or less alive.

"I gave all of you the chance to back down." Marcus explained as he stepped forward, causing the Helvetii to backup, aside from their still unconscious leader. "I informed you who I was and what my mission was. You just had to ignore my warning though. We don't take kindly to raiders. Thieves, murderers and rapists are unwelcome in the lands of my family." Some inkling of bravery must have still resided in one of the barbarians though.

"What do you call what you just did then?" Marcus waved his hand and watched as the sword that fell before slammed into the chest of the speaker, seemingly of its own accord. When the man stopped choking on his own blood, Marcus sighed and shook his head.

"I don't know what you're talking about. You aren't really people. Dust, I hate Gauls. You're all so slow." Marcus' shirt glowed a soft blue hue that was soon matched by an aura around his hand. Slowly, tendrils of snow rose up around the Helvetii and formed into spikes that hardened into snow. A moment later, the pure and white snow was stained by the blood of the survivors. Marcus glanced at the leader before sighing. "I really don't like taking prisoners for Katia, it would be so much more merciful to put him down now. She'd never forgive me though. At least this should keep Ambracia free from raids for some time. Though, these Gauls just never seem to learn..."