You can't live with them, you can't live without them. It's not very hard to understand. If you don't, I'll explain it to you.

Shin-Ra gives birth to you. That was the case of Rufus Shinra himself. He was born into the Shin-Ra family, and thus could never leave. He was forced to become the very heart of Shin-Ra Inc., whether he wanted to or not. No one asked him for his opinion, and I don't think they wanted to hear it. After all, no one likes when your favourite puppet starts to protest and complain, as I have no doubt Rufus would do. He was given leadership at too young an age, but he handled it well, considering the crisis the world went through at that point. He may have attempted to rule the world with fear, but his father ruled the world with money, and somehow, I think that is worse.

Shin-Ra makes you grow up. Look at Elena. When she came here, she was a naïve, blue-eyed, non-too-smart little girl, who's only claim to fame was that she could handle computers better that any of the other Turks. Now, you could never guess she once asked what the Turks really id for a living. She has become a hard, unforgiving, ruthless killer. She had to, really. No one can survive in the Turks without becoming at least a little jaded. Shin- Ra takes you in, and makes you grow up.

Shin-Ra cares for you. Yes, they do, but in their own special way. If they didn't care for you, then you would most certainly die, and Shin-Ra can't be bothered with educating new employees. It would be going through too much trouble. They just don't have the time. But the few valued employees they have, they take good care of. Just take a good look at Reno. He has been to the hospital more times this year than most people are in their whole life. Who paid for those visits? It sure as hell wasn't Reno. No, it was Shin-Ra. So, in their own way, Shin-Ra does care for you.

Shin-Ra kills you. But you knew that already. They killed Tseng. But wasn't that Sephiroth, you ask. It was Sephiroth who held the blade, that's correct, but if Shin-Ra hadn't sent Tseng to the Temple of Ancients, he would never have met Sephiroth, and thus, would still be alive. Shin-Ra has ordered more executions than any other corporation to date. They're rumoured to kill anyone at the drop of a hat, and it's well earned. They have been known to assassinate anyone who dares to stand in their way.

But, despite all the crimes Shin-Ra have committed, all the people killed by that very corporation, and how much many a man hates it; the truth is simple and horrifying. If you destroy Shin-Ra, the world collapses. Sin-Ra, you can't live with it, you can't live without it.

Shin-Ra gives birth to you.

Shin-Ra makes you grow up.

Shin-Ra cares for you.

Shin-Ra kills you.

It's that simple. It's no circle of life. It's a one way street.