Title: Back To Paradise

Premise: Daniel Atron is released after 4 years with a clean record. Alex has no choice but to tell her family that she did not take the antidote and still has her powers.

Special Notes: This is in reference to the final episode. It doesn't say that she takes the antidote or not, so I'm gonna say one of the things that could happen.


4AM Tea

Alex lies asleep in her bed. Exactly 4 years ago the Paradise Valley Chemical Plant got blown up when Danielle Atron foun dout about Alex's secret. Alex's parents, and the rest of the world had to find out about her secret powers of telekinisis (moving stuff with her mind), morphing (changing to liquid), and zapping (making electircity come from her fingertips), and even how she can lift heavy machinery when she eats her mother's curry. After everybody who was in on the plan to kidnap the kid was arrested, Alex's father, George, gave Alex an atidote to stip her of her powers forever.

Alex tossed and turned. She saw visions. Danielle Atron being arrested. Than she saw the trial where she was convicted. She saw her rotting away in her jailcell, and than she finally saw Danielle being released on parole. Alex popped her head up from the pillow in a cold sweat. She looked at the clock. 4 AM. She grunted as she left her room. She snuck downstairs in the same house she grew up in. She walked to the lamp and turned it on, partially lighting up the living room. She walked into the kitchen and turned on all of the lights. She walked to the cupboard and pulled out a coffee mug. She grabed a tea bag, filled up a kettle and put it on the stove. 5 minutes later, she poured the water into her mug and added the tea bag and began to drink.

She though for a while. Her sister Annie was living in her own home about 2 hours away. She missed her sister. Suprisingly, she even missed the tests Annie did on her for GC161. The good old days.

Thump. 'What was that noise?' Alex thought. She got up and looked outside the front window. She heard the thump again. It was coming from the front door. Alex grabbed a baseball bat at the front door and unlocked the door. She slowly turned the knob, and swung open the door and got ready to attack whoever was outside. She stopped when she saw who it was... Annie.