hey guys and girls this is a repost of the story since i'm co writer of the story just a heads up it maybe a long bit before the next chapter so ya i'm sorry thats all for now




"Robin will you just calm down and start the car."

As I looked out the cruisers clear window. I had to squint as a beam of sunlight pierced my field of vision after talking.

The day had started out good. I recalled waking up in Nick's paws but after a school visit with his mother to check up on his brother my mood had been altered and my resolve hardened.

Another flash of the bright sunlight seeped into my eyes forcing me to back away from the glass and the moving outside world causing me to have the day's events come to mind.

We had just pulled up to Nick's little brothers school. Me and his mother that is and a group of kits were lined up in front of the bus while the bus driver talked to a smaller group.

I noticed Robert Jr wasn't with any of the other kits and as we got out of the car and made our way over to the bus a sense of worry seemed to overtake the fox mother.

Vivian went right up to the driver and demanded to know what was going on however my keen hearing picked up on some light crying coming from behind a oak tree near the school.

"Hey there sport!"

As I spoke I poked my head around the tree and locked eyes with Jr. He had tears in his sopping wet sockets and was now rubbing them to wipe away his embarrassment.

"h-hey Miss Hopps."

Robert Jr garbled out his reply between his sniffles which made me quickly position myself in front of him and lean down slightly to his face level.

"Alright Mr. What's all this fuss over?"

I helped him up as he continued his sniveling replies that were pulling at my heartstrings.

"Th-they-. He s- said that you were just a-."

He paused as he spoke and I gave him my full attention as I understood what had transpired which prompted me to try and finish his sentence, "they call me just a dumb bunny huh?"

Not answering me he opted to nodding in agreement so I continued, "and then you yelled back at them and things got a little out of paw sort to speak?"

Again a very sullen nod was all the answer I received however I knew how to remedy the situation at least for him on his end.

"Maybe in a way they are right and so are you."

I made him stop sniveling with my words as I gave him my best and brightest smiles as he calmed down and cocked his head to the side.

"What do you mean we are both right?"

Choking down my own pride I decided to lay it out thick for him.

"Well it is true my size is not the best for this line of work. I probably have to work three to four times harder to do most menial task that is required of an officer and that doesn't make me a very smart bunny if you think about it."

This caused an instant stutter in the little fox's voice at he quickly shot back at me.

"Y-you are the smartest police officer that I know tho-!"

I cut him off with a wave of my paw, "things are not always so black and white but deep in my heart I know what's right and I know that I will always try my best to help others and try to make the world a better place even if someone bigger and smarter might do a better job of it. This is the life I chose and receiving flak for my selfish choice is just something that I need to endure."

His sniffling all but stopped and no sooner had it did he wrap his paws around my waist in a big hug.

A few seconds was all that we got before a loud growl echoed out loudly.


Which was followed up by screams from the kits by the bus and the moose bus drive along with Vivian all of whom had retreated inside the bus as a black panther desperately clawed at the windows of the bus effectively making the frightened kits wail out in terror.

"Oh my g-."

I couldn't get the words out fast enough as Robert Jr pulled us around the tree out of the clearly insane animals sight.

A whimper came from Jr. As his tail bristled and puffed out big while wrapping around my feet protectively.

"Calm down ok. I need you to run inside the school and tell a teacher to call the police."

I pulled away from him and he gave me a sad look while in a very quiet voice spoke to me, "what are you going to do? He's a predator!"

With as much courage as I could must I proudly replied, "I will do my job!"

Giving him a firm nod I let him slink back towards the school where he quickly darted inside the safety of the locking doors that loudly clicked making the deranged panther turn his head in my direction as I back away from the tree slightly.

"Sir! Stop what you are doing you are under arr- whoa!"

The crazed lunatic charged at me from ten yards away and had leapt at me with his claws fully extended and his mouth open displaying his fangs in a menacing manner as if he wanted to eat me.

I dodged his massive blatant attack and did a roll on the ground placing myself on the other side of the tree where I waved at the bus to take off.

No sooner had I waved the bus off did a looming shadow come from behind making me instinctively duck and roll again out of harm's way as the big panther swiped his big massive paw at me with his sharp claws posed to kill me.

I need to subdue him but how, were not in a ring so I don't have any leverag-.

Surveying the area my eyes locked onto the tree that had a few lower hanging branches which I quickly tried to grab for as I jumped over the now diving cat who sprung himself at me and got a face full of dirt.

Missing the tree branch caused me to plummet onto the ground awkwardly and twist my ankle slightly which made my jumping ability all but useless.

I cried out in pain which made the panther jump at me again with a loud snarl.


Dodging at the last second I had managed to roll backwards and let the dumb cat slam his face into the tree effectively stunning him allowing me to put one of my cuffs on his paw however.


I yelled as I was unable to cuff his other paw and nearly got my head taken off by the free paw.

"Sir calm yourself or you are going to hurt someone or yoursel-!"

Not being able to finish my sentence as the dazed panther dove at me again but the time I was able to jump a bit and land on his back only to be bucked high into the air as the crazed mammal tried to kick me from him.

Grabbing a branch a little ways up I slowly started climbing the tree to the best of my abilities which was not very good with my short well trimmed claws.

The panther who was wearing a suit and tie that had rips all over started climbing the tree with ease as his long sharp claws allowed him to scale up the tree quickly.l I found myself no safer up top than I was on the ground however a new plan came to mind as I ducked from a swipe of his paw while the other had a dangling cuff on his other.

"If I could just distract him for a moment-."

As I spoke to myself I dropped down a branch to dodge his next attack only to be pinned up against the tree and its branch as he swiped back and forth while not allowing me to budge as I was just out of his range. The cuff on his paw dangled in front of my eyes and the it clicked in my head as a plan came to mind.

Judging his back and forth swipes I timed it perfectly and with a last ditch effort I snagged the cuff while clamping it around a branch below me which was close to the same thickness as his wrist.

The close proximity that I had been in after cuffing the cat to the branch however had left me to close and I failed to dodge his next attack.


He belted out loudly at me while raking his clawed paw across my left arm as I jumped down out of the tree and out of his range.


As I landed on my fluffy butt I quickly looked up and locked eyes with the predator who had a killer's glare in his eyes and a deep shiver ran down my spine. After shaking that dreadful feeling out of my mind and watching the panther to make sure he couldn't get free I turned and inspected my now throbbing arm. The cuts were shallow and didn't produce much blood but the missing fur would take weeks to grow back. As if to remind myself my paw drifted onto my cheek and felt the raised claw marks from the fox bullie I had to deal with growing up.

Sirens came blaring down the road and my keen hearing turned in their direction while standing up and making my way towards the road.

Two squad cars pulled up were the bus had been sitting and with a sigh of relief I high tailed it over to the second and third biggest mammal on the force, officers Mchorn and Rhinowitz.

"This had better be good Hopps. We a report of a crazed mammal on the loose."

"Just in time guys. We have a savage panther, male cuffed u-."

As I led the two rhinos closer to the tree while staying relatively far away from where the panther was as Mchorn spoke up in a board condescending tone, "maybe all predators look savage to a itty bitty bun-."

I watched as Mchorn got right under the panther while it let out a blood curdling cat like yowl that was accompanied by a very stretched out paw that had its claws extended and were met with the top of the rhino's skin on his head.

"Son of a-," feeling the top of his head were fresh claw marks and the now dripping blood that started to flow down his face, officer Mchorn quickly shut up and backed away from the tree all while I gave him a very smug smile.

"Not all predators are savage in my eye but this particular one," I jerked a paw up at the cat while continuing, "he seems pretty savage to me."

At that I made my over to the police car to fetch Mchorn some first aid as he dealt with the deranged mammal.

Wiping his face off while keying up a mic on his shoulder. The big rhino called it in and pulled out his dart gun took aim then fired a shot into the growling feline.

"Good night kitty."

I felt relieved when the cats growls stopped and it remained asleep while perched up the tree.

As I finished running to the cruiser and retrieved the medical box Rhinowitz had snapped the branch the panther slumbered on and caught the cat in his muscular arms with ease.

"Thanks Hopps!"

I dabbed his head with a disinfected wipe which made him flinch surprisingly as he sat down on the ground by the tree. His words made me smile since after all getting thanked by one of the police force's toughest mammals wasn't an everyday thing.

"No problem sorry I failed to inform you of the suspects location sooner."

For a moment he was taken aback and remained silent while looking at me.

"I was worried that having a bunny on the force was going to be a bad idea however it would seem that you're alright Hopps."

We watched his partner toss the sleeping panther in the back of the cruiser and shackled along with putting on a muzzle on the cat then shut the door loudly just as the school bus came back around.

Every passenger was staring out at us and I waved while giving them a paw thumbs up which made the driver open the door. The driver got off and walked over to us. A big moose who kept looking around as if another crazed mammal was going to jump out of the shadows.

"Is-is it safe to bring the kids in?"

I pointed at the cruiser while speaking on my fellow offers behalf, "all clear sir. The panther is subdued in the car. Do you happen to know who he is and if this is normal for him?"

A wave of relief seemed to wash over the moose as he shook his head.

"I have never seen him before and I don't plan on seeing him ever again!"

At that he hurried back to the bus and helped the kids make their way off.

Vivian exited from the bus and quickly made her way to my side. A very worried look was plastered on her face and I instantly knew what she wanted to hear.

"He's safe! He is in the school and called for backup in fact he'll make a fine officer one day."

My words seemed to have unlatched her knees as she kneeled down to my level and brought me into a strong hug.


As she tanked me I had to wince a bit as the scratch on my arm hurt from all the friction.

"Judy you're hurt!"

I couldn't even respond as the nimble fox mother snatched up the medical supplies and started treating my arm as if I had been fatally wounded.

"It's only a scratch." I scoffed at her as she fussed over me and looked at Mchorn's forehead which was starting to lightly bleed again as I was interrupted with helping him.

"I will be fine, if anyone needs looked at it's him."

As I spoke she expertly wrapped up my arm and tied it off then turned to Mchorn just as another cruiser pulled up and a loud groan spilled out from my lips as a red furred mammal made his way over towards us.

"Well, well. Look what the cat tried to drag into work today."

Robins words made all three of us cringe. His humor was on par with Nicks at times and it made me want to pummel him.

Breathing out steadily while putting my paws on my hips I decided to roll with the dumb fox for once just to catch him off guard, "don't you dare accuse me of lollygagging when you know for a fact that I was dilly dallying."

The whole group including Vivian remained silent for a moment but that was only for a moment as everyone of them busted out laughing.

Lifting my paw to my mouth I coughed slightly, "forgive my pretentious attempt at making light of this horrible situation. Vivian give Robert a hug for me."

Robin went to say something but I completely brushed him off by turning to Mchorn, "sorry about all the paperwork this will cause, if only I had a partner there for me when I needed him."

I started making my way back to the cruiser when Robin turned around with anger in his eyes "that was completely uncalled for Hopps."

Giving him a half lidded stare I stopped at his cruiser that he had brought to the scene and shot back at him, "and here I thought you were partner material."

With that said and his stunned silence I got in the cruisers passenger door and hopped in then waited for the upset fox to make his way back.

I didn't even wave good bye. To Vivian or Robert Jr who had made his way out of the school to hug his mother who was silent throughout the exchange between me and Robin. Was I upset he didn't have my back when he should have? A little but on the other paw he would have had to of picked me up for work which he did not. My own mixed emotions were making it hard to concentrate and in the back of my mind I could hear Nick say 'emotional bunny!'


I didn't even hear Robin open the door as he got in and slammed it shut.

He wasn't like Nick. Not at all. Robin didn't hide his emotions like Nick did even though he was a fox and as I looked at him while he fumbled with the keys his face was contorted into a very readable mad expression which made me regret for berating him in front of our peers.

"Robin I- I'm sorry for what I sai-."

He instantly scoffed loudly cutting me off.

"How was I supposed to even know you were in trouble? I was in early at work and Ben heard you were in trouble over the dispatch and sent me out as soon as he heard!"

Folding my arms and paws I looked outside while talking, "a good partner would have picked me up for work."

This seemed to take him by surprise as a text came in on his phone while he shot back at me, "and pray tell how I would even have known where you were?"

He looked at his phone his anger still slightly elevated in his tone.

"Robin will you just calm down and start the car."

As he looked at his message he instantly calmed down and started the car while I went on. "I take it that's from Marian and had you asked her she probably would have told you that I spent the night and had you not been a dumb fox you could have picked me up and saw her."

His angry posture and grumpiness all but vanished as he thought on that and bowed his head in defeat.

"S-sorry for not being there, partner."

I turned to look at him as he winced at saying partner now.

Sighing loudly I shook my head and gave his shoulder a light punch, "rookie!"

Robin laughed, "who's the rookie that got hurt by a panther? I thought you were Miss super bunny able to take down a rhino?"

I rubbed my thigh hesitantly while looking at the floor of the cruiser.

"I'm just a bit sore today after last night activities with Nick."


The car swerved as Robin put two and two together, "whoa, whoa hold up. A little mammal like you doing the tango with a fox and you're still able to take down a panther? He must not of gone all the wa-."

I stopped him by waving my paw, "isn't there some way to just do away with that knot thing? It really hurts!"

Robin gulped his words down and remained flustered and silent the rest of the ride to the precinct.

As the cruiser pulled up to a parking spot both got out and headed inside the front doors were a loud booming voice shouted out across the floor which caused Judy to cringe.


The silence that permeated after Bogo yelled made my ears go down as I started heading towards the stairs while Robin seemed to be glued to my hip and followed closely as if I would get hurt in the precinct without him.

I showed no hesitation while going into the chief's office, Robins tail however went rigid as it stuck low to the ground.

"Yes chief?"

I asked while making my way into the room. Chief Bogo had his back to me as he looked at something and as he turned to face me a paper was clenched between his hooves.

"Take a seat Hopps! Loxley step outside."

Taking one step back towards the door Robin cleared his throat, "sir if I may-."

He didn't get to finish his sentence as I watched Bogos eyes narrow while he took in a deep breath, "insubordination will not be tolerated in my precinct, leave now or run the risk of being fired on the spot you stand upon."

I sullen glanced back hoping to see his fluffy tail headed out of the room instead I found Robin coming closer behind the chair I was now sitting in while his big paws draped across the back of the chair.

"I failed my partner once today sir I will not just throw her to the wolves to receive punishment for something I might have been able to prevent had I been there for her like a good partner should have."

His words stunned both me and the chief and for a moment the big buffalo didn't know how to proceed and only when Robin came around the chair and hopped up next to me did the chief decide to press forward.

"Failure to restrain a subject who posed harm to the public while failing to inform fellow officers of the dangerous mammals standing. On top of being off duty and using police equipment you put yourself in danger by not having proper back up!"

He gave Robin a menacing glare at his last comment while moving around his desk and looked at my bandaged arm.

"Three days desk duty for the both of you and if you two cause a panic in this city again I don't care what the mayor thinks about his mammal inclusion program. You both will be fired. Dismissed!"

At that both me and Robin jumped down off the chair and high tailed it out of the chief's office. We made it down the stairs in silence. The rest of the officers whispers were ringing in my ears as if they were shouting however something unexpected happened.

The whispers held meaning and as I turned around before heading down the hallway leading to my cubicle a slow clapping rang out from around Ben's desk in the middle of the lobby and soon following the low sound it became louder and louder as more and more mammals joined in.

Within the throng of mammals someone behind the big desk yelled out at me, "nice take down Hopps!"

Before I could locate the speaker another voice spoke up, "bunny one, panther zero!"

A laugh escaped from me as I held up my arm to make a muscle, "and here I went easy on the poor fella since he'd clearly lost it."

The whole precinct erupted into a very loud laughing fit as I pretended to box Robin while he played along and acted submissive.

"Thanks guys, sorry I won't be able to help on the streets today. Chief thinks this scratch is too much damage for one little bunny."

I had gotten caught up in the moment and showed off the small bandage while poking fun at the chief however he seemed to of been listening as Ben's microphone came to life with the buffalos booming voice, "get the reports started Hopps and while you're at it help finish all of Loxley's reports since that little scratch doesn't bother you!"

Everyone scrambled back to work at that including myself who bolted down the hallway away from the booming voice that was cherry picking officers names and yelling at them from the microphone.

Robin followed closely as if his life depended on it and for a moment I regretted yelling at him, now he would be glued to my hip even more so than ever.

"You know. You don't have to follow me like some lost puppy in the station, right?"

I watched him as he scratched the back of his neck lightly while turning away in embarrassment as he made his way into his own cubicle.

"Stay safe sis-."

His words were cut off as he ducked into his space and loudly sat down in his swivel chair effectively avoiding me.

Shaking my head I thought about the one fox who mattered the most to me all while sitting down at my desk and prepared myself for a long tedious day.


Meanwhile back in the Wilde house.


"Come on sis just your bro just a small dosage, what's the harm?"

My sister put her paws to her hips while chuckling, "for one you are healing just fine at the normal pace and for two I don't need you up and leaving the second you can."

I feigned being hurt, "are you saying i'm a prisoner? Because if so I know a police officer that would gladly spring me from my imprisonment."

She laughed even harder at my attempt at getting her to give me an adrenaline shot so I could get out of the house and back to my normal business.

"That little bunny wouldn't help you leave this house even if you were feeling like a million bucks!"

I gave my sister a smug grin while replying in earnest, "who says I was talking about Carrots? No I was thinking more along the lines of someone my height, fur rather close to the same shade, has my dream job while working with my girlfriend."

The description did its job and my sister was biting her lip as she quickly pulled out her phone and looked at his picture then shouted at me while her tail bristled furiously, "you stay away from my Robin!"

Her words made me chuckle as I laid in bed while shrugging, "i'm a bedridden fox. What could I possibly do to my sisters love interest? It's not like I could convince him to do anything for a bit of info about a certain vixen who seems to of caught his eye."

I watched her posture waver as she mulled my words over while nervously lifting her paw to her mouth and nibbled on her nails instead of her lip which looked like it was bleeding now.

"You think I caught his eye? I left him during our date to go to work. He probably hates me now."

A genuine smile crossed my face as I gave her the clinching line that would seal the deal for me.

"Want me to see if he likes you? A talk between two guys is the fastest way of finding out who they lik-."

I couldn't finish my sentence before she bolted from my room and was now making her way into our parents bedroom where mother kept all the medicines.

Putting my left arm behind my head I waited patiently for my sisters return.

A bit of rustling went out outside of my room and before long Marian came sulking back into my room holding a needle filled with the meds that would get me out of here.

"First!" She said as she waved the syringe at me, "lets see you hold up your end of the deal."

Grabbing my phone off my desk I called Judy.

A few rings went by but still no answer then the call went to voicemail so then I called mom up since Judy was with her still however what I got instead was something unexpected.

"Ni-Nick wh-why are you calling me. I-I just left recently, did you need something?"

My mother was a lot of things but when she got scared on that very rare ocation her poker face was completely broken.

The worried shaky voice that talked to me caught even my sister's attention and she waved at me to ask what's wrong.

"Stop right there and tell me whats wrong!"

My tone came with a bit of a snarl which was new but if my mom was in trouble then so was Judy and when it came to anything to do with her my body acted differently.

"We got attacked by a crazed panther down at your brothers school. Ju- Judy distracted him while me and the kids got on the bus and are now driving away from the school."

I sat up instantly which caused the stitch in my chest to burn like nothing id ever felt which made my voice crack as I shouted into my phone.

"YOU LEFT HER! You left Judy there with a crazy panther?"

I didn't wait for a response while ending the call and glaring at my sister. My paw open and with a very deep voice I shouted at her, "NOW!"

She backed up a foot while clutching the needle tightly, "n-no you'll hurt yourself."

My sister stuttered out at me as I demanded the shot.


I shouted again while swinging my feet over the edge of the bed and started to get up while clutching my chest.

"I wu- won't let you hurt yourself for som- some bunny. You're my brother and we just started to become a family again. I won't risk losing you!"

Any other time I would have given in at her sweet words that she knew I enjoyed hearing however this was something different this was- this was a biological urge to protect my mate and my body was going whether it like it or not.

"Sis. I love you but my mate is in trouble please understand that i'm leaving with or without the shot."

A shocked look crossed her face as she saw my determined look while I grabbed a shirt off my dresser and painfully slipped it on.


I didn't even hear her come up behind me as she slunk up next to me and jabbed the needle into my right butt cheek and emptied its contents into me.

"I'm coming with you!"

She shouted into my ear as she yanked the empty syringe out of me and tossed it on the dresser.

The shot didn't seem to be working at first but then all of sudden my body felt hot and my chest started rising and falling quickly. My heart rate skyrocketed and I felt like I could run ten marathons.

The pain was still there but was slightly numbed by the increases of blood being pumped and with my new energy I quickly got dressed and bolted down the stairs all while marian trailed behind as she grabbed her keys.


I shouted as we left the house and ran towards her car.

She didn't hesitate in tossing me her car keys and as I got in the driver's seat and turned the car on my chest felt heavy and I cried out from the sharp pain that over road my senses.

"Dumb fox! Move over here!"

My sister yelled at me as she got out while I reluctantly slid over to the passengers side.

"The things I do for you."

She grumbled out as I gave her a broad smile, "you know you love me."

Scoffing loudly as she started driving she looked over in my direction and put her free paw on my knee.

"Do I know that? Yes. Yes I do!"

We both laughed as she pulled out onto the main road leading towards the school and after a short ten minute drive we hit gridlock.

Traffic was backed up for a mile in the school's direction and my brain panicked as I looked down the road best I could and could make out police cars lights flashing. I got out of the car and took off running as my sister shouted at me from the car.


But it was too late I was already running at full tilt and I don't think I could stop at least not without collapsing into a heaving mess.

After racing down the sidewalk while dodging various mammals of all different shapes and sizes I was starting to get closer to the school just as two rhinos got into their cruiser.

As soon as I arrived at the school both police cruisers were gone and I was puffing and wheezing profoundly while holding my side.

I quickly reached into my pocket and called mom.

suddenly my heightened hearing picked up a sound, it was my mothers phone coming from the parking lot a off to the side of the school. Heaving a sigh I trudged over to the sound just as my mother picked up.

"Hey sweetie, sorry about earlier i'll tell you all about it when I get home."

I made my way to her car and let my hurting body pound against the car with a thud startling my mother who instantly hung up and got out to check on me.

"Tell- me about- it - now."

I wheezed out as she gasped at my heaving mass on the ground which was instantly picked up and helped into the back seat of her car.

"Sweetie what are you doing here and how are you here I just talked to yo- where's your sister?"

I ignored her question while asking my own, "where's Judy? Is she safe?"

Between my heaving chest I watched my mother smile, "shes fine. She got a scratch on her arm but nothing serious. She also caught the panther by cuffing him to a tree then after all that was said and done her partner drove her back to the police station."

My body's tense sensation stopped and all at once I sighed deeply while closing my eyes and murmuring to myself, "she's safe. My Judy is safe."

A loud throat clearing cough rang out as my mother tapped her claw on the hood of her car while glaring down at me so I jerked a paw back the way I had came.

"She's stuck in traffic about a mile back. Cu- could you drive me to the police station?"

A loud boisterous laugh escaped from my mothers lips as she closed the car door and got in the driver's seat.

"Now those are some words I thought I would never hear come out from your mouth." my mother said as she started the car still laughing which made me laugh as well.

"You and me both, you and me both" I repeated while closing my eyes for a minute to relish in the thought of knowing my bunny was safe.

The gridlock was still going strong but while not being in a rush any more I pretended to doze off while dealing with some rather intense pain all while my mother called marian and let her know that I was in her care.

My body was still kind of restless from the shot and if I wasn't in so much pain I might have got out of my moms car and ran the rest of the way since the stop and go traffic was nauseating, it was one of the rest why I didn't own a vehicle in the first place. Trains took you everywhere you needed to go long distances the rest you could walk for free at your own pace.

Tap tap tap!

I found my paws tapping the side of the seat in a rhythmic pattern to try and calm myself down from wanting to bolt.

"Nicholas." She said calmly before gritting her teeth together and go on, "as much as I love you. I need you to stop acting like you're going to run halfway across zootopia before I end up tranqing you and taking you back home."

I turned towards my mother and looked at her like she grew a second head which immediately sent here into a giggling fit so I shrugged and told her why.

"Why on earth would you do that? I'm a bit wired from the adrenaline shot at the moment."

I felt myself lurch forward only to get caught by the belt as my mom slammed on the breaks and yelled loudly at me, "WHO THE HELL GAVE YOU ADRENALINE?"

Now normally my mom is a pretty chill and laid back vixen but if someone messes with one her own then I have only one little bit of advice, run! Run like something extremely bad is going to happen to you.

"Mare gave it to me." I said in the hope that she'd calm down.


I watched her knuckles turn white as she gripped the steering wheel. On a side note this was maybe not the best of my ideas. I should probably start planning Marian's funeral cause even i'm not going to lie to my mom when she is like this and probably mine to once Judy finds out I made her do it.

In an effort to save my sister from brutal torture from our mother I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger at myself so she wouldn't get the chance to later as I explained what transpired, "well I sorta maybe blackmailed her into doing it that way I could get to Judy."

My mom went quiet as she pulled over to the side of the road again as she adopted an eerily calm smile. "Oh goodie let me just send a text to Judy so she can deal with you while I take care of your sister."

I looked around trying to figure out what she meant only to have a foreboding feeling creep up my spine. However! I remained neutral in my facial expressions and merely shrugged at her while nonchalantly saying what I already knew, "she wont answer. She's a busy bunny."

I watched my mothers hardened stare softened as she thought on that and then she seemed to relax completely while looking back out the window.

"Your right! She is a very busy bunny. Your bunny that is."

A real smile crept onto my face as I mulled that over to myself quietly, "my bunny."

A tap on the window brought me out of my fondness for my bunny as i looked out the window to see said bunny leveling a 'you are in so much trouble' kind of look.

"Ah crap."