Answers to reviewers' questions or statements:

Jestalnaker94000: There will be a few that can take Peter in a fight that aren't Hybrids. One of which is William for the Lycans and the others being Vampire Elders like Viktor, Marcus and Amelia herself. But for the most part either species will rely on greater numbers or even skill if they want to at the very least survive a fight with Peter after he gins his spider powers.

Jaeson Chandler: Peter and David's interactions will be mainly awkward. After all he is the son of one of Peter's love interest and one of her old lovers. When you think about it, William was the Hulk/Doomsday of the Underworld universe. A powerful seemingly unstoppable force of nature.

Guest: Peter will have claws, greater physical strength than either Lycan or Vampire and even some Hybrids, his standard adhesive powers, a sort of transformation and Stingers but that'll be it in terms of powers. The Lycans and Lucian will have a large role in this story aside from being one of it's antagonists, we'll be seeing things from their side in a few chapters. No, the Nightshade didn't affect Peter at the time because he was still human, the knife it was coated on is another matter. It can be argued that William is the first Lycan given that all Werewolves and Lycans are descended from him.

Fenrir44: I may add other people like that to this story.

The-everchosen: Peter will get a few powers but nothing to extreme like Venom blasts. Be kinda hard to justify or explain that in this universe but a man-spider transformation is doable.

Adtr509: Yeah there'll be a of of blood, gore and violence, with Vampires and Werewolves, it's like a necessity. To be honest I kinda did start writing this without the intention of introducing Blade buuuut now that you mention it… hmm. I still say that between Blade and William, William still trumps Blade because his near uncontrollable rampage against the Vampires will likely ignite a werewolf pandemic and well…

MCRasengan: He'll have his usual powers along with one or two others that he doesn't get often.

90skid4life: No we wont be seeing many if any flashbacks of Peter's life when he was human. As for Amelia's feelings on the harem, nah she'll be good with it. In fact she'll be the sort of Alpha of the group.

Bobwhy: Uh I said the story takes place a few years before the events of the movie, so three or two at the very most which in turn would Make David between nine or ten at the time so I'm not certain why you had to mention that. She kept Peter out of the loop because it's only recently they've grown this close. Even though she was his 'Sire', she's only been in his life for less than a hundred years since when she turned him all those years ago, it was close to the end of her time to rule, like months before her hibernation. After she was awoken again, she looked him up and brought him under her wing for a time. They were as close in so far as that she trusted him with a few things in her absence, like Viktor did with Kraven but not enough to reveal the fact she had a son with Thomas. Because Amelia is an Elder, when she bit and turned Peter, he became a stronger than a average Vampire, like Selene was thanks to Viktor turning her himself. There's more to why Peter seems unusually strong for a Vampire, but the whole she's an Elder and therefore the ones she turns are stronger than most is part of it. She kept her pregnancy secret from Peter by staying at the Eastern Coven for a time, like in the movies. She simply had Peter stay in New York and manage her affairs while she was giving birth to her son.

Spideyfan: He's based a more on his Noir aspect than his 1602 incarnation. Peter and Selene know of each other and have met like maybe three times, but those meetings were brief and largely forgetful. I've never seen One Piece so I'm not sure how that Devil Fruit thing and stuff works. I'll give the show a look and get back to you on that.

Harbinger of Kaos: Yeah David's still Amelia and Thomas's kid. I thought of using them for a time and I may possibly add them in later but I figured that those two deserved a chance. Plus aside from them, Lena, Selene, Sonja and Amelia, they're the only attractive women in those movies.

DES Guest: I'm thinking of adding elements from the Blade franchise to this story. I may do a Spider-man resident evil crossover someday.

Disclaimer: I don't own any Marvel or Underworld characters seen, mentioned or used.

Peter really hated flying… no it's true, he really did.

The possibility that at any moment the aircraft he was in could encounter some sort of mechanical or electrical problem and thus cause them to crash and burn was one fear he could never get over whenever he got on these things. He also didn't like the turbulence that the aircraft would hit from time to time, causing the whole jet to shake to the point Peter wondered how it was keeping together. Then there's the limited amount of space to move around in on these things. Sure, the jet he was on was Amelia's and very high end, which mean it was plenty spacious. But the fact it would only take Peter six strides at most to cross from side of the plane to the other kinda made him feel trapped.

'Also, the inflight meals suck…' Peter thought as he felt his grip on the arm rest tighten as the jet shook ever so slightly again as it made it's way over the northern Atlantic.

His flight had just departed from New York not even two hours ago with only himself as the passenger, well if one didn't count the pilot and the stewardess as passengers themselves. The aircraft's destination would be a small private airport that Thomas's Coven owned just outside Vienna, Austria where Peter will meet with the Coven leader and after that, get to stopping the Lycans from potentially unleashing hell on Earth in the form of William.

'Still don't get why he wasn't killed when they captured him. I mean from what Amelia has mentioned about him, he can't be controlled. Like at all' Peter thought as he closed his eyes and tried to distract himself from the ever so subtle shaking of the place as it raced over the ocean miles below 'Then again, maybe they don't want to try and control him. Maybe they have other plans for William. Like they want to harness his infectious venom to breed a new army of Werewolves or somehow enhance their own people with it somehow-'

The jet shook violently for several seconds, causing Peter's body to tense up in slight fear as the armrest under his grip began to crack and groan from the amount of strength he was gripping it with. Finally, after several tense seconds, the jet ceased it's shaking and the pilot's voice came on through the speakers.

"Sorry sir, little be of turbulence, but we should be clear now"

Peter took several calming breaths as he wiped some sweat from his forehead and glared up towards the door to the cockpit "And let's keep it that way yeah?"

"Yes sir…" the pilot responded before cutting the connection and resumed flying.

Peer leaned back in his chair and let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding "I fuckin hate flying"

"So too does Amelia" an amused voice spoke up behind Peter, causing him to look over his shoulder to see the stewardess sitting in her own chair not too far from his, reading a small book "She could never stand being on this thing longer than absolutely necessary"

She was an attractive woman, nowhere near Amelia's level in Peter's opinion, but still lovely. She had short blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and her lips were painted a dark red. She was dressed in an air stewardess uniform commonly seen on public aircraft but black and silver instead of the odd blue colors that Peter's seen them in. The skirt he noticed seemed to be shorter than what Peter figured was the standard, drawing attention to her long legs.

"If that's the case, why the hell does she keep a jet?" Peter asked with a quirked brow.

"Jets are faster than ships and trains" the woman replied with a simple shrug "And a hell of a lot faster than walking or driving"

"Fair enough" Peter said with a sigh as he settled back into his chair and tired to mentally list the various elements of the Periodic Table to distract his mind from the flight.

"Not a fan of flying I take it?" she asked with a small grin as she turned a page in her book.

"Nope, never have been and never will" Peter said as he made it to the noble gases and began to mentally go through them "But speed is of the essence so I'm willing to steady my nerves and just endure this hell with wings"

The woman chuckled as she resumed reading her book while Peter risked a glance outside the window and watched the passing night sky. After a time of watching the various clouds pass by, Peter tore his gaze away from the window and glanced at a small clock hung on the wall to see how much longer until he arrived in Austria and frowned at what he saw.

'Five and a half more hours… craaaap' Peter thought with dismay as he settled into his seat and tried to keep his mind occupied.

He was tempted to ask for a drink from the stewardess, but she seemed too engross in her novel and Peter didn't want to make her flight crap just because he couldn't handle it nearly as well. He tried to pass the time by taking the bullets out of her Beretta's clip and placing them back in and repeating the process several times before a shake from the plane caused him to nearly drop one of the rounds on to the floor. After that he settled for trying to take a nap but the constant hum of the jet's engines and again the slight shaking of the plane kept him from finding any real rest.

It was just about an hour after doing the after mentioned things that Peter let out a sigh as he slumped into his chair "Next time I'm knocking myself out before getting on one of these things. This flight's taking too long and nothing I do can keep me distracted or occupied! And I swear if this plane hits turbulence again I'm going into that cockpit and ripping that pilot's fangs out…"

"Are you hungry?" the stewardess asked from her seat, marking her page and closing her book as she stood up "There's a few blood bags in the refrigerator that I can fetch you to feed on"

"No, I'm good. Bedsides all the jostling around from the freakin turbulence has kinda ruined my appetite" Peter said as he placed an elbow on the partially crushed arm rest and rested his head on his hand.

The woman nodded at this as she glanced back and forth between her novel and Peter before she came to a decision "Would you… like me to keep you distracted until we land?"

At this Peter frowned as he looked back at the stewardess "How? I mean no offense, but I don't see what you can really do to keep my mind off the fact I'm several miles in the air and being flown by a pilot that I swear is hitting every bit of turbulence he can just because I think he may know I hate flying and wants to make this experience even worse than it already is"

Her answer was to walk over to him, stopping only momentarily to remove her heels and unbutton her shit until it was left open to show she was wearing a white lace bra underneath that had a hard time containing her breasts before she dropped to her knees in front of him and ran her hands up his legs with a small grin on her face.

"Have you ever heard of the term, mile high club?" she asked, her eyes shifting to blue and her fangs elongating as she ran her hands over Peter's thighs.

"Uhhh…" Peter sounded as he watched the woman's hands reach for his belt and zipper and began to undo them and pull his pants down slightly until his boxers were brought to the surface.

The woman licked her lips as she could see Peter's member starting to harden through the fabric. She was just starting to reach for it when Peter suddenly grabbed her arm, taking her by surprise.

"Do you want me to stop?" she asked in a disappointed tone.

"No, no- I mean yeah for the moment because I want to ask you a few things first before we… before we uh… you know" Peter said with a slight shrug.

"Before we fuck?" the woman said plainly.

Peter winced at the term has he nodded "Yeah before we do that"

"Alright then" the woman said as she leaned back a little and gave Peter an expectant look as she drummed her fingers on her arm after she crossed them under her bust.

"Well, what's your name?" Peter asked after he cleared his throat.

"Anya" she said.

"Alright… um… how long have you been a Vampir-"

"One hundred and twenty years" Anya said in a slightly impatient tone "Now do you want me to suck you off and if we have the time, fuck? Or not?"

Peter scowled at her a little "Well excuse me for wanting to at least know something about the woman who's going to have sex with me"

Anya rolled her eyes as she removed her shirt and tossed it aside before she leaned back towards Peter's waist and reached out to grab his cock. Peter leaned back n his chair and watched as Anya began to fish his member out before she took it into her mouth without an ceremony and began to bob her head up and down his length.

'Seriously, what's with people wanting to fuck now a days without at least knowing the person your doing the deed with just a little like their name or something?' Peter thought as he felt his mind being dragged away from the ever so subtle shaking of the flight and more towards the Vampiric woman sucking him off.

Sometimes Peter wondered if society's standards and sense of class fallen in the last few decades, it often at times certainly looked that way.

Several hours and a somewhat descent blowjob later, and he says descent because the woman was far from a pro at it, Peter found himself in the back of a black Sedan on it's way to the location of Thomas's Coven. Said leader of the coven was sitting next to Peter while one of his men drove the car they were in.

Peter was busy looking at some of the reports that Thomas gathered in regards to the Lycan movements and the 'testimonies' of the ones they captured. The drive for the most part was silent. Other than the simple greeting that Peter and Thomas gave each other, both men seemed happy to leave it at that. It was no secret that in the past, Thomas and Amelia were close, and it was an even less of a secret that Peter, according to many, was Amelia's new 'intimate interest'.

'Man, I cant imagine what it must feel like for the driver up there. Guy must feel like he'll need a knife to cut the tension between me and Thomas here' Peter thought with a hidden smirk under his mask as he stared at the various reports with a critical eye while trying to ignore the feeling of awkwardness that was growing between him and Thomas.

"How is she?" Thomas suddenly spoke in a low tone as he stared out the window of the car they were in, watching the passing cars sharing the road with them.

"Hmm?" Peter said as he looked up from a report.

"Amelia, how is she?" Thomas asked, not meeting Peter's gaze.

"She's… fine" Peter said as he returned his attention back to the documents "Getting ready for the Awakening of Marcus and her two hundred years of hibernation and all that"

Thomas hummed at that as he watched the passing lights of other cars on the road "And how do you feel about it?"

"About what?"

"That you will not see her for two hundred years, perhaps never again should you perish in that time" Thomas said as he looked down at his hand and fiddled with a ring that he had one.

"Oh…" Peter said before he shrugged "I try not to think about it. Bound to drive me crazy. Though I will say that I'm not looking forward to Marcus's reign"

Thomas smirked a bit at this "I will say that he's marginally better than Viktor"

"Barely… I swear every time he's awake, our war against the Lycans slows to a crawl. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that he doesn't want to fight them" Peter said with a shake of his head.

"And what about you?" Thomas said as he finally looked towards Peter with narrowed eyes "If what I heard was true, your brother may be a Lycan"

Peter didn't respond as he stared at the document before him, not really reading it. Thomas however seemed to notice this as he continued.

"Tell me Peter, what will you do if by some chance you do meet your brother again?"

Again, Peter didn't respond, not at first as Thomas's words echoed through his mind.

'What would I do?' Peter thought with a frown.

It wasn't the first time he's been asked this question. Amelia asked the same thing over forty years ago when she saw him hesitate to shoot a Lycan. The reason for the hesitance was because for a brief moment during the fight, Peter swore that he saw his brother during the shootout…

But before he could confirm it, he lost sight of him and not even a minute later, a Lycan that since turned attacked him and for a brief, idiotic moment, Peter thought it may have been his brother. Before the savage beast could tear into Peter for his hesitance, Amelia intervened and snapped the snarling creature's neck. The Lycan died and reverted back to it's human form which in the end turned out to not be Ben after all, much to Peter's relief.

"Well?" Thomas's voice dragged Peter out of his memories "What will you do?"

Finally, after several minutes of silence, Peter spoke as he placed the various documents back into the folder they came in and handed them to Thomas "I'll let you know when I reach that bridge"

The rest of the car ride was in silence as Peter turned his attention towards the passing buildings of Vienna as their driver left the city and headed into the countryside.

Over a hundred miles away, underneath the city of Budapest was the current base of operations of the Lycans not only in Europe and Asia minor but throughout the world as well. In the heart of the Lycan den, sat a man in what could only be described as a rundown laboratory filled with a wide range of equipment, most of which was medical in nature that looked like it's seen better days in a garbage dump.

And sitting at one of the tables before a computer with the screen showing a blood report along with the words negative underneath the results was a man that looked remarkably like Peter. The main differences were that his skin had more color to it and he had more muscle mass.

His name was Benjamin Parker and at the moment he was looking into a way to enhance he and his fellow Lycans in their war against the Vampires which has largely gone in their favor these past few centuries. On top of having better funding and connections, the Vampires also had harder weakness for the Lycans to exploit. Aside from Nightshade, only sunlight could affect them and it's not like the Vampires were dumb enough to face the Lycans during day light.

"Oh, for sweet tit fucking's sake!" the man growled in annoyance as he read the results on the monitor's screen.

He slammed his hand into the table, causing it to shake and crack under the force of the blow as he looked at the screen it a glare. Something that his fellow scientist and Lycan, Singe, noticed from his own spot in the room.

"Another failure I take it?" he said in a dry tone as he analyzed a blood sample before him in a rust covered microscope.

Ben glanced towards the older looking man with an inhuman growl "No, I just happen to celebrate breakthroughs by making it sound like I hit another dead-end Singe. Go fetch the boss so I can tell him of this development"

Singe chuckled as he made a few notes on the blood sample he was looking at before glancing towards the lab's doorway as two men entered the room.

"Gentlemen, what seems to be the ruckus?" the sorter of the two men asked in a tone that was mixed between amusement and annoyance. He possessed dark blue eyes and shoulder length brown hair and looked like he hadn't shaved in a while. He was clad in dark brown leather jacket with wolf fur lining along the collar. His name was Lucian, the very first Lycan and leader of the Lycan clans, and werewolves if you want to get a little technical about it.

Ben glanced at the man that changed him years ago with a scowl before he leaned back in his chair and gestured towards his computer "Another failure…"

Lucian hummed at that as he came to stand next to Ben and read the results as well while his companion and second in command Raze, remained by the door.

"Well that's unfortunate" Lucian said with a small frown as he read what Ben was trying to do "And here I was hoping you'd make some headway"

"I'm trying Lucian, really I am but…" Ben trailed off as he ran a hand over his face "But trying to enhance modern day Lycans with the Corvinus Strain that's found in Werewolves isn't as easy as you think. Once more, the Strain that their infected with isn't pure. Hell, they're not even first-generation Werewolves, if anything they're at best third of even fourth generation. The Strain's by this point to degraded to work with which is why I either need a first generation or even William himself to have a chance of making this work"

Lucian nodded at that as he pulled back from the monitor "Yes, so you've been telling me"

"Have our men made any headway in locating William?" Singe asked from his seat as he glanced between Lucian and Raze.

"No" Raze answered in his deep voice.

"Greaaat" Ben said with an eye roll as he stood up from his seat and cracked his neck "Send the specimens you gave me back to Tanis. He called earlier wondering if we'd give him his precious 'guard dogs' back"

"I'll be sure to tell him" Lucian said dryly as he glanced towards Singe "Any headway on our other project?"

"No, this one was a failure as well" Singe said as he removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes.

"So, my top scientists have achieved absolutely nothing to aid us today?" Lucian said with a mixture of disbelief and anger.

"Uh hello, have you seen the environment and equipment we have to work with?" Ben said as he gestured around them "Your lucky that I was even able to get these things to work"

"He's right you know…" Singe said as he placed his glasses back on and leaned against the table he was at with a frown "We need better equipment"

"Yes, and I'm working on it" Lucian said with a tired nod "But in case you two haven't noticed, I'm not pissing money and shitting gold blocks every other day of the week"

"Told you we should have bought Apple's stock when they first came out" Ben said with a snort as he made his way over to a small table that housed a wide arrange of guns and bullets on it and began to look for something. After a few moments he picked up a particular bullet and threw it towards Lucian who caught it with ease.

"What is that?" Raze asked with a curious look on his face as he watched Lucian hold the bullet up and examine it closely. It looked like your typical side arm round but with a few key differences. First was the fact it was caseless and seemed to be hollowed out and filled with some sort of liquid.

"That's something I've been working on lately. Help give our boys in the field an edge, no matter how small, against those blood sucking ass hats" Ben said as he took several other similar looking bullets and began to load them into a nine-millimeter clip.

Lucian broke the very tip of the bullet and let some of the liquid spill out on to his hand and smelled it. His eye brows raised in slight shock as he looked towards Ben "This is… nightshade?"

Ben smirked at this as he slapped the clip into a side-arm before placing it back on the table "Yeah. Fire off one of those into a vampire and the bullet injects a small but highly concentrated and lethal dose of Nightshade into them"

"Rather ingenious I must admit" Singe said with a nod "Sadly this particular species that we've used isn't very common and it's a bitch to gather enough extract from it to fill just that bullet there. So, if you would be as so kind to not break them or fire them off unless necessary, it'd be appreciated"

"I'll keep that in mind" Lucian said with a nod as he wiped the fluid on his coat and tossed the broken bullet back to Ben "I suppose I can over look your failure today"

"If you think that's good, wait until you see my masterpiece that I have brewing" Ben said with a grin before a beep was heard from his terminal.

He frowned as he approached the computer and unlocked it and read the message he received. After reading it for a few moments he made a sound that sounded pleased.

"Well I'll be dammed" he muttered.

"Something good I hope?" Lucian asked as he watched the Lyacn with a curious look on his face.

"Uh yeah… and no" Ben said with a sheepish smile on his face.

"Another one of your good news, bad news?" Raze asked with an unimpressed frown.

"You could say that" Ben nodded before he looked towards Lucian "I have a… friend, well I really wouldn't call him a friend- look the point is I know a guy that's part of the New World Coven in New York. He just sent me something he discovered that I think may advance mine and Singe's efforts to harness the Strain found in William's breed for us to use"

"And how do you propose to do that?" Lucian asked with a skeptical look on his face.

Ben was quite for a minute as he tried to find the right way to explain his plan "Well the information I need is on a terminal in New York… in the very heart of the New World's coven. So to get it I'm gonna need a plane… and maybe…"

Lucian frowned as Ben's voice dropped to low for him to properly here as he explained what he'll need "I'm sorry what?"

"…I'm gonna need a dozen or so guys" Ben said with a nervous grin on his face as he rubbed the back of his head "And maybe a few pounds or twenty of explosives…"

Lucian stared at Ben for several moments in silence before he sighed, and he rubbed the ridge of his nose "You do know that we don't have much in terms of fire or man power correct?"

"Yeah" Ben said with a small nod.

"You also know that our ability to travel to America is limited because we lack the funds to do so, yes?" Lucian said with a pointed look.

"Oh trust me, I know we're near dirt poor half the time" Ben said with a sigh before he looked Lucian in the eye "But if this pays off, it could bring us a lot closer to ending this war. Like within a stone's throw distance at the very least"

Lucian stared at Ben for several minutes in deep thought. In the near three hundred years that Ben's been with them, he's proving time and again to be a great asset in their war against the Vampires. In fact, he's saved it on one occasion by sabotaging the Vampires' efforts to create a sort of nerve gas mixed with silver to be used against them.

Finally, Lucian spoke "Raze will go with you"

"Fine" Ben said with a nod "Least I'll have someone capable with me that I don't have to worry about"

Lucian nodded at this as he turned to leave before he paused in his step and glanced back at his friend "Ben, be careful. I can't afford to lose someone like you…"

"Aww thanks Lucian" ben said with a grin as he patted his heart "That gets me… right here"

Lucian snorted in amusement as he shot a look towards Raze that wished him luck in his mission with Ben. With how much Ben liked to talk and Raze's short temper… their mission was bound to be interesting.

'Though if what Ben said is true, it might very well be worth it' Lucian thought as he made his way back to his room. He had a meeting with Kraven later tonight and he wanted to be somewhat rested when he meets with him.

Ben watched the leader of the Lycans leave before he glanced towards Raze with a smile "Looks like it'll be just us big guy!"

"Can't wait" Raze said with annoyance as he turned and left as well.

Ben chuckled at this before he glanced back at the terminal with a small frown. Singe saw this and cleared his throat to gain Ben's attention.

"The information your 'contact' has found… whose is it?" the several decades old Lycan questioned with a frown.

"…My brother's" Ben said as he flipped the monitor off.

And done.

Next chapter, Peter help's Thomas put together a force to trail of one of the Lycan packs and meets an interesting child.