I screamed as the giant, shadowy dog chased after me. I didn't think it was real until it had chased me. It had been following me all day. I ran at full speed, but it seemed to randomly appear around me. I ran and ran, until I tripped on the ground. I flipped over to face the dog. I held up my hands, and a blinding flash appeared, the dog whining, and stepping back.

I gasped, and stood, keeping my hands up. The dog got over it's shock, and pounced, at the same time a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes sliced through it with a sword. He sighed. He turned to me, offering his hand to help me up.

"What's your name?" He asked.

I shook my head, trying to process what just happened. "What was that?" I asked. The boy looked behind him, frowning.

"A hellhound. Now, what's your name? How old are you?" He asked. I couldn't decide if his eyes were scary, or beautiful they were so blue.

A hellhound? That's what it was? He couldn't be serious.I warily let him help me stand. "Uh, Adella, but everyone calls me Della or Dell." I replied. "I'm 15."

The boy's eyes widened. "How did you survive this long?" He asked. I stared at him suspiciously. "Do you have any family?" He asked. I glanced at the ground, and shook my head. "I know, I'm a stranger, but there's a safe place for people like us. Like you. Someone who can read ancient Greek, fight off monsters, survive the impossible." I raised my brows.

People like us.

I stared still, and he sighed. "It's in Long Island. It's called Camp-Halfblood, and I swear, it's safe for demigods." He replied.

I froze, my eyes widening. "Demi-what?" I asked.

The boy smiled. "Demi-god. Half human, half god. Now, did you have a mother? Or a father?" I still stared. Me. Half-God? How could that be?

"A-a mother." I said. "I grew up with a mother." The boy nodded.

"That narrows it down." He replied. I didn't know what he was talking about. He held out his hand for me to shake. "I'm Jason."

I shook his hand, and he gave me a half-grin. He was charming, but not exactly my dream guy. "If you trust me, trust your instincts, follow me." He said. I knew it was stupid. But I was dangerously curious, and I wanted to know, if I truly was half-god, who was my missing parent?

We traveled by train, foot, car, anything to get us to this supposed camp. After a few hours, we made it to a big hill. Jason smiled. "Here we are. Hopefully you'll get claimed soon." He said. Claimed? What? Jason led me up the hill. "It's a good thing I found you when I did. Otherwise who knows where you'd be?"

We walked up the hill and I saw a pine tree. Jason smiled. I was unsure what to do, so I did nothing. I quietly followed him. We passed the top of the hill, and I gasped. It was huge. There were cabins, what looked like a battle arena, a dining area, and a large house on another hill, fields rolling around the base. A giant lake was in the camp.

"It's-" I began, my voice shaking. "Real." I said. Jason nodded.

"And safe. This tree helps protect the camp. No monsters can get in." He assured me. I turned and smiled at him. "Now let's find out who your godly parent is." Right. Half-God. I nodded, and we walked into the camp.