Dark Uncertainty
This poem is from Grace's POV in "The Others" I wanted to play around with the scene
with the piano and the shutting doors. Hope you enjoy.
At the stroke of midnight, the clock sounds.
Nothing is awake, nothing is moving.
I wander in the dark corridors, candle in hand
to search in the dark of the night.
My heart goes faint, my hands with an uncurable fear.
I feel the goosebumps emerging from my skin.
I place my hand on the trigger of my gun.
I start to walk more slowly
the night goes on...
I do not know what is beyond those curtains,
covering the windows of day and light.
The light is like a poison to me, I need no light.
I hear a rustle behind my back,
silent footsteps i sense, I say a quick prayer:
Oh heavenly Father, Protect me from this
Give me the strength to protect my children, their fates.
I open my eyes with my gun in hand
and twirl to the rustling noise I hear.
I pull the trigger and fall back from the blast.
What I saw i could not believe
All I shot was the glass...