Diary of a Wimpy Dork

Greg's POV:


I'm going to an exchange program.

Meaning I'll have to deal with being the new kid again.

And Mom signed me up for art lessons from a kid named Nikki Maxwell.


As in, the star of Nikki Maxwell: The Making of a Pop Princess?

Oh. My. God!

I have a HUGE CRUSH on Nikki, next to Holly Hills and my girl friend Kylie.


I'm so jealous of that Brandi, Brandyn, or whatever his name is.

I can't wait!

Nikki's POV:

Student ambassador again.

NO student can be worse than that last kid from Uglax School, Kanillia Vintaga.

This kid George, Jeremy or something Hephalie says he has really crappy drawings and wants to improve them.

I can still wait for Monday!

Greg's POV:

Wow. WCD is huge.

I still am more excited to meet Nikki!

Nikki's POV:

I can still wait. Woo. I'm so excited to meet Jeremy Hephalie.

Narrator's POV:

Greg walks into school, somewhat excited, and bumps into Nikki.

Nikki's POV:

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" I said to this kid.

"It's fine," said the kid.

Narrator's POV:

"Are you Nikki Maxwell?" said Greg.

"Yes. Are you Jeremy Hephalie?" replied Nikki.

"No. I'm Gregory Heffley, but call me Greg." said Greg.

"Ready for art class?" said Nikki.


Nikki's POV:

Teaching Greg is great!

He's a wonderful student with outstanding artworks.

I can't wait to introduce him to Brandon!

Greg's POV:

Having Nikki as a teacher is great!

She's a wonderful artist with outstanding drawings.

I can't wait to introduce her to Holly!

MacKenzie's POV:

" 'Sup, Nikki?" I said.

"I've a new friend here named Greg Heffley," smiled back Nikki, patting Greg's shoulder.

"Oh, you've a new boyfriend!

So you won't mind if I steal Brandon," I said.

"NO! I love Brandon more than anything in the world. Except my family. I'll give up anything except my family for him!" Nikki said back.

Greg suddenly looked hurt.

He ran out of the locker room and into the Bio classroom.

Ha, I thought, and smothered on more Pink Lips lip gloss.

Greg's POV:

I can't believe Nikki would ditch me for that Brandon!

I feel so hurt my heart's aching.

My only friend…ditched me?!

Nikki's POV:

"Brandon, can I talk to you?" I asked.

"Sure," he replied.

I explained about Greg, my brain which is flooded with 90% Greg, and how I accidentally broke his heart.

He said it's okay if we'd be just friends and he'd just be girlfriend-less.

Greg's POV:

I'm just eating my casserole.

Forget Nikki. Forget Nikki. Forget Nikki.

I saw a fire blaze through the kitchen.

Nikki was in the girl's locker and the fire was spreading through the cafeteria.

I knew I had to save her, even if she hates me.

I rushed into the girl's locker room. Nikki'd fallen unconscious, so I scooped her into my arms, opened the window, and jumped out.

Nikki's POV:

Why am I in the clinic of Westmore Middle School?

Greg explained everything, and he said the program was extended till next week.

Back at school:

I saw Greg in the hallway today.

"Thanks Greg!" I said, kissing him on the cheek.

I hugged him tightly.

Greg blushed profusely.

Greg's POV:

Can't believe Nikki kissed me!

Narrator's POV:

So Greg and Nikki lived Happily Ever After.