3rd POV:

You know the story The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald? The tragic story between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan best resembles the love story between Harvey Buchanan and Vivienne Stanton.

Harvey Buchanan was raised in the South Side of Riverdale and was a South Side Serpent himself. But he also attended Riverdale High School as well. That was where he met Vivienne Stanton. Vivienne is known as the most popular girl in her year. Because of Harvey's friendship with FP Jones and because of Vivienne's friendship with Alice Cooper, that was how the tumultuous love affair between Harvey and Vivienne started. The love affair that they had was one that everyone would be envious of them.

Until her parents found out.

When the parents of Vivienne found out that their daughter had been fooling around with a South Side Serpent, they were furious. Furious to an extent that they attempted an arranged marriage between a family friend of the Stantons and Vivienne. Unlike what happened within the story, Harvey managed to clean up his act by quitting the South Side Serpents so he could be with Vivienne by the end of their Senior year at Riverdale High School and with reluctance, the Stantons had accepted Harvey into the family.

Years later, Harvey and Vivienne got married and soon after that, they had two beautiful children. First was Isaac Buchanan, who is now a Senior at Riverdale High School and part of the Riverdale Football Team. And then the youngest, Mackenzie Buchanan, a Sophomore in Riverdale High School and their resident pianist and violinist.

For years, life for the Buchanan family was simple and perfect. Up until the moment where Fred Andrews got shot.

Mackenzie's POV:

If anyone thought that the incident between the Blossom Twins, well this came to a whole new light.

It was recently discovered into light that Clifford Blossom was the one who murdered his own son with the help with some South Side Serpents. But now, I just received a call from one of my closest friends, Betty Cooper, that another friend of mine, Archie's, dad got shot by some man in a black hood. The new problem in Riverdale is the man in a black hood.

I made my way through the hallways of the hospital and I eventually met up with Betty, and two other friends, Veronica Lodge and Jughead Jones. We made our way to the waiting room where we eventually met up with Archie. "Arch?" Betty says, softly. We all just went up to him and got Archie within a group hug. We all sat down and that's when Archie began to explain everything about what happened.

"I came out of the bathroom, and out came this man, thief. Wearing this hood, with a gun on Pop Tate, and then he pointed it at my dad and he fired. "Oh, my God, Archie." Veronica breathed out. "And then he…." Archie said, now trailing off. "And then he what?" Veronica asked. "And then he bolted." Archie said. I could sense that he was lying about something. "Then, I was holding my dad. Pop Tate called an ambulance, and it didn't come so I drove here and….And I don't know, maybe I should've waited, maybe I made it worse…." Archie was explaining but was cut off by Jughead. "No, dude, are you kidding me? You saved your dad's life. First Cheryl, and now your dad. If you keep this up, you're going to need a superhero name. Like Pureheart the Powerful." Jughead says to Archie. "There isn't any new information. Your dad's in surgery. He's going to be there for a while." Mrs. Cooper told Archie as she came by him. "Uh, Archie. Have you spoken to your mother about any of this yet?" Mrs. Lodge asked. "No. No, I haven't called her. I'll be right back." Archie said as he got up.

Veronica and I looked at each other, awkwardly, as there was thick tension between Mrs. Cooper, Jughead, and Betty. Because Jughead is the son of FP Jones and is dating Betty, I had a gut feeling that Mrs. Cooper wouldn't approve because of the reputation of the South Side of Riverdale. Later, Archie got back to the waiting room and soon after that, Sheriff Keller came in.

"Sheriff." Archie sighed in relief. "How's your dad doing?" Sheriff Keller asked. "How's your dad doing?" Sheriff Keller asked. "He's still in surgery." Betty replied. "Archie, I know this is a hell of a time for you, perhaps we could go somewhere and talk about what happened." Sheriff Keller sighs out. "Is it cool if I tag along?" Jughead asked. "Actually, if you don't mind…." Sheriff Keller was about to say, but he was interrupted by Archie. "Yeah, that'd be great, Jug." Archie had interjected and that's when the two boys had left with Sheriff Keller.

"There are things no one does better than Veronica Lodge. Makeovers, party planning, dance-offs, dropping vintage bon bots as if they were bonbons." Veronica started and Betty and I just chuckled at that last statement. "Conversely, there are things that I'm not good at. Grief, bedside vigils, comforting boyfriends…" Veronica listed off. "V, that was the old Veronica would say." I said to her. "Old Veronica would've bolted by now. But new Veronica doesn't want to let Archie down." Veronica said. "And you won't." Betty said. "Oh, and speaking of…." Veronica trailed off as we saw Archie and Jughead come back into the waiting room. "I should let my brother and parents know what is going on." I said to them before I left the waiting room.

I finally made it home and I was instantly greeted by my dog, who is a Bulldog Boxer mix, Magnus. "Hi, baby boy." I said as scratched his ears and at the same time, I heard my brother's voice. "Mackenzie, back so soon?" I heard my mother ask as she came downstairs. "Have you seen Isaac anywhere?" I asked. "Yes, he is in his room." my mom replied as I went upstairs to my brother's room. I went to my brother's room and I found Isaac, laying in bed and throwing a football in the air as music was being blasted in his room.

"Where did you run off to, Kenz?" Isaac asks as he got out of his position on the bed. "Something happened and I was over at the hospital." I told him and I left his room and went downstairs and he was following me. "The hospital? Mackenzie, what the hell were you doing at the hospital?" Isaac asked. "Fred Andrews got shot." I said. Isaac had paled. Because Isaac is on the Football team, he was close with Archie. "Shit…" Isaac breathed out. "How's Archie taking it?" he asked. "Not good." I replied. "Look, I need to stop at the music store to pick up some sheet music while I'm at the waiting room. Just give the football team a heads up." I said as I exit my house again.

3rd POV:

The Bleeding Frame Music Store has been located on the border of the North Side and the South Side for years. While the people on the South Side would mainly hang out downstairs, the Northsiders would be upstairs buying something. Mackenzie Buchanan is an avid customer within the Bleeding Frame Music Store. She is constantly there whenever she is in need for new sheet music for the piano. The South Side Serpents that attended South Side High would always be in the basement.

Mackenzie's POV:

The bell rang out and I saw the store's owner, Benny. "Ah, Mackenzie. What a pleasure to see you again." Benny said as I was now hearing Buddy Holly by Weezer. "Hi, Benny." I said with a bright smile as I went over to the sheet music section. I was looking at some of the sheet music and that's when I heard footsteps coming from downstairs.

Wait, when did Benny have a basement?

"Benny, I didn't know that there was something upstairs!" I heard a male voice exclaim. Coming from the basement was a boy, who was my age, who had black hair and a snake tattoo on his neck. What was most notable was the South Side Serpents jacket that he had on. I quickly grabbed the piano sheet music for Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey and Set The World On Fire by Black Veil Brides along with the violin sheet music to Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day and Zombie by The Cranberries. I sighed as I walked past the Serpent and towards Benny. I gave Benny some the money that the sheet music had cost. "Keep the change." I said as I turned and was immediately faced with the Serpent, when my green eyes met his brown eyes. After a moment of being mesmerized, I just shook off that feeling and awkwardly make my way past him and exit the music store.

3rd POV:

"Benny, do you have any idea who that Northsider was?" the Serpent that had been eying Mackenzie had asked. "Mackenzie Buchanan? She comes here all the time. She's a good kid." Benny asked and then he really saw the look on the young Serpent's face. "Shit, Sweet Pea, don't start anything with her. The girl has a good heart." Benny said, seeing the smirk on the face of Sweet Pea.

Unbeknownst to Benny, what was racing through Sweet Pea's mind was intrigue, seeing that Mackenzie Buchanan isn't any ordinary Northsider.

Mackenzie's POV:

I made my way back to the hospital and as I was walking down the hallway, I saw someone being carried away, via a gurney, and I saw none other than Cheryl Blossom. Personally, I never really had a problem with Cheryl. She never made my life a living hell and was actually decent towards me. But there are times where I find her to be a diva skank. Plus, it's also kind of amusing when Veronica makes Cheryl shut her mouth.

I saw Betty and Kevin make their way towards me after I saw Cheryl make her way towards the door. "Was I hallucinating or did I see Cheryl Blossom?" I asked. "You weren't hallucinating at all." Kevin said as we made our way towards Cheryl. "Cheryl? What's going on?" I asked, getting her attention. "Is that your mom? What happened?" Betty asked. "Oh, haven't you heard? There was a terrible fire at Thornhill last night. I might've perished, if not for mommy's heroics." Cheryl replied. "Oh, my God, is this the apocalypse?" Kevin asked us. "After my….ordeal at Sweetwater River, I was asleep when the fire started. They think it was a breeze knocking over a lit candle, catching the curtains. Mommy got home from the Jubilee and rushed headlong into the blaze, risking her life to save mine. Unfortunately, she suffered third-degree burns and acute smoke inhalation." Cheryl had explained to us. "What are you three doing here?" she asked. I received a text from my brother and it had explained to me that him and the football team are here.

Hours went by and Jughead and Betty were off to Pop's because from what Veronica had said, Mr. Andrews's wallet had gone missing when she was sorting his stuff back at Archie's house. "Bulldogs are here for you." I heard Reggie Mantle say. "And so are the Pussycats. We're sending your dad our prayers and giving him as many of our nine lives as he needs." Josie McCoy, daughter of Mayor McCoy and lead singer of the Pussycats, said to Archie. "Thanks Josie." Archie replied. "Mackenzie told me that you were at the Sheriff's station and maybe that they got the guy?" Isaac said. "Yeah, but it wasn't him. He's still out there." Archie said. Dr. Masters, Mr. Andrews's doctor, came in and told Archie that he can see his dad now.

More hours later, Mr. Andrews had woken up and is going to make it through. I was now laying in my bed with Magnus on my bed and laying on my legs...and all I could think about was that Serpent that I came to contact with at the music store.