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"Hey, beautiful. It's time to wake up." I heard someone say. I opened my eyes and through my blurry vision, Sweet Pea was kneeling by my side instead of being next to me in bed after he comforted me of that wretched night with Nick St. Clair. "Hi." I said, groggily.

"Listen, I have to get back to my trailer…." Sweet Pea started off but I grabbed the sleeve of his leather jacket. "No." I whined. "Princess, I really have to go." Sweet Pea said as he used his other hand to place it upon my cheek, his thumb caressing the skin of my cheek. "Fine." I said as I let go of the sleeve of his jacket and crossed my arms and pouted, like a child.

That was when he connected his lips to mine, nipping my lower lip. "I'll see you later, yeah?" he asked. I nodded with a smile as he climbed out of my window, with my assistance.

"Riverdale's best and brightest, huh?" Mrs. Cooper started as Veronica and her parents, Archie and his dad, Josie and Mayor McCoy, Kevin and Sheriff Keller, Reggie and his mom, and us were over at Betty's house because Mrs. Cooper had gathered us all up to discuss about what happened at that party.

"Alice, thank you for hosting." Mayor McCoy. "Of course, Mayor McCoy. When I heard what happened at Nick's party, I decided we should come together to deal with these motley liars and dope fiends and fornecators. Except for my Betty, who decided to leave the party before it descended into a bucknalion free-for-all." Mrs. Cooper started off. "Mom, please don't." Betty said.

I was away from Archie, Veronica, Josie, Kevin, and Reggie as Isaac and I were standing near my parents. Isaac had his arm around my shoulder in a protective stance. The people across from us were speaking in hush-hush tones and after Mrs. Cooper had said that, that was when my mom spoke up. "Careful throwing stones, acid-queen Alice. I'm not the only one who knows about the mugshot that your daughter printed in her paper." Mr. Lodge said.

"I'll have you know, Alice, that though my son didn't go to that party, my daughter was at that party and she didn't take any of that gutter-drug, but overall, she was the one that ended up almost being raped by Nick St. Clair." my mom said, casting a short glare over towards Mr. and Mrs. Lodge.

"Well, I, for one, would like to know who brought the Jingle Jangle to the party." Mrs. Lodge said. Reggie had raised his hand, but it was slapped down by Mrs. Mantle. "Reginald, not a single word out of your mouth until we get a lawyer." she said. "Reggie needs to tell us, Melinda, on how he required it." Mr. Lodge said to Mrs. Mantle. "Some gang member who deals on the South Side." Reggie confessed. "Oh, God, you have a dealer?" Mrs. Mantle said in disgust.

"Once again, Mayor, the South Side is the source of all our posturing." Mr. Lodge said as I rolled my eyes. Of course Reggie would put the blame onto the South Side. "A Serpent?" Mr. Andrews asked. "I think so, yeah." Reggie said. "What does it matter? Not all Serpents are drug dealers." Archie said. "I was a Serpent myself. I know for a fact that Serpents are not in the drug business." my dad growled out as my mom was laying a comforting hand on my dad's arm. "Not helping." Mr. Andrews said to Archie and it was as if everyone was ignoring what my dad said.

"Look, we shouldn't have taken the JJ, but Nick's the one who asked Reggie to get it and pushed it on us. He's the one who should be in the hot seat. I mean, he's the one who roofied Mackenzie and tried to assault her." Veronica said. "Prosecuting Nick St. Clair would be difficult given that all the witnesses were high." Sheriff Keller said. "Yeah, but Josie and I saw Nick with Mackenzie the night after the party and neither any of us were on Jingle Jangle." Veronica said.

"The drug stays in your system for three days." my dad said, bluntly. "If I were to drug test you right now, you'd have a credibility problem." Sheriff Keller explained further, clearing off my dad's statement. "Josie, you took that drug? You put that poison in your system, knowing the way your father struggled with addiction?" Mayor McCoy asked Josie, who nodded in guilt. "I see." she said.

Mayor McCoy then stood up. "From now on, bringing the South Side under control is my number 1 priority as mayor, as it means raising it to the ground and arresting every single Serpent in sight at that high school, so be it. Let's go, Josephine. Now." Mayor McCoy said, sternly, as Veronica puts a comforting hand on her back as Josie left with her mom.

My dad went up to Mr. Lodge. "If I see that boy near my family, especially around my daughter, I…" my dad started. "Harvey." my mom said, sternly. My dad backed away and towards my mom and we all have left the Coopers house.

As I was making my way to my dad's car, I heard my name. "Mackenzie!" I heard. I turned around and it was Archie. "Look, I know that I am the last person you want to speak to, but you need to come with me to South Side High." Archie told me. "Why?" I asked. "Come on." Archie said as he grabbed my arm.

That's when it got back to me. Mayor McCoy is going to raid South Side High.

We made it all the way to South Side High and Archie told me that he was going to warn Jughead and I had just found Ember. Speaking of whom, she turns her head and spotted me and her eyes widened. "Look, we need to…." she started. "Look, Mayor McCoy is going to raid South Side High. We need to go." I said and that was when Mayor McCoy, Sheriff Keller, and several of the deputies barged into South Side High. Two deputies went towards us and Ember pushed me behind her and the two deputies got to her.

"Run!" she exclaimed and that is what I did. I got to Jughead and Archie and as we were going towards the door, I spotted Sweet Pea getting pinned against the lockers and getting handcuffs on him. "Sweet Pea!" I exclaimed, trying to get to him, but I was held back by Jughead. "Look, you can't help him when your behind bars." Archie said as we ran away towards the raid.

After that ordeal, I was finally at school and I made it just in time for 2nd hour. As soon as I got into school, I called up my dad. "Mackenzie?" my dad asked. "I need you to do me a favor." I said to him.

For punishment, we end up having to pick up trash at Pickens Park. I was picking up most of the trash from where I was over at and then I got a text from Sweet Pea.

sweets ^*^:
meet me at the police station.

Sweet Pea, Toni, Ember, Fangs, and everyone else must've gotten out.

I dropped the prod that I was using to pick up the trash and ran towards my car, ignoring everyone's questions. I didn't know what speed limit I was driving at, but I needed to get there.

I finally made it to the police station and once I saw Sweet Pea coming out, I ran towards him and latched my arms around him. "Thank God, you're alright." I breathed out to him. "Shh." Sweet Pea said, softly as he held onto me, tight.

"I-I tried to get to you, but Archie wouldn't let me." I said as Sweet Pea and I were now at Pop's. "Listen, I'll be right back. I'm just gonna go to the bathroom." he said as he got out of the booth and went towards the bathroom. I was sipping on the strawberry shake. "Two turkey burgers and a cobb salad. To go." I heard a familiar voice.

It was Nick St. Clair.

Speaking of whom, he turned to face me. "McKenna." he said and I clenched my jaw at the sight of him. "Mackenzie." I corrected, hissing at him. "Why are you still in town?" I asked. "Just picking up some fuel for the trip home. How are you?" he asked.

Is he fucking kidding me right now?

"Are you serious? How am I? You roofied me and tried to rape me." I whispered to him. "I don't think that's what happened." Nick said. "You're a less than zero monster." I said, kind of trembling. "At least I'm not a desperate tart from a truck-stop town, hun. Let's not distort reality from your morning after shame. You were high, half-naked, and begging for more." Nick said.

I scoffed at his last statement. "As if I'll go after a monster like you. My family is already pressing charges." I snapped at him. He got closer to me and I had to take a step back. It was just in time as Sweet Pea came back. "Get your rich ass out of here and leave my girl the hell alone." he growled as I put a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. Nick just puts his hands up in mock-surrender as he left with his food.

Sweet Pea turns to me. "Was that him?" he asked and I just nodded. "Jones just texted me. You up for a street race tomorrow?" he asked and I was thankful that he had avoided the Nick St. Clair subject.

"All right. Let's do this!" I heard one of the older Serpents exclaim. "Not the kind of drag race I ever imagined myself going to, but at least the guys are hot." Kevin said and just thinking about Sweet Pea made me blush.

Speaking of whom, I spotted him near his motorcycle. He gestured me to come over by him and I got off of the truck that I was sitting on next to Cheryl and was about to walk over by him and that's when someone called out to me.

"Hey, babydoll!" I heard. I turned and I saw one of the so-called Ghoulies that I heard the night that Benny and I got ambushed at his music store. The place where Sweet Pea and I had our first interaction. "Make sure you cheer for me, a'ight?" he said. I just walked away and shivered, thinking of the way he said 'babydoll'.

"I swear, I'm gonna fucking kill him." I heard Sweet Pea growl out. I just place my hand on the back of his neck, my fingers stroking the hair that was on the back of his neck. "Please realize that violence is never the answer to most solutions." I said.

Sweet Pea just groaned. "I know. It's just that those Ghoulies and some of your North Side friends really know how to piss me off." he said. I just climbed onto his lap and I have weaved my fingers through his dark locks. "Try not to think about it, then." I whispered to him as I was kissing his cheek over and over again.

"Let's do it!" the Serpent yelled and we all applauded at that. Jughead and the Ghoulie, who Sweet Pea told me that his name is Malachai, had shook hands. "Race over Hurk Harvey Bridge to Deadman's Curve. First one back here wins." Jughead said as he and Malachai went to their respective vehicles.

I saw that Toni was about to start the race, but Cheryl went ahead and was about to do it instead of Toni. She had went over by Sweet Pea and I. "I don't know if you're friends with her or not, but the remaining Blossom spawn seems like a total bitch." Toni said and I just shrugged.

Yes, I do agree with Toni, but then yet again, I have seen Cheryl when she is actually nice, and Cheryl kind of has every reason to be a bitch.

"Engines warm and ready, gentlemen?" Cheryl asked Jughead, Archie, Malachai, and the other Ghoulie that is with Malachai. Cheryl puts on her sunglasses and she raises the bandana that was in her hair and she brought it down and the cars had sped off as everyone was racing towards Cheryl, cheering on either the Serpents or the Ghoulies. Because of my position on Sweet Pea's lap, he had his arms around me, in a vice-like grip, and had prevented me from running up there.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Toni smirking. "So when did this happen?" she asked, gesturing between Sweet Pea and I. "Couple nights ago." Sweet Pea said as I kept myself entertained by playing with Sweet Pea's fingers. "Well, it was about time. I was getting tired of him talk about you." I heard Fangs say as him and Ember came up to us. "Shut up." Sweet Pea grumbled as he hid his face in my shoulder.

All of the sudden, some Ghoulie ran up to everyone. "Everyone scatter! The cops are rallying up Ghoulies!" he yelled. "Get on." Sweet Pea said and I didn't waste any time getting onto the back of Sweet Pea's motorcycle. Ember and Fangs are already riding away from the scene as the Serpent, who Sweet Pea told me was Tall Boy, came up to him and Toni. Jughead and Archie came back and Tall Boy went over by Jughead, most likely to confront him about the cops being there.

Sweet Pea got on his motorcycle and drove away with me on the back of his motorcycle. Sweet Pea continued to drive until we had made it to my house. I was about to walk through the front door, but stopped and faced Sweet Pea.

"You wanna come in? My parents are over by the Lodges and my brother is the gym." I told him. "So, you're home alone?" Sweet Pea asked with a mischievous glint in his eyes. I was giggling as Sweet Pea lifted me up by the waist until I was his height and he had closed the door.