This is a nice dream, Mike thinks, enjoying the sensation of soft lips moving against his own. Eleven smells like syrup and smoke, a strange combination that makes his head swirl with lust. She's soft under his hands, skin smooth and unblemished and pale. He loves to touch her, anywhere, but in this dream he lets himself be more daring. Hands stroke up her narrow rib cage, feeling the bones beneath and breathing hard when the soft underside of her breasts collide with his fingers.

She gasps and pulls back, and their dark eyes meet in the blackness of his bedroom. Eleven is so pretty, Mike thinks, and her teeth worry her full bottom lip as his hands creep higher, until they're cupping the full, perky mounds. Her nipples are already hard points against his palms and he squeezes lightly to gauge her response.

Mike isn't disappointed. From her position, perched on top of him with a leg on either side of his waist, Eleven shivers and her eyelids fall shut. Another squeeze and her mouth falls open, too. A smile tugs his mouth as Mike continues to lazily explore, taking his time. It's a dream - he has all the time in the world. He rucks her sleep shirt up and props himself on an elbow, chuckling as El whimpers at the loss of contact.

"Hold on," he says, smiling at her. Before she can respond his lips attach to one of those hard peaks, kissing first and swiping his tongue brazenly over the tight bundle of nerves. El gasps, and he can't see her face as he begins to suckle, but she shifts her hips a little and he knows it's affecting her just as much as it is him.

How long has he wondered what this would be like? To have this beautiful, powerful, magical girl in his bed and at his mercy? It wasn't like Michael Wheeler, the frog-faced dungeon master, science geek and Star Wars nerd, had a ton of experience. But el had even less and it makes Mike surge with some new emotion to know that he's the one guiding her into unknown territory. Leading the way, even though he stumbles a bit.

"Mike," El hisses as he switches breasts and lathes attention on the aching pink peak. He could suffocate in the soft mounds, gladly, intoxicated by her scent and surrounded by all of that soft, soft skin. "Please, Mike."

"Please what?" he asks, pulling back. Her nipples are shining with saliva and he admires his handiwork until El quietly moans and brings his attention back to her.

"It's hot," she says, haltingly. Mike frowns, confused, until her hands run down her body and cup her most private place. "It feels.. different."

For a moment, Mike can barely breathe, let alone think. Then he's flipping them, so that he hovers over her and Eleven writhes beneath him, hips searching for purchase against him. He's hard as a hell, erection aching for attention, but he's dreaming and this is El and even in his unconscious he does everything for her.

With more confidence than he's ever had, Mike tugs her panties down her thighs and over his shoulder. He gently presses her thighs apart, wishing there was more light in his dark bedroom. Then again, seeing her spread on his Star Wars sheets might make it impossible to hold back. Instead, he leans forward and presses a sweet, light kiss to her forehead, then her nose, then her lips - but Eleven has other ideas and she grabs him by the hair and turns the kiss deeper, tongue sliding into his mouth. He groans; she's sweet and the scent of her sex is driving him crazy.

One hand finds her, the soft velveteen folds of her womanhood drenched and slippery. Mike has to pull away from the kids, breathing hard as he traces a finger over her.

"Please, please," El whimpers, voice tight and eyebrows scrunched together. Mike is glad this is a dream; he has no idea what he's doing, and would be mortified if she was truly whining and wiggling beneath him. Like you would do anything differently, he thinks as he uses his thumb to rub that little nub at the top of her pussy, which makes a little moan escape her throat and her body to shudder and twitch. It's so fucking hot, Mike can barely see straight, but he continues to rub her and brings his other hand to find her small opening.

Heat and wet and soft are the words that come to mind as Mike pushes one finger into her channel, and she pushes against both hands as he manipulates her. Eleven is breathing hard and muttering words he can't make out and her hips work frantically. She has no more idea about this stuff than him, but it has to feel good as her hips chase his fingers and rock against him and that thought nearly sends him over the edge. All he wants is to make her happy, to make her feel good. Mike notices a slight fluttery, twitchy sensation around the finger that pumps into her, and he can hear her breath coming even faster.

"Mike," she whispers. "Something - is happening." Her voice is a mixture of pleasure and fear and he realizes she's about to climax. Reverently he strokes her quicker, adds another finger, is rewarded by a deep moan and her back arching up off the bed. Then it's as she snaps, and she keens into her hands which cover her face as her body trembles and quakes. Her muscles clamp and clench around his fingers, trying to draw him in further, and Mike smirks at the gush of juices that flood his hand. As Eleven catches her breath, Mike crawls up her body to shower kisses over every inch of her that he can find.

"What was that?" Eleven asks, and he can feel the heat of her skin under his lips. She's sweaty lightly, too.

"That was an orgasm," Mike explains quietly.

"It was -" Words fail her and instead she kisses him, hard and passionate. Mike understands perfectly. "Can you feel like that, too? I want to make you feel good."

Mike smiles and nods against her cheek, and then he lies down beside her on the narrow twin bed. They don't fit as easily as they once did, and Mike finds it peculiar that his dream is so realistic.

He takes El's hand and guides it down his flat stomach, flinching slightly as her nails graze him. He's ticklish and she giggles until he moves their hands beneath his sweat pants, to his own throbbing need. El's eyes are comically large, wide brown saucers as she grasps him. Mike grunts involuntarily as his hips jerk in surprise. Her small hand feels right, so right, wrapped around him.

It's Mike's turn to pant as he shows her what to do, how to grip him and how to move her hand, up and down, until he reaches for the lotion he has stashed under his bed for purposes such as this. With the lubricant her hand glides easier, and El watched with endless fascination as his stomach clenches and he fists the sheets. There's a soft fire in his pelvis, pooling low and burning hot and he curls his toes as he feels her bring him closer and closer. It's never felt this good - he could never bring himself to the edge this intensely before. When she leans her forehead against his neck, her hand a blur over his pulsing cock, and then her lips are on his throat Mike gives in. Hips arch up as he explodes, a rush of breath and a long, low moan chokes out of him and he comes all over her hand and his stomach. Tingles shoot all over and he presses soft, tender kisses to Eleven's face.

"Different than me," she says, as he cleans them both up. "Good. I like it."

"Me too," Mike says, feeling a smug smile tug his lips.

"Let's do it again," Eleven says, and there's only longing and excitement in her tone and he can't help but squeeze her into a tight embrace. He loves this girl. Forever.

"Michael," his mother's voice calls through the bedroom door. He groans, realizing the steady beat in his head is the alarm clock. Rolling onto his back, he's met with soft, firm resistance and he nearly jumps out of the bed in an effort to get away.

But it's only El. He sighs with relief then realizes Eleven is in his bed and she's naked.

"Michael!" The doorknob rattles but he locked it last night. "You're going to be late for school!"

El yawns and stretches and Mike clamps a hand over her mouth before she can make a sound. She seems to quickly realize that she's with him and naked and his mother is only one thin bedroom door away from discovering them.

"I-I'll be right down!" Mike screams and he can hear his mother huff, slighted, then head down the hallway.

"What are you doing here?" Mike asks, frantic as he pulls on clothes. "If Mom or Hopper catches us-"

"Worth it,"El shrugs. She kneels on the bed and pulls Mike to her by the fabric of his striped polo and smiles, and it's beautiful and naughty but he's having a panic attack as it is. "Let's do it again."

"What?" He freezes, one leg in his brown corduroy pants.

"Last night... when we," El says slyly, cocking her head to the side and making her chocolate curls fall over her shoulders. She's naked. Mike slowly lets his eyes wander down her body, taking in her breasts and her smooth tummy and lower, the dark curls obscuring her womanhood.

It wasn't a dream. He really did all of that with her - remembering the sensation of her orgasm around his fingers makes his heartbeat stutter and his eyes flutter shut as a pang of list shoots through him, straight to his dick, which seems to pulse and twitch with anticipation.

"I want more of that," Eleven says, and her hand brushes the front of his boxers and Mike practically yelps in surprise.

"School," he says, shaking his head. His black curls are wild today, and he can sense the tangled halo on top of his head. "Mom. Hopper. We can't -"

"You want to," Eleven says as her hand finds him again and Mike thinks his knees might buckle from her gentle touch.

"Very much," he agrees. "But we can't."

Eleven's pout is adorable and Mike almost considers... really, his control is admirable, having a gorgeous naked Eleven begging him for an orgasm, but he has to say no.

One of them has to be responsible, at least. Mike never thought it'd be him, though.

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