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Mike finds himself standing in what he can only describe as blackness. It's endless, empty, and his breathing echoes around him as he wildly swings his gaze around. He's wearing pajamas and his bare feet are partially submerged in water. He spins, looking up and down and squinting as his heart begins to thud quickly against his ribs; there is nothing there to frighten him, yet... something feels wrong. His palms are clammy and he's beginning to hyperventilate until he sees the tiniest pinprick of white in the distance.

His feet move towards it before his brain can catch up. Whether Mike is running headfirst into danger, it's better than standing lost and scared in the all consuming darkness.

His footsteps splash and echo until he reaches the bizarre scene before him. He stops in his tracks, breath catching in his throat. Eleven is laying in her twin bed, at her house. Soft pink quilt pulled up to her chin and her dark chocolate curls tangled on the cream pillowcase. Her eyes are squeezed tightly shut, cheeks flushed, and a look of determined focus has her eyebrows scrunched together, bottom lip tucked beneath her slightly crooked, white teeth.

Mike is frozen in confusion, until his dark gaze wanders down and he sees a fumbling movement under her blanket. The fear melts away into something warm and heavy in his pelvis, making his heart stutter and race for an entirely different reason.

/el is masturbating/ he thinks, feeling the blood in his body rush quickly south and his eyes to flutter lustily. Is this the Void? The empty place she goes to, when she visits her mother? Where she went to find Will so many years ago? And if it is, /how/ did Mike get there?

The sound of a quiet moan leaving her lips distracts Mike from his wondering and his eyes find her face again. Her eyelashes tremble against her cheeks and she starts to shift more in her bed. The blanket works it's way down a bit, until he can see the soft gray material of one of his old T-shirt's - she must have stolen it out of the box of donation clothes his mother stashed in the basement. Her nipples poke at the material, the hardened peaks obviously aching for attention.

Then she wiggles and kicks the blankets off of her entirely, oblivious as it slides off her bed onto the floor. And Mike's jaw drops, awestruck. Between her lithe, toned legs, her core is covered by a thin piece of white cotton, and her knuckles shift the tight fabric. He can see where her wetness has left the panties almost see through. Mike gulps.

Eleven has always been strikingly beautiful - be it drenched and shivering, her buzzed hair and frightened eyes, or when he first saw her again after that long, sad, empty year with coal smudged around her eyes and her hair slicked back. As they've gotten older, she seemed to adopt a more girly look; skirts and soft sweaters and knee socks and letting her hair grow into loose, thick waves. But seeing her like this, completely oblivious to his voyeuristic gaze, the longing and need etched across her features so blatant it might as well have been broadcasted on a billboard... Mike thinks this is his favorite.

"Mike," she whimpers, and he flinched. Guilt clutches at his guts until he realizes he's not caught, but that his name slipped out because she's thinking of him. Thinking of him as her fingers work the soft, delicious flesh of her womanhood. She's thinking of him to get herself off. Mike's knees buckle into the water and he scrambles to the edge of her bed. He is barely breathing as he gets a better look.

"Mike." Its a plea, a prayer, and it tumbled from her pink tongue and chapped lips like manna. Mike fists his sweatpants, his cock rigid and throbbing against the material. Absently, he palms the hard member and watches as El whines in frustration.

Then she grasps her panties and tears them down her creamy thighs, baring the glistening, pink velvet folds beneath the damp, dark curls between and Mike begins to actively rub himself through his pants. His gaze is burning with intensity as he watches her dip one slight digit into her tight channel, spreading her arousal upwards to her clit in a sweeping, graceful motion. She rubs circles around the bundle of nerves, hips twitching. Mike feels blessed as his eyes flicker from her pussy to her face. El's tongue swipes over her full bottom lip and she keens, hips arching off the bed as her other hand joins the effort. Two fingers push into the clenching heat, and Mike longs for those fingers to be any part of himself - fingers, tongue, dick...

"Mike Mike Mike-" She chants his name like a sinner praying for redemption. A fine sheen of sweat catches the curls on her forehead and she tosses her head back as her pleasure climbs higher. Flush creeps over her chest and throat, she's pink and lovely and Mike bites his cheek to hold in his groans. He's never been so hard in his life.

Her fingers find a pleasing rhythm and El pants, he breasts heaving beneath his stolen shirt. In the soft glow of her nightlight, she looks like a fallen angel. Will it always be like this, Mike wonders, as he plunges his hand beneath the waistband of his sweats to fully stroke himself. Beads of needy arousal have dripped free, and Mike costs himself in the pre-cum as he thrusts into his fist. Will he always want her this bad? Is it possible to want her more?

Her breathing hitched and suddenly El is nearly sobbing, her face a wreck of pleasure and longing, and her thighs spread open further as she plunged her small fingers in and out, hypnotizing Mike into a hazy, mindless state. He wants her, he wants her so badly, but his inability to do anything but watch and pant is arousing him beyond reason. He squeezes himself tighter and curses quietly as her knees begin to shake and her toes curl.

"Mike please yes Mike -" and the soft gasp before her body goes taut, breath catching for a few worrying seconds, and then she turns her face into the pillow to muffle her euphoria. Her hips buck into her fingers as she rides out her orgasm, and he can see her shiny juices glinting in the soft light. Her breathing is harsh as she falls back, limp and satisfied.

He was still horny, still wanting, but Mike slows his movements and watches as she bashfully giggled and covered her face. Then El rolls onto her stomach, smiling into her pillow, and revealing her shapely bottom. Mike loves all over her, but something about her ass makes him breathe quicker and remember that he's still hard as a diamond in an ice storm. He fleeting feels an urge to sink his teeth into the round flesh.

He wishes he could reach out and touch her. He wants to get her that excited again, to watch the emotions flicker over her beautiful face, to tweak her sensitive nipples and bury his face in her wet heat. Mike is powerless though, unsure of even how to get out of this nowhere place. He strokes himself absently until he feels a soft touch on his chin.

"Mike," she giggles. Eleven is staring at him, dark honey eyes peering into his own. "You don't have to sit on the floor. Come here."

She pats the bed beside her and Mike gapes at her, flabbergasted.


"The void. I brought you here." She tugs his shirt and he stands on shaky legs before sitting heavily on the edge of her bed.

"Did you know I was here the whole time?" He asks, feeling sheepish, feeling busted.

"Yes. I thought you would help - didn't you hear me saying your name?" Eleven is teasing him and smiling, clearly amused, which has him sagging with relief and feeling better, less of a creep. Then a piece slides into place and manages to turn him on /more/.

"You knee I was watching and didn't stop?"

"You seemed to like it..." El blushes prettily.

"Hell yeah," Mike says with a furious nod. "My beautiful girlfriend moaning my name while touching herself? I couldn't help but touch /myself/ too." He reaches for her, one large hand delicately holding her cheek, and she nuzzles into his hand playfully. He has a million questions- how did she bring him here, was this real, or a dream? But she quickly scrambles into his lap, and her still-slick core is poised over his needy cock as she kisses him fiercely. Obviously, El is still in the mood.

"Touch me," she demands between hungry, messy kisses that serve only to get him hard again, and fast. Mike complies, sliding one hand into her hair to anchor her mouth to his - kissing Eleven is easily at the top of his list of favorite things in the world. She tastes like home and the sweet slide of her tongue against his, the teasing nips and breathy sighs create a symphony of sensation that slides down his spine and stokes the fire in his loins. Everything she does makes Mike aroused, but the kissing is perhaps the fastest way to get him hard and ready.

Mike's other hand slides down her chest, grasping the full weight of her breast and thumbing her nipple. Eleven shivers and presses her weight down on him, which makes Mike's hips jump and push into her. The both moan at the delicious friction, but it's nowhere near enough, and Mike has been throbbing with want for so long now that it almost hurts. He needs relief, and fast.

"I liked it," El says as she pulls back, a mischievous smile tilting her lips and Mike blinks hazily. Her hips rock into him, slow and teasing, not enough.

"Liked what?"

She holds onto his neck with both hands and grinds down on him. Mike steadies her, cupping handfuls of that firm, round ass and squeezing while forcing her down, harder.

"You.. watching me. It made it..." El bites her lip as furrows her brow as he thrusts up against her. She's wet again, or still, or maybe both, and it's soaking through his pants and Mike groans low in his throat. "It made it better than when I'm alone."

"You do that a lot?" Mike murmurs. He kisses the pale column of her neck, gratified when she gasps. He attacks the shell of her ear, nipping the lobe, loving how her head rolls back in ecstasy.

"Every night," El whispers.

Mike is the luckiest guy he knows.

"Me too," he admits, then tugs her shirt up to capture a nipple in her mouth. He sucks hard, relishing in her surprised yelp. She arches back, pushing her chest into his face, and Mike inhales the heady scent of her - salty sweat, musky arousal, sweet sugary-soap. He switches to trace his tongue around her other areola, flicking it over her nipple, and she is really grinding onto him now. Mike's head is spinning with how turned on he is, how much he needs her. He whines and shifts beneath her.

"I want to try something," El says, and she pushes him back until he's laying on her pillows, and she straddles his flat stomach. Eagerly, she pushes his sweats down and his erection springs free, bobbing against his stomach and weeping with pre-cum. For a moment, El licks her lips and stares at the appendage,waving Mike completely at her mercy. Instead of sucking it, though, she scoots back so that their most sensitive parts connect and the both moan.

The wet heat of her folds is heavenly and he can't stop from moving his his. He wants nothing more than to slide inside of her, feel the moist velvet walls hugging his painfully hard cock. El tried to concentrate but it's obvious that she's just as effected by this new sensation as her hips awkwardly seek purchase against him. Mike squeezed her hips, throwing his head back as she almost rode him, both of them getting coated in her sticky-slick arousal. He can barely think, lost in the feel of the gorgeous woman he loves, feeling so much love and so much want that his chest aches. He grunts as her hand wraps around him, eyes falling shut of their own will, and then they slam open as the head of his painfully hard dick is enveloped in hot, wet, deliciously soft -

"El!" He squeaks in shock as she slowly - so slowly he can barely stand it - sinks into his throbbing member. Mike can't focus, can't decide where to look, eyes flicking from her face to where his cock is disappearing inside of her. It takes every ounce of willpower he has not to grasp her hips and slam into her. He wants to, every fiber of his being screaming for him to take her, mark her, make her his. It's like some animalistic desire, something making him devolve into a caveman. But the feeling.. the tight, hot, wet friction lights him up like a Christmas tree. His toes curl and the soles of his feet feel hot even. It's so much, so good. He swears every curse word he knows as she inches down his pulsing length.

Finally, what feels like years later, Eleven is seared astride his aching cock and her hands are flat on his chest. The look on her face is torn between euphoric and pained, and Mike hates how lost he became in her that he didn't notice how it felt for her.

"El," he says, releasing her hip to cup her face. "Are you ok?"

"Yes," she nods quickly. "You're just a lot bigger than my fingers." His hips buck against his will and Mike's eyes roll at the surge of testosterone her words bring. God, what is wrong with him? He has no control. But El doesn't complain, instead letting herself a tiny bit, then dropping again.

"Oh Jesus," Mike grits out. He molars gnash together as he digs deep for some kind of steadiness. He hates that he might hurt her but it's like his body is reacting without his consent and it feels so /fucking/ good that he can't stop. "El you feel so good. I'm sorry, I'm sorry I can't -"

She raises a bit, and his hips chase her. He digs his fingers into her plump ass, knowing there will be bruises, and hold her still as he tries to thrust carefully into the blinding heat of her channel. She's so tight, walls hugging him so perfectly. It's like a custom made glove for his dick, and he knows without doubt that no one else would ever feel like this. No other girl could fit him so right.

It takes a few slow but deep thrusts and then El begins to react, begins to breathe harder and meet his thrusts. Her breasts bounce enticingly and Mike palms one, squeezing mindlessly as she moans.

"More," she whimpers. He can stand it no longer and rolls her onto her back. Hovering above her, Mike is struck again by her beauty, the way her teeth bite into her lip and the color on her cheeks. Each thrust of his hips has her breasts bouncing. She reaches between their bodies and begins to touch herself as she had earlier.

"Feel so good," Mike grunts as his hips start to slap against her. El wraps her legs around his waist, digging her heels into his back and spurring him on. He can feel her frantically rubbing and matches the rhythm without conscious thought. All he knows is that El feels like heaven, that this sensation is so much, almost too much, and he's nearing the edge of completion and he wants her there with him. "You're so tight, El. I'm not - not gonna last," he says.

Her free hand pushes the mop of midnight curls off his sweaty face, and their eyes meet. Her pupils are blown wide with desire, and she arches, setting a different angle that has his eyes rolling back and a growl to purr from his chest. He feels her tighten further around him and nearly looses it then.

"You're filling me up," El pants as he moves within her, pace quickening and thrusts getting harder. He's nearly pounding into her now, hard and fast and the sound of their bodies like music to his ears. "I never knew it would be like this -" She stutters a sharp cry. "Right there!"

He does his best to continue just as he has, and then Mike catches the smile on her face - a strange but incredibly hot development- and her pussy clamps down on his dick and seems to pull him even deeper. It's like she's pulling his orgasm out of him, and then she's crying out over and over, his name falling from her lips until she can't speak and simply gasps and trembles beneath him.

Mike loses it. He slams into her once more, spilling his orgasm deep inside of her twitching channel. He sees white and stars and shouts out at the intensity of it, the pure euphoria of losing himself for the first time inside of her. He's in awe, in shock, he never knew anything could feel so good and so right.