The Eyes of a Queen

Chapter 1

It's funny how one event can change a person's life so much. Lucia never planned on being Queen of Avalor but then again, she didn't think much about her future when she was growing up.

She had grown up with her loving parents and older sister, Maria, in another kingdom. She had many fond memories of riding her horse, fencing, playing and listening to music, baking, and playing games with her beloved sister. However, that didn't mean that her childhood was all fun and games. Her parents had made sure that she and Maria knew that there were moments where you had to be serious and responsible. They had hired some of the finest tutors to teach them everything they needed to know once they became rulers. They were both taught the art of diplomacy, etiquette, reading, writing, art, music, dancing, several different languages and cultures, how to manage money, and how to run a household and kingdom.

While she had been a good student, Lucia didn't consider herself as the perfect student, at least not compared to Maria. She was a talented and devoted musician just like her father and she didn't mind dancing, art, and even reading the occasional book during stormy weather. However, when it came to the rest of her lessons, she wasn't very interested. She just learned enough to get by. Maria, on the other hand, was a scholar by nature. She didn't stop until she perfected her lessons. She was never cocky about it. She was one of the best people that Lucia ever knew. She was always thinking of others and wanted them to be happy.

It was funny how different they were, yet they got along so well. Lucia was very impatient and liked to get right to the point. Maria, on the other hand was patient and more thoughtful. Lucia enjoyed playing sports and being active. Maria preferred relaxing hobbies, such as reading. Maybe their many differences are what made the relationship work. They complemented each other well.

Lucia had always known that one day she would have to marry, but she had never loved the idea. She would much rather travel the world and have many adventures, not that she had anything against marriage. After all, her parents were living proof that love exists in the world. It was just that she didn't consider herself a romantic and was skeptical that she would fall in love. She supposed that if she did have to marry, she would at least wait until later in life before tying the knot. She was thankful that her parents weren't the type of royalty that would force their children to marry someone that they hated just so they could get more power. She could never understand why there were people out there who would gladly make their children miserable if it meant more power for them.

Meeting him had changed her whole view about romance. She had gone to a party at a nearby kingdom on the behalf of her parents. She had spent the first few hours off to the side, watching others dance the night away.

Suddenly, a young, handsome gentleman with a beard came up to her and asked her for a dance. Maybe it was the shy, yet sweet smile or maybe it was the soft and gentle way that he had asked her. Whatever it was, she couldn't help but accept his offer.

They spent two whole hours dancing together. Afterwards, they took a walk in the garden where they spoke a great deal. His name was Raul and he was the heir of a faraway kingdom called Avalor. Lucia had heard of Avalor before but knew very little about it. Raul talked a lot about how beautiful the kingdom was and how the nearby mountains were breath-taking. She told him about her love of fencing and horses. They quickly discovered that they had many things in common. They both loved music, dancing, and Olafball.

However, there were some differences in personality. He was quieter and tended to choose his words more carefully while she was more bold and likely to voice her opinion. It didn't matter. To them, the night had come to an end sooner than they would have liked. They spent the next year courting each other and the love grew deeper. Before you knew it, they were married. Married at the age of Eighteen, who would have thought?

They were married in Avalor, which really was as beautiful as he had said. It had been a wonderful wedding with loved ones and guests from many different kingdoms. Once the day was over, Lucia realized that it was somewhat bittersweet. Yes, she was looking forward to spending her new life with Raul in Avalor, but at the same time she was leaving the only home that she had ever known.

"No." She thought. "I will not turn a wonderful thing into something negative. I will see this as an adventure. An adventure that's just beginning."