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Recruiting an assassin

Vados, Angel of universe 6 was looking for the last fighter for the tournament against universe seven, the four fighters she found were perfect for the occasion, now she only needed the last one, she could remember the only specification that Champa gave her.

"I want Hit, no matter what it takes or what he wants, do anything to have him in our team" Champa said "With him there is no way we can loose".

With her staff she looked for the assassin throughout the entire universe until she found him in a rocky planet almost deserted, it was dark, about 4am more or less.

She teleported to that desert planet and all she could see were rocks and dust. Then there was that tall figure, dressed in purple and grey with his hands in his pockets and hunched posture walking by.

He's quite handsome, she thought.

"Excuse me" she said, he didn't seem to listen, he passed by calmly without caring about her presence "aren't you The legendary assassin, Hit?"

"I'm working right now" he said coldly, he was looking for someone, no wait, he wasn't looking he was hunting someone "If you have a work for me you better wait until I finish this one"

"The being you're looking for is hiding in that cave" one second she saw him in front of her and the other she could hear a scream coming from the place she told him.

Then she made her way to where the hitman was, she saw him exiting with a gold ring, that probably used to belong to the being.

"Now that you have ended your work may you listen to me?" She said calmly "It is… very important"

"Whom do I have to kill now?" he stopped without looking at her.

"No, no, it isn't that kind of work"

"Then is not my problem" he started to walk again.

"It is actually" she said "Have you ever heard about the God of Destruction Champa?" that made him stop on his tracks "I'm his assistant and he's organizing a tournament against universe seven and he needs a fighter"

"I'm no fighter" he said and continued to walk.

"Okay…" she muttered, he was hard "What do you want in exchange?" he stopped again "I can give you whatever you want, besides a mount of gold that is designated for the other fighters and you if you win"

"How manny fighters?"

"Besides you, other four in our team, and the other five from universe seven you have to fight" she had to think in a offer "How much time takes you to go to every mission? I can give you the vehicle of the god, is comfortable, big, fast and can take you to any part of the universe… oh wait, to any part of any universe"

He seemed to think about it for a minute before talk again.

"When and where do I have to be?"

"Six days from now, planet K2-L, I'll be there with Champa-sama and then we'll all go t…" before she could finish he was already gone. She smiled, closed her eyes and shook her head, she liked that guy.

In case you wonder, yes I like the idea of Hit and Vados together but I didn't want this to be a romantic fanfic, this was just something that came to my mind one day in class awhile ago so… here it is, it would have been done before but after rewatching that tournament I heard that Champa asked Vados especifically for Hit. Now that I think about it, maybe one day I'll write Vados asking Hit to join the baseball team (spoiler: he'll say no).

So… it's been awhile since my last one-shot and I know I got a lot of projects in progress that haven't update in years (literally) but college is not as easy as I expected and I also took classes in summer (which, to be honest, helped me to improve in my studies, that's good, but it leaved me with almost no free time, that's bad).

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