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Recruiting an assassin

Vados could feel her heart braking in two.

Vados saw it, she saw how Gohan had taken down Saonel and Pirina. She knew what it meant, but for some reason she didn't want to accept it.

In the few seconds left she tried to look as happy as always, she immediately went to her closest brother's side, she looked carefree and playful…

"Oh, how can it be?" she started with her eyes closed and both hands covering her face with 'fake' sadness "all jokes and jabs aside, for this to be the real goodbye to Champa-sama" she pretended to snob.

"Hold it, what are you doing over there?!" he asked annoyed.

"Whops" she said stoping.

"Now the universes two and six will be erased" Daishinkan declared.

"But first, we want to see Universe two farewell" said one.

"We want to see it saying goodbye" said the other.

Daishinkan didn't hesitated, if the Zeno-samas wanted to see that universe say goodbye, then let it happen.

Internally, Vados thanked the Zeno-samas and Universe two so hard; they, without knowing, had granted her only wish.

After all the attention wasn't over her anymore but in Universe two, she saw down to her left, there was Hit with his eyes closed. He opened his eyes and saw her, somehow he knew what she wanted to do, because time was paused for everyone except the two of them.

She made her way to him with her knees shaking in both sadness and nervousness.

"So… this is it…" she said without looking at him, staring at the ground.

"I guess it is" he said.

"Hit, I… how could it…" she sighed "please tell me this is not happening, please"

"I wish I could do that"

Version 1

She kissed him on his lips rapidly, holding his face her finger tips, even he didn't have the chance to do any move… he didn't have the intention to do it either…

"I wish we could have more time" she said once she broke the kiss looking to the ground hugging herself.

"At least you'll live" he told her.

"Yes, but it wasn't enough time, with all of our years of life, I can't believe I didn't met you before" she said looking at him.

"Maybe the destiny wanted this, at least you'll take a good memory of what happened" he said wiping a tear that wanted to roll down her face with his thump "maybe this is what we needed, appreciate things more, after all we always lived everyday taking things for granted"

"But I don't want memories" she said with sorrow in her voice "I want…" 'you' that's what she thought and wanted to say, she wanted him, she wanted to see him every day and talk with him, hang out with him, sleep with him, maybe even be at his job with him, she wanted to be with him "never mind"

"Sadly, that's the way it is" he said. In all his years of life, he had never felt this; he didn't feel weakness like most people would have felt, he felt sadness, the one he hadn't felt in many many years, this was the first time, that he felt regret, if only he knew this was foing to happen.

Version 2

"I'm sorry I didn't kept my promise, I shouldn't have fought Jiren" he muttered.

"It wasn't your fault, you saved Goku from him, and that wasn't bad" she said, she looked at him with a sad glance trying her best to smile "I won't be able to train you after this tournament like I promised… I think I broke a promise too" he didn't look serious, but he didn't look sad either he… he was trying to look calm but he couldn't hide that hint of sadness in his eyes.

"Don't worry about it" he said shrugging "you shouldn't be worried, after all, you're older than me, you should know what is to see people born, grow up and die"

"But… that's not… never mind" she paused for a minute before talking again "you worked so hard, you… you even worked in team, you always said you worked alone and then you were being a leader… and…" she stood silent "this is not fair" she whispered looking to her side.

He put his hands on her shoulders and made her look at him in the eye.

"Go on with your life, now you'll be free" he said "and don't be worried about me, after all, I'm just a moral" he shrugged.

You're not just a mortal, believe me, she thought, at least, not to me.

End of both versions

"I'll miss you, Hit" she said hugging him from his neck. Normally he wouldn't like anyone invading his personal space but he had never had any problem with her, ever since he met her.

He closed his eyes, he wanted to make sure he appreciated this moment.

"Go, I won't be able to keep time stopped anymore"

Time went back to normal, he was looking at the ground, he felt he was starting to be erased, he looked to his side and saw Vados.

"Farewell, assassin Hit" she said under her breath.

"Farewell, miss Vados" he responded.

He saw her bowing in respect…

'She looks so-'

…and that was the last image Hit ever saw.

The end.

Okay, so... yeah, this is the end, I mean, the Tournament of Power haven't finish so we won't know if the Universe six will be back or not. I think it will be back, after all it has a special appearence in the new ending (to be honest I loved it!, is one of my favorites).

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Oh! You still here? You're very smart. I think someone have been watching Marvel movies, because I'm about to do something like that...

After awhile Whiss realized that his sister didn't say a word since the elimination of her old universe. To be honest he didn't expect her to have such behavior, after all, unlike Whiss, she didn't showed to be so attached to her god or to any mortal…


"Sister, is everything alright?, you haven't say a word and that's weird in you" he finally told her.

"Uh? I… um… after all this years I didn't expect it to end just like that, I mean those were a few millennia with Champa and it's just... strange" she said with a blank glance, emotionless.

"That's the only thing that is bothering you?" he asked "There is no other thing in your mind? A mortal, perhaps?"

"Well…" she said looking to her side, Whiss had a 'c'mon, try to lie to me' look in the eye, like he was trying to tease her "I wanted to have a disciple like you" she said looking forward, trying to avoid his glance.

"A disciple huh?" he said incredulous.

"… I believe that that won't happen, after all every living being of universe six is gone" she said sad and then she sighed "all of them…"

"Is a good thing that Vegeta promised Cabba that he'd bring them back with the super dragon balls" Whiss said shrugging, Vados furrowed her brows and did her best to not to smile "if you convince him to don't bring back only the saiyans but also Hit, he'll be welcome in our universe"

Vados face went from blue to a deep shade of red and turned to her brother "How…?"

"He was the only person that you said goodbye to" he said "besides he's the only person that I've seen you actually worried about" Vados looked away "and father called you out because you were talking to him, so… we can tell that many people realized something" then he smiled "don't worry, your secret is safe with me"

She sighed and then smiled "thank you, brother" all that Vados wanted now, was to see universe seven win the tournament and ask her wish.

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